Jose Fernandez…Too Soon


Jose Fernandez was placed on the DL with an elbow injury. The sudden trip to the DL and the location of the injury had already caused me to expect the worst, this is Matt Harvey all over again. Now there’s news saying that’ll he’ll undergo season ending surgery. It’s a terrible tragedy for all of baseball when a young pitcher gets an injury like this, it hurts even more when it’s someone as talented as Jose Fernandez. His energy and talent just brought so much to the game and watching him pitch was so much fun to watch, he made the Marlins a must watch when he got on the mound, something that hasn’t happened in what seems like forever. He will be missed.

For fantasy purposes I would hold on to him until the Marlins official say he’s done for the year, but the outlook looks bleak. If the worst is true, you have to cut him, no matter how much it hurts. In keeper leagues you have to hold on to him and pray he can come back next year. Gavin Floyd, Roenis Elias, Rafel Montero, and Tyler Lyons, yes I know he’s currently getting bombed by the Cubs,are all potential adds in deeper leagues to, sigh, replace Jose Fernandez. As of now I do not know if the Marlins will call up top prospect Andrew Heaney to replace Fernandez, but it’s a possibility with this organization. He could be a speculative add as well.

Here’s what I wrote about Jose in my soon to be posted Aprilish Reactions: Pitchers Edition, before he went down. I felt with the news that Jose earned his own post though.

So yeah, that Jose Fernandez kid is pretty good. So after producing a rookie year on the same plateau as Dwight Gooden, which prtty much consists of Jose and Dwight, the young Marlin is picking up right where he left off after last year’s amazing end of season run. Fernandez looks really good and his energy is fantastic, if that means anything fantasy wise. I should have been higher on him going into the year, one share isn’t enough! In the preseason I said I would rather have Madison Bumgarner over him, I was wrong. Fernandez is looking to contribute in spades in every category, except maybe wins…can’t really predict that one, but his home/road splits are ridiculous. He gave up 6 runs against the Padres! Even the Padres were surprised. Maybe he’s only great when no one’s watching him? Maybe it’s a weather thing. Also apparently he has a higher WAR than all the other players selected in the 1st 2 rounds in the 2011 draft. I don’t expect that to last with the likes of Gerrit Cole, Sonny Gray, and Anthony Rendon doing some solid work this year though. I am annoyed that the Mets drafted right before the Marlins and went with Brandon Nimmo instead…classic Mets.


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