Late Player Updates and Thoughts

Joakim Soria is the closer for the Rangers. He’s a must add. Feliz was sent to the minors. He’s a drop.
J.J. Hoover is the default closer for the Reds with Chapman out. But I wouldn’t feel too good about owning Hoover.

Hoover_Dam_and_Arizona_Spillway,_1983Hoover dam…JJ Hoover…saves…there’s something there

Incase you missed the memo: Don’t draft Kris Medlen, Jarrod Parker, Partick Corbin, Brandon Beachy, Josh Johnson. All are droppable at this point. In other news

At the beginning of spring training Alex Wood had to fight for his spot in the rotation, now the Braves are thrusting him head on into the season. Mike Minor is still recovering from penis surgery and will start the season on the DL. This team seems to be obsessed with phallic innuendos. BJ Upton, Chris Johnson, former general manager Bobby Cox. I’m sure someone can spin Freddie Freeman into something dirty as well as both his names sound sort of dirty, I mean if Pedro is slang for the make genitalia then anything name can. Alex Wood is firmly in the rotation and with nearly averaging a 9 K/9 rate throughout his minor and major league career? Did I mention he’s a lefty pitching in the NL East. I think he put up similar numbers to what Teheran did last year.

With Oakland SPs dropping like flies, how worried are you about Scott Kazmir’s health? Because it should be a lot. I don’t want to say that Scott Kazmir hasn’t pitched over 200 innings since 2007 or that he couldn’t pitch in 2011/2012 because of injuries/just couldn’t pitch well enough to play in the MLB, but that’s exactly what happened. Sure I would have loved the Mets to have taken a flyer on their former prospect that they traded away for magic beans and Victor Zambrano, but health should certainly be a concern here. If you drafted him already you probably drafted him late, I’m just saying don’t get your hopes up.

Yordano Ventura managed to win the last SP slot over Dan Duffy, which really surprised nobody. Honestly I think Duffy was just honored to be considered. Yordano becomes the 2nd best starter for the Royals despite carrying the 5th starter label. I only have enough room for one pitcher with a “Y” first name in my heart, smell ya later Yovani Gallardo. ¬†Ventura should be owned in most leagues. Most meaning if you’re in a 8 team league you probably shouldn’t add him…and should probably get in a bigger league.

Javier Baez always had the power and talent, but maybe his hot spring training start, which is indeed impressive, is overshadowing Chris Owings. Last year in Tiple A Owings had a 330/.359/.482 season with 12 home runs and 81 RBIs in 125 games. He also started the 1st game for the Diamondbacks down under while Baez has already been sent down to the minors. If your league has deep benches it could prove useful to hold on to him, otherwise I wouldn’t bother. The Cubs are in no rush here, although they only have one year to fulfill the Back to the Future II prophecy of sweeping the Marlins in the World Series. He shouldn’t be available in keepers or dynasty leagues.

Jurickson Profar is out for 10-12 weeks. If you already have a DL spot and drafted him then you can put him there I guess, but if you need those DL spots in the season Profar probably isn’t worth holding on to. Honestly his value is almost non existent at this point. A deep league replacement could be Jordy Mercer. He has SS and 2B eligibility. Another deep league guy could be Dee Gordon who will probably get 2B eligibility soon. Yu Darvish got scratched from the opening day start, I wouldn’t be too nervous…although the Rangers do seem to be losing a ton of players to injury as well. Maybe all that praying the Angels have been doing to win the AL West fell upon dark ears and are now cursing the competition.

I don’t know how he keeps doing it. Hitting so well at 38, driving in over 100 RBIs and hitting over 30 HRs. I guess it’s because he only has to swing a bat. I’m talking of course about Alfonso Soriano, who may be just as good as David Ortiz, but gets none of the love. I blame Arod. Okay maybe Ortiz is still better. Let’s compare the stats. First I want to clarify that I list stats runs/hr/rbis/sb/avg. I mention this because I saw on some other sites using a different order and I don’t want my two readers to be confused. Also listing stats in a different doesn’t make any sense. Ortiz had a 84/30/103/0/.309 stat line last year in 518 at bats. While Alfonso had 84/34/101/18/.255 in 581 at bats. Okay well…Ortiz has that .050 difference in batting average, which is a pretty big difference. But besides that they are pretty much identical and Soriano does help in SBs at least. So let’s see their rankings. Ortiz is ranked at #45 on ESPN and #52 at Yahoo!. While Soriano is ranked at #143 and #127 on Yahoo! Which no sense to me. I mean it’s not like Soriano did good last year right?!…68/32/108/6/.263. Well he’s old and injury prone right?!…He’s never played fewer than 109 since 2001. Ortiz played 90 games in 2012. I understand if you don’t believe in Soriano, but if you don’t believe in him then you shouldn’t believe in Ortiz either. The reason for these discrepancies between these 2 players rankings seems disproportional to say the least. I mean is a 100 player gap really the difference between .050 batting average points ESPN? Ortiz is a DH only on ESPN, which hurts his value even more. I just…I don’t know. If someone can explain this to me please do. Also how does Ortiz keep getting 1B eligibility on Yahoo!? That may be the biggest mystery here. Get the Mosby Boys on the case.

Screen shot 2014-03-26 at 12.21.10 AM


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