Flash Recap: Power Outage

lab nerds and labby

We start the episode with a 10 month flashback instead of Barry narrating.

I wonder if that crazy kid on the power lines will end up becoming a metahuman. His friends safely retreat into the car while he gets electrocuted during the particle accelerator explosion, but because it’s not lightning he doesn’t get super speed like Barry. I wouldn’t have been surprised if his friends received car powers.
I’m not sure how much the guy getting electrocuted can be blamed on the particle accelerator though, climbing power lines while drunk seems like a dangerous activity. I’m really glad we got that flashback, now I still don’t care about this new villain.

Dr. Wells is already in his secret braille room and his glasses are off, it’s not even at the end of the episode. Dr. Wells has been observing Barry for 311 days…just say 10 months man. I feel like his voice blog would be a lot less interesting the 9 months Barry was in a coma. “Day 112, still no change.”

Dr. Wells – “Subject has starting using super powers for every day uses.”
Who wouldn’t do this? Barry sleeps in late, gives everyone coffee, and leaves a $40 tip for the incompetent newbie. I guess he was feeling tipsy…
“Unfortunately his penchant for the heroics still exists and he can be a bit of a show off.”

barry gets mugged

Barry gets mugged in the middle of broad daylight, heck even the citizens of Gotham only have to worry about that stuff at night, and dozens of people are murdered an episode in that city.
Barry – “There are literally hundreds of thousands of people in Central City and out of all those people to rob you pick me.”
I’m also calling BS on this too.
“If there’s an Olympics for bad luck, you didn’t just medal, you Michael Phelps.”
He literally said this. I mean Barry doesn’t kill this guy, so he’s not that unlucky.
Barry strips the mugger’s clothes because…he can. He then brings a cop over at super speed, but this cop should only see a half naked unarmed man doing nothing wrong. The officer would tell him to put some clothes on and then ponder on how he ended up in front of this flasher.

barry face 8 1Lab nerds – “Barry has super speed, but he’s late all the time. It’s like his signature move.”
His other signature move? Being a nerd.
Comic Relief – “You guys want to see my signature move?”
What could it be? Is it making super treadmills? The suspense is killing me.

Barry – “Sorry guys I got a little…held up.”
Making corny dad puns could be one of his signature move.

Dr. Wheels has a serious talk with Barry.
Barry – “Sorry I got caught up helping people, it feels good.”
Dr. Wheels – “Imagine how good it’ll feel to stop aging and cure paralysis.”
Dr. Guilt trip one-ups Barry.

charred guy

They discover a murder victim burnt to charcoal. This guy is the true Michael Phelps winner of bad luck. This place was full of combustibles, but nothing else burnt up, must be a metahuman. I mean I’d jump to that conclusion after seeing the charred remains of the victim, but that works too. Joe is still shaken up by his visit from Reverse Flash last episode. I don’t blame him. I wonder if he’ll tell Barry.

Eddie – “You’re going to ID him using a photograph?”
Dental records are usually used for this kind of thing right?
Somehow the lab nerds are able to ID this guy with a photograph…
Cisco – “There’s an 82% chance your victim looks like this.”
Barry – “Only 82%?”
I’m also skeptical about this figure he’s pulling out of his ass.
“Hey it was zero when you walked in here pal.”
Comic Relief everybody!

evil eyesHappy fun loving person from the flashback turns into a psychotic electro after only 10 months! He has to feed on electricity, what is he a robot vampire? Did he only just start feeding 10 months into getting his powers?
Barry – “Easy there zappy.”
Naming villains is Cisco’s signature move, watch out Barry. What a stupid nickname.
Uh…Zappy somehow catches the fastest man alive and I’m starting to become less impressed with Barry’s speed with every episode. The lightning is able to absorb Barry’s super speed energy. After doing this Zappy literally just stumbles away, and Barry can’t run anymore because he lost his powers.

Cisco – “He runs slow even for a normal person.”
Comic Relief everybody!
Barry was running between 7~8 mph, is this bad? I think I also run slow for a normal person.
Barry uses an Uber driver to pick him up instead of the lab nerds because… He tells the driver he was coming from a cosplay party…held in the middle of a power plant. Did he say he was dressed as Daredevil? Zappy doesn’t electrocute people, he siphons electricity from people…I’m not sure how the first victim got charred to a crisp then.

soul getting sucked out 1

Joe throws Barry’s favorite mug on the floor.
“You didn’t catch it.”
Barry’s penchant for heroics extends to mugs. From this day onward he’ll never let a mug break. Never again.

Guy getting arrested is allowed to stop and talk to other people while in handcuffs. I wonder if he’ll be important later?
“That’s a quality time piece.”
Referring to Barry’s watch. I’m his villain theme is time related.

Dr. Wells looks at the same future newspaper headline, but now it doesn’t have the Flash headlining anymore. I honestly can’t believe the post office survives that long into the future. Carla the woolly mammoth charms at zoo. How is that not the headline?!

future newspaper 8Barry talks to Dr. Snow about losing his powers.
Barry – “You think I’ll ever wear the suit again?”
He could always wear it to his next cosplay party.
“I love being the Flash.”
What about the Streak?
Zappy interrupts the two right before they kiss.

Who would have thought there’d be a power outage in this episode called Power Outage? Somehow STAR Labs losing power means the entire city loses power. Wasn’t this guy absorbing electricity at a power plant earlier? Were there any consequences then? This city doesn’t make any sense!

clock king 1Clock Man breaks out of his handcuffs with perfect timing. Clock Man has a unique talking style where he pauses between delivery. The actor previously played a villain in the show Heroes and was one of the few positive things about that final season. I feel like his glasses don’t do anything either. In a room full of cops this one guy with a gun has total control.

Barry discovers that Joe and Iris are in trouble and becomes desperate to get his powers back. Dr. Wheels suggests Barry recreates the lightning incident by sending a surge of electricity through his body with the treadmill as a medium, what can’t that treadmill do? How are they going to recreate the chemical aspect? If only they had some sort of super ice gun to deal with intruders… Zappy talks about the death of his friends, but they were alive at the end of the flashback. So what happened? Barry wants to talk to the bad guy because that worked great before.

Back in the police station Clock Man’s actual name is Tockman…tick tock. That’s worse than Kyle Nimbus. He requests one helicopter, one vegetarian take out meal, and 1 laptop with 8 GB of RAM. I’m surprised he didn’t ask for a grandfather clock. He needs that all to be delivered in exactly 53 minutes, that’s as random as 82%. Eddie wasn’t captured and has a clear shot on TickTock, but Joe shakes his head at him. Now’s not the time, they still have 53 minutes of wiggle room before getting desperate.
TickTock – “You may delay but time will not.”
Joe recognizes that Benjamin Franklin said this. It kind of makes sense he knows seeing as they have a Ben Franklin statue outside their office. This villain gets all the cool lines, Zappy gets all the CGI.

lightning hands 2

Barry tells the violent metahuman that he won’t hurt him, I’d be more worried about my safety, but okay. The people that know Barry’s secret identity is up to 8, and I’m holding back by not counting the Uber driver. Zappy blames Dr. Wells for his friends’ deaths even though he killed them. Zappy uses electricity on Barry and he’s hurt from it, maybe they should rethink their treadmill electricity plan. They manage to close a steel door without any power…what is this a medieval castle?
Dr. Wells – “The Flash is my greatest creation and he must have a future. Now go Cisco, go.”
I guess “run” is his signature word for Barry.

TickTock is like the reverse of Dr. Wells in that I’m sure if someone were able to remove his glasses he’d be a good guy. Apparently he just wanted to visit his dying sister one last time, innocent enough, but he did kill two cops moments ago. I’m guessing his sister’s name is Anna Log. Joe gives Eddie the nod because apparently now is a better time to shoot this guy. Eddie shoots him once in the back…this is the same dude who unloaded his clip on a car theft suspect last episode. 1 Shot Eddie gets shot because TickTock was wearing a bulletproof vest. For some reason TickTock doesn’t kill Eddie for attempting to kill him.

coooool bully

I didn’t expect to see Colossus Bully again. Dr. Wells thinks having a man who can turn into metal would be a good opponent for a guy who can shoot electricity out of his hands…Are we sure this guy’s a scientist? Maybe go with Poison Mist instead, that guy would have won easily. Releasing a guy that knows Barry’s secret identity seems like a great idea as well.

Zappy – “The average person gives off 342 watts, and I can smell it all coming off you.”
There are just so many things wrong here and I don’t even know a thing about electricity.
He’s about to open the closet door they’re hiding in, but then Cisco is able to turn the power back on, the city remains in the dark however. For a man who can smell their personal electricity he sure gives up on that venture easily. I smell BS.

Colossus Bully surprised Zappy with a punch to the face. This guy nearly killed Barry with one punch to the gut last episode and Barry has super healing. This new villain is fine though. Colossus Bully gets shot in the chest with lightning, but turning into metal allows him to handle it somehow.

treadmill powers

Dr. Snow – “I’ve already lost someone I cared about in this building. I can’t do it again.”
Maybe the building is the problem here.
Barry – “Someone once told me I was struck by that lightning for a reason, that it chose me. “
Did that treadmill choose him too? Barry’s hand shakes at super speed, but then he tells us it didn’t work. Uh, look again buddy, clearly it worked.

TickTock – “As if you could kill time without wounding eternity.”
Joe – “Henry David Thoreau.”
That’s a good answer, is it on the board? Show me Henry David Thoreau!
For every quote Father Cop can identify, TickTock gets a little nicer. They call him the Clock King, I wasn’t too far off with Clock Man earlier, and Iris promises him the Flash will save them. That it’s only a matter of time… being useless, her signature move.

Barry and Dr. Snow wander upon a defeated Colossus Bully. I’m starting to pity the poor guy.
Colossus Bully – “You know me, I never run from a fight.“
It’s almost like these 2 are friends.
When the super strength metal man tells you to run, run faster.
Barry’s secret identity is reduced to 7 people.

Apparently SWAT gives into TickTock’s demands. He looks down at his watch and says “early” instead of saying “right on time.” Come on writers!
TickTock – “Ever see the city at night by helicopter, it’s quite spectacular.”
Has he done this before?
Every scene he’s held these people hostage there’s been a faint ticking clock in the background…well at least in this scene.

barry face 8 3Dr. Girl takes a sample of Barry’s blood, I think a couple of episodes ago she mentions how she always carries blood gear with her, neat call back. That’s her signature move.
Dr. Wheels admits to using Colossus Bully as a distraction, but he could have just as easily said he hoped Colossus Bully would have won. The dude took a sonic boom punch to the face and walked away fine, if he were the main villain this episode he would have won.
Barry – “Tony might have been a bully then and now but he didn’t deserve to die.”
But he deserved a life sentence in the pipeline? The only person Dr. Wheels cares about is Barry. Awwww?
“I forgot your game is chess, we’re all just pawns to you.”
Is Cisco’s signature move deal with ping pong?
“So what’s your next move doctor? Which one of us gets sacrificed next?”
Dr. Wheels – “Me.”
I thought for sure he’d say this. Instead he glares at Barry until we get a commercial break.

Zappy can take power from light bulbs just by walking by them. Apparently Barry did regain his speed, he just has a mental block. Barry has the yips because he forgot how to do the simple task of running. Barry is told, again, that his super recovery has healed him; I swear this boy can’t feel his own body.
Dr. Snow – “I believe you were chosen, you should too.”
Is this girl Trinity? Believing in him is all it takes for Barry to become the One.

TickTock takes Iris as his one hostage instead of his best friend Joe who knew all the time quotes. Joe’s smooth talking gets Iris a little more time.
Joe – “It’s wrong they didn’t let you say goodbye to your sister, give her what you deserved.”
TickTock – “You have 20 seconds.”
I guess he only deserved 20 seconds…maybe just take a different hostage?
Eddie whispers something into her ear that we can’t hear.

The lab nerds and Barry try to escape through the garage with 5 trucks, but none of them could have picked up Barry earlier? The one truck they decide to take stalls, but it’s not a cliché because Zappy’s powers stop the car from starting. Zappy walks into the room, but this time the light bulbs turn on, he can’t have it both ways! It’s either he’s able to turn them on or off.

clock shockedTickTock – “Time and tide wait for no man.”
Because Joe couldn’t tell us whom he’s quoting I looked it up for you. They give us a flashback to 2 minutes ago and now Iris has a gun. The Clock King is now the Shocked King.

Right before Zappy attacks Barry and crew, Dr. Wheels diverts his attention. Zappy is mad Wells doesn’t know the names of the friends he killed, but somehow Dr. Wheels does know their names. He knows the names of everyone that died that night. The amount of people who died that night are less than the amount of people that know Barry’s secret identity apparently.
Zappy – “You died that night too, you just didn’t know it until today.”
That’s actually pretty badass. This guy didn’t get any electric pun dialogue though, so TickTock wins the new villain of the week award.
Right before Wells gets zapped, Barry overcomes his mental block and rescues him. Barry only “rescues” him by putting him mere feet from danger. His signature move? He quickly puts his suit on before they fight because… Barry dodges all of Zappy’s zaps before getting hit with Zappy’s signature move of more zaps…again. Zappy does his best Darth Sidious impression before Barry somehow wins by…giving the other guy too much electricity? Somehow this kills Zappy…and we’re back to only 6 people knowing his identity. Boy did that Uber really luck out, it’s been a bad episode for people that have recently discovered Barry’s secret identity.

They put Zappy’s dead body in the pipeline…that’ll teach him.
Comic Relief – “We could have called him Black Out. “
What about Power Outage? That’s the second time he’s come up with a nickname posthumously.
Barry – “How’d I win?”
Good question Barry.
Dr. Girl – “Because you finally stopped thinking about your powers and just connected to them.”
“It’s because the other meta choked on Barry’s energy…”
Uh, sure.

Barry and Dr. Wheels talk again.
Dr. Wheels -“There’s a reason my biography describes me as prickly, arrogant, brusque…”
Barry – “At times contemptuous.”
Quick retort Barry.
“I read it twice.”
He has super speed, that’s easy for him.
Dr. Wheels – “I don’t care much for people.”
Gorillas on the other hand…
And they’re friends again.

eddie on drugs

Barry brings a guy flowers in the hospital.
Iris -“Where were you?”
“Home, trying to eat all the ice cream before it melted.”
I would probably do the same thing.
She leaves to get coffee and Joe pushes down the vase of flowers Barry brought. Barry grabs it at super speed, that one was for the fallen mug. Barry uses super speed right in front of Eddie, but he’s too doped out on drugs to realize it. 6.5 people now know Barry’s secret identity? If Iris were in the room she probably wouldn’t have made the connection either.

iris redishIris and the Flash meet again. She’s a little upset he didn’t save her and it’ll show up passive aggressively in her blog.
Iris – “A girls got to be her own hero every now and again.”
“I promise I’ll never be late again.”
Doubtful. I hope this doesn’t stick, I like him being late for things.
Iris – “My best friend always says that and he’s always late.”
Come on Iris, she’s so close to solving the mystery.
Barry – “You’re worth being on time for.”
TickTock would appreciate this line.

Dr. Wells voice blogs that Barry’s attachment to the people he cares about is actually the key to getting him up to speed. Barry’s back in the future newspaper, but what about Carla the woolly mammoth?! Barry arrives early to the lab for once and starts running on the treadmill. Barry never wears running clothes when he runs…

We get another closing Dr. Wells scene examining the dead body of Zappy. Poison Mist is still in his cell, I’m honestly not sure how he breathes in there if he can’t escape.
Dr. Wells – “You have the abilities to steal the Flash’s powers…I would love to know how you did that.”
For scientific reasons of course, not evil reasons.

barry early


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