Foolish Reactions to Opening Day

Cliff Lee is old, he’s turning 36 this season, and the Rangers collapse is just the tip of the iceberg. Remember Roy Halladay? He was an old Phillies pitcher too. What age did Roy Halladay fall off the map you ask? 36. Last year Cliff Lee had above a 6 ERA in July, he was lucky to have under a 3 ERA that year. Trade Cliff Lee while his name still has some value.

Billy Hamilton had 4 Ks in 4 at bats. Did I mention he had no stolen bases?! If he can’t get on base, then he can’t steal, meaning he’ll have no value. I knew Billy Hamilton was going to be a bust and yesterday just cements it.

Mark Trumbo already has 6 RBIs and is primed to finish the season with like 100 times that. He switched from a pitchers ballpark to a hitters paradise, so of course his power was going to skyrocket. 150 RBIs and 50+ HRs is not out of the question. I would trade Cliff Lee for Mark Trumbo in a heartbeat.

Marcell Ozuna, why hasn’t talked about this guy? Well I am! He looked more impressive than Stanton and Yelich. He was dominating in the last game with 3 hits and 3 runs. Yelich may have had all the “hype” in the preseason, but this is the Marlin to own. I wouldn’t be surprised if he hit more HRs than Stanton as well.

Jose Reyes is already on the DL, LOL true story. He hurt his hamstring AGAIN and there’s nothing worse for a fast guy than a weak hammy. Jose couldn’t even make it through the second inning and because of his injured history I don’t even think he’s worth a DL slot. Jose’s season started and ended yesterday. The Blue Jay’s as well.

RA Dickey, why would anybody believe in this washed up old knuckleballer? His CY Young season was a fluke and the Blue Jays were suckers to believe he would come anywhere to approach those numbers. He’s not worth owning in any format. The dude pitches in the AL East and will be 39 this year. Why do you think nobody in the MLB throws the Knuckleball? Because it’s too predictable, that’s why. Cut the Dickey and run as fast as you can.

Bryce Harper “almost” suffered a concussion trying to break up a double play. We all knew Harper plays hard, we just forgot that means he plays stupid. I know he was able to finish the game, but a concussion has lingering effects and could ruin the rest of his season. Look what happened to Justin Morneau! The same thing happened to him and his career fell off a cliff. Literally! Okay maybe not literally, but that may have had a happier ending. Harper had 2 strike outs after the collision, clearly we’re witnessing early signs of a full blown career ending concussion. Also the Nationals batted Harper 5th! Which shows just how “highly” they think of this guy. Mike Trout hit a HR in his 1st at bat. Where’s Harper’s HR? Nowhere to be found.

Salvador Perez had 4 hits yesterday. This is a classic case of a post hype sleeper. Salvador will have a better AVG than Joe Mauer this year, playing 1B only hurts Joe Mauer’s ability to hit, while playing catcher allows Salvador to be fresh every at bat. If the other Royal bums can get on base then he’ll have even more RBIs too. 100+ RBIs and a .400 average is possible. Salvador did this against Justin Verlander too, who’s probably washed up as well. Verlander did not look good, he only had 2 Ks, and I think the issues that appeared last year were pointing to a sharp decline. I would take Verlander for Salvador straight up.

Ian Kinsler went 0-4 in his Tiger debut. I knew leaving Texas would ruin his value, I mean if he can’t even take advantage of batting ahead of Miguel Cabrera then I can’t see him playing professional baseball much longer. There are plenty of 2B options out there, Dustin Ackley had 3 RBIs yesterday, try and add him.

Madison Bumgarner was blessed with 4 unearned runs, which allows you to fool other managers in buying him for full value. Bumgarner could only survive 4 innings against the Diamondbacks, meaning he’s probably hiding some sort of injury. Cain and Lincecum were both cruising along in their careers before they suddenly fell off a cliff, looks like it’s Bumgarner turn…oh wait he just missed it and he’s now plummeting to his doom. What a bum! The nickname just works perfectly.

Stephen Strasburg gave up a HR to Andrew Brown…who’s Andrew Brown? Only the next Mike Trout. I think if he was able to make Stephen Strasburg his personal plaything, then Andre Brown is going to terrorize every other pitcher in the league. There’s nothing scarier than the unknown, and pitchers won’t know how to pitch to him. Add aggressively.

Chris Davis had no hits with 2 strikeouts. Last year was a fluke, of course, but at least last year he was able to hit HRs with all those strike outs. His power is gone this year and he’ll kill your AVG. Feel free to drop.

Grady Sizemore hit a HR in his 1st game back, bounce back player of the year award right here baby! He looks just as good as he did in ’08 and is primed for another 30/30 season in that strong Boston line up. Add him if he wasn’t added already. He looks like a cheap Mike Trout, but better.

Jacoby Ellsbury had 0 hits on Opening Day. Looks like the Yankees are gonna be regretting that contract for a long time, I wouldn’t be surprised if he was injured.


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