April Reactions: Hitter Reactions

justin-morneau-and-standeeWhat a great start for Justin Morneau, good thing I recommended him as much as I could on this website that nobody reads! I’ll give myself a pat on the back for that one. Todd Helton was able to play 1B for the Rockies for 40 years, Morneau should be able to do it too. Also those two studs on the left look like twins…too soon?

I’m really glad I held on to Rajai Davis in all my leagues I drafted him in and didn’t drop him for let’s say either Matt Lindstrom or Jose Valverde because I needed saves. I couldn’t have been that stupid right? Right?!

Elvis Andrus has 9 SBs already, he’s so fast because of all those peanut butter and marshmallow sandwiches he eats. The King and the Prince are roaming around the Texas infield.

Chris Colabell-who? Somehow he has 27 rbis playing for the Twins and I’ve never heard of him before this year. Somehow the Twins have one of the best offenses in baseball, if only they had just one major league level pitcher…

Matt Kemp has 4 HRs and 3 SBs in only 68 at bats! He’s back everybody! But he only has 9 runs, 8 rbis, and a .221 batting average. Well maybe he’s not 100% yet. I don’t know when he’ll be either.

Edwin Encarnacion is hitting nothing out of the park, he has a 3% HR/FB rate but he’s a much better hitter than that. He’s striking out an obscene 23% rate, well by his standards, and that’s 13% higher than last year. I hope his wrist surgery isn’t still hampering him, but I think Encarnacion is a true buy low candidate. He’s a true buy low guy because there’s risk involved in buying him. A fake buy low would saying to buy Miguel Cabrera “low”, but you can never buy low on this guy. E5 could go and still hit 40+ HRs or you could find out that he’s been playing through an injury and he never makes it into double digit HRs. You guys know as much as me at this point, roll the dice if you’re feeling lucky. Go big or go home right?

You know, I wouldn’t be too surprised if Melky started taking steroids again, just saying.

Ellsbury’s power hasn’t exactly manifested, not that I thought he would return to his 30+ HR year, but he’s speed is steal elite. Hehehe, still/steal elite. I think the Red Sox were one of the best offenses last year and Ellsbury only had 92 runs…okay he didn’t play the full season sure, but still. I think I underestimated Ellsbury’s potential this year as a good all around player and a great contributor to steals, but I’m not regretting having not drafting him either. Where are the HRs? I still expected at least some power boost, are we sure Ellsbury’s a lefty batting in Yankee Stadium?

David Wright is playing alright I guess. I love how David Wright has already pretty much broken every Met hitting record…and he’s only 31. I love David Wright and he’s a very good player, but I think Wright breaking all of the Met records so fast is more of a testament to the Mets always having meh hitters. It doesn’t help that they haven’t really had too many home grown elite hitters either.

Matt Adams is becoming the most boring player in baseball. He doesn’t always gets a hit, but when he does, he prefers to drive no one in and have no one drive him in. He is the least interesting man in the world.

Jose Abreu is tearing it up for the White Sox, something I’m not surprised about at all. What I am surprised about however, is how polite and well behaved he comes off. After Yasiel Puig I assumed everyone from Cuba played with an over the top style, I swear this bias is only a little bit racist…I blame the media. Anyway this guy looks like an absolute monster, 40+ HRs doesn’t seem too ridiculous, and all the stories about his power in Cuba seem legit. I love the Adam Eaton and Jose Abreu combination a top the order for the Sox, but the pitching had seen better days, don’t get me started on the bullpen. Maybe if they used Chris Sale as a closer like he started out as they wouldn’t be in this mess! Yes that was sarcasm…

Michael Morse is playing well this April, just remember that last April he had 8 HRs and then he sort of fell of the face of the earth, hey, maybe that’s just the Morse code…

bbce70d7926e6d98662ce9884dda746bStarlin Castro has 11 rbis batting cleanup for the Cubs. He’s a star in the Cubs eyes, just like every kid’s good test score can be a star on their respective refrigerator’s chest. No one outside the family cares about the success…actually the family is only really pretending to be proud when they’re waiting for something better. Yup, perfect analogy.

Buster Posey is playing okay I guess. 11 rbis batting in the 3rd hole for the Giants most of the time means that the Giant’s are only slightly better than the Cubs in offensive production.

Harper is on the DL with a torn thumb ligament. This injury means that he’s out until at least July. *sigh, for all the faith I put in this kid, maybe I was a little too gung ho on his potential when I should have been looking at what he’s actually done. Why did he have to get injured! This was your year Harper! While sliding into 3rd isn’t as stupid as sliding into 1st, looking at you Josh Hamiltorn thumb ligament, maybe sliding head first isn’t the way to go anymore. Maybe if Harper wasn’t hustling so much…I’m kidding. This was an unfortunate injury for sure, but looking at his numbers before he went down, well, he’s actually been kind of lucky. Harper’s K rate has increased, higher than it was his rookie year, and his walk have decreased, lower than it was his rookie year, but his batting average has been buoyed by his high .377 BABIP rate. His .289 batting average is a mirage more than anything. The good news is his LD%, GB%, and FB% all looked around his career norms before he went down, but his HR/FB% sat at a woeful 5%, when he’s usually in the high teens. I hope Harper recovers quickly for baseball’s sake, but maybe I’m expecting greatness too soon when I need to show more patience. He’s only 21, let’s wait till he shows some dominance before we, a big part of that we was me, crown him.

Troy Tulowitzki is playing well, to no ones surprise. As long as he doesn’t get injur-Troy watch out for that banana peel…phew, he’s okay- ed then he’s one of the best players on the field. Just remember that the Rockies always start off hot and someone will get injured…the year multiple Rockies hitters don’t get injured will happen when the sun rises in the west and sets in the east, the seas go dry and mountains blow in the wind like leaves.

Votto has 4 HRs! But only 10 rbis. Vottnooo! He only has 21 BBs too, which isn’t enough.

Brandon Phillips is starting off the year awfully slow, in other news Joey Votto has another walk! Don’t drop Phillips, he deserves a stern benching but he’s earned a longer leash than straight up dropping him.

Robinson Cano is looking to disappoint his fantasy owners and his owners in Seattle. When Jay Z signed on to be Cano’s agent I thought for sure Cano would end up staying in NY. I know he kept saying 10 years 300 million, but I just assumed that was a marketing ploy to get more money from the Bankies. If Cano stayed with the Yankees he would have been remembered as one of the best 2B the team would have had, which is a pretty big deal. Playing your entire career in NY is something so few players ever get the opportunity to do, I think the extra money Cano got to go to Seattle wasn’t enough if it meant costing him his legacy. What were you thinking Jay Z! You have 99 problems and that botched contract is one.

Mike Trout is doing TroutGod things as usual.

Jose Bautista’s ISO has decreased every single season after his 50 HR season burst in 2010, but um, his ISO currently is right around when he had his 50 HR season. So that’s not going to fall back down. Okay 50 HRs is pretty crazy for any player. Besides Chirs Davis hitting 50 last year, Bautista is the most recent player to do so, and that was back in 2010.  I think expecting 40 HRs again is more than reasonable, and 40 HRs ain’t nothing to laugh at. Steroids are out of baseball, kind of, and it may be another 3 years before we see another 50+ HR guy. Bautista’s has 27 walks already, some players don’t even have that many hits! Jose Bautista is looking like a 1st round pick, he just needs to stay healthy. Hopefully the ice box that is Toronto can refrigerate Joey Bat’s body and keep him healthy all season. You could learn a thing or two from this guy Votto.

Brandon Moss is doing well. He’ll probably one of the main players starring in the Moneyball 2 movie.

Kansas City Royals v Philadelphia PhilliesBen Revere has 9 SBs and 14 runs. I think Revere has a pretty good shot at never hitting a HR in his career, but if he does, then that fan would have caught something rarer than a mint condition Honus Wagner card.

Ryan Braun had 3 HRs in one game against Kyle Kendrick and Phillies relief. He had a 2 HR game off a Pittsburgh bullpen that didn’t have Mark Melancon pitching that night. Just saying that I’m not the biggest believer of Ryan Braun’s power, or at least his #11 rank overall is a mirage. Jean Segura got his face smashed in by Braun…I’m not saying it was Braun’s fault, but I’m not saying this is making me like him any better either. I would try to sell Braun high right now, one of my friends was able to package him for Andrew McCutchen. Brains over Braun…

Jonthan Lucroy has been off to a very slow start this year. Why didn’t I take my own advice and just draft Evan Gattis everywhere? If the Brewers are off to such a hot start why can’t Lucroy be doing better…he’s such a good pitch framer though, which isn’t helping me in fantasy at all though!

Joe Mauer says he’ll be okay playing catcher for the all star game, probably because that’s the only way he’ll ever get back there. Say it ain’t so Joe! The truth hurts.

Aramis Ramirez has 3 HRs and 19 rbis. I said that he was undervalued on the Yahoo! player rankings and I’m looking pretty good so far, he’s outproducing his ADP by 8 slots! Okay maybe it’s a little to early for a humble brag, but those Brewers are looking really good this year and I’m glad to have a guy batting in the heart of that order for his relatively cheap price. I also recommended Matt Dominguez as a deep league option at 3B. The good news he has 4 HRs. The bad news is he’s batting .221. I still think he’s worth watching in deep leagues, but at least he’s looking better than Mike Moustakas, who has 4 HRs but is batting .159. I set the bar prettay low for Dominguez…meaning I can only profit!

JJ Hardy has 0 HRs so far, good thing you were drafting him for his respectable average and stolen bases contributions.

6TMD_Padres_Braves_basebal_EdwaI have always been a Jason Heyward believer, which lately has turned me into a Jason Heyward apologist. I’ve owned him since his call up way back in 2010, where he barely lost to Buster Posey in the NL Rookie of the year award. I still think he should of won. This year he’s somehow making BJ Upton look like the NL batting champion, which is what happens when you strike out 23% of the time, but Heyward has MVP potential. Now that I think about it, I may be a sucker for potential. Harper and Heyward both have H names and both play against my Mets. They also both have the potential and talent to be the best hitters in the MLB. The Braves may have the longest leashes for their hitters in the league, Heyward should be able to hold on to the lead off spot for a while. He’s going to do better, trust me on this. Also I’m sorry that about Dillon Gee breaking Heyward’s jaw with a pitch last year…it seems he has adapted to make sure that doesn’t happen again.

Jimmy Rollins has a 12/3/15/4/.261/.327 slash line. Good thing I didn’t say he was washed up or anything…good thing I drafted Brad Miller in a majority of my leagues, that’s what I get for trusting a hitter from Seattle. Okay I still don’t like Jimmy Rollins, but he doesn’t look washed up. Sorry Jimmy. Ryan Howard is playing relatively well as well, maybe these senior citizen (bank parks) are taking some pointers from the geezers at Yankee Stadium.

Shin-Soo Choo only has 1 SB…well that’s kind of disappointing. Fellow teammate Alex Rios has 5 SBs, looks like Rios is winning the Ranger OF matchup so far, but I expected both of these guys to have more than 10 and 11 runs respectively. I think nows a great time to buy the Rangers hitters, I steal believe in their greatness.

Austin Jackson is doing his best Shin-Soo impression, and he’s not even batting in the lead off spot anymore. All of their stats are within a single digit of each other, you’ll just have to believe me on this. Somehow Jackson still has more runs than rbis even though he’s batting 5th instead of 1st. If only Jackson could do his best Alex Rios impression, that’s where those juicy steals are at.

Xander Boegarts may be the only player with a 1st name starting with the letter X, I mean there’s also, um…Xavier Nady, he’s still playing right? Seriously I can’t think of any other X men. Xander’s doing alright I guess, but for a kid that was herald as the next Hanley Ramirez he’s not really living up to his potential. Maybe if the Red Sox traded him away we could see some days of future past…that title makes no sense. It’s like the marketing team just decided they wanted to put future and past in the title and gave up coming up with something clever. “As long as we put X-Men in the title people will come see it…Jennifer Lawrence doesn’t hurt either, can she make an unsuccessful movie?

It’s good to see Kyle Seager start to hit again. I don’t think it’s a coincidence that a week before I defended Kyle Seager, he goes off and hits 5 HRs. If this doesn’t confirm that Kyle follows my blog and takes extra motivation from my writing encouragement then I don’t know what will. You’re welcome Kyle, I love you too.

Mark Trumbo has a broken foot, well he’s not getting 50+ HRs anytime soon, but who would be insane enough to predict he’d hit 50 HRs even before his injury? Only some crazy person who believed in Kyle Seager.

130907225400-starlingmarte-090713-single-image-cutStarling Marte is striking out a lot. 37 times already and the month isn’t even over. If there’s a silver lining it’s that he’s walking more than he did last year, but that’s only a 3% increase in his walk rate, while that’s a 7% increase in his K rate…he almost strikes out a third of his plate appearances. Not good. Marte has increased his line drives, but his fly balls have decreased a little. His ground ball rate is identical to last years, putting this all together makes it really hard for him to approach the high teens in HRs that some people are dreaming of. His HR/FB% should get higher as the year goes on and his stolen bases should remain high, he’s only been caught stealing once this year. The Pirates as a whole have been floundering, besides HRs they’re in the bottom 20 in offensive categories. Marte’s main problem is that he’s striking out too much. If he can’t cut down on those, he’ll be in trouble. His BABIP is normal, it’s just that he’s not putting the ball in play enough. I believe in Marte and am actively trading for him. So I’ll be on the same boat as you guys. I dream of the day that Marte, McCutchen, and Polanco man the OF at PNC together.

Nick Swisher is starting off slow, but this is just who Nick Swisher is. He has hot months and cold months. If he was dropped, I’d add him and hope he gets on a hot streak. Last June Swisher produced a 9/1/9/0.160/.292 statline, which is terrible yeah, but then he gives you months like 15/7/17/0/.262/.353. Swish and Jay Bruce are a pain to own in H2H leagues because of how streaky they can be, Swish has 20+ HRs in him, you just have to hope you’re getting that when you put him in and not his strike outs.

Has Jeter not retired yet? Because his stats are pretty much non existent this year. Come on Jeets (by spelling his nickname wrong, it’s like I made it up myself!) finish your career strong…or at least leave a strong leaving impression.

Adrian Gonzalez’s power has been a surprise, his HR/FB ratio is at an inflated 27.6%. His last 2 years he’s averaged a 10% HR/FB ratio…so yeah that should come down. His BABIP looks normal, so his batting average is normal, but I still wouldn’t expect 40+ HRs for the guy. The rbis should remain plentiful in the Dodgers line up.

Maybe let’s just forget that I recommended Jordy Mercer as a deep league add…granted it was for deep leagues only, like 20+ and up, but still…

Jedd Gyorko is looking terrible right now. A 6/1/9/2/.149/.216 is not what you paid for when you selected him, but haaave you met Jedd? Last year he had a similar abysmal slow start before tearing it up in May for a 20/6/12/0/.303/.361. The kid hit 23 HRs last year despite having a terrible April and playing through an injury, and actually missing some time because of said injury, so I’m not too worried just yet. His BABIP is about .90 points lower than last years, his FB% ratio is about the same as last years, and his 4.2% HR/FB% should increase as well, it was 15% his rookie year and that should be sustainable for him. He’s sporting a .149 batting average so there’s something wrong with him right now, it can’t all be bad luck. His K rate is up and his line drives have decreased while his ground balls have increased. Not too drastically, but it’s something to be wary of. I think Jedd will heat up in May, and if he doesn’t by then I’d feel okay cutting him, he doesn’t have that huge of a track record. Maybe last year was a fluke, playing in Petco certainly doesn’t help his case either, but he has at least 1 more month before I cut ties with this Padre.

8-15-2013-9-05-53-PM1-500x277You got to respect Wil Myers for playing so poorly as to not upset Royal fans on trading away a super star. I’m not panicing too much over this 23 year old, but then again I’m not panicking over George Springer’s slow start either, why do I have such long leashes for young players with talent! I’m such a fool, but how can you not trust that innocent smile?

ESPN was raving about Billy Hamilton’s speed and in particular how he managed to score from third on a grounder to the SS. When I saw the highlight of the play, I was not impressed because he should have been out. Billy scored, but it was a poor defensive play that allowed him to score. I admit that Billy Hamilton is really fast, anyone with eyes can see that…sometimes he’s too fast to see and you can feel just how fast he is, but please ESPN, don’t let this be the Machado throw all over again. Machado is a fantastic defender, but the play that’s always associated with him doesn’t do him justice. Billy Hamilton is fast, but until I see something else I’m not getting on board.

Eric Hosmer has the same amount of HRs as Billy Hamilton, but with none of the steals!

Jed Lowrie is doing some boring but respectable numbers over at Oakland. Maybe the A’s can get an all star this year and we’ll be able to recognize him at the game…I mean I won’t because he won’t be wearing an A’s uniform with his name on it, but I’m sure some people will. Besides Yoenis Cespedes I wouldn’t be able to identify any of those A’s players in a line up. Can you really blame me Billy Beane? Actually, I probably wouldn’t be able to spot him out either unless he really is Brad Pitt in real life.

Jason Kipnis is looking pretty mediocre, but he plays 2B so he looks pretty alight compared to those other middle infielders. Maybe Kipnis is just trying to compensate for not being able to play a full year, so he’s stretching his elite mediocrity out.

Carlos Santana., remember how some writers were really high on him coming into the year because he was relinquishing his catching duties and becoming a fulltime 3B/DH? Well I do, and I remember how silly people should be feeling right now. This guy has been a huge disappointment so far, but he can still turn his players some profit. He actually has a dead even walk to strikeout rate at 20% a piece. So his plate discipline is still great, it’s just that he’s not hitting anything. His LD% has fallen to 11%, which is about half of what it was last year. Actually, the Indians as a team have been disappointing so far, I’m looking especially hard at you Salazar, and Santana is just too talented to continue this poor level of production. His BABIP is about half of what it was last year, which won’t continue and I would be interested in buying Santana low right now. Maybe Cleveland and Washington just can’t produce the magic to have great sports teams like the big cities can. I blame the fans, clearly all their fault.

I want to write a doctors note, remember to pull off a realistic fake doctor’s note you need to fold it and place it in your pocket, and write off all the Indian hitters for having a slow start to the year because of the flu, but then Michael Brantley had to go and be boringly productively helpful. Thanks a lot Brantley, catch me if you can go 20/20. Otherwise I have you on the same amount of teams that Leo has Oscars.

Matt Weiters has 4 HRs and 15 rbis already. This is the year he breaks out! It must be a good year for post hype sleepers, Brett Lawrie is going to break out with his 6 HRs and 20 rbis. This is his year too. Or maybe they’re just having hot starts…any year now they’ll break out, it’s also the year you probably gave up on them.

Justin Upton is having another hot start to the season, but unlike last year, this pace seems sustainable. Then I saw his 31% K rate and his .440 BABIP  and thought otherwise. Maybe he’s just never going to break out as far as Bryan Cranston broke bad.

adam-larocheAdam LaRoche is starting off the year strong, something he never did the entire season of 2013. Before his breakout year in 2012, where he started off strong, he was always better after the all star break. Am I saying he ends the year closer to his 2012 statline than his 2013 line? Yes, and now with Harper injured new skipper Matt Williams doesn’t have to worry about sticking LaRoche near the top of the order instead of Harper. So i guess LaRoche really likes deer…okay.

Matt Carpenter has 18 runs already, only 108 more to go, why can’t he be on base when Matt Adams is up? Zobrist has 19 runs, only 58 more runs to go. Zobrist was a little unlucky last year with the amount of runs he got, while Carpenter was a little lucky. Who said life wasn’t fair? I wouldn’t be surprised if they had similar runs at the end of this year, but Zobrist should give you more in everything else except maybe average.

Eric Young Jr. somehow has 20 runs playing for the Mets. Add those 12 steals and he’s been pretty darn valuable. I don’t want to say that the Rockies never gave Young Jr. a fair shot at playing time, and they didn’t. I wouldn’t be surprised if Young Jr. ended the year with the most stolen bases in the league, but I also wouldn’t be surprised if the Mets didn’t give him full playing time either. He’s hitting .216, but his OBP is .320, which is respectable. Too bad the Grandyman can’t make the world as sweet as the candyman can. i expected the strike outs, but I also wish you got more walks. I like Granderson as a person, he seems like an awesome guy, but maybe the Mets would have been better off signing Nelson Cruz…make me regret saying this Curtis!! Also I guess Chris Young could be productive this year, he’s a pretty streaky hitter though he does have the power…he’s pretty much like a Curtis Granderson. Not sure how things are going to work when Lagares comes back, his glove is too important not to start in center, but someone is going to lose time and it’s probably not the guys making the most money.

Hunter Pence is hitting for the Giants on an even year, he’s bound to do better. MLB superstitions are pretty much facts.

Aren’t you glad you didn’t overreact and add Charlie Blackmon during the 1st week of the season? Yeah a lot of us made the same stupid mistake as well. Here I am sitting with Emilio Bonifacio in my OF looking over at the other guys with Blackmon feeling like an idiot. Not that I can be disappointed in Emilio, but I wish I had Blackmon. Always bet on Colorado when it comes to hitting, but don’t count on the playing time.

Alexi Ramirez is sure up to a hot start. And if you look at his numbers, they don’t look that fluky either. Sure I wouldn’t be surprised if he didn’t hit over 10 HRs, but the White Sox offense is looking really good right now and it’s not like you can sell high on him. Enjoy Alexi for being a decent hitter in an improved line up, Abreu is starting to look part Trout, and he’s pushing all the hitters on the White Sox upstream.

Aaron Hill isn’t doing as well as I hoped him to be doing. He suffered an injury plagued second year with the Diamondbacks, but ever since Aaron Hill changed his name to A A Ron and joined the Diamondbacks, all he’s done is hit at an elite level. It’s just that he’s not healthy all the time. Well he’s healthy now. Then again, the Diamondbacks have been playing terrible baseball, good thing they refuse to call up their best pitching prospect to not put pressure on him. Sorry Archie, looks like you and your 2 names will be stuck in the minors a little longer than expected.

WCPO_Jay_Bruce_Mat_Latos_20130807000818_640_480_1375890433957_696600_ver1.0_640_480Jay Bruce has more SBs than HRs…so I guess Billy Hamilton is rubbing off on his teammates. Bruce is walking a lot more, for those of you playing in AVG leagues who may not be noticing, that’s a good sign. It’s good to see Bruce walking and stealing while he’s going through his slumps while he’s killing your average. It’s okay Bruce, hug it out.

Allen Craig is playing terrible right now. He’s sporting a 8/1/6/0/.176/.223, which may be the worst start to the season that can’t be blamed on an injury this year. At least relative to his ADP. I’ve never been a fan of Allen Craig, but he should be better than this. Looking at his underlying stats his BABIP is at a ridiculously low .203, but I always thought that his .350 BABIP average the past 2 years was always inflated for a guy that’s not too fast. He’s walking less, albeit only 2%, and he’s striking out at the same rate. The problem here is that he’s hitting GBs at a 63% rate, about 20% higher than it was last year. If he continues to hit ground balls at such a high rate then that bounce back may take longer to come around than you may have thought.

Yasiel Puig is looking pretty mediocre. His BABIP looks normal and not at his outrageous levels last year. His GB is still 50% and he’s trading LDs for FBs, but hitting less HRs. All this media attention is going to look silly if he doesn’t start producing soon. I think he’ll be okay, but he’ll need to go on a hitting streak again to justify his draft day price.

Matt Holliday is playing like the most boringly useful player in the league, but we want more HRs Holliday! What happened to all the Cardinals magic?!

Anthony Rendon is starting off the year really strong, good thing I was really high on him and didn’t get him on any of my teams. Why do I do this to myself?!

Chase Utley is starting off the year really strong as well, good thing I was really high on Chase Utley and didn’t get him on any of my teams. Why do I do this to myself times 2.

The Oriole dynamic duo Chris Davis and Adam Jones are off to a slow start. Now Chris Davis is on the DL. Not good. Jones should be better than he’s been showing so far, but he’s no Nelson Cruz. I didn’t think Cruz would be this good, but I should of realized that any player coming from Texas to Buck Showalter would be a stud.

I take back what I said about Matt Holliday and apply it to Alex Gordon, so boring!

Everth-Cabrera-174734615Everth Cabrera has only 3 SBs so far, looks like Cabrera was using those PEDs to increase his speed and not his power. I’m worried that he’s striking out at a 23% clip, and walking a lot less, but at least his ISO is the same as it was last year when he hit 4 HRs! Looks like he doesn’t need those PEDs to still be the juggernaut slugger that he was of last year. His 0% HR/FB ratio should increase as well, maybe even rise up to single digits. Everth has been caught stealing 3 times and has over a .404 BABIP. You can’t exactly sell high on the guy, but he shouldn’t be discounted too much. I would be sending some trade offers to get rid of him and see who bites. Worried alert is at yellow.

Josh Donaldson is looking really good right now. He’s hitting more FBs this year and his HR/FB ratio is at 18%, which isn’t too unreasonable. His numbers don’t look fluky, I could see him getting 30 HRs, but I have my eyes closed. Batting in Oakland for half his game doesn’t help his power numbers, you could be doing a lot worse than Donaldson at 3B, a lot worse.

Pedro Alvarez has 6 HRs and a .172 batting average. So it’s either a HR or a strike out. Still better than Starling Marte! Maybe if Pedro could take the Adam Dunn approach and get some walks too he’d be a better player.

Jose Altuve has 9 runs, 9 rbis, and 9 stolen bases. I can’t believe he managed to hit 9 people in, Matt Adams can’t even do that and he plays for the Cardinals!

Jayson Werth is playing well for a Nationals team that just lost one of it’s best players, hint, it’s not Ryan Zimmerman. Remember how Jayson was the best hitter in the 2nd half last year? Well National fans are still holding on to that hope he’ll carry their team to the playoffs. If the Braves lose half their pitching staff before the year starts and then can go and be this good, then the Nationals have no excuse blaming injuries on poor production. Come on Nationals, stop disappointing everyone already.

Carlos Beltran is having a solid year so far as a Yankee, but no one is noticing it because of all the media hype on Tanaka. I think Beltran’s just happy to not the oldest player on the team anymore.

Dee Gordon has 13 SBs already and is leading the league. Really glad I decided to stick it out with Dustin Ackley instead of adding Dee Gordon before he went and stole 4 bases that one game and causing everyone to add him. No regrets…none. If I close my eyes, Dustin Ackley’s just as good as Dustin Pedroia…who hasn’t been that good either, damnit.

How are you going to earn that big contract Kung Fu Panda if you’re playing so poorly?! He was supposed to be in the best shape of his life coming into spring training, why aren’t you an all star yet?! How are you going to nourish yourself with all that expensive bamboo? The Chinatown in San Francisco sells the best bamboo, but it’s dangerous for a pandas to shop in Chinatown alone, you got to watch your back Panda! I’m not even sure what I’m saying anymore…I think I may have written too much. I’ll post my pitcher April reactions sometime in early May probably, they still count as April reactions though!


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