Legend of Korra: Beyond the Wilds

bolin back reactions

I think Napoleon Dynamite airbender was given this tour guide role because he failed at everything else. He has a very supportive and positive mother, but wow, the rest of the tour group consists of dimwits…most people in tour groups are pretty dull.  Even Napoleon Dynamite knew not to poke the dangerous vine with a stick.

Spirit vine logic, attack innocent people in Republic City instead of the guilty people cutting them down in the swamp. After re-watching the episode I noticed during Korra’s vine trance that sprit vines do attack mecha suits, but aren’t strong enough to stop them. Spirit vine logic 2, if you can’t beat the bully, just pick a weaker opponent.

Korra plays with Nagga by earth bending like a person with a laser pointer plays with a cat…and I thought this relationship couldn’t get any cuter. If I had earth bending I would do this all the time.

wu planI’m 92% positive that Wu’s plan to capture Kuvira by throwing her a fake vacation is what France did to Napoleon. The best part was that it worked, so I found it funny that they dismissed the idea as idiotic. That may have been his best idea!

Korra – “Again, him, not me?”
Yeah she really should have been invited, come on Tenzin. Korra Alone was meant to be her low point in the series, but Wu being invited over her has to be right next to it.

Every episode that President Raiko speaks makes me dislike him more. All the leaders don’t want to attack Kuvira because she hasn’t openly done anything aggressive or violent yet. There are so many allusions to WWII and Kuvira being Hitler that I’m half expecting her to attack Russia the Northern Water Tribe during winter and lose. Tonraq and the ice twins aren’t at the meeting of world leaders, where’s my water tribe representative at?

wu seriously large

They claim Kuvira hasn’t done anything wrong, but they know she took Zaofu by force and holds the Beifong family captive. Bolin and Varrick telling the world leaders about Kuvira’s super weapon didn’t change their minds either…come on guys.
Varrick – “I guess we should have opened with that line.”
Raiko tries to get rid of Bolin and Varrick with just 2 guards, good luck buddy.
I can understand Fire Lord Izumi not wanting to drag the Fire Nation into another war, but Raiko could still have attacked with the United Forces. Tenzin’s peaceful nature may cost him here.

Bolin gets 2 reunited group hugs, cute, but Korra hugging Naga still wins the cuteness award.

human vinesTenzin still handles Korra with kid gloves. I think him losing faith in her has been a big reason she’s felt helpless for so long. As soon as Jinora split up from Korra and Opal everyone knew she was going to get taken, and she does a few scenes later. The people captured during the spirit wilds tour and Jinora get placed into creepy green fluorescent pods. Spirit vine logic 3, you make vine bombs we’ll make human bombs. That’s what I thought the spirits did, like using the humans as batteries via Matrix style.

Steam buns weren’t enough for Opal to forgive Bolin…steam buns usually aren’t good enough for anything, Bolin should try chocolate next time. Roses couldn’t hurt either.
Opal – “I’m sorry you had to see this Pabu.”
The best part about this line is when we cut back to Pabu he’s just munching on the steam buns. He doesn’t care at all! I know he’s intelligent for a fire ferret, but he’s a still a fire ferret.

asami varrick team up

Varrick and Asami team up this episode, I bet no one besides me saw this one coming! My money’s on big mirror or giant vine wall for how they increase the defense of the city. I think this is the first episode Varrick doesn’t say Zhu Li.
Varrick – “A man has the right to blow up his own property.”
I think he’s actually right too. If he doesn’t hurt anyone, I think he can blow up his own property.

Korra looks so tired and anxious when she arrives at Zaheer’s special mountain prison.
Korra – “I think if I see Zaheer tied up I’ll realize he isn’t a threat anymore.”
She has no idea what she’s doing.
The elevator doors shutting timed perfectly with her eyes squinting in determination, I got goosebumps. The music in this episode makes the suspense even better.

korra ready for zaheer

Zaheer’s is floating and has hair again! He can still air bend in his prison. I always thought his special prison would put his body submerged in water or have his body buried underground to cancel his air bending, but I guess chaining him inside a mountain works too.

I loved how Zaheer charges at Korra after says she isn’t afraid of him anymore.
Zaheer – “You still seem scared.”
What a great villain.
I like how his feet are on the ground when he talks to her, she brings him back to earth. She’s his new earthly tether. In their last fight she grabbed him with the chain and dragged him back to earth, I like how she’s the only character that can keep him grounded to reality.
He spends all his time in the spirit world, it’s like prison doesn’t faze this guy. I bet all prisoners would love the ability to go to the spirit world.

korra and zaheer

The only person to believe in Korra was Zaheer…that’s crazy. How did I not see this coming!
Zaheer – “Blaming me is a crutch to make you feel better. But it’s not helping you recover.”
“The poison should have killed you, but you were able to fight it off. You think your powers have limits, I say it’s limitless.”
I love this line. Zaheer is so impressed with Korra’s fortitude that he’s become less evil. He’s also visibly upset killing the Earth Queen led to a stronger dictator in Kuvira. All he wanted was anarchy.

zaheer concernedHe helps Korra get over her fear of him…just imagine if spiders tried helping people get over arachnophobia. This is equivalent to a psychotic killer coaxing his failed murder victim to get over the PTSD of his past attempt…it’s a beautiful moment. It works.

Raava has been inside of her the whole time, most of the time this would be a cliché, but it works here.

Korra – “I feel whole again, I feel good.”
Mako – “Do you think you’ll finally be able to forget what Zaheer did to you?”
Korra – “No, but I am finally able to accept what happened and I think that’s going to make me stronger.”
She’s finally able to get over her fear and she’s come out the other side stronger. I’m on the verge of tears…again. This show just brings a lot of emotion out of me.

korra avatar cooler state

Bolin – “I know you won’t forgive me easily, but that doesn’t mean I’m going to stop trying to win you back.”
Just forgive him already!

I knew we were going to get a Boiling Rock sort of episode, I just predicted it too early and didn’t realize Opal would be a major player in it. I’m so excited!

Her sick air bison will definitely come into play next episode. It’ll probably delay their initial rescue.

sick air bison is gonna byeson


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