What HIMYM meant to me

Well guys and gals, this is it. How I Met Your Mother will be ending tonight and…I’m not ready for this.

Yeah I know the last season has felt like one big buffer until the “how your mother met me” episode, but I’ll still be sad to see this show end. And I wish the last season had more of the mother. And more flash forwards of the gang when they were older with the mother. Any scenes with the mother have probably been the best parts about this season.It’s weird because this show has been running on fumes for awhile now, I mean ever since Zoey was introduced Ted’s romantic plot line has just been painful to watch. I’m pretty sure they brought back Victoria just to make the audience hate her and remove all doubts that she was not right for Ted…I don’t think anyone who has seen ‎Cristin Milioti’s portrayal of the mother hasn’t fallen head over heels in love with her, go get her Ted!

Coming BackI want more of her. Hollywood, get her in more movies.

Barney has episodes where he seems to mature, like that heart wrenching scene in Legendaddy,  and then goes back to his goofy antics because, well, this is a comedy. I love the emotion and the humor that this show is able to do, that’s probably why I love it so much. I’m glad Barney and Robin ended up together, but the chemistry has just not been there for me this season. I think in the earlier seasons there was that spark. Season 3 and 4 were my favorite seasons and I think Robin and Barney were a cuter couple when they weren’t together than when they were. And we got awesome episodes like this one.

I didn’t see Lily being pregnant again, especially with the Kennedy Package/ thank you Linus plot point that threw me off the scent. I thought for sure Marshmellow and Lilypad were not going to Rome. I know Jason Segal didn’t want to come back for the final season, but he’s really dialed it in this whole season. He looks visibly frustrated throughout the season and the moments that he has been on screen has actually been pretty painful to watch. I mean I know he came back as a favor and everything, but just because you’re in a situation you don’t like doesn’t mean you should perform poorly…this isn’t a normal american job! It’s sad because Marshall is my favorite character, but this season does him a disservice. Those Daphne scenes were, well, terrible. If you’ve been watching this season then you sympathize with my desperation to avoid even one second of 2 Broke Girls after How I Met Your Mother is over, but I think I’d rather watch that then be forced to watch those Marshall scenes again. Okay maybe they weren’t that bad. When Lily had to leave for her pregnancy during season 4 the writers were still able to creatively put out good episodes. Right Place, Right Time, Mosbius Designs, and As Fast as She Can were some of my favorite episodes. As Fast as She Can also gets double points for having one of the most underrated songs in an overall outstanding soundtrack that HIMYM has brought us. Plus this scene.jnksafjdbksIf that’s how fast the mother is coming, then she makes snails looks fast.

I mean for the music alone this show was fantastic legendary. Here’s a bunch that you should…hear– The Funeral, Shake it Up, Simple Song, Mother of Pearl, Let Your Heart Hold Out, The Ballard of Sir Frankie Crisp- just to name a few of my favorites. And this glorious piece of art.

I love some of the callbacks this season. Barney’s brother is always welcome, except they almostneil-patrick-harris-and-wayne-brady ruined him…almost. But I think the world could use more of Neil Patrick Harris and Wayne Brady, and they need to sing together. Bryan Cranston as Hammond Druthers cracks me up every time. I’m so happy he nailed it on Breaking Bad as well. Phenomenal range that guy has. Why wasn’t Lucy Hale, Robin’s little sister, one of the bridesmaids? I mean you guys brought her back for that one episode and she was everything I dreamed about, but you left her out at the wedding…it would have literally been one extra scene. Whatever. I love the little send off with all the minor characters in the Blauman episode. The Blitz, one of my favorite episodes and characters, is always hilarious, even if I know what he’s going to say.

I don’t think the mother will be dead and I think the writers are just having some fun with us before they’re done. Or the mother’s dead. Who would have guessed the mother would die when veteran writer George RR Martin joined the writing staff.

I think I loved the combination of humor and emotions that this show had. It reminds me a lot of Scrubs. I loved the way the story was told, although Ted being Bob Sagot in the future still doesn’t really make sense…I love how Ted forgot names and there are Blah Blah and Oh Honey characters. Barney and the perfect week episode…which in my opinion is the perfect stand alone episode. Lily and Marshall breaking at the end of the 1st season set the bar pretty high. I don’t think I ever expected a comedy to take such dramatic risks. I loved how they gave Barney dramatic moments because Neil Patrick Harris kills it. Barney going to see Lily in San Fransisco is always a highlight for me. I can watch the same episode over and over again and still find myself laughing. I’ve been watching this show so long it feels weird living in a world where there will be no new ones, even if I complain through the episode half the time. Endings hurt. I know I’m going to be sad at the end of this show, but maybe I should follow Barney’s advice. When I get sad, I stop being sad and be awesome instead. And newer is always better. Well I don’t have high hopes for how i met your dad, you guys had father right there! So, knowing the end is near, I find myself anxiously waiting for the finale, but I know it’s going to be legen- wait for it -over. Legenover! 😦

Some of the Things I’m Thankful For:

Apparently there was a laugh track for this show, but I never seemed to notice it. Thank God for that. Thanks to HIMYM I will never spell professor wrong again. Classic Schmosby. Thank you for giving us more Billy Zabka, the true karate kid.Thank you for the Mosby Boys, the best one man detective agency in the world. Sometimes I pronounce mozzarella like he did with his douche girlfriend Karen…fresh mozzerel. I only have one rule, if you like himym, I like you already. RIght? Right?! Muuuuuuurder, climb aboard the murder train. Yeah, that pops up in my head every now and then. I will always say “not yet” the way Marshal does. I now know nothing good ever happens after 2:00am. Moist will never have the same meaning anymore. Slap bets are a thing now. Thanks for that. I will walk 500 miles never gets old. If it does, it’ll come back around. Swarly, seriously how’d the writers even come up with that?! The Best Burger in NY, don’t watch that one when your hungry, was like the combination of the food network and comedy. Rabbit or Duck? I’m sorry but I have to agree with Marshall on this one, rabbit is better than duck. Bad News. 3 Days of Snow. Naked Man. There are too many to list and I’m running out of time to post this before the finale. Just thanks for all the laughs. Thanks for all the smiles. Thanks for the imaginary friendships I developed. Thank you HIMYM, next time try and come up with a shorter name for a show.

FarhamptonWhere it all ends, where it all begins


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