Flash Recap: Things You Can’t Outrun

giant lab for 1 guy

Barry – “There are some things you can’t outrun, some things always manage to catch up to you.”
I’m guessing he means metaphorically.

Barry and Iris went on a movie “date.” If there’s a zombie scale then the Walking Dead is on the bottom of that scale. What a terrible show. It doesn’t even refer to zombies as zombies.

Iris is more sexist than Barry about the gender of the “Streak.” How do they even know this is a human? No alien or robot guesses? Iris says she’s “really intuitive about this kind of stuff…” this kind of stuff being knowing the gender of things.

movei times
Barry is able to run and stop a crime without Iris noticing he’s gone, I guess she doesn’t have her intuitive go off for that. Barry phases through the bad guy’s car door, pulls him out, opens the police car door, and even puts the guy in handcuffs. As Barry demonstrated in the pilot, car doors have no effect on him.

Iris – “How are you not fat?”
OMG you can’t just ask someone why they’re fat.
Barry – “I’ve been…jogging.”
This show’s dialogue is almost entirely speed puns…

Mobster – “We’re dinning out to show our enemies we’re not afraid.”
Sure. That makes sense.
No one sees the poison mist “sneak” up behind their boss.
Cheap Corleone – “Someone is making our drivers steal from us and no one is going to sleep until those thieves draw they’re last breath.”
It’s almost as if the mist was waiting for his cue to kill that guy; “Did he say last breath?! Time for me to kill.” Did the mist also steal money from the drivers? I’m sure it doesn’t matter anyway.
Oh no! The bulletproof glass ended up backfiring! How ironic!

gasd baeuhfdasoin

Cops are bragging about what Barry did as the Flash last night instead of questioning everything they know about the world.
Barry – “It’s not like they have a museum of what I do.”
I think they actually make a museum for the Flash in the comics.
Father Cop wants to help Barry find his mother’s true murderer.
Barry – “The jury found a verdict in 52 minutes.”
That seems really fast. Apparently Barry’s mom died by a knife wound and his dad’s prints were on the knife, but 52 minutes seems insane, if I were in law school I would understand this a lot better…

At the scene of the crime Barry informs Father Cop that these mobsters were poisoned and that he’ll need a lung sample to see what’s wrong with them. Apparently you can take lung samples. Wouldn’t he need a poison sample? If witnesses said the street was empty…where were the witnesses? I thought these mobsters wanted to show people they weren’t afraid? Father Cop says to look for a poison canister that was left behind, but why would the murderer leave that behind? Mist man had to leave somehow, either in solid or gas form, meaning there had to be a way for gas or a man to leave the crime scene. Meaning there had to be a way to kill these mobsters without entering the room as well. But no, just jump to meta human conclusions every time. I wonder if Barry ever did this before he had super powers and Father Cop was all like, “this kid’s crazy.”
Barry – “It seemed like the gas attacked everyone individually.”
I’d consult some of the other guys on CSI before making such a drastic conclusion.
Judging from the crime scene they conclude that a meta human can control poisonous gas, look I’m just saying if he can figure out so much from the crime scene already just make the full conclusion that the murderer can turn into poison gas. It explains why the mobster attacks the window instead of a guy controlling gas. Sheesh, just make me Barry’s partner on CSI Central City.


dead couple
Everybody else in the lab is wearing a lab coat except for the people with speaking lines. This is why they’re not with the crew in 9 months, they’re not team players. Dr. Babe’s fiancé suggests Italy for their honeymoon because he likes pizza and wine. Both fair points. Honestly though, I went to Italy and the pizza in NY city is better, granted I was only there for a week.
Dr. Fiance – “Italy doesn’t have Mai Tais though and a honeymoon isn’t a honeymoon without Mai Tais.”
Debatable. And I’m sure there are Mai Tais in Italy. I’d choose Tahiti over Italy for my honeymoon most times though, but I think this couple should weigh in things other than food for potential honeymoon destinations.

Dr. Wells – “I feel like I waited for this day for centuries.”
This helps the he’s from the past or future theories, but the future newspaper from the pilot is dated from 2024…barely a decade away.

Those are some pretty immediate random effects.

fast random effects

Barry brings Dr. Babe to his office and is immediately swamped with work. He should just ask one of his coworkers for help. Barry runs around his lab at super speeds to find some case for the chief, but I don’t know why he needed super speed to find it. Either he wrote the report really fast or his lab is just really messy and he couldn’t find it before.

Detective Dbag tries to surprise Iris by visiting her where she lives, which happens to be where the one person they want to keep their relationship a secret from lives as well. No wonder their secret relationship only remains secret for 3 episodes.
Iris – “I know my dad, he’ll kill us.”
Detective DB – “Right now, you’re killing us.”
Just…so…corny. Do any fans actually like this couple?

particle prison

I’m not sure what a particle accelerator should look like, but this place seems waaaaay too big to be it. At least they address not wanting to kill every meta human and they start making a prison in STAR Labs.

Comic Relief gives Dead Husband less than 2 minutes to fix the particle accelerator…most of my poops last longer than 2 minutes, good luck dude. He doesn’t even wait an extra half second to close the doors! I wouldn’t be surprised if Comic Relief turned out to be the evil one, the kid’s heartless.

Dr. Wells tells Cisco he’s there for him if he needs to talk.
Comic Relief – “We need to nail those voltage calculations. One fault and the helium blowback could damage the mountings.“
Big words! Science things! Make sure Iris isn’t around to hear this nerd talk.
Dr. Wells – “Smart.”
He doesn’t even know how to reply to Comic Relief’s nonsense.

dead husband mentionedBarry asks about Dr. Babe’s dead husband despite initially taking her away from the lab so she wouldn’t have to think about her dead husband…
Dr. Babe – “I can be a bit guarded, but get a girl to laugh and she’ll love you.”
I guess either the love of my life hasn’t read my blog or I’m not funny. Who am I kidding, she hasn’t read my blog.
“We were like fire and ice.”
Her name is Snow, I’m guessing she’s ice. And the next episode even features Captain Cold.
“He wasn’t even supposed to be there that night, he was there for me.”
Was he also one day from retirement?
Wasn’t he the head engineer? Those guys are probably needed on opening night.

The poison is not in the dead guys lungs but there’s still someone else’s DNA present.
“How did someone else’s DNA get into a dead person’s mouth?”
I think this episode just got really dark.
Somehow a meta human who becomes gas is able to leave traces of DNA in other people while he’s poison gas, but not the poison gas itself. You can’t have traces of his DNA and not gas!

death in elevator

They let us know the next victim is a great mom before killing her so we can feel bad she died. I mean I didn’t feel bad, but I understand what the writers were trying to do. Turning into poisonous gas makes one lose all of their hair apparently. No one notices this woman in a glass elevator die, I mean we have Ray Rice footage of him knocking out his wife, well Goodell didn’t, but we have no idea who killed this woman in a glass elevator in the middle of the day. Also she was the only person in the elevator during peak mall hours, why can’t that ever happen to me? The lesson here is to always take the escalators.

I’m also not sure how her body got out of the elevator when we were shown her being killed in the back of the elevator, maybe people kept trying to use the elevator and the police didn’t want to make a perimeter on every level. Or this is just more convenient.

Barry is able to crouch at super sonic speeds now? People are frozen in place as Barry is crouching.

cruching super speed

I know the poison mist was in his gas form, but how did he escape without anyone noticing him? I mean he’d still be visible. Barry gets punched by poison, is that even possible?, before breathing in poison. It’s okay though, Barry is super fast.

Somehow Barry has the poison in his lungs and not just the bad guy’s DNA because…he didn’t get attacked any differently than the mobsters. Being poisoned and almost dying feels like that “one time I had a cigarette.” Don’t smoke kids!

Barry – “I should have been faster.”
He’s always going to be saying this line isn’t he?
Father Cop can’t make the connection between the first 2 victims when he’s obviously the 3rd target.
Father Cop – “What are you thinking about?”
Is it being faster?
Barry – “You don’t want to know what I’m thinking about.”
He’s thinking about his daughter naked!

Barry talks about how he can break his father out of prison before anyone even sees him. Yes! They finally talk about this. I don’t think he’d be too high on the most wanted list if he broke out either.
Father Cop – “Okay, you break him out of there, then what?”
Happiness. His father can live in Mexico and it’d take Barry 1 minute to visit him all the time. Mexico is a hell of a lot nicer than prison cells, prison food, and prison rape.
Father Cop – “He’ll be on the run for the rest of his life.”
Good thing his dad knows someone who can run faster than everyone in the world. Even if he does get caught, which is impossible!, but even if he does, Barry could just save his dad again. It’s really that simple. They aren’t sending swat teams for one escaped murderer. I want to believe Andy Dufresne lived happily ever after in Mexico, why can’t Mr. Allen do the same?
Father Cop – “Some things Barry, you can’t fight. Some things you just have to live with.”
HIV. You have to live with that forever. Getting his innocent father out of prison is like a super easy problem.

kiss from a cop db

People keep calling into the police department about a red streak. Detective DB was ready to break up with Iris, but she still loves him. Their secret relationship is okay around everyone but her dad…I mean it’s not like they’re in front of all of his coworkers or anything.

Dead Husband is able to talk to Dr. Fiance before he dies.
“Honey is that you? Is Cisco there?”
Comic Relief – “I’m here.”
“Fuck you. I was 30 seconds late you son of a bitch.”
He’s literally right outside that door.
He did this to save her, but I’m not throwing out the possibility that the guy who “died” from what’s giving everyone super powers is dead. That guy is way too attractive for the CW not to get him back in the show. Also great acting, I could really tell her dead husband was about to die and she’s really upset about this.

Dr. Fiance – “He saved so many lives that day and no one will ever know what he did.”
Why exactly? Seriously why not tell anyone?…
Barry – “I know…he was a hero.”
Dr. Fiance – “I didn’t want him to be a hero, I wanted him to be my husband.”
The writing on this show, great. When are they going to start kissing?

naked mole poison manThey find out who the Poison Mist is, Kyle Nimbus, of course that’s his name. His name could have just as easily been Kyle Poison Mist. Look how creepy this guy is, grow some hair dude. All the pieces fall into place now. DNA databases only have records on the living, wouldn’t want to waste that useless storage on dead people right? Father cop was the lead detective, surprising no one, and is the last target. They still have gas chambers in Central City? Do they have gas chambers in the USA still? Apparently we do.

I guess Poison Mist walks everywhere…he couldn’t steal a car? He can’t fly to places in mist form? Just seems like a lot of walking.

Dr. Babe reverse engineers an antidote from the toxin instantly. I feel like that’s quick, but I’m no toxicologist.
Dr. Babe – “I hope you don’t have to use it.”
Of course he’s going to use it, come on.

father 2 father cop

Father Cop is visiting Barry’s dad in Iron Heights.
“I know I should have come to visit you a little sooner.”
Wait is this his first visit? Who told Barry’s dad his son was in a coma for 9 months then? But now Father Cop believes Mr. Allen and it’s all good. Barry doesn’t need help breaking in because he’s been trying to break in since he was 11. That’s really neat actually.
Barry’s Dad – “I didn’t matter that you didn’t believe in me…because you always believed in my son.“
Manly tears. Some lines in this show are terribly corny, but this is just great. Best 2 actors on the show.

The maximum security prison only has one guard. The sign on the wall of the prison says “keep hands in plain view at all times” just in case anyone was wondering. Barry blurring his face in front of his dad just shows that the mask doesn’t do anything! Just take off your mask again Barry, I know you want to. Maybe he doesn’t tell his dad he has super powers because his dad would be like “Uh, hurry up and break me out son.”

fast poison

Barry saves Father Cop with the antidote, who would have thought Barry would have needed the antidote, and chases after Poison Mist. The team tells Barry to not breath in poison gas…way to contribute guys.
The Team – “Uh try running around him until he gets tired?”
I don’t see any other course of action. The Poison Cumulus is able to keep up with Barry’s super speed on yet another Fast and Furious long road, and with no cars! Weird because that movie has a ton of cars in it. One punch takes out that cirrus(serious) mist.

watching you sleep

Father Cop – “It’s been a while since I’ve watched you sleep.”
Barry – “Rescuing you is exhausting.”
Father Cop – “I really miss the ability…to be able to ground you.”
This guy gets the best lines in the show.
Iris wasn’t in the hospital waiting all night! Barry is the better “kid!” Father cop isn’t surprised that his partner and his daughter are dating.
Iris – “So you’re not mad?”
Father Cop – “Oh I’m mad, if the doctor hadn’t confiscated my gun we’d be having an entirely different conversation.”

he knows!!!!
Best lines. Shouldn’t his gun still be in Iron Heights when he had to submit his possessions to talk to Barry’s dad? Yeah it would be. Detective DB leaves faster and more awkwardly than Barry’s able to run.

panic face

In case you didn’t see it the first time, here’s another close up of Detective Douchebag’s face when Father Cop tells the couple he knows. His face is hilarious.

Are there like no air holes in that prison? How does he breath? Also, they built that prison really fast. The cell is 1,000 times stronger than the earths magnetic field. Seems unnecessarily strong.
Dr. Babe -“We’re just supposed to get used to having a make shift prison housing evil people with super powers?”
Good point.
Dr. Wells – “You’d be surprised with what you can get used to Caitlin.”
Like pretending to wear glasses?
Comic relief stops Dr. Babe and tells her “about the night your dead husband died…he’s still alive”
Dr. Babe – “It’s okay, him protecting me just made me love him more. Now let’s go get some ice cream or a drink.”
Why not both?

prison gas man

Barry’s dad tells us Barry literally started running before walking. Ironic because he’s so good at running now! Like Kyle Nimbus was destined to become a cloud, Barry was destined to become super fast. Barry always cries when he talks to his dad. Just give me one talk where they don’t cry. He visits his dad every day. Come on.

Barry monologues about how he can’t outrun pain and that life is tragic. He stops a mugging and gives the knife to the victim instead of stopping it. An experienced mugger would have continued the mugging, but I guess that’s what he gets for bringing a knife to a super speed fight. The lab nerds got ice cream and Dr. Wells got the drink. So technically they got both?

Glad Dr. Wells got the ending scene again. Does he always have to take off his glasses and stand up when he becomes evil? So he had cameras in Barry’s lab…okay. Even after the flashbacks I still don’t see how Dr. Wells ended up in a wheelchair.


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