Finding Value in Yahoo! Fantasy Rankings

Finding Value in Yahoo! Fantasy Rankings

Yahoo! posted a list of their top 250, but the weird aspect about this post is that their actual rankings (the ones that appear in leagues and during drafts) are different. So I just want to warn you guys that this won’t be the list people are staring at during the draft, well I mean Yahoo! usual updates their list after spring training so the actual draft rankings aren’t set in stone either. So even though Hanlely Ramirez is ranked 7th overall in this link, he’s actual ranked 16th if you were to do an actual draft today.

This post will be about undervalued players on the current Yahoo! ranking system.

Catcher is actually pretty deep this year. And I love all the guys currently ranked 9-12 at the position, meaning you should wait on a catcher and draft one of these guys – Lucroy, Gattis, Rasmos, Castro. I like Lucroy the best at #173 overall and #9 C, but any of those guys should give you profit at that draft price. Gattis has a full time position now, Rasmos should get more at bats, and Castro is batting 3rd for his team. Yan Gomes at #709 overall and #18 C should have more at bats this year with Santana likely moving full time to 3rd. Carlos Ruiz shouldn’t be out of juice yet at #738 overall and #20 at C.  Fun fact about Carlos “Chooch” Ruiz, he has 2 sons and named one Carlos Jr. and the other one Carlos… he explains that naming them both Carlos Jr. would have been weird. How can you not love this guy’s logic?

Jose Abreu is ranked #134 overall and the #20 ranked 1B. Although there are 3 C/1B on listed ahead of him, meaning all those guys will be used as C, he is still ranked outside the top 12 for 1B and could easily give top 10 1B numbers. This cuban product all but has the starting job for the White Sox (Konerko should split time at DH with Dunn), Cellular Field is great for power hitters, and he had better power numbers than Puig and Cespedes in Cuba…well worth the risk of the unknown at where he’s going. Also Justin Morneau should get a bunch of at bats in Colorado with Peyton Manning’s college buddy retiring. Hint it rhymes with Plodd Felton. He’s ranked at #249 overall and # 37 at 1B. He would be a great cheap UTL batter.

Jedd Gyorko is ranked #177 overall and #14 among 2B. The rookie had 23 homeruns in an injury ridden rookie season while playing in Petco for half his games. Draft him, he’s a top ten 2B easily and I can’t explain how Brett Lawrie keeps getting ranked in the top 10 at the position.  Brad Miller at #213 and #18 AT 2B is in an improved Seattle offense and could improve on last years numbers if he gets to play every day at SS.  Brian Dozier at #244 and #20 had a surprisingly productive second half last year and is a good power/speed combo. He does play for the Twins though…

Wow 3B is shallow this year. Kung Fu Panda supposedly lost wait in the offseason, which seems to be a rumor every year, but Aramis Ramirez could actually provide some value as #142 overall and #15 at 3B. Yeah he’s 35, but the Brewers were in shambles last year after the Braun suspension and Aramis was injured. If Aramis stays healthy, he’s 1 year removed from a 92/27/105/9/.300 season. Yup, I was surprised he was that good too. And here I thought Kyle Seager had an underrated 22 homerun season, Matt Dominguez hit 21 HRs with 77 RBIs last year, is only 24 years old, and Houston can only improve this year right?! He is definitely worth a flyer at #411 and #28.

In 600 at bats last season, Jimmy Rollins finished with a 65/6/39/22/.252 stat line…that’s 1 HR every 100 at bats…which is still better than Elvis Andrus’ 4 HRs in 620 at bats in Arlington. Yes the SS position has always been weak, but damn, the two guys I’m going to recommend are ranked behind these two. You could draft Jhonny Peralta, although he’ll give you none of the speed of the prior two, is ranked #202 overall and #17 at SS. He was suspended for steroid use last year and was signed by the Cardinals, the best offensive team in the NL last year. This is more of a gut feeling, but I feel like the Cardinals always find a way to get the best out of their players. I mean Matt Carpenter had a great year in 2013, but honestly he’s just an average player. The Cardinals have a knack for getting the best out of a player, and I believe we’ve just seen Carpenter’s peak. Jonathan Villar at #202 overall and #20 SS is worth a flyer. He bats 9th on the worst AL team…but he’s fast. Houston will let him run, he had 26 SB attempts last year on only 210 at bats. Speed for pennies on the dollar.

OF is deep, as usual, and I wouldn’t say Jason Heyward is underrated, but he’s ranked #67 overall and #24 for OF. He was killing it as the leadoff man for the Braves until he got a fastball to the face. He could provide OF1 numbers at an OF2 price. Jayson Werth had a fantastic 2nd half last year, he was better than TroutGod, and could provide great numbers IF he stays healthy. He’s ranked #112 and #37. Alfonso Soriano at #167 and #43 did play great for the Yankees. I mean he’ll still get at bats as DH and should provide power in that ballpark. In daily leagues if you can platoon Brandon Moss in fantasy as he does in real life, start him against rightys, he’ll be worth it easy at #171 and #44. Christian Yelich, Tori Hunter, Nick Swisher, Kole Calhoun, Colby Rasmus, and Lorenzo Cain are all ranked after #50 in OF and could all be worth a flyer.

I’m shocked to see Fransico Liriano as low as #147 and #40. This is a guy who can give you ace numbers. He’s ranked this low because he was crap the years before, but now he pitches in the NL and he’s been told to throw more sliders and less fastballs. He isn’t a fluke, the Pirates pitching staff know what they’re doing a lot better than the Twins pitch to contact nonsense, and this is only a matter of if he can stay healthy. He is well worth the risk. Sonny Gray at #166 and #47 is a steal at that price. I guess he’s forgotten about with all the great rookie pitchers last year.  These 2 currently unemployed pitchers could provide value as AJ Burnett finished within the top 10 for strikeouts last year and should be a steal at #187 and #52. Ubaldo Jimenez at #214 and #58 seemed to finally finish his breakout season he had back in 2010. He was arguably the best pitcher in the 2nd half going 6/100/1.82/1.14 in 84 innings.  Where they go would also determine their value, but if they don’t move up too much I like what I saw last year. Zach Wheeler, Corey Kluber, AJ Griffin, Alex Wood, and pretty much any Met SP are all ranked after #200 and #55 and should provide some value.

Don’t draft a closer early. That means no picks in the top 15 rounds. That’s pretty much all I have to say on closers.


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