Super Smash Brothers 4


Super Smash Brothers 4 was released for 3DS and will be released for the Wii U on November 21st. I had no plans for getting a Wii U and my brother conveniently left his 3DS at home when he went to college, so I jumped on the opportunity. My hands hurt, I’m frustrated, and I’m having a blast reliving my childhood. My hands feel a little too big for the 3DS pad and I yearn for the familiar Game Cube controller, but I’m getting used to the controls. I’ve already unlocked all the secret characters, it’s been 3 days. The new Smash game came out for the Nintendo 3DS and I received a copy over the weekend. I’ve been playing this game for too long, I’ve been playing this series for too long, and I probably had better things to do.

Visually the game feels similar to Brawl, but the animation is simpler on the handheld platform. One has the option to play it in 3D, but I usually forgo that option, maybe I’m too old, but the 3D always gives me a headache. This is a young man’s game. It plays a faster than Brawl, but certainly not as fast as Melee. I would say it’s an upgrade from Brawl, no tripping!, but then again I’m fond of all 4 games. The cast from the original 64 is back and Dr. Mario makes a surprise comeback from the dead. Mewtwo, Pichu, Roy, and Young Link still remain banished to Melee.

Nintendo never had great online capabilities, but Smash 4 is functional and active and it’ll be the only way for me to play another human being, none of my friends will get this game…Thanks to online play I can fellow gamers around the world and get my ass handed to me by kids in elementary school. If only Melee or 64 could be played online *sigh. I’d recommend getting this game to anyone that loved the past games, but it probably isn’t worth buying a 3DS for just 1 game.

New Characters

I wasn’t too excited for the game initially because the early trailers focused on Wii Fit Trainer and Villager…really?! I feel like Nintendo had all these options and then decided to choose options out of the not requested file because they could. Villager seems like the lamest character to ever create hype for a fighting game, they then follow that up by introducing Wii Fit Trainer, honestly I felt like Nintendo was trolling me. I’m too old for this shit, I forgot about the game.

Now that I have the game though, I actually like playing these two. If you don’t knock Villager off the screen I don’t think it’s possible to kill this guy, he can recover from anywhere. None of his moves make sense to me, but then again I’ve never played Animal Crossing. Wii fit trainer has the weirdest special moves of any character, sun salutation? Deep breathing? Uh okay, but her attacks feel like I’m using a drunken fist style with her. I’m sure they’re all yoga moves, but I’ve never done yoga before, downward facing dog is the only yoga move I know and I don’t think she does that.

Mega-Man – His introduction trailer is amazing, this is what they should have started with. He’s widely recognized by fans and his inclusion was actually wanted in the game.I’m glad that he’s not a Samus clone character, in fact, he doesn’t play like a distance fighter either. Mega-Man uses attacks incorporated from villains he’s defeated, something that’s a staple of the Mega-Man games, but some of the choices are…well this is the company that put Wii Fit Trainer as a fighter. Let’s give him Woodman’s ability! Okay…

pacmanPac-Man – I’m having a whole lot of fun with Pac-Man, I love most of his moves, although I’m not sure what his Down B fire hydrant move is referencing. This character is one of my favorites so far, his Smash Ball power turns him into a giant simple version of Pac-Man where he can just chomp down on everyone.

Shulk is another sword fighting character and hails from the game Xenoblade. He has one of the most expansive play styles because of the variations he can pull off with his standard B, which allows Shulk to enhance his abilities with 5 forms. These forms accent either his speed/defense/strength. I haven’t figured all of them out, but the first form allows him to jump super high…

Greninja – is the final evolution of the water starter in the new Pokemon X and Y games. He’s fast is too complicated for me to fully understand so far. He definitely has potential.

The Mii Fighters allows players to create their own character, with limits of course. You can choose from Gunner, Sword Fighter, and Brawler as a base to form around a Mii that a player creates on their 3DS. Hands down one of the coolest features in the game. It’s possible to create any human character that isn’t in the game using the Mii creation system. The game allows one to choose all the character’s B Special moves from 3 different options. I made a Brawler Mii that looks like Sanji from One Piece because I felt like he fit well with the special moves given. It’s not possible to customize the A moves, but head-gear and costume options are available. The Mii Gunner character has some ridiculously strong moves, while the Sword Fighter character feels like the weakest of the 3.

robin duoRobin – is another character from the Fire Emblem series and can be either male or female depending on what costume we choose. She/he has been my favorite character so far and he uses a bunch of different magic attacks incorporated from the game Fire Emblem. His/her sword changes and improves every couple of swings and gets stronger, something that they also take away from the game too.

Little Mac – is from the game Punch-Out!!  and is a crazy strong/fast character on the ground. In the air…he’s vulnerable. He has a passive charge up move called K.O. that’s similar to Wario’s fart attack (I can’t believe I just used fart attack appropriately…) except much stronger on one opponent. I feel like Captain Falcon players would love to play as him.

Rosalina and Luma – sort of replaces Ice Climbers in that you can fight with two people at once. Luma isn’t as independent as Nana, but it fights independently more than those Pikmin guys. It’s more useful than Nana, but Rosalina won’t be as cool as the blue dude.


Duck Hunt – is a wonderful surprise of a character that I would never have expected to be a character. Never. Like his namesake says, he’s from the game Duck Hunt, and I don’t know how the dog and a duck became best friends, but it’s adorable. In a game where you shoot ducks and the dog gathers them and laughs at you for missing…well he just seems a lot nicer in Smash and I like him a lot better in this universe. I love the duo, but he doesn’t play like Ice Climbers, the Duck is more of a an extension of the Dog’s body. Duck Hunt gets a bunch of unique long range moves on top of having devastating smashes. I think he’s the strongest character I’ve played with so far.

Palutena – is a character from Pit series and has a unique skill set that I’m still getting used to. I love how she’s not just a clone of Pit *cough* Dark Pit *cough* and while I don’t think Kid Icarus deserves 3 playable characters, I like her addition. Dark Pit is a cooler looking version of Pit, but also completely unnecessary. Just give Pit black hair and the transformation is complete. This character could have easily been a costume change for Pit, instead they give us a clone with similar looking moves and attacks dealing out slightly different percentages. Lame.

KoopalingsI love the Bowser Jr, but he’s one of the most annoying characters to fight against. “Roy” can be played as an alternative costume for Bowser Jr along with several other named koopas who I personally have no idea where they originate from. I was frustrated to learn that they’re pretty much all the secret characters in the Mario Kart 8 game…seriously who wanted more random koopas?! They couldn’t even bring back Birdo, just these 7 weird koopas. Anyway Bowser Jr. is a great character in Smash 4, but I hate his costume designs…I’m just saying if there were random drug testing in Smash 4 these guys would be eliminated…Captain Falco would probably fail out too.

Instead of reviving Roy, like they did with Dr. Mario, Nintendo decided to give us another female fire emblem sword fighter in LucinaHer bio page says she’s an exact clone of Marth…they even look identical. Roy wasn’t an exact clone, his B move had a really cool fire explosion if held long enough and you can’t discount his glorious red hair. Here are her known differences.

Unlike Marth, her sword does not have a tipper hitbox, meaning every part of her sword will deal equal damage. Lucina has different taunts. Lucina does a different pose during her counterattack.

Dark Pit and Lucina look cool, I just wish their play styles were more unique than the characters they were based off.

Changes I Liked

  • Customization with the playable characters is great. Like with the Mii Fighters, one can customize all the game character B special moves. Players can achieve this by unlocking them through different mini-games and solo adventures. For example, although Lucas is gone, Ness can still customize his Up B move to get Lucas’s Up B move. I’m still in the process of unlocking everyone’s custom moves, but the ones I’ve unlocked are all great.
  • King Dedede’s Side B is now just those spiky balls that rarely came out, mostly those red waddle dee guys that were useless were thrown out, so this is a huge improvement for Dedede.
  • Jigglypuff seems a lot better than her Brawl self, but I still miss her dominant Melee form.
  • The gameplay seems like an improved version of Brawl.
  • Every character seems equal in terms of ability, at least so far.
  • All the new characters! Despite me hating on Dark Pit and Lucina, a new character is always fun to play around with. Who knows, maybe they’ll introduce some new characters later in the year that’ll be downloadable…a man can dream.
  • More costume designs for characters. Little Mac has way too many, but I love a lot of the costumes.

Changes I Didn’t Like

  • I’m disappointed they got rid of Lucas, Ice Climbers, and Snake. Lucas felt a lot different from Ness, one of my favorite characters since 64, and despite being a “clone” character he had a variety of different moves played entirely differently. Ice Climbers had such a fun fighting style, yeah Nana never came through, but the blue guy was still an awesome character and together they made a great team! Snake felt like he didn’t even belong to begin with, he’s so human looking among a bunch of cartoons, but why take him away after creating him? Why get rid of 3 unique characters?! What’s wrong with you Nintendo?!!!
  • Award for most useless move – Mario’s Down B, F.L.U.D.D water spray….I just don’t get it. Fully charged it pushes people back and causes no damage and it replaced a decent move in tornado spin. Maybe they brought back Dr. Mario instead of reverting Mario back to his Melee move set, but they pretty much gave their title character a useless move and then not fix their mistake in this new game.
  • Pokemon trainer gets cut down to just Charizard, I like how his Smash Ball is his Mega Evolution, but I sort of miss Squirtle and Ivysaur. Why get rid of those two just to give Charizard an additional special move? Why Nintendo?!!!
  • They took away the Story mode from Brawl…I really enjoyed playing that.
  • They added custom characters, but took away custom stages…it’s like taking 2 steps forward and two steps back.
  • I don’t know how Toon Link got to stay in, but the others I mentioned above didn’t…
  • Jigglypuff is the last unlockable character?

Buy this game.


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