Legend of Korra Review: Enemy at the Gates

selfie varrick
I really hope that Baatar Sr. called for back up and didn’t listen to Suyin. I don’t care if she thinks they wont make it in time, call them! Look how gigantic that army is!

Varrick uses Zhu Li’s as his unit of measurement and names power outputs as Varricks, I’m honestly surprised the guy who invented movies didn’t name them after himself. If he invents the selfie then I’m calling he’ll name it Varrick.

Ugh I was so close…and so wrong. I really didn’t think it was going to be a weapon, but if I paid more attention during Season 2 I would have realized that Vaatu could shoot spirit energy beams out of his mouth and that if spirit vines could be weaponized it would look like this. Varrick was actually trying to use the spirit vine containers as batteries and discovered the weaponized form by accident. I went over the possibility of finding the weapon by accident in my last review as many great inventions are found by accident, but then again I went over a ton of possibilities. Remember the great spirit vine wall? That looks even more ridiculous now!

lab oaf afs

I knew Varrick was going to be a good guy! I need to stop reading LOK forums and getting swayed by others, my gut told me Varrick was too funny to be evil again. I wouldn’t be surprised if he was somehow related to Sokka.

Varrick – “You’re heavy, you could stand to lose a few Zhu Li’s.”
Zhu Li – “I think you’re just weak sir.”
I love these two together. I hope at the end of the season they fly away into the sunset and do the thing.

darth kuves

Darth Kuvira is pretty intimidating and the metal shoulder pads may be on the uniforms just for her to be able to do this. Looks like Varrick will be forced against his will to finish this project.

Kuvira offers Bolin a part in her inner circle, and here I thought Bolin was already part of the inner circle. She needs Bolin to sway the Beifong family, but I thought that was the whole reason she had Baatar Jr. on her side.

Baatar Jr. doesn’t want to live in his dads shadow. I mean I didn’t notice him last season, but this seems a little extreme. Maybe just travel the world or something? I’m not sure if Baatar Sr. is a bender… I also can’t wait for Bopal to be a thing again. Join the Beifong family Bolin!

vvvv 1

Do those Vs in the window stand for Varrick? Semiserious question, how long have I not noticed that Varrick puts V’s in all of his designs?

Bolin – “Don’t take over Zaofu, then the kingdom is united, then yay and congratulations to us!”
I love Bolin’s logic.
Kuvira admits to having re-education camps and work camps.
Bolin – “I thought that’s where we send people to learn new trade skills.”
Not quite Bolin, not quite. If Kuvira is making people work in essentially slave labor camps I wonder why so many people like her then?

There are Vs all over Kuvira’s tent as well! Varrick you sly dog!

vvvv's 2

Bolin finally comes to his senses and realizes that Kuvira has been a dictator and manipulating the people around her. He and Varrick come to that conclusion at the same time, these two were meant to be friends. Glad these two finally realized Kuvira’s evilness relatively early.


Kuvira was pretty much Suyin’s first daughter before Opal, and even then Opal couldn’t earth bend, so I’m sure Suyin saw herself in Kuvira more than anyone. She couldn’t keep that relationship and now we have dictator Kuvira. I’m starting to question Suyin’s leadership qualities when all of her allies betray her. First Aiwei, the truth guy in Season 3, then Kuvira, Varrick, her security force, and multiple wealthy residents of Zaofu left her. She really needs to step her game up and be a better judge of character. She couldn’t even keep her family loyal to her as Baatar Jr. is pulling his best Percy Weasley impression. She only recently repaired her relationship with her sister too and was the cause of her mother leaving the both of them. I wouldn’t be surprised if everyone else in Zaofu betrayed her.

evil back then tooSuyin – “If you leave now you wont ever be allowed to return.”
Kuvira – “When I choose to return, it’ll be on my own terms.”
How did Suyin not see this coming and prepare for it a little better? Seriously. Even during the Coronation Kuvira straight up told her that she was going to take Zaofu, Suyin is a terrible leader. I love how Kuvira has that evil glare in the flashback as well.

Suyin – “Korra, I need you to solve this. Go into the avatar state an demolish her army.”
Whoa there, a little aggressive. I know Kuvira has to be stopped, but doing that would only make her a martyr. Suyin is just as hard-headed as old Korra. I love the maturity and development from Korra this season. She used to kick down doors and ask questions later, glad to see she’s thinking with her head. It’s understandable that Korra doesn’t see Kuvira for what she truly is, heck, it took Bolin a couple of years to figure out Kuvira’s true motives, Korra’s only been back for a day. Kuvira saved her dad, Korra sees her as a good guy. Meelo is as disappointed as I am in there not being a fight, but it’s coming. Don’t worry, there will be a fight.

new korra

Kuvira keeps using reuniting the Earth Kingdom as a defense for her aggressiveness, but did the Earth Kingdom ever need to be reunited? I mean was it ever separated? I know there was chaos after the Earth Queen’s death, but after the uprisings were stopped in Ba Sing Se shouldn’t the other world leaders have thanked Kuvira and that was the end of it? I guess there wouldn’t be much of a plot now though.

Kuvira promises to make a truce, but before Korra can get back its nighttime already and Suyin launches a night attack. I thought the army was right at the gates! How long does this trip take?!She couldn’t wait for Korra to talk to her?  No she’s going to end up as a hostage…*sigh.

zhu li mecha beast

Zhu Li is such a bad ass fighting in the mecha suits. Zhu Li launching herself Spiderman/Attack on Titan style and kicking the other mecha suit in the chest, amazing. I’m actually not too surprised Varrick doesn’t know how to fight in the suits. If these things are made out of metal, I doubt Bolin can metal bend, but I do enjoy every time he lava bends. I’m also not sure if Baatar Jr. can metal bend as well, but I’m leaning towards a strong no. This skirmish is the best fight of the season, hopefully they only get better from here.

love varrick and zThere’s no way Zhu Li really betrays Varrick, no way. She didn’t follow him because he was the greatest mind, no; she followed him because she loves him. I do love how this went down though.

Zhu Li – “Compared to you, Varrick is a fool”
Varrick – “Come on, I’m right here.”
Zhu Li – “Guards, do the thing.”
Varrick – “No, not the thing!”
I love these 2. Glad they got more screen time after Season 2.

Bolin will be sent to a re-education camp, so it looks the writers can give us another Boiling Rock and Imprisoned style episode. Those were some of my favorites too.

not the thing!!!!

Asami finally gets some screen time, it seems like everyone is writing this girl letters. Mr. Sato has been in prison for a long time and the years have not been kind to him, but I’m glad the writers addressed this relationship again. Does anyone else find it ironic that the CEO of Future Industries destroyed his future with his daughter? I’m not sure how Asami will play into this season because every other main character seems to be converging with Kuvira’s story line while Asami is sort of chilling in Republic City. I think in the future she’ll either find something to counteract the weapon Varrick is being forced to make or have something to do with the railroad that Kuvira is always riding on. I mean the first scene had Asami cutting the ribbon to the train station she stabilized in Republic City, that has to be foreshadowing right? Maybe she’ll get her dad’s help in figuring out the weakness to the Kuvira’s mecha suits? I want her to be relevant again!

asami dad


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