Personal Playoff Rankings

playoffs 2014

Who I want to win the AL

1. Kansas City Royals
2. Oakland Athletics
3. LA Angels
4. Baltimore Orioles
5. Detroit Tigers

Billy Beane cashed in his top prospects and Yoenis Cespedes to purchase his team a ticket to the playoffs, but the team almost blew it on the last day. I bet he’d reconsider those trades if he had known these moves would only earn his team a wildcard birth, on the road to boot. If Jon Lester wins against the Royals then that trade would have been worth it and more. I don’t think the Yoenis trade is the reason for the total disappearance of this team’s offense , but they need to show more than what they have this past month. It’s always risky to invest in a team that could be eliminated in one game, but this team still has Josh Donaldson and 3 catchers. Moneyball 2 could happen and all it’ll take is the A’s to win the World Series.
This is a team that relied on a dominant bullpen, great fielding, and no HRs to get them into the playoffs. The good news is the last time the Royals made the playoffs they won it all. The bad news is that it was 29 years ago. The worse news is that it was the last time they were in the playoffs. If James Shields can lead the Royals to their first playoff win in over 2 decades then the Wil Myers/Jake Odorizzi trade would have been worth it. If the Royals win the World Series, the trade will be forgotten. Lorde could write another hit song about the Royals and all it’ll take is her doing that. The Royals don’t have to win to make this happen. Make this happen Lorde. It’s unfortunate the Royals play the A’s first in the wildcard game, at least this team plays at home.
angels for salmonWhen this team lost Garret Richards I thought for sure that meant the A’s would win the division. Well the Angels had a different plan, outscore the other teams with hitting. Rookie Matt Shoemaker has performed more than admirably and the Angels need him to be healthy if they want to go the distance, or just keep scoring more runs than everyone. I’m looking forward to seeing Mike Trout in his first postseason. This team didn’t finish with the best record for nothing.
Dave Dombrowski got rid of Prince Fielder, out for most of the year with an injury, for Ian Kinsler, whose been really good and healthy for the whole season. Prince missed 13 games over the past 6 seasons, Ian Kinsler missed 153 games in the past 6 seasons…wow. Trading away Doug Fister for basically Robbie Ray is looking like a horrible trade, but they only need to rely on Justin Verlander and his 4.54 ERA now. I mean if Barry Zito can pitch a gem in the playoffs then how hard can it be? David Price has looked mortal on the Tigers, I still have no idea how he swindled him from the Rays, but their top 2 aces and hitting is as good as anyones. They haven’t won since 1984, longer than the Royals, but they were in the playoffs last year.
The Orioles last won the World Series in 1983. So the AL hosts 3 teams that won from 1983-1985, which is a neat stat. The Orioles will be without Chris Davis for at least 8 games in the playoffs, but it’s not like they’ll be missing him too much. Nelson Cruz has been the best offseason acquisition and he won’t be a liability with his defense this time around. I guess not having Jim Johnson as closer does wonders.

hatablility list

Who I want to win the NL
1. Pittsburgh Pirates
2. Washington Natioanls
3. San Francisco Giants
4. LA Dodgers
5. St. Louis Cardinals

The Pirates were the lovable underdogs last year before getting their hopes and dreams crushed by the Cardinals. Did I mention I can’t stand those red birds? The Steelers just lost to the Bucs with 7 seconds left on the clock, the Bucs!, so losing 2 heartbreaking games would just be too mean of the universe right? The Pirates will have to turn to…Edison Volquez for their 1 chance sudden death match. Hey it’s not that bad, Volquez ended the season with a 3.04 ERA! Still, if I had to choose between Madison Bumgarner and Edison Volquez I’d probably go with Bumgarner 9 times out of a 10. The Pirates have had the 2nd best offense in the league the past month, and the Giants bullpen isn’t great. Admittedly they have a tough game ahead of them, but at least they have home field advantage.
The San Francisco Giants have won the World Series the past 2 even-numbered years and it’s currently 2014, an even number. I wouldn’t be too surprised if they won a 3rd, which would be crazy, but this team seems to do able to do the impossible during the postseason. Matt Cain hasn’t been with the team most of the year and Barry Zito is no longer on the team, but they still have a dominant ace in Bumgarner, former Zito teammate Tim Hudson, and Tim Lincecum bumming around somewhere in the Giants bullpen. So essentially it’s the same crew. This team knows how to turn it on in the postseason, I would be very afraid to bet against them.
dodgers dodging This team has Clayton Kershaw. He missed a month at the beginning of the season, still managed to win 20 games, and has a very legitimate shot at MVP. Also this is his 4th consecutive year with the ERA title. Plus Zach Grienke is their #2 starter which is almost unfair. They won’t have to rely on their end rotation guys and don’t really have any weaknesses outside of Hanley Ramirez’s defense. I wouldn’t be surprised to see the Dodgers in the playoffs for the next 5 years seeing as they have a great farm system, an endless supply of money, and Clayton Kershaw.
I don’t like the Dodgers, but I would hate if the Cardinals won again. No please no. This is another team I wouldn’t bet against in the postseason.
The Mets went 4-15 against the Nationals this year. I don’t really like the Nationals, but I don’t really hate them either. There are 3 other teams in the NL that I would loath to see win and I did rank this team #1 going into the season. The Nationals had the best pitching in the majors, there wasn’t a weak link in that rotation, and now they’ll probably move Tanner Roark and his 2.85 ERA into the bullpen. Talk about 1st place problems. Harper and Strasburg haven’t been as great as I thought they’d be and I’m not surprised at all about Ryan Zimmerman disappointing/being injured most of the year, but I still see them as the strongest team.


The NL just seems a lot stronger to me. You have postseason magic teams Giants and Cardinals, juggernaut teams Nationals and Dodgers, and should be everyone’s favorite Pirates. I just feel like it’s the NL’s year. The Royals vs Pirates would be really for me, but would probably kill the already low ratings. I think if the Tigers and A’s play each other Billy Beane and Dave Dombrowski should have a mud wrestling contest to decide the victor. 4 out of the final 10 teams are from California, so it’s great to be a baseball fan on the west coast this year, minus Seattle. It’s even possible for LA to have it’s own version of the subway series, it’ll have to keep them occupied since they don’t have a football team.

Who I want to win it allpirates hi five
1. Pirates
2. Royals
3. A’s
4. Nationals
5. Angels
6. Orioles
7. Tigers
8. Giants
9. Dodgers
10. Cardinals


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