How I Met Your Mother Finale

I know they took a dark/realistic turn in the finale, but at least all the characters ended up happy in the end. I mean it could have been worse right? At least Marshall and Lily are still together.  Ted and Robin are happy, Ted’s kids too! Barney has found true meaning in his life. Still…the mother’s fate was pretty tragic. I didn’t think Carter & Craig had the balls to do it, but I was wrong. It’s probably also what I’m most angry about. I guess I just needed to cool off after viewing the finale, and after viewing it multiple times…I’m still a little mad. But after cooling off/being a lazy writer for a week, I’m ready to write my reaction to my current favorite comedy’s tragic finale.

I’ve heard people say, correctly, that the show has always been about Ted and Robin, so it makes sense that they had to end up together. Yeah sorry, I guess I was confused because the show is called “How I Met Your Mother” and not “How I Met Your Step Mother Robin.” I swear I’m not bitter. I guess Ted did eventually did meet the mother, true to the title’s billing, but I feel a little cheated when the show spent all this time setting up the mother. Almost every season ending was either setting up events that were crucial to Ted meeting the mother or this stupid wedding that lasted for 10 minutes in the finale. Also the title was always too long and now they’re telling me that the story was never about how Ted met the mother? Then make the title shorter! Lily crying alone in the empty apartment where it all happened could have been one of the saddest moments in the series…if she weren’t in that weird sperm Moby Dick costume. It was just kind of weird. I don’t really care that we never found out what the mother died of the same way I never cared about how the pineapple got into Ted’s room, but that could just be me. So if Victoria was going to be the mother things would have been very awkward. She broke up with Ted in season 1 because he cheated on her with Robin, then she broke up with Ted again in season 8 because she was uncomfortable with Ted and Robin’s relationship. Which she would have been right about. But if Ted and Victoria did get married then she would have died in 10 years, and then her worst fears would have been realized when Ted and Robin get together in their old age. Victoria was right the whole time. But instead of being the mother, thankfully, she just had her heart broken twice by Ted instead of three times and death. That would have just been cruel. I loved how they showed the cast from the pilot in the credits, well that was just adorable. I’m glad the mother’s name ended up being Tracy. That was a nice throw back. Marshall paid Lily $5 at Ted and Tracy’s wedding, but he won the bet! She owes him $10. No Bob Saget cameo? That would have been nice…Okay I didn’t hate the ending…but I didn’t love it either.

How Barney acted after he broke up with Robin was just heartbreakingly sad. I guess losing Robin caused Barney to pretty much give up on finding a meaningful relationship with someone  forever. I would have loved if he got back together with Robin or Nora after his child was born. All of his character development went right back to square one. I loved Barney in the early seasons, but I got too invested in his character to accept that he’d just give up on everything he learned. I never thought I would be so sad to see Jim Nantz back again. I don’t like how Robin and Barney divorced for pretty much NO REASON, no Wi Fi, are you kidding me?! Why would Barney hate to travel? I would think he would like the adventure, but I guess the writers needed some reason to break the two up, even though the writers set them up to be together for almost the entire show after Ted and Robin broke up. And it’s not like they wasted our time with that wedding, when it only lasted 5 minutes into the finale! As much as I wanted #31 to somehow be Robin who’d discovered she could somehow have kids or that after Barney’s child was born and they met again they’d rekindle their love and get back together…but it never happened. Instead we got Ted and Robin…I’m glad Barney found someone to give his life meaning, the monologue Barney gave to his daughter was probably his finest piece of acting we’ve seen and my favorite part of the finale, but I wanted him to find a partner too. Somehow Barney couldn’t find a lover, but Ted found 2! Classic Schmosby. Saluting the army person was the only thing they had in common…Barney and Robin had a lot more in common! But I guess Barney just thought he didn’t want kids, seeing as having a child was the best thing that could happen to him. I guess Ted and Robin had good chemistry, but I didn’t think the blue french horn was that romantic. I liked how it was brought back at the end to tie everything back to the pilot though. But I mean if Robin is still traveling, why would her relationship with Ted work out any better than her relationship with Barney? Ted can’t travel with her because he still has kids. Plus Robin never wanted kids, even adoption, which she would sort of be doing if she becomes the kids new step mom. Maybe Robin stopped traveling for her job, maybe Robin just didn’t like young kids, maybe I just want to put holes in this Ted Robin relationship.

Craig & Carter thought of this ending way back in the second season. I think I would have loved this ending if the show ended in season 5.  The Ted and Robin love storyline wouldn’t have felt so old and overdone, Barney and Robin wouldn’t have gotten married and would have acted more as a red herring to the eventual Robin and Ted hookup. They didn’t have the mother in too many episodes this season so we wouldn’t get attached. Too late! Yeah this could have worked, but things change, and the show lasted much longer than Craig & Carter intended it to. Unfortunately for us their plan didn’t. I don’t know if they felt pigeonholed into this ending because they already filmed the kids reaction, honestly I would have been okay not seeing the kids again if it meant the mother lived, but I think they should have adjusted their ending given what they did in seasons 6-9.

How it ends shouldn’t define how the series meant as a whole. I think Marshall’s last words were weird, but I guess he was pretty drunk. I’ll count his last words as the toast to Ted Evelyn Mosby. Lily’s last words seem oddly, intentionally?, appropriate. But the mother didn’t get there…I love Barney’s last words, I always thought that his last words would be “legendary” but I think this was just as good if not better. The mother’s last words were sad…Ted and Robin’s last words are cute. Of course Ted would go in person, and Robin’s last words seem like a reaction to Ted than her future TV display not working. Last words are pretty cool, but they’re ultimately as important as our 1st. Endings weigh more than other episodes in a series because it’s the last thing that we’re given. It tries to wrap everything up and satisfy everyone when often times it’s impossible. I’ll still remain a staunch HIMYM supporter and think in time I’ll accept this ending as well. 


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