Flash Recap: Going Rogue

captain gcol 3

Going Rogue is a great title and a nod to the villain Captain Cold, the leader of the villainous organization the Rogues.
“What does the fastest man alive do on his day off?”
But crime never sleeps Barry! And probably the same thing everyone else does, relax.

“Lightning didn’t just give me speed, it also gave me friends.”
And abs, don’t forget abs.
operation flash
Operation is a game of patience, being fast shouldn’t make him any better while ping pong is too fast paced a game for him to still be able to make quips during his other 2 games. They’re testing his ability to multitask at super speeds, but chess is the only mental game and he loses to Dr. Wells.

That tow truck literally came out of nowhere and this scene inspires me to drive more carefully next to trucks on the highway. The guard calls for backup when their truck starts getting towed instead of when shady guys with guns on motorcycles flank them.
Unknown robber – “Hey cool it.”
I wonder if this guy is Captain Cold?
He uses liquid nitrogen to open the back of the truck, I have no idea who he could be. Fuhrer Fire?

Barry changes into his costume and out of his clothes at super speeds, a feat glossed over too often because it’s one of the most impressive things he can do. After taking out all the robbers Barry just keeps running passed everyone because…it looks cool? A guard gets shot while Barry’s showboating.
The bad guys escape because Barry takes this injured guard to the hospital, but I still think he could have taken them all out and saved the guard with his super speed. He did yell at Iris 4 times before she finished pouring one packet of sugar, maybe bring handcuffs or something to immobilize the bad guys next time.

i hate my partner

Apparently these thieves weren’t able to steal the diamond in the truck either, so I’ll call this a failure on both parties.
Chief – “Guard says there were 3 of them.”
Barry – “Actually there were 4.“
Seeing as a tow truck snuck up behind the guard I’m actually not too surprised he didn’t see the correct number of assailants.
Father Cop – “For someone so fast you’re a little slow on the improvising.”
That’s what I said too! He should have said not quick on his feet, a missed opportunity.

One of them lost their mask, a trait Barry is all too familiar with, so Barry’s able to find out who the perp is in the picture book of bad guys. It turns out Captain Cold’s dad is also in prison. It’s like they’re the same person!

Iris – “After all these journalism classes…”
She was taking an intro to journalism class 2 episodes ago, her school career is all over the place.
Iris started a blog, I’d rather read Barry’s, but hers does seem similar to mine. If I’m writing a blog about a show where she writes a blog on Barry who also has a blog, but my blog mainly focuses on him, is it considered blogception?

lab assistant as

The guest star has a white coat on, I think this is as close as we’re going to get for another CSI member in Barry’s lab. I can tell she’s smart because she has glasses on, but if she took them off she could just as easily be evil.
“Hi, I’m Dr. Felicity Smoke.”
More like Dr. Smoking Hot.
I haven’t watched the Arrow, but apparently these two have met before. I’m guessing other characters from the Arrow will drop by every now and then, but she can’t be permanent enough to be a serious love interest. 😦

I don’t know where Captain Cold got footage of Barry stopping their truck heist, but okay.
Goon – “There’s been a rumor of a red blur stopping crime.”
I’ve heard of a red streak, what’s this blur thing? Cold used to go to a restaurant as a kid across from the Central City precinct and now he knows how long it’ll take for cops to respond to heists. I mean it’s a cool story, but come on.
Captain – “You lost your cool. We don’t shoot cops or guards, we don’t need the heat.”
Bad guy refuses to kill good guys, but kills his henchmen no problem. I’m not sure he mentions temperature enough, I think I need to hear more temperature puns before I can be sure he’s Captain Cold.

hot nerdHearing about Barry in a coma worried her, so she travels 600 miles to see if he was alright…do these people not have phones? I don’t like traveling more than 20 minutes without confirming that my friend is free to hang out. I can’t wait for Barry to visit the Arrow for an episode! Also another person now knows Barry’s secret identity, I think it’s up to 6 now.

Dr. Smoking Hot – “I want to see it.”
“And by it, I mean your speed.”
And here I was all ready to make a dick joke, but the show beats me to it. Real mature writers.

Barry runs to the top of a nearby building super quick and takes photos of her, I feel like it was a missed opportunity to use this.
Dr. Smoking Hot – “You’re shoes are smoking!”
Barry – “Just like you baby!”
He didn’t say this, but I feel like Barry missed out on this wonderful flirting opportunity.

The lab nerds of this show meet a lab nerd of the other show. I may have to rename Dr. Babe if this girl stops by more. I mean there’s nothing wrong with Dr. Babe, it’s just that this guest star is much prettier.
Dr. Smoking Hot – “Let’s just say my team has a similar set up, but meets on Wednesday nights instead of Tuesday nights.”
Barry tries to impress her by running on a treadmill. This could only work for him though, whenever I run on a treadmill it usually repels women.
Dr. Smoking Hot – “Do you guys know his top speed?”
“If everything about him is sped up, is he going to age faster?”
Good questions, let’s just ignore them!
Dr. Wells – “You can trust me when I say we’re doing everything we can here to protect Barry.”
I don’t believe him, but because he’s wearing glasses I can’t tell.

i hate my partner 2

Detective D – “I want to tell you, that your daughter is an amazing woman and our relationship is really serious.”
Father Cop – “Did I ever tell you about that wild night on my last day of college?”
“Not even after we kicked back a few beers after work?”
“I don’t think we’ve ever done that…”
“Oh right, those are things I do with my friends.“
Best character on the show and yes I had to scribe this all on my blog so we could relive this awesome scene. You’re welcome.

Barry and Dr. Smoking Hot don’t want to be seen as a couple even though they’re perfect for each other and are both attractive.
Iris – “Has Barry shown you some of the attractions in the city?”
Dr. Smoking Hot – “Yeah, he’s even shown me it.“
His penis! I mean his speed. There’s my dick joke!
There’s going to be a trivia night at a coffee house, I’m actually not sure if this is a real thing, maybe I’m an alcoholic, but I thought those were only at bars.
Iris – “Girls don’t just hop on trains and travel hundreds of miles to see guys they don’t like.”
This is the smartest thing she’s said all season.
That cheapo Oliver Queen couldn’t buy her a plane ticket?

ice gun and goggles

Arms Dealer – “You wanted state of the art, Snart?”
This is the only time I’ll refer to Captain Cold by his real name because I’m a sucker for rhyming.
Arms salesmen tells Dr. Freeze that giant flamethrower gun that clearly looks impressive shouldn’t be judged by it’s looks…what a terrible salesman.
The freeze ray comes with cool goggles, for the glare apparently.
“It emits some sort of substance, like a white flame, but cold.”
Does this guy not know what ice is?
Cold – “Who else knows you took this?”
“Just us.”
This is the most clichéd thing to say to someone before they’re murdered and no one ever picks up on it. Say that everyone knows and he might have lived!

e equals mafc hamemrd

Trivia night during the day!
E=MC Hammered. That’s the bar version of this team name.
Iris goes to trivia night day at her workplace on her day off…
Did Felicity Smoking Hot over dress for Trivia Day? Yes. I bet she dresses in outfits like these all the time in the Arrow while Oliver does push ups without his shirt on. Yay for the CW!
Iris keeps trying to set up Barry with Felicity.
Iris – “And when I asked her the boyfriend question, she froze.“
So I guess everyone’s making cold puns this episode?

Comic Relief just notices that the freeze ray he created to fight Barry is missing. So all he does is give Barry a hand me down fireman suit, but he keeps this amazing freeze ray in storage. The arms dealer said it was stolen from STAR Labs after the incident. What incident? The one in the pilot? Comic Relief makes it sound like it was recently stolen, but the arms dealer makes it sound like he stole it after the pilot. What else could the incident mean? Things aren’t lining up chronologically here.

Captain Cold gives gum to some kid during the museum tour and I’d bet anything it was Winterfresh flavor…so he’s a nice guy? He kills people and steals from people, but at least he’s nice to kids.
“You said to call if there was anything suspicious, this guy went on the tour twice, nobody does that.”
Maybe make your tours more interesting! I mean he’s not wearing a mask and they told him to look out for thieves, that could be a reason as well.


This is the only team cool enough to dress up for trivia day. Who doesn’t know the name of Han Solo’s ship?
Detective D gets called away to deal with Captain Cold and Barry leaves as well.
Smoking Hot – “I usually tell people Oliver’s at a nightclub with a girl or nursing a hangover.“
Barry – “Yeah none of those would work for me.”
I liked the joke, but how were those excuses going to work here Felicity? He just left a coffee shop, I don’t think anyone on this show drinks.
Smoking Hot – “Bad stomach ache, really bad diarrhea.”
Barry – “I’m not comfortable with that excuse.”
Is it bad that I use this excuse all the time? Am I making people uncomfortable with that excuse? I actually have bad diarrhea all the time though.

dat glare

Father Cop chases down Captain Cold, but he freezes the road instead of, I don’t know, shooting at Joe. Good thing he had those goggles on, that glare was awful.
Barry jumps in the way of the freeze ray and saves Father Cop, but couldn’t just get both of them out of the way with his super speed? Barry is faster than a speeding bullet, but not faster than a “white flame” and some random guy dies. I’m not sure why Captain Cold didn’t just steal the diamond this time either, but I guess 3rd times the charm.

Barry has 3rd degree frost bite.
Smoking Hot – “I thought he had super healing?”
More good questions! Apparently it’s been slowed because ice is his one weakness, is he a dragon type Pokemon? Why is ice his weakness?
Oh so the gun slowed him down earlier, that makes sense because getting hit in the stomach means legs move slower.
barry angeryComic Relief – “Speed and cold are opposites.”
What?! These aren’t even in the same category.
Comic Relief built the gun to stop Barry because he didn’t know who he was back then. It explains why they nursed this kid in a coma back to health…I mean I’m pretty sure he didn’t make this gun in the comics, but it makes for compelling storytelling so I guess it sort of works…
Barry – “I can understand that, but I can’t understand why you didn’t tell me.” Cliché. I still can’t understand why he built a freeze gun to counteract a kid in a coma.

Iris – “How long is this going to go on? It seems like the cold treatment has been going around.”
More cold puns! But I think she’s the only other character getting them.
Father Cop and Iris fight over whether Detective D is her lover or his partner. He explains that he’d feel guilty if he let Detective D get injured while on duty. I honestly don’t care!

Goon – “Did the super gun freeze your brain?”
Well at least his henchmen are doing it now. I really don’t know why his henchmen didn’t shoot him, even after CC threatens to kill them if he ever sees them again and has a super gun! Why not kill him?! Or at least steal his gun! Now they got to watch out for this super gun carrying weirdo.

hottie in the doorway
Felicity packed 4 smoking hot dresses with her on this “short” trip.
Barry – “You should go back to your hotel and get some sleep.”
Smoking Hot – “You should too. I mean not together.”
Jesus, just kiss already.
“I have to go faster.”
No the DMV has to go faster, you could try fighting with a weapon.
Felicity is pretty, but maybe if she took off those glasses, I have a fetish for evil girls.

Cop – “Freeze!”
Of course he says this line.
The cop just runs away…I mean they know Captain Cold wanted to steal this diamond, so they still only have 1 security guard at night? Why doesn’t anyone shoot this guy? He’s only wearing a parka! He doesn’t look cool in that parka because no one looks cool in a parka.

cold 22They can locate Mr. Freeze because science reasons.
Smoking Hot – “When it comes to hacking, I’m the fastest woman alive.”
We were overdue for some speed puns. 10 seconds seems really fast for hacking, does she do this all the time on Arrow? I’m guessing yes.
Barry gives his team the cold shoulder by turning off his earpiece. It’s not like they’ve really helped him in the past though, he should be fine.
Dr. Hot – “You have your partner’s back no matter what.”
It’s ironic because this quote lines up perfectly with the next scene when Eddie has Father Cop’s back. Captain Cold escapes by getting on a moving train…what’s with people in this universe and getting into moving vehicles so easily?

runnning barry runninag stainCold – “Does your mom know you’re out past your bed time?”
Jokes on him, his mom’s dead!
Captain Cold derails an entire train with one freeze ray shot before opening the doors of a moving train no problem and jumping out. Barry then saves everyone on this derailed train no problem. For a bad guy that preached not killing people earlier in the episode, he sure attempts to kill a lot of people now. This is a pretty amazing scene, good job editing crew. I don’t think it’s possible for anyone to run away from the Flash, but CC does just that in a couple of minutes.

I have no idea how these lab nerds caught up either, but okay. If only Barry had his ear piece in the whole time, they could have saved him easier. I’m surprised Cold fell for Comic Relief’s bluff, but I mean no one has shot at him before… he even knew Comic Relief has never killed anyone ever, just poor logic on CC’s part here.
Cold – “You win kid, I’ll see you around.”
I don’t think he lost either considering he walked away with the diamond and the ice gun. I think he should have had a cooler exit line. Here are some examples I thought of.

1. Chill out kid, it was nIce playing with you.
2. Just like the ice age, our fight is over.
3. Revenge is a dish served cold. I’ll be back.
4. Allow me to break the ice…by leaving.
5. The ice man leaveth.
6. Thaw you later.
7. I’m going to make like an iceberg and slowly drift away.

Comic Relief – “Leave the diamond.”
Cold – “Don’t push your luck.”
What about the gun! That’s more important. Take that away and he’s just some dude. Also Captain Cold should have just killed them all, end of season. I don’t think Cold had an escape car waiting for him, so he just walks away…if the lab nerds can get to the train wreck so fast, where are the cops?

hug it out
A hug goodbye, how many girls can put this guy in the friendzone?
They can’t locate Captain Cold anymore because science plot reasons.

Iris and Father Cop make up. I still really don’t care! Eddie saved his life, so it’s all good. Maybe he should consider how awkward it would be if he died and Detective D had to face Iris…please don’t happen.

train alone

A train wreck happened hours ago, it explains why no one else is on the train, but I also don’t think trains would be running tonight.
Hot girl with glasses – “Remember when you told me you had a little experience liking someone who didn’t see you the same way?”
No I don’t, and I’m not going to start watching the Arrow either!
Apparently her and Oliver have a sort of Barry and Iris relationship in the Arrow. If Arrow gets cancelled then she can join this crew! Opposites do attract. This is ironic because it sets up the next scene with ice and fire guy.
Yeah they kiss!!!

I guess we won’t end the episode on an evil Dr. Wells scene, but are we 100% sure this fire guy isn’t him?! Fire guy likes to play with matches so we know he’s going to be the fire guy.


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