What to do with the Zimmermen(n)

Ryan-Zimmerman-GlovesI was never a fan of Ryan Zimmerman going into the year and have him on none of my teams, but that doesn’t mean I can’t help the dumbos who drafted him. He went and got himself injured early in the year, but now he’s coming back tonight and apparently at a different position. I kind of like how the Nationals are trying out Ryan in LF, but then again they’re sort of delaying the inevitable when Harper returns, but I guess this team will do anything to keep Ryan out of hot corner defensively. If the Nationals are serious, I think Ryan should get enough playing time to get OF eligibility, where he only needs 5 starts on Yahoo! and 10 starts on ESPN. What I’m more worried about is that maybe they’re doing this because Harper’s injury could be more serious than what they’ve let on. In 2013 Ryan got a majority of his useful stats during the last month of the season, where he had 11 HRs, so he gets his power numbers in bunches and could go on a similar tear again. I would try to sell Ryan as soon as he’s accrued any value, but every leagues different and it may be better just to hold onto him. Why did you draft this guy!

Since coming back from a knee injury Jay Bruce has done nothing but strike out. Almost literally. His improved plate discipline that he showed before he went down with a knee injury has seemingly gone out the window as he has zero walks and going 1-4 is considered a good day for him. Yuck. It could be that the Reds brought him back too soon and he’s still suffering from his knee injury or it could be that this is a golden opportunity to buy low on Bruce, something that I’m more inclined to believe. Bruce has a stretch of home games coming up this week, he’s always been a better hitter at Great American, and I think he’s going to start mashing again soon. I know the Reds have been falling apart this year, where is Mat Latos?, but this is a guy with 3 consecutive 30+ HR years and he just turned 27. Sign me up for cheap.

j zimWhat’s wrong with Jordan Zimmermann? Maybe he just missed Ryan too much? Looking at his numbers it seems like his GB%, HR/FB%, and K/BB are almost identical to last years numbers, but his K/9 improving by almost a full point. Jordan’s FIP is lower than his ERA, another good sign, but his BABIP is .369, which is pretty unlucky. I think maybe because some people think he tanked in the second half last year, where he truly only did terrible in July and had an ERA north of 7…yikes, that his rough start this year was foreshadowed at the end of last year, but I think he should be pitching better than this. Maybe there’s just something about National pitchers that just make them so frustrating to own, but all the numbers point to Zimmermann due for a bounce back. Every blogger and their mother is preaching to buy Homer Bailey low, but I’d much rather buy Jordan. Also he pitches in the NL East, the best division for pitchers.

Ervin Santana is a pretty perplexing guy to own right now. He started off the year as strong as anyone, only to go ahead and string together a bunch of below average starts. He’s had some rough starts, but he still has a K/9 north of 8 and a K/BB in the mid 2s. I’d rather have a NL East guy than any other division and his FIP is a full run lower than his ERA, so he should be pitching better than this. What’s disheartening to see is that he’s only pitched well against bottom barrel teams – NYM, PHI, CHC – and done poorly against okay offensive teams -BOS, MIL, MIA, CIN, STL- so I’m a little worried about that. What I love about a guy like Santana is that even if he gets lit up he still goes out there and continue to pitch. You got to love that about the guy. I still think he’s ownable in most formats, but only time will tell. I’m a believer.

Jonathan Singleton will be starting his first game today at 1B and he deserves a flyer in all leagues, but he has a shorter leash than fellow teammate Springer. The Astros believe in him and have locked him up for a couple of years before he’s even hit at the major league level. So you fantasy players can give him a week trial. I’d add him for the power boost, but I’m only expecting about a dozen HRs with anything more being gravy. I wouldn’t be surprised if Adam LaRoche was better than him for the rest of the season though.

Oscar Taveras may be the most talented player to be called up this year, but I’m not a 100% sure how much playing time he’ll be able to maintain when Matt Adams returns and they return to the NL where there’s no DH. The Cardinals should keep him up and I expect them too, but then again they never make mistakes so they could do whatever they want with his playing time.


This is the month where a bunch of impact prospects get the call up, but I’ve listed all the prospects worth owning that haven’t got the call yet.

If Gregory Polanco isn’t owned now’s the time change that. I’m expecting a mid June call up, but he has the clearest shot at a full-time gig and he will contribute to all 5 categories. He had better minor league numbers than McCutchen and Marte, this guy could be a monster.

Andrew Heaney pitches in the NL East and the Marlins usually have an aggressive approach when it comes to rookie call ups. With Jose Fernandez out for the season, I expected Heaney to have an earlier call up time, but I he’s a wildcard at this point. I could see him replacing Jacob Turner in the rotation if he continues to struggle.

SiriusXM All-Star Futures Game - World Team v United StatesJoc Pederson is blocked by a crowded OF, but he’s mashing in the minors and has all the skill to flourish once he gets called up. Crawford just hit the DL, Don Mattingly really hates playing Matt Kemp, Andre Eitheir hasn’t done anything interesting since 2009, and Scott Van Slyke was never the same after losing his hit TV show in the 60s. The new ownership apparently has a bottomless pit of money, so I don’t think Super 2 is too big of an issue here. It’s also interesting that the Dodgers have started playing Matt Kemp in LF instead of CF, Pederson’s natural position is CF. Consider how Puig earned his promotion by killing it in the minors last year, I could see Pederson taking the same route, with much less upside than Puig, but still worth owning.

Taijaun Walker has so much hype around him that he’s bound to disappoint when he starts this weekend. He’s probably owned already, but I thought that I should at least mention him and that I expect more from Heaney. James Paxton had another set back, the Mariners need to stop teasing us with these talented pitchers.

Great prospects that I don’t expect to see called up in June.

Noah Syndergaard has elbow issues…earlier in the season I was expecting him to get called up in June, now I hope the Mets aren’t stupid enough to rush him to the majors, but then again they’re the Mets.

Archie Bradley is probably going to remain in the minors as well unless we see an injury in the rotation. He hasn’t been pitching well of late and the Diamondbacks aren’t looking competitive at all. September could be his arrival date, pass unfortunately.

Byron Buxton will not be called up this year.

I’d be surprised if Javier Baez or Kris Bryant get called up, the Cubs are still rebuilding and they can barely win for their biggest trade chip Samardzija. I’m sure we’ll be talking about these guys next year though, but this year I’d pass.

I know Cody Asche has been struggling with injuries lately, but I can’t see Maikel Franco getting the call up this early either. I don’t think the Phillies would start his clock yet and they have been known to keep their prospects in the minors for a while…well at least the ones they don’t trade to the Astros.


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