Santana Up, Medlen Down

So Ervin Santana has signed with the Braves. It’s also not looking good for Kris Medlen. The Braves probably did this because Medlen will most likely be getting his second tommy john surgery.  Well I wouldn’t drop Medlen yet if you already drafted him, but I would continue to feel miserable about it. And if/when the bad news comes out, drop away. Tough luck. 😦

As for Ervin Santana, well, he’s now not only moving from the AL to the NL for the 1st time in his career, but to the weak NL East. And even to one of the better teams there to boot. I’m not sure how much his draft stock will be affected (effected?! curse you grammar!) but I can tell you his price at ESPN is currently 212 and Yahoo! 226 should go up. In 211 innings last year he had 161 Ks, a 3.24 ERA, and a 1.14 WHIP. Yes he had some years where he pitched like a 5+ ERA pitcher, but this was a great move by the Braves. This is why they’re good every year! Curse them! Drafting him in later rounds would also be a great move for your fantasy team. I know, I’m so Brave for going out on that limb and encouraging you guys to draft him.  I thought for sure Ervin was getting signed by the Blue Jays and headed for the dreaded AL East, but now that he’s with the Braves I like him a whole lot more. Draft away!

I will feast on the NL East! Omnomnomnomnom

I will feast on the NL East! Omnomnomnomnom


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