Legend of Korra: Reunion

naga hug

How can this episode be titled “Reunion” if Bolin doesn’t reunite with Korra as well? Blasphemy! Naga reuniting with Korra, even though he’s seen her more recently than most of the characters, was the cutest reunion we’ve gotten so far. It’s great to see Bumi again, but what was he doing all this time and why is he free now? Whatever he was doing he lost a ton of weight, good for him. I wonder if we’ll ever see any more characters get airbending tattoos. Together Opal and Jinora could make a tornado strong enough to stop the largest army in the world, just what does it take to get these tattoos?

Korra – “I thought I could stop her, I feel like such a failure.”
That’s how she’s felt most of the season and I don’t know how she’s going to get better. Tenzin words of wisdom? Too easy. Surprise me writers, I know they will.

bolin carryZhu Li carried Varrick 20 miles on a broken ankle, so I guess Varrick didn’t invent some sort of parachute to go along with those wings he used to escape back in Season 2. He used her to cushion their fall…true love. After being on the run for about a day Varrick has already managed to grow a manly 5 o’clock shadow. Bolin on the other hand has no facial hair whatsoever, another reason I like him, we’d both be as smooth as Tenzin’s head after being on the run for days. I know this is unintentional, but their unkept hair is another way they’re rebelling against Kuvira.

After they get back to Republic City and warn everyone what’s the next step?
1. Asami and Varrick combine their brain power to improve the city’s defense, and she gets help last-minute from her father.
2. Tenzin calls in the Air Nation and together they’re strong enough to stop Kuvira’s army, her spirit vines however…
3. Korra training montage.
4. Some sort of giant mirror to reflect the spirit vine beams, maybe it’s that simple.
5. Other
My money’s on other.

Bolin and Varrick get caught in a trap and are discovered by some escaped prisoners from re-education camps. They were in these camps because they weren’t pure-blooded earth nation citizens. The Kuvira allusions to Nazi Voldemort get stronger with each episode.
Varrick – “Lowly? We were part of Kuvira’s inner circle!”
When Bolin has to watch out for the idiotic things his partner says, well it’s ironic, and it shows how much Bolin’s character has matured during the time skip. These two being part of Kuvira’s inner circle makes it odd they aren’t recognized later on by border patrol.

varrick crazy

Varrick looks like a mad scientist in this picture. I mean he is normally, but even more so here. If this new guy’s voice sounds familiar it’s because he previously voiced Amon. The voice actor Steve Blum was also a guard in the Season 3 finale, Spike Spiegel in Cowboy Bebop, and hundreds of other voices. Check out his IMDB page, I guarantee you’ve heard his voice somewhere.

I love how easily Bolin breaks out of his bonds, but I’m surprised Varrick didn’t tell Bolin to “do the thing” when they broke free. Going through the border checkpoint seems like a riskier idea than trying to breach any other point on the wall, but okay. I didn’t know Kuvira already had this wall surrounding the earth kingdom set up when speculating the use of the spirit vine containers. My prediction of her making a great spirit vine wall of China seems less ridiculous when she does build a wall around her Empire. I’ll take some solace in that.

trip faces

Bolin’s serious voice when trying to get past the guards, fantastic, good job voice actor. I feel like they could have created a more effective plan before trying to fool the guards, but this has funnier results. I love serious acting Varrick, but I’m not sure how he shaved during such a short interval. They almost fool the guards, but Kuvira apparently made wanted posters for these 2 dead men. Looks like Kuvira didn’t believe Baatar Jr. when he told her they were dead last episode. She’s smarter than she looks, and she already looks smart.

I’m also not sure where those water benders got water for the battle, but I’m okay with it. 3 mecha suits shouldn’t have been enough to beat lava bending Bolin, but he shines at the end of the battle when he comes back for the escaped prisoners and lava bends the rest of the guards away. More battles! Varrick is actually productive and invents a makeshift EMP out of spare parts, what is it 3:45 in the afternoon? Bolin apologizes on behalf of Kuvira because he feels incredibly guilty for not realizing Kuvira’s motives earlier. I can see him and Opal, with a little help from the Air Nation, setting out to help the Earth Kingdom when Kuvira loses and this is all over.

team old desiignb

The gang is 3/4 reunited. Prince Wu acts as replacement Bolin, he doesn’t bring the same charm, but he does bring the same color scheme.
Korra – “I hope you haven’t been waiting long.”
Asami – “Only 3 years.”
Cute. Asami likes Korra’s short hair, stop fueling the fire writers.
Mako couldn’t ditch Wu and I’m starting to believe that him and Nemo are the only ones on guard duty.

korrasamiMako figures out that Asami and Korra have been writing to each other and not him. In Korra’s defense I think she only wrote one response letter back to her. Asami tells them about meeting her father again, but this only furthers group tension. The reunion doesn’t go off as well as they hoped, probably because Bolin isn’t there!

Wu – “Pop into the avatar state, I want to see your eyes glow.”
I thought this was a great avatar related pick up line, but maybe next time try “Are you in the avatar state? Because your eyes are glowing.” I may use this in real life…

Wu down…again. He gets kidnapped the one time Mako doesn’t guard him. I’m surprised Kuvira even wanted Wu and wouldn’t be too surprised if these kidnappers acted without her consent. I’m not trying to defend Kuvira or say that she’s morally good to not approve this kidnapping, but she was next to Wu during his coronation and didn’t give him a second thought. She’s all about getting rid of the outdated ritual of kings and queens, so I’m not sure why she would target Prince Wu. Because she’s evil I guess.

food non hot mw

Spicy octopus fritters sounded delicious when they ordered it, I don’t even like sea food, but after seeing this plate of food I changed my mind. Usually animation makes food look appetizing and appealing, I’m referring to Goku shoveling down food in DBZ and anything directed by Hayao Miyazaki, he made a roasted newt look good in Spirited Away. Here though…Is that eyeball soup?! Those octopus fritters don’t even look cooked! I think lobster tail is supposed to be the best part, nobody likes the head. Maggot crackers, fish brain, and assorted vegetables round off this terrible plater of food. Yuck.

We get a car chase scene and Asami gets to show off her driving skills. I was surprised Korra wasn’t able to earth bend the car or out bend the kidnappers, but she’s able to keep her losing streak this season…I can’t think of a single fight she’s won this season. I love how the cops in this universe actually show up and arrest the guy driving the getaway car, they do something!

hug time

When is Korra going to tell Lin she met Toph? I don’t think she told Suyin either. I would love to hear about my mom after not seeing her for decades…then again Toph hasn’t seen them her whole life. Korra can connect to the vines and feel Wu’s energy. This is a drastic improvement compared to the spiritually impaired avatar in Season 1. They find Wu in a suitcase, have a quick battle on a train, and Korra uses an air shield to ease their jump off a bridge. She chooses to land on the ground instead of the river under the bridge, which I feel like would have made a much softer landing spot. They hug under the bridge and everything is better, you could even say that the negative tension earlier in the episode is…water under the bridge. I had to do it.

wuuuuuIf this was Asami’s house shouldn’t she offer Wu refuge there and not Mako? Grandma Mako, which is always fun to say, may be the only person in the world that holds Wu in such high esteem.

Kuvira harvesting the vines at the end of the episode came as a shock. I thought we weren’t going to see Toph again, but there’s no way she’s letting Kuvira get away with this. I think Toph saves the giant Banyan-grove tree and we get to see some awesome earth bending when she decimates half of Kuvira’s army, but she obviously won’t defeat Kuvira because she’s not a main character anymore. I’m sure Kuvira will gather enough vines before retreating.

I feel like the show has made it a point to have every villain tell Korra that she’s not needed. That the avatar isn’t needed. As we saw last episode an avatar state Korra could destroy Kuvira, so I feel like the writers won’t have Korra beat Kuvira in the avatar state, but instead have her beat Kuvira as herself. The avatar state could still be used to stop whatever weapon Kuvira makes, but the rematch between the two of them will be pure human bending. Korra’s journey for self-identity outside of the avatar and the antagonists attacking the idea of an avatar are connected and could either lead to her embracing a diminished role as avatar or having the world chant for her avatar state return Rocky style. Aang taking Ozai’s bending away instead of killing him made so much sense in hindsight. I’m not sure how they’ll end it here, but I know it’ll be fantastic.

Korra is going to bring peace and restore balance to the world, but she’s also going to find a balance between her identity as Korra and as the avatar. I’m sure this is going to happen, I’m just not sure how we’ll get there.


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