Bradley Up, Corbin Down

And so begins the era of Archie Bradely…with Patrick Corbin out for most likely the entirety of this year, there’s now a very real possibility that Archie makes the starting rotation out of camp. Which makes the #1 pitching prospect’s stock skyrocket. If he doesn’t, he’s at the very least arriving earlier than expected. I don’t want to say that he’ll do better than Jose Fernandez because asking for what Fernandez did last year is like asking for Halley’s Comet to speed it up. But that doesn’t mean I still don’t expect great things from Archie. He’ll probably have around a 160 innings limit this year if he gets called up early, which I’m banking on. When he gets called up I expect him to hold down his spot in the rotation…it’s not like the Diamondbacks have too many options with Corbin gone…and Skaggs gone…and Bauer gone…they even traded away Max Scherzer, good thing they got Ian Kennedy in return, but now he’s gone too. So since Brandon McCarthy hasn’t pitched a full season ever and Randel Delgado is still pretty raw…well I like Bradley’s chances. And he should have a long leash when he gets called up

Let’s go over the positives. He’s the #1 or #2 SP prospect and a top 10 prospect overall according everyone and their mother. That’s even with sites counting Tanaka as a “prospect”. He pitches in the NL West, which is one of the better divisions to be a pitcher in and is, uh, you know in the NL. Which is better than the AL for a pitcher, no DH. He’s a 21 year old 6-4 elite pedigree pitcher with 2 plus pitches. Every year the Diamondbacks produce a young SP that takes the league by storm. Of course this is all superstition believed by me, but it’s pretty much fact at this point. ranks Arch their #5 prospect overall. Take a gander at his minor league numbers while you’re there and notice his sub 2 ERA and his almost K/9 rate. I’m drooling. This is what Razzball says about the kid before the injury came up. If you want me to sum it for you Grey compares him to Max Scherzer, but thinks he walks a tad too many players.

archie-comics-640x479Gee wiz, I want Arch Bradley more than Betty wants Archie wants Veronica wants that milkshake.

He’s only 21 and still improving. The Diamondback management likes him…just give him the spot Arizona. Please. Dynasty leagues he’s gone already. In keeper leagues every manager just bumped him up a few tiers if he’s not already owned already. Redraft leagues should treat him as a high upside SP5. I’m buying into the hype 100%. Draft accordingly.

Also Jarrod Parker is out for the year too, which is unfortunate, but less interesting. He’s droppable in all formats.


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