Why You Eventually Regretted Drafting Joe Mauer

You got seduced by him playing 1st base and didn’t realize that switching to 1st base didn’t ensure him to hit any better. Or make his line up any better. You forgot just how bad the Twin’s offense was last season and how bad they still are. You were still hoping he would steal bases for you and didn’t notice he had none last year. You didn’t realize how deep the catcher position is this year. You didn’t realize how much you were giving up by drafting him in the 5th round. You didn’t realize how long ago 2009 was…or how mediocre he’s been since.

Screen shot 2014-03-10 at 11.39.06 PM
After that historic 2009 season, the only time Mauer’s cracked the top 100 fantasy players was in 2011. You hoped that the move to 1st base would revert him back to his 2011 form and were seduced by his charming good looks (aren’t we all). You believed that he wouldn’t get injured this year, but he got injured. Inconceivable! You didn’t know that Joe Mauer has only managed 10 HRs  at Target Field…and it only took him 4 seasons. You forgot that the other half of the M & M boys got a concussion one time as well…and never recovered. 😦

You forgot that Mauer received a concussion late last year. You wanted to be able to use Joe Mauer as your catcher for just 1 more year for sentimental reasons. You forgot “sentimental reasons” don’t win 1st place trophies. Because he’s never donning the mask again. Nobody cared who he was before he put on the mask…and he’s taking off his mask forever.
Minnesota Twins vs. Chicago Cubs, June 23, 2006.

Also Joe Mauer has Twin daughters… and they’re named Maren and Emily — the “M & Em Girls”. This is just the cutest coincidence ever, great name choices Joe, and cements him as a all time Twin favorite, if it wasn’t cemented already. So if you google “joe mauer twins” you may get pictures of his daughters. Which is adorable.

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One thought on “Why You Eventually Regretted Drafting Joe Mauer

  1. well done – not high on Mauer to have a good year but high on Mauer all the same – hopefully he proves you wrong (though that Twins lineup is dreadful)

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