Flash Recap: Plastique

friendzone faceThat’s the face of someone in the friend zone. I don’t think about how my friends came into my life, but I’m pretty sure it’s just because they were nearby. All my friends are from the schools I went to, now that I’m out of school, how do I make new friends?!
I guess they actually drink in this show, but Barry can’t get drunk. There are some positives though, he doesn’t have to worry about drunk driving, drunk texting, hangovers, and he still has SUPER SPEED. Maybe he can simulate being drunk by spinning around at super speed?

The night security guard calls the 14th floor secure before checking the whole floor. Does he do this for every floor? Also who is he talking to? She’s just stealing a folder, how many night security guards are really needed? Ever hear of security cameras, just use those. I wonder if the night security guard and the window cleaner are friends…

boom he's deadYeah I’m sorry, but that security guard is dead. The window washer wasn’t even on the same side of the building as the explosion yet he’s still in peril. I don’t know the average time window cleaners go to work, but this seems late.

Barry – “What if I get a bunch of mattresses and stack them?”
I feel like this could work.
Barry asks how fast he needs to go to run up the building when despite knowing he’ll end up doing the same thing, run fast. They don’t even end up doing the math and just tell him to run really fast. That should have been Plan A. 50 meters up a building, I’m sorry, I thought this was an American show. Iris sees Barry the one time his mask didn’t fall off after he saves the hard-working window cleaner who lost his security guard best friend.

I think this is the first time Barry arrives to the crime scene on time, a new record! I feel like bombers don’t have unique signatures in their bombs, but I don’t know enough about bombs to dispute this.
Barry – “Looks like the floor just blew up.”
That could only mean another meta human! Barry uses super speed to find the missing file, but what if there were multiple missing files? Whatever.

military oblivius ohiI thought this army person’s voice sounded familiar so I googled his IMDB page, he’s the head guard in Shawshank Redemption. He’s also the voice of Mr. Krabs!!! General Krabs asks for all the evidence Father Cop has, but I mean they just started this morning, how much work could they be losing here?
That laminated folder is like the only noticeable thing in that box, I mean its cool that Barry stole it with super speed, but did that soldier not look at what’s in the box at all?

imma kick barry's assIris and Joe talk about her successful blog and how writing about the Streak could potentially be dangerous. After Iris says she saw the Streak all Joe can think about is how he’s going to kill Barry. Just look at that face!
Joe’s mind – (You have super speed and still get caught by the one person I said don’t get caught by, I’m going to go Mayweather on Barry.)

General Krabs wanted to develop mind reading capabilities and worked with Dr. Wells in the past. Comic Relief complains about Barry not giving him enough information and then finds Female Gambit in 2 seconds. Sergeant Sans Souci is an awesome name, but if she worked a little harder she could have become a staff sergeant and been Quad S instead of Triple S.

he's gonna blowShe didn’t use the handrails on the way down because they’d explode if she did, now that’s continuity. Barry appears out of nowhere and she runs away, why do they always run? She tells Barry not to touch her, hey girls tell me this all the time and I’m not even wearing a mask!, but he grabs her arm and brings her hand to his chest because she can’t tell him what to do!
Triple S – “Take off all your clothes now.”
Why can’t girls say that to me more often?
I wonder if it was a smaller explosion because he was wearing a fireman suit. So he does wear underwear under that suit, and here I thought he was freeballing it. Another shirtless Barry scene, the CW everyone! If only she’d accidently touched her clothes *sigh.

So the lab nerds can’t figure out his suit exploded? What are they doing over there anyway?
Comic Relief – “Where’s my suit?”
Barry – “Glad you’re not dead from the explosion. Thanks for asking Other Barry.
I thought they were interested in this case because they suspected her to be a meta human, but he acts really surprised she can blow things up through tactile contact. I didn’t realize Cisco had extra suits, do the other suits also get mannequin displays?
Joe – “So a human bomb, must be Tuesday in Central City.”
Every day is Tuesday in Central City!

nuh uhFather Cop is mad that Iris saw Barry as the Streak.
Joe – “You keep the meta humans a secret and I don’t go Floyd Mayweather on you.”
Barry – “I tried talking to her.”
Joe – “Well talk to her again, and be more convincing.”
Best character. Barry is told to talk to her immediately and instead gets changed before talking to Iris. Way to betray his trust twice Barry.

Iris – “I think he smiled at me.”
She still can’t figure out it’s him…
Iris – “It doesn’t matter who he is, what matters is his plan.”
The fire rises?
People need to know that he’s out there and it’s important to her, but she doesn’t even put her name on it so how important can that be? I wonder what her blog pen name is, it can’t be lamer than betterthings2do. I shortened that name by 1 letter… Iris doesn’t understand why someone who believes in supernatural things their whole life wouldn’t be interested in this as well. She still can’t figure out the Streak = Barry. She’s a journalist, but she didn’t get any of those detective genes from her father.

How did Triple S get into that building without opening any doors? Triple S goes to a doctor that did work on her several times when she was in the army, but it was only to see how she got her powers. At least things were happening to her during the 9 month gap! General Krabs finds her, but Barry gets there faster and persuades her to come with him. This could have all been avoided if Barry talked to her earlier without clothes on.

I don’t think it’s a coincidence that this episode came out on Veterans Day. I guess they invented no explosive gloves for her…so problem solved? They run some tests on her explosive capabilities and for some reason during the test her non explosive gloves are off. Meta human is kind of an offensive term now that I think about it.
mere flesh woundWhat is she immune to pain? It’s just a mere flesh wound. Wouldn’t pulling back her shirt here make it EXPLODE? General Krabs tracks them down with his bullet tracker, but gives up after 1 scene change even though he had proof that she was in STAR Labs.
General Krabs – “We could have changed the world you and I” cliché.

Gambit was a productive member of the X-Men, she could be productive with these guys too. Female Gambit can touch her jacket no problem and not blow up. Her powers only works when the plot needs them to. Why does she need a nickname like Plastique? Can we end this annoying trope? It’s just so lame when Comic Relief keeps giving out nicknames for characters and it’s tough to follow who he’s talking about. Comic Relief and Dr. Babe talked about why using a boomerang as an explosive would be a terrible idea in case anyone missed that.
different pants i guess
Triple S – “If they could reverse your powers so you weren’t a meta human, would you?”
Are you kidding? Who would want to get rid of super speed? Maybe an alcoholic.
Barry – “I always wanted to help people, now I can.”
Hey, he shouldn’t discount the help he brings to others through his CSI job, that’s important too.

blog postIris’s blog looks so much better than mine. Who would have thought making fun of her anonymous blog would make her put her name on the next article. He better meet her in person to stop her from writing about this Streak guy. He actually does this and he uses a vibrating robotic voice…

Iris meets the person she’s been obsessing about and her first reaction is to make sure she cleans up the place before talking to him. She needs to get her priorities straight. Also Barry could make a killing cleaning people’s houses. He tells her to meet him on the roof, so did he run up this building too? Was it necessary to move locations? She believes her blog is making a difference by informing people about the Streak, but I can tell her from experience that nobody gives a fuck about a blog.
Iris – “Where are you from?”
That’s her first question…I’m going to guess Central City seeing as that’s the only place he’s protecting. Next time ask a better question.
He keeps running around her and eventually she just starts talking with her backed turned to him. It’s cute that she started doing this for him, but it does seem a little weird how obsessed she is about the Streak.

rooftop meeting

The shrapnel in Female Gambit’s body has merged with her cells, so she can’t get rid of her powers. But the gloves still work so…
Dr. Wells – “The technology required to unsplice your DNA hasn’t been invented yet.”
He’s from the future I tell ya!
Triple S – “Roger that.”
Did you guys know she was in the army?! Did you know this aired on Veterans Day?!

They don’t want to have attractive Female Gambit stay around and help them because the CW can’t afford to pay another main character. Comic Relief is surprisingly quiet about not adding a girl he’s smitten with to the team and I feel like he should have been more vocal about her staying.
Barry – “I could have been like her. What if you guys didn’t find me and I was forced to go on the run?”
Something tells me he’d be okay on the run…

laughing copBarry tells Father Cop he talked to his daughter as the Streak. The vibrating voice was ridiculous and I’m glad Joe acknowledged it. He wants to tell Iris his secret identity so she’ll stop writing.
Barry – “I tell her everything.”
Joe – “Not everything.”
Called out “son.”
Barry – “Is it that obvious?”
Joe – “Not to her.”
She’s literally the only one it’s not obvious to.
Father Cop has been waiting years for Barry to tell Iris how he feels.
Barry – “Guess I was too slow.”
That’s the only thing on this boy’s mind, trying to be faster. Joe has some of the best facial expressions.

Dr. Wells would do anything to get back what he lost and his evilness sneaks out a little bit before the last scene, which is early for him.
Dr. Wells – “You soldiers call yourselves sheepdogs, am I right?”
Female Gambit – “Happy and normal until someone attacks our flock.”
She should say herd, sheepdogs aren’t protecting birds.
Dr. Wells – “General Krabs always attacks until he gets his target.”
I mean he backed off STAR Labs pretty fast after his bullet tracker brought him there, he doesn’t seem too relentless to me.
She actually listens to Well’s brainwashing and heads off to kill General Krabs. Is it that bad to have Gambit powers? Is she seriously considering a suicide mission for a problem that could be solved by wearing gloves?

bombs and clothes

She goes to face General Krabs in the morning by the water. Ironically I don’t see any pineapples or Chum Buckets nearby. Dr. Smoking Hot had over 4 gorgeous dresses when she came to town, this girl has 1 outfit.
Comic Relief – “She’s turning herself in.”
Barry – “She’s not turning herself in.”
And who says Barry isn’t quick on his feet? Wait a second…that was me.

General Krabs explains that by using her explosive powers she can save American lives. I mean she’s not really a game changer when we have nukes and C4 is basically capable of doing the same thing she can do with her powers, just less creatively.
Surrounded by men with assault rifles, Triple S throws some explosive marbles and everyone is taken down. Everyone! She was holding those marbles in her hands the whole time, meaning she can control her explosive powers to some degree already. Before passing out General Krabs fires one shot at her instead of multiple shots at her and this mysterious fast guy that was standing in front of him #revenge.
Barry’s mask falls off again. With her dying breath she can’t inform Barry that Dr. Wells asked her to do this.
Barry – “We have a problem.”
Comic Relief – “Is she okay?”
Barry – “No she’s dead, but it’s okay though, your suit is fine.”

i don't have super strength, he heavy
She turns into a bomb when she dies so I feel like all of her skin should have been explosive earlier and not just her hands. Barry complains about not having enough time, but still asks for permission to run on water. Just run Barry run! You’d think figuring out how fast he’d have to go to run on water would be the first thing the lab nerds calculated after discovering his powers.
Comic Relief – “You have to outrun the blast or you’ll die.”
Thanks captain obvious. Wow, a new nickname for him!

I mean Barry probably could have just swam really fast too…it’s not as effective, sure, but running isn’t essential here. Barry pulls his best Batman impression by getting the bomb out to sea and away from the city. She still has air bubbles coming from her nose! She’s alive!!! After outrunning the blast Barry takes off his mask again. Where’s Iris this time?!

mauve drowning

People are supposed to believe that this explosion was just a military experiment and that everything is fine? Seems unlikely, especially considering this is coming from a man being put in an ambulance with recent scars on his face. Also Channel 52 seems pretty high for a news station.
Dr. Girl – “You can walk on water, puts you with pretty interesting company.”
I guess running = walking now.

channel 52? That's high

Barry and Iris talk. He tells her it’s potentially dangerous to put her name on the web and talk about the Streak because people might come after her looking for the Streak. She doesn’t listen and instead asks Barry why he’s not interested in the Streak. Let’s go over why he’s telling her to stop writing.
1. Joe doesn’t want him to.
2. They both love her and don’t want her to get hurt.
It’s that simple. Regardless whether he’s the Streak or not, he’s not lying when he says he’s thinking about her safety.
Barry – “All this stuff with my family, I’ve finally put it behind me. I’m asking you to also.”
Iris – “That may have been the reason why I started this but it’s about something more now. I’m not stopping until the rest of the world believes in him.”
Why though?! Why is this so important to her?!
They decide to not see each other for a while because unnecessary drama.

closing time bar

Barry pounding those club sodas down at the bar.
In the background I Ran by Flock of Seagulls is playing. It’s a good song, this was the link to the song provided by the show, but it doesn’t sound anything like the version that played during it.
500 proof alcohol, and I thought 151 was brutal. I mean I know his metabolism is super, but his organs would disintegrate, at least his taste buds would…
The Streak – “Not every friendship is meant to last a lifetime, what does last forever is the pain when that person is gone.“
It’s so corny…

Dr. Wells is looking at what was shown earlier to be the skeleton of Female Gambit. The X-ray turns from purple to blue. I’m going to guess he did have a cure for her, but he didn’t save her because he’s evil.

General Krabs – “You’re still one step ahead, impressive for a man without the use of his legs.”
He had Dr. Wheels right there…that’s a great insult pun. Looks like I have a new nickname for Dr. Wells.
General Krabs wants Dr. Wheels to work with his again, but apparently this guy is too evil for Wells. That’s saying something.
General Krabs – “I figured out your little secret, it won’t be long before the public catches on as well.”
Is that secret Dr. Wells pretending to need glasses?


Another flashback and another removal of the glasses! Looks like the mind reading experiments were being used on this gorilla named Grodd. Interesting.
“I have a whole different future in mind for you.“
He has to be from the future. The puns don’t lie.
I’m not sure how they would be able to do Gorilla Grodd, but it seems like something further down the line.


One thought on “Flash Recap: Plastique

  1. I just happen to watch that episode yesterday and noticed that Central City now lies at the shore of the Gulf of Mexico? The Atlantik? I’m confused a bit considering it has never been shown or mentioned. But I guess since the whole show is cliche-loaden to the brim, it’s not a big deal to teleport the city to a location needed for the plot to work.
    Good ol’ deus ex machina….

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