No Way Man! Part I

You might be thinking this is pretty much Matthew Berry’s bold predictions. Well what if I told you fantasy baseball doesn’t have too many writing themes and I’m not that original? What if I told you to keep reading because as long as it’s entertaining, do you even care? Rhetorical!

Bryce-Harper-01Strasburg wins the Cy Young Award. No way man! That’s also not bold enough. How about Bryce Harper wins the NL MVP?! Nah, that’s still pretty tame. How about Anthony Rendon finishes the year as a top 5 2B ? Meh, I guess that’ll work. I’m thinking there’s a bunch of questions marks towards the top of tier of 2B this year and it generally being a weak position. I think the Nationals move Rendon up in the line up after he tears it up early/someone gets injured. Seriously how long can they keep putting Denard Span as the leadoff hitter because he’s a little fast…he’s just so boring, and his OBP isn’t blowing anyone away…Rendon is a former #6 overall pick and if you take out his July numbers last year, he was pretty darn good for the young pup. Draft him. You’re welcome.

Lately I’ve been seeing a lot of Adam Eaton love, which I agree with 100%, but I’m surprised to see no one talking about Alejandro De Aza. Um that’s because he doesn’t have the starting job Kev, I know that! For the life of me I can’t understand the White Sox organization and their love for Adam Dunn. Dayan Viciedo isn’t better than De Aza either, but maybe they wise up and realize that De Aza put up a respectable 17/20 season last year. “Hey good job last year Alejandro, but we hate you because your name reminds us of that terrible Lady Gaga song, so you’re only part time now.”  Maybe they also blame De Aza for 90 of their 99 losses last season. I don’t know, I’m not them. Hopefully maybe they realize Adam Dunn is…well done. Maybe they realize Paul Konerko is only really staying on the team out of respect to the organization and he just wants to retire already. Maybe they shove Viciedo to DH? Maybe it’s maybelline. De Aza seems to be going undrafted/afterthought drafted in many leagues, but I’ll project him for a 15/15 season.
*EDIT Yeah I wrote this before Opening Day and although it would have been cool to say I told you so, it’s just one game. I like De Aza and hopefully after Opening Day the White Sox give him the everyday job, but I wouldn’t expect anymore double HR days. Also can this team please just give Nate Jones the closer job. Matt Lindstrom has it for now, who knows how long.

Everth Cabrera finishes as a top 3 SS. Always a weak position in general, there’s a bunch of question marks with the higher ranked guys, I think this guy is capable of stealing 50+ bases. He increased his BB rate while cutting down his K rate last year before he got suspended. I’m assuming that steroids don’t help with better plate discipline, but who knows maybe this was some magic eye steroids, I mean he only hit 4 HRs. I’m not expecting too much power here, but he does turn the magical age 27 and I just don’t really trust the other other upper tier SS either.

Mike Trout finishes as the #1 fantasy player! No way man! Okay a little riskier, I’ll say that the Calhoun hype is real. I’m also having a tough time spelling his name because the C and the K are so interchangeable between his 1st and last name…all I can remember is that there’s no double C or double K.  I also believe Pujols will finish as a top 15 player. Here are my thoughts on Pujols. I got a tip from a reliable source that Chris Ianetta will be fantasy relevant this year. If you use OBP, he had a .358 OBP last year, I can see this guy finishing as a top 10 catcher.

Yoenis Cespedes is a bust this year. Honestly I’m surprised he’s even allowed to steal bases, very un money ball like. I think what we saw last year is pretty much what we’re going to get. He finished as the #125 ranked player last year, but he’s being drafted as the 50-60 overall player. I think he’ll finish outside the top 150. He strikes out too much and bats in a terrible hitters park if you want some factual reasons. All I know is I don’t want any part of him. Also there aren’t enough moneyball references in this blurb!!! Billy Beane didn’t take the job in bean town.

chase-utley(solomon)Chase Utely finishes as a top 5 2B. Well if I think Rendon can finish in the top 5, then Chase has all the talent to finish there as well. I think the Phillies are better this year and you know how some old players put it all together and have one magical season? Well that’s what I think Chase will do at the ripe age of 35. Just stay healthy Chase! He bats in a great hitter ballpark and he finished in the top 10 last year. Plus Ryan Howard can’t be as bad as he was last year, so the Phillies have an…”improved” line up.

Jenrry Mejia was named the 5th starter for the Mets. I am genuinely surprised that the Mets made such a good decision. Just to be clear, this never happens. Ever. Anyway you want a bold prediction?! I think Mejia will finish as at top 20 SP. No way man! Yeah no way man, but I do think he’ll pitch very well, it’s just I don’t believe he’ll get anywhere near a full season of innings pitched to end the year as a highly ranked pitcher. So I think he’ll give you near elite numbers when he does get the ball, I just think the Mets will somehow screw this up/he’ll get injured. Mejia had a bunch of talent before injuries got the best of him, but he’s still only 24 years old and he seems new and improved. He’s also pitching in the NL East.

Alex Wood finishes as a top 25 SP. Teheran and Minor finished in the top 25 last year, and Medlen pretty much did at 27. I think Wood is just as talented as these guys and can finish in the top 25. He also pitches in the NL East. What more do you need?!

Christina Yelich finishes as the best Marlin OF. Does this still count if Giancarlo(Mike) Stanton is traded and doesn’t finish the year with the team? Maybe…Chicks dig the long ball, but Yelich did have an ISO in the mid .230s when he was in the minor leagues while only managing a .108 ISO in the majors. Even if you don’t know what ISO means, to be honest I’m not entirely sure either, here’s a good example. Giancarlo’s ISO was .231 was last year…and he had 24 HRs. Okay I’m not saying Yelich will have more HRs than Stanton, or that he’ll have 24 HRs, because Stanton’s ISO was the lowest it’s ever been in the majors last year. I think Yelich develops more power, steals more bases, and will produce a respectable amount of runs hitting in front of a healthy, for now, Stanton. I think Yelich’s BABIP was a tad high at .380 last year, but his OBP should remain high as it  can be sustained with his 11% walk rate he had in the minors/majors. I like Yelich more in an OBP league, but I think he’ll still be plenty useful in AVG leagues.

JeterDerek Jeter finishes as a top 5 SS in 2014. In 2012 Jeter finished, wait for it…as the 2nd best SS in the MLB. Yeah 2013 was a bust because of injuries and he didn’t hit well in spring training this year either, but spring training doesn’t mean anything and it probably means even less to Jeter. If Jeter’s healthy he’s starting and the Yankees respect him too much to shaft him in the line up, also CBS sports projects him to bat 2nd! Jeter isn’t even being drafted in most 12 team leagues. Sure he probably won’t get a full season of at bats, but just think what he can do if he can. He’s healthy now, start him. It’s his last year, Jeter wants to go out strongish…I believe in Jeets.

Against RHP last year Adam Lind had 20 HRs and 59 RBIs with a .309/.385/.539 slash line. So start this guy against right hand pitchers and profit. In daily leagues this is much more appealing. I mean Lind is pretty much Brandon Moss, except in a better home stadium. I say Lind finishes higher on the player rater than Anthony Rizzo, which isn’t that crazy I guess, he did it last year. Also I have no Colby Rasmus shares and I intend to keep it that way. Rasmus had a 29.5% K rate, 5% higher than his previous 2 years, and a .356 BABIP, almost .100 higher than his previous 2 years. I don’t see a break out coming.


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