Final Naruto Chapter Reaction

one piece homageWell the first week has passed since Naruto ended and I think it’s finally start to kick in…this emptiness. My cousin and I discussed it last week, but here’s our reactions to the final chapter. This won’t make any sense unless you read the entire series. Spoilers. You can read the last chapter here.
Special thanks to Jared Liang. His stuff is in blue. 

I loved how both authors Kishimoto and One Piece writer Oda both played homage to one another in their chapters. I know it’s always been called the Big 3 – One Piece, Naruto, Bleach – of Shonen Jump, but for me, Bleach was never in the same league as the other two. Even during the Soul Society arc!

I did not think we would get such a long time skip because the movie is 2 years after the ninja war, so I assumed the epilogue in the manga would be influenced by this. It never occurred to me the time skip would pull a Harry Potter “let’s see their kids” epilogue. The kids may have been my favorite part though. Let’s go over them.
1. Bolt is actually Boruto in Japanese, so not only is he a spitting image of his father but his name is almost identical as well.
2. If I thought Bolt looked like Naruto, then Shikadai is Shikamaru. I love how he ended up with Temari. Besides Naruto and Hinata, these 2 are my favorite.
3. Ino’s kid just looks weird in color. Can’t tell what gender it is.
4. Chouji’s kid, why is she friends with Anko? I like how she was called fat and doesn’t care at all. She’s much more mature than her dad.
5. Salad…what kind of name is that?!
6. I think Rock Lee and Tenten got together, it cuts to her after showing Rock Lee and his son, and has bangs to match his bowl-cut. Rock Lee and his son will be Gai sensei all over again. Perfect ending for him. (Boo him and Sakura together.)
7. Naruto’s daughter Himawari looks just like Hinata, but neither kid has her eyes. That stinks! I guess Byakugan is a recessive gene, but does that mean that the entire Hyuga family is all pure bloods? Hopefully they can somehow awaken those eyes.
8. Akamaru seems to have a puppy. Good for him.
9. Asuma’s son looks cool. Hopefully the short stories may revolve around him.

Shikamura should have had a daughter, I mean his character always thought girls were annoying, most of his opponents pretime skip were girls, and he always had trouble understanding girls. It’d be funny and ironic if he only had daughters. He could always treat Asuma’s son as his pseudo son anyway. This one was so obvious, how’d Kishi not get this?!

Why was Anko in this finale at all? Why would she be friends with Chouji’s kid? If there were anyone I wanted to see in the final chapter it wasn’t her. Yamato is shown for like 1 second in the chapter 699, and he looks like he has no idea what’s going on. I would have liked to see him over Anko at some point in the last chapter. He was a main character for a while! I was more attached to him than Sai!

Sasuke’s kid should have been a boy too. The kid turned out to be sort of like Karin. The rivarly ends with the two Naruto’s and Sasuke’s kids ending up together. At least that’s what it looks like.

They just get new arms with Hashirama’s cells? What can’t those do?

Tsunade seems to have deaged after the time skip.

That female samurai chick from the land of the clouds, did she even talk to Chouji before they ended up together? I feel like this pairing came out of nowhere! It only happened because she was the only other named ninja female. I seriously can’t think of any other reason. I mean even Kiba had to scrounge up that cat girl who was in 1 panel of the manga! I don’t think cats and dogs will mix well…but at least they both love animals. Poor Shino just didn’t have any options. I’m glad Chouji ended up with someone, but I think it would have been cute if he ended up with Ino because she always teased him for being chubby. I guess that didn’t happen because then there wouldn’t be a Ino-Shika-Cho anymore. I guess her and the asexual Sai is an okay pairing.

naruto was good once

Some acknowledgement of the Konohamaru and Naruto rivalry. One of my favorite moments was when Konohamaru defeated one of the Pain clones. I wish they were shown fighting or that he was part of Naruto’s inner council instead of the ironic complaints of him complaining.

Naruto relaxing and eating ramen. There are some empty Ramen noodle cups, but that’s about it.

Tenten found those legendary weapons and after that chapter I was convinced they would play a large role in the plot, I even speculated how they would be used during the war to stop Madara and Tenten would redeem herself. Turns out they just end up as merchandise in her store…because the ancient artifacts don’t get returned to the Cloud Nation…and she doesn’t even sell that stuff…I was so wrong.

More Naruto/Hinata development – like when he finally sees her romantically. Maybe he’s about to stop in for some ramen, and bumps into her. And decides to ask her to a real dinner instead of them just being together at the end.
I think that the movie will address this more, hopefully, but that was a little disappointing yeah.

A pride rock presentation of the new Hokage, with memories from friends (basically what happened after Pain fight should have happened here instead).

Ino and Sakura used to be good friends, but Sakura stopped being best friends with her because of their love rivalry over Sasuke. Literally everything that she has done as a character has revolved around Sasuke and it’s just super lame she ended up with him. I think I would have liked Sakura a lot better if she discovered what kind of person she could be without Sasuke, instead it looks like she’s taking care of a little Karin. Honestly I wouldn’t even be too surprised if Sasuke did have a kid with Karin and then just told Sakura to take care of her and then leaves to become a hermit. What kind of name is Salad? Then again, Naruto was just as in love with Sasuke as Sakura was, so I can’t fault her that much.

A shot of Sasuke watching from afar looking truly happy that Naruto accomplished all his goals. I want to see a little warm envy as well. Also I would have liked it if Sasuke took some sort of hated role, similar to Danzo and the 3rd’s relationship, and accepting to protect Naruto’s interests from the shadows.
But I guess Sasuke being a hermit is just as good! Right?!

I’d like to see that there is still an element of evil out there. I would have liked to see Orochimaru sneak off, giving this sort of implication.

Only one grave to visit…only one person died. I mean even those samurai guys who got sucked into that gourd got to live. What about the parents of Shikamaru and Ino? Shouldn’t there be some memorial for them?

Sasuke still looks like a baller after the timeskip. 

Possibly a scene where some friends make fun of Naruto for being a genin in an affectionate way.
That’s actually one of the coolest things about Naruto, he never got out of being a genin and went straight to Hokage.

I think that girl from the rock village only became a Kage because then it would have been all male kages. She wasn’t very strong, just saying.

Maybe acknowledge the promise of a lifetime that Naruto gave to Sakura to bring back Sasuke…he doesn’t have to say anything, just give her that thumbs up and a smile in chapter 699.

I would have liked to see a ceremonial chuunin exam with the kids of all the heroes.

naruto endasd

I understand that Kishi wanted Boruto and Naruto to be similar and by having him defile Mount Hokage it brings the story back full circle, but Naruto’s best jutsu is the kage bunshin and Kishi’s trying to tell me that Naruto is too busy being Hokage to give his son enough attention?! What?! Naruto hated being alone and always wanted a family, now he’s ignoring his family when he can make an infinite amount of clones?! If that’s the case then Naruto is the worst father in the world

With the skyscrapers in the background of Hokage Rushmore, Naruto having a laptop, and Chouji’s wife complaining about their daughter learning the old ways; I guess the Naruto universe is turning more towards technology. That’s lame. In a world where super powers are basically real, this is saying that a brighter future is a world similar to ours. 

The former MistKage never found a husband…I would have been less shocked if she were Chouji’s wife than the girl he ended up with.

I wanted to see Naruto leading his own team and I know he couldn’t have been Konohamaru’s squad captain because Ebisu was his team leader, but I really wanted that picture with Naruto as Kakashi ruffling his students hair.

When Naruto gives Sasuke his headband back the slash mark shouldn’t have been cut that straight. Either that’s a different headband, maybe it was Itachi’s?, but why not give him a new one? I felt like the headband represented more value to the both of them than Sasuke’s disregarded one he had as a genin, it was always about the symbol on the forehead protector representing Konoha. This wasn’t that big of a deal, but it bugged me.

Feel free to comment on how you felt on the last chapter!


4 thoughts on “Final Naruto Chapter Reaction

  1. It didn’t make sense for Sasuke, whose actions did more good then harm for the world, apologize for EVERYTHING he did, only to turn around and submit to the village that is responsible for almost everything bad that happened. Major logic flaw. Sasuke’s character development was completely destroyed as he became nothing more then Naruto and Sakura’s trophy. Then he just leaves again? The man whose most important thing in life was family just leaves his family? He was suppose to be the one who helped Naruto make the world a better place like he said he wanted in 698. The ending just destroys everything Naruto fought for as the characters symbolizing THE VICTIMS OF THE SHINOBI WORLD were just tossed aside like trash for the sake of Naruto focused plot (Taka, Yamato, and Kabuto). It just deems the message “take care of everyone and work with everyone” a failure when they are just disregarded.

    • I agree with everything you said and thought your comparison of Sasuke being Naruto and Sakura’s trophy was spot on. I thought that Naruto was the worst father in the world, but Sasuke is giving him a run for his money by never being home. Sasuke and Naruto were characters driven by loneliness, but the epilogue made it seem like their family wasn’t prioritized,when arguably a younger Naruto wanted a family more than he wanted to become Hokage and a younger Sasuke always wanted his family again. Then they become terrible fathers! I feel like the character development was disregarded for this cutesy homage to the pilot chapter.

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