The Springer of George!

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So thankfully we all held on to George Springer after those 2 dreadful weeks right? Can you believe experts actually believed he was going to get sent back to the minors? The Astros were working with guys like LJ Hoes and Alex Presley, he was never going to lose his full-time gig. Springer strikes out more than Mark Reynolds did in his prime, but at least when he does make contact it goes deep, like Mark Reynolds in his prime! The speed isn’t where I thought it would be and I’m not confident the Astros are going to let him run as aggressively as we hoped. I mean when the guy almost ruins himself getting picked off at 1st base. I don’t want to say he looks like Mike Trout, but he could have that sort of impact on your fantasy team considering the low price tag in the preseason. Springer is pulling his best Encarnacion impression, and Encarnacion is doing his best Barry Bonds impression without all the steroids. With Springer and Altuve at the top of the order we may actually get some helpful runs and RBIs between the 2 of them. I also love how Jose Altuve is able to get those sweet stolen bases before getting hit in by Springer, it’s like they care about our fantasy teams! Jonathan Singleton getting called up soon could make this dynamic duo a trio. He’s sure to add on the strike outs, but Houston’s starting to get interesting again. Really interesting.

blue jays

So Edwin Encarnacion has 16 HRs in the month of May, and he didn’t even start mashing taters till May 5th, so he’s hit 17 HRs in less than 30 days. I have to admit I thought that there may have been something wrong with E5, he looked lost at the plate, and I thought maybe there was something wrong with his wrist. Glad I was wrong, I love what the Blue Jays are doing this year and I hope they win the Al East. Did I mention he already has 50 RBIs?! Sabermetric nerds everywhere condemn me for only talking about HRs and RBIs instead drooling over his WAR…which has already passed last year’s totals. Are you happy nerds?! Jose Bautista is playing pretty great as well, all of them Blue Jays are hitting well, but the spotlight is on E5…and somehow Mark Buehrle, who hasn’t had this much attention since his “Buehrle Factor” play on Top 10 years ago. Bautista is getting on base at a .438 clip, which is higher than Shin Soo Choo’s legendary .414 OBP last year, and Joey Bats doesn’t even need to get beamed to get on base! I wish I had more shares of everyone on the Blue Jays and I think ROS both of these guys will produce like top 10 players, they just need to stay healthy. Please stay healthy. It’s all good in Canada, except in NHL, now Canadians can pretend they care about the MLB. Maybe the NY Rangers are stealing all of the Texas Ranger’s mojo. There can only be one!

All Yasiel Puig has done is hit really well and I can’t explain it. Here’s a pretty compelling argument saying he’s the next Manny Ramirez, but there’s no way he can maintain his .390 career BABIP?! Curse you small sample sizes! Yeah his 20% HR/FB ratio isn’t really a stretch, but he’s also still hitting GBs at nearly a 50% rate. I don’t think his LD% is high enough to sustain his high BABIP and BA. He also has a 5/4 SB/CS ratio…not ideal. The good news is his walk rate is up and what I have seen of him blows me away. I really can’t predict what’s the next step for this guy is, but I think his HRs are high right now and he needs to improve on the basepaths to justify more attempts. Alright maybe it was too soon to crown Abreu the best Cuban this year, Puig stole Abreu’s knees, but then got caught because he’s a terrible at SBs. The two will meet on the field for I think the first time in the MLB tonight. Cool.

that hair...just noJosh Donaldson is a big reason the A’s are doing so well, remember when Jim Johnson blew 4 games for the A’s? They should have a better record than they have now! In a year where 3B production has been low everywhere, why have you forsaken me Longoria!, it’s good to know you can find reliable sources of power from the hot corner. Somehow Coliseum is both enabling their pitchers to do better, but also not restricting their hitters either…what bizzaro Billy Beane ruled world did I fall into?

If only there were someone on the team that was just a fraction as good as Paul Goldschmidt, oh wait, AJ Pollock was, but now he’s gone. This is why they can’t have nice things, quick hurry and trade Archie Bradely! I’m not waiting on Archie Bradley’s Super 2 status, he’s a drop.

Miguel Cabrera is putting up Miggy numbers, but maybe not MVP 3 times in a row numbers. He’s still in the running, but he doesn’t have any stolen bases! What a bum. I still think the Tigers will regret paying him that much money, but if they can win a World Series it may all be worth it. Also I hate Dave Dombrowski. Victor Martinez apparently stole all of Prince Fielder’s power or maybe he realized that when all you have to do is swing a bat for a living, you focus all of your attention on that and get really good at it. Victor Martinez has never had an ISO this high before, it’s at .260, in his entire career and the last time he had one over .200 was way back in 2007. So no I don’t believe in his sudden surge in HRs. This guy has the same amount of HRs as he does strikeouts, this isn’t sustainable, but it’s pretty neat. I think the HRs come way down, but the RBIs and Runs should be ripe for him in that line up, maybe he’s got it all figured out at the ripe age of 35. Swing bat, hit ball. That’ll do.

cruz creepy smileI wish I had any shares of Nelson Cruz, the only player with more HRs than Edwin. I didn’t even think this guy would be the best player on the Orioles, let alone one of the best players in the league. Then again Chris Davis made the same transformation when he came from the Rangers, how didn’t I see this coming?! Actually, 2013 Crush Davis could be a pretty good bench mark to compare to Cruz right now. Let’s see, his contact rate is up, he’s hitting more pitches inside the strike zone too. Good. Chris Davis actually lowered his contact rates the year he went bananas, weird. Cruz has an ISO of .358, which is higher than what Chris Davis did last year. Honestly that ISO is ridiculous, but somehow Davis managed to pull it off for a year so it’s not impossible, with a pretty respectable ISOs being half what Cruz is doing currently…I’m a tad skeptical, but it’s not unheard, see Davis, Chris. HIs HR/FB ratio is high at 28%, great HR/FB ratio are high teens, but then again Chris Davis had a higher one last year…to put things in a little perspective, beast Edwin Encarnacion has a 20% HR/FB rate. Actually maybe comparing Chris Davis’s peak to Nelson Cruz isn’t the best idea. His LD% is right around his career average, but he’s hitting a wee bit more fly balls. His BABIP is high but it should regress to the mean and his batting average should follow suit. Being a right-handed batter in Camden does wonders, but what Chris Davis did last year was spectacular and I can’t see Cruz hitting 50 HRs. I don’t think he’s injury prone either, it’s just I can’t see him being able to maintain a near 30% HR/FB ratio.

Michael Brantley has always been quietly average except this year he’s been nothing of the sort, he’s actually been just as good as TroutGod this year, but with a fraction of the All Star Ballot votes! The Indians can’t field, but they can hit. Brantley has added a good chunk to his ISO and HR/FB ratio, but he’s also turning 27 this year, the magical age where power materializes for hitters. 20/20 is a real possibility here, but I feel like he’ll somehow fall just short of that so everyone will ignore him the following year. 10 bucks he goes 19/19.

If only Nelson Cruz wold share some of his “work out cream” with Adam Jones, I want some more HRs at any means necessary Adam! You could have done a lot worse than this guy in the 1st round, but he’s so mediocre that he’s becoming the Michael Brantlley circa every other year but this one of baseball. The Mariners still regret that trade though.

Carlos GomezDid Carlos Gomez ever serve his 3 game suspension? I had to look it up and apparently he accepted it when his back was flaring up. So you can just accept your suspension anytime then? Oh yeah I’m going on the DL, might as well serve that suspension now while I can’t play anyway…baseball suspensions are a joke to everyone not named Arod. Also maybe Brewer fans have forgiven Ryan Braun, for whatever reason I can’t explain, seeing as he’s in the top percentage for the All Star game votes, yeah the best players don’t always get in, but the most popular ones usually do. How is he still popular? Gomez has been a better player offensively, defensively, and ethically.

Giancarlo Stanton is living up to all his potential and carrying Jose Fernandez’s weight in fish and unpurchased tickets. Nobody in Miami cares though, hey let’s all go to the Heat game! Maybe fans will watch some baseball after the NBA playoffs, but only if Lebron throws out the 1st pitch.

Troy Tulowitzki has lost some of the hype because Edwin Encarnacion and Nelson Cruz keep hitting HRs, but a .350/.450/.661 slashline is only demi-god like. Who are arguably better than the Gods themselves if you’ve read/know any Greek/Roman history. The Rockies offense has cooled off after their hot start, which they do every year I swear, but they’re still one of the better offenses in the league, except now they aren’t head over heels better than everyone else like the A’s. Just pray that he stays healthy and even if he doesn’t he’ll still give your team overwhelmingly better numbers than the average SS. Don’t trade him on a discount because you fear an injury! Rookie mistake.

deeeeDee Gordon has all the speed of Billy Hamilton with all the sexiness of playing at SS, Billy’s old position. Dee’s competition, Alex Guerrero, got his ear Tysoned, so I wouldn’t expect him to lose his job anytime soon, that and he’s playing great. The Dodgers are aggressive and he’s getting on base at a .330 clip, he has a legitimate shot at getting a 100 steals. He’s a virtual lock to play all year and it’s crazy to think he didn’t have the starting job in the preseason.

Did I mention everyone on the Blue Jays is playing amazingly? Because this is the 2013 Red Sox storyline all over again, but Canadian. If we follow the pattern, the Rays will be the best team next year. Jose Reyes has been a top SS in May and as long as he’s healthy he’ll be productive, but I don’t expect his health to keep up…then again it’s stupid to trade a hot hitter just because you think he’ll get injured! Seriously injuries come out of nowhere, see Wil Myers and Jose Fernandez and a ton of other guys. His hamstrings are made of glass? Pay for today and leave the injury risk to future you.

Brian Dozier would probably have more runs if Joe Mauer ever swung at the 1st pitch. I’m actually surprised he has any runs honestly playing for the Twins. I swear as soon as this story came out he stopped stealing, it’s a conspiracy I tell you!

b mossBrandon Moss is pretty much a lock for 25+ HRs unless he gets injured, but I’m pretty sure the A’s would somehow just turn Kyle Blanks into an All Star caliber player who won’t get voted in as an All Star too, still waiting on that Moneyball 2.0 book! Brandon Moss is somehow doing all this in a platoon and in a stadium that has been famous for turning fly balls into fly outs.

Kung Fu Panda started to realize that without money he can’t afford his precious bamboo he needs to gain weight throughout the offseason so he can lose it again and come into the preseason in the best shape of his life! Him and Hunter Pence were in a slump earlier in the season, but we should have known the Giants would turn it around in an even year. I’m not sold on Pablo’s turn around and would look to sell if you can, I think Pence will be alright though.


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