What’s in my Portfolio

These are some of the players I ended up owning on multiple teams if you haven’t figured it out already…

stock-chart-blueBecause I own them…they’ll do better!

Trevor Rosenthal – Well I never invest in “elite” closers, but somehow I landed this guy and I’m actually pretty happy about it. With the way that some of the lower tier closers are getting knocked around it feels good to have a guy who could end up as the most valuable closer in the league, even if he went undrafted in most leagues last year. Rosenthal is on a great team (both talent wise and managing wise), pitches in the NL, and strikes out a ton of guys. I think this is going to be a great relationship.

Prince Fielder – He’s starting off “slow” but I’m not worried at all. This is one of the most consistent players in baseball and even with all the injuries the Texas Rangers have sustained, they still have an amazing offense. If for some reason you can get even a little discount on the big guy, pounce. Also this guy was a vegetarian for like a week  5 years ago and everyone still seems to think he’s on it, don’t worry, he has a steady source of protein.

swishNick Swisher – He’s the consistent player with multiple position eligibility that my team deserves and also the one it needs right now. He seems like a pretty cool person in real life, which has nothing to do with fantasy baseball, but I just like to mention it. I think the Indians will be a strong offense again and Swish will be in the heart of that order. He was also really cheap on draft day, which is how he ended up on a lot of my teams.

Evan Longoria – How do I keep getting all of these good players you ask? Auction drafts. I would recommend an auction draft over a snake any day. You get a chance to get any player you want and it tends to reward the people that put in more effort. Anyway, I feel like 3B is weak every year and I always feel a little better owning one of the stronger ones. I love what Longoria has done in the past, but every year he seems to…not meet my high expectations. I know my expectations may be MVP every year, but just once I would like my faith to be rewarded! Scott Pianowski seems to think that Longoria is overrated because of his friendly contract and Longoria playing for the likable Rays and I think I’m starting to believe him. If Longoria doesn’t “break out” this year, I probably won’t draft him as aggressively in the future. But right now, like every year, I’m fully invested.

Bryce Harper –  So for 2 days in a row Harper has batted 6th in the order…well I’m not liking that one bit. I’m not too worried, but I sort of believed the age of Harper would have started Opening Day. Don’t fail me now Bryce! He was rated the #1 overrated player in baseball by his peers, but what do they know? I know Harper is going to “break out” this year…please.

Adam Eaton – He gets on base all the time. Seriously, I can’t remember a game this season where he hasn’t gotten on base, and I’ve been checking baseball scores more often than a Met fan telling himself that 2015’s the year it all comes together. I’m hoping Eaton will start stealing a little more in the future and Abreu hits him in a little more, but right now I couldn’t be more happy having drafted him in the later rounds.

Brad Miller – 2 HRS baby! I wish he had 2B/SS eligibility on ESPN, but I like what he and Seattle have been doing so far. He’s batting 2nd in an improved Mariners offense and gets the benefits of Justin Smoak hitting behind him. And I guess Robbie Cano too. I like the potential here.

Kole Calhoun – The Angels look so good fantasy wise, so why do they always disappoint in real life? Angel fans can only pray so hard to TroutGod and we can only blame the pitching for so long…Still, he’s batting ahead of Trout and Pujols, I mean this can only help his value. I think Calhoun may start producing more when the Angels start heating up later in the season. Hopefully other people undervalue him cause he hasn’t gone crazy in the 1st week. As long as he holds onto that top spot in the order, he’ll be paying out dividends.

lucroyJonathan Lucroy – He steals, he hits HRs, he does everything! I’ve always find myself punting one of either C, 2B, SS, or CL during a draft because I like getting elite 1B, 3B, OF, and SP. I’m glad I drafted him instead of say Wilson Rasmos, although that’s just bad luck on his part, and I could see Lucroy ending up as top 100 player. I think the Brewers love this guy as much as I do and keep him high in the order. They’ll also give him some time at 1B, I think he gets precedent over Lyle Overbay, so he’ll see plenty of at bats in a sneaky good Brewers line up. Final verdict: glad I drafted him.

Madison Bumgarner – I think this guy is being underestimated because he’s still sort of seen as the 3rd best starter on the Giants. This Bum is the #1 now though because the other 2 bums aren’t doing too well. Okay maybe he’s not being underestimated if he’s being drafted as a top 10 SP. I think this Bum could end up as a top 5 SP at the end of the year. Let’s see, he pitches in the 2nd best pitchers park in baseball and he’s only 24 years old. I know he throws a bunch of sliders, a pitch notoriously known for causing arm injuries in pitchers, but his delivery looks so effortless. Meaning he can’t get injured right? Right?! I’m glad to have this guy anchor my staff.

Sergio Santos – Well Casey Jannsen is injured, therefore, Santos is the guy to own. He was lights out last year and I think he could run away with the job if Jannsen has any set backs. But apparently the Blue Jays don’t believe in Santos and they brought in Bret Cecil for a save after Santos walked the 1st batter he faced in only his second opportunity…In his next start, Santos came in the 8th inning and got the extra long save. Looks like the BJs made it up to him!

Grant Balfour – He hasn’t had any save chances yet, but on the bright side he hasn’t blown any games yet. I like what the Rays can do with their pitchers and I think they’re going to be the best team in the AL East. Give this man some save opportunities and he’ll grant you some saves.

Danny Salazar – He had above a 11% K/9 rate last year and the Indians haven’t hinted anything about an innings limit this year. He pitched poorly against the Twins to start the year, which makes me more frustrated than nervous about his future. That was supposed to been a stroll in the park Danny! I love Salazar Slytherin, how is this not his nickname yet?!, and I think he’ll make opposing batters look as confused as a muggle in a quidditch pitch.

cashnerAndrew Cashner – The pedigree has always been there, he pitches in Petco, he throws really fast, like really really fast, he has amazing hair and the K rate should improve this year. So what’s not to like? As long as he doesn’t get injured…please don’t get injured. Then this guy is going to be good.

Cole Hamels – Yeah I may have written against this man in this piece. But circumstances change, and when you do auction drafts where you can get Cole Hamels for under $9s…well even I don’t have that much self-control. Cole is suffering from biceps tendinitis and is supposed to miss all of April…but if Cole can comeback and pitch just a little bit like he did towards the second half last year or like his usual self…well then I’d be happier than Dwayne “the Rock” Johnson in scissor factory. He wins every time at rock, paper,scissors there…no paper.

Nate Jones – I’m certainly not happy about this one. Everywhere I read said this was the guy to own and that he was the favorite to become the closer…well that didn’t happen. He’s landed on the DL with a butt injury, probably related to the ass whooping he got from the Twins. THE TWINS. Anyway if he somehow never pitched again this year, maybe out of shame, then he’ll end the year with 0 IP and 4 ERs…to infinity and beyond. Buzz Lightyear over here is making fun of Nate Jones. He’s not on my teams anymore. He’s not worth the DL spot.

Justin Morneau – He’s batting 5th for the Rockies. He joins fellow Twinkie Michael Cuddyer and he bats behind Cargo/Tulo…MorNO. It’s a sign he belongs.  I’ve always been a fan and he fits right at home in my UTL spot.


Spectator is not impressed

Yordano Ventura – So I bought into the hype. Here’s what I said about him in my last post “Yordano becomes the 2nd best starter for the Royals despite carrying the 5th starter label. I only have enough room for one pitcher with a “Y” first name in my heart, smell ya later Yovani Gallardo. Ventura should be owned in most leagues. Most meaning if you’re in a 8 team league you probably shouldn’t add him…and should probably get in a bigger league.” So that pretty much tells you nothing! Wow my writing is really not informative at all! But he throws really fast, had an above 9 K/9 rate in the minors, and is being compared to Pedro Martinez. But they skipped him in the rotation! Yeah, it was rained out, they’re just thinking about his innings in the future and this probably just means he’ll get to go one extra game in the season. If some jabroni dropped him in your league, add him.

Rick Porcello – He has a great K/BB rate and a great GB%, I liked him a lot more when Jose Iglesias patrolled SS, but the defense should still be better than last year. I think he’ll be solid this year, but he still scares me. He’s my late round lottery ticket.

I wish I had more shares in Francisco Liriano and Alex Wood. I wish I had any shares of Jose Abreu, Chris Sale, James Paxton, and Mike Trout!


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