Omahuh?! Quick Superbowl Highlights

Omahuh?! Quick Superbowl Highlights

That Superbowl was actually pretty terrible, but I guess we should of known things were going to turn out bad when the 1st snap of the game was…well this. Okay the game wasn’t that bad. It was fun seeing DangerRuss in action, Percy Harvin finally got to do something (was he worth that much money for 1 game? Yes. Imagine how scary Seattle will be next year with a healthier O-line and Harvin), and the Seattle defense. I know Sherman gets all the attention in the media, but it seemed like everyone on that defense was a superstar. Better luck next time Omaha. Poor Eli had to watch his big bro play like him. And Wes Welker is now 0-3 in the Superbowl. Belicheck chuckles diabolically.

Congrats to the Seahawks. But if I have to hear another comment about Russel Wilson’s height…I really don’t care how amazing it is for him to overcome his shortness. He’s a great QB and has a bright future ahead of him clearly, just please talk about something other than his height…just one time, please. I can’t wait to see Skip Bayless go to town on Peyton “choking.” And by can’t wait I mean I don’t care. Speaking of Skip, seeing the Tebow  T-mobile commercials was a real treat. Glad a good guy like him can at least joke about his football career and get some money along the way too.

Best Superbowl Ad I remember, I did check out after the 1st half so there’s a good chance I may have missed better ones, was the Stephen Colbert pistacchio commercials played in Grover Cleveland succession. I love how he and his staff handle sponsoring on his show too. Colbert can pretty much sell anything in an entertaining way. I still don’t want pistachios, but I’d consider it.

I’m pretty sure I saw Rudy aka Samwise Gamgee slow clapping on one of the myriad of car commercials. Which I loved. There was a Scientology commercial and it was everything I could hope it could be. I don’t know about you guys, but I’m a believer now. Good job Scientology,  I now believe in Science…and tology.


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