Why you regretted drafting Joey Votto

Because Joey Votto believes that a walk is just as important as a hit…which doesn’t help you in standard fantasy at all. Wait this isn’t an OBP league? Probably not. Because with Shin Shoo Choo batting in front of him last year, a player sporting a .423 OBP and could be found figuratively living on base, was still only able to produce 73 RBIs. To put that in perspective – James Loney, Justin Morneau, and Chiris Carter had more RBIs than him…Matt Carpenter, who batted leadoff, had more RBIs than Votto. Because he only managed 24 homeruns in one of the top 3 easiest ballparks to hit homeruns while only once eclipsing 30 homeruns in his career. Because everybody talks about how good and underrated he is while you continue to stare at these coma inducing stat lines.


Because you fell asleep reading trying to read his stats. Because you want more out of your high pick 1st baseman. Because he’s Canadian and plays in Great American Ballpark…we all know Great America means the USA and not Canada.


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