Arrow and Flash Part 2 Recap

I’ve never watched Arrow and I don’t plan on watching the series anytime soon, but I did enjoy this episode. Here’s a recap from someone who has no idea what they’re talking about.

arrow fence peek

So there’s a Red Arrow? Okay, well he’s in position. Other Comic Relief character is also in position. So the villain for this episode planted tripwire bombs in his suburban home in case of intruders. Seems a bit excessive and Oliver can look right through the window boards and see the whole set up. Not smart.

They shoot down the doors of the house with exploding arrows instead of opening the doors normally, this somehow stops the bombs from detonating…the details of the plan went over my head. No one in the neighborhood is woken up. This looks like the least villainous house minus the bomb set up in the basement.
SWAT shows up.
Oliver – “Drop your guns.”
His super hero voice is much better than the Flash’s vibrating voice.
SWAT guy – “You’re outnumbered jerk wad.”
This doesn’t seem professional and it’s because these guys are ARGUS and not SWAT…I have no idea what that is. Then again I’m not entirely sure what SWAT stands for either.
The marketing for this crossover was done to draw viewers from one fan base to the other, but for someone who has only watched the Flash, this episode is decently confusing so far.

flashback arrowFlashback
I guess in this flashback he learns how to torture people. I love the green tint used during the flashback scenes, it’s better than the bright yellow used when Barry has his flashbacks.
Oliver – “You want me to torture this guy to find out where the bomb is?”
Sensei – “I want you to find out where the bomb is.”
Honestly I think she just wanted Oliver to torture the guy, she could care less about the bomb.

The scene changes to Palmer Technologies, I have no idea if Oliver owns this or what the company does. I thought his company was called Queen Industries. Comic Relief and Dr. Snow show up to surprise Felicity and the other Arrow crew members. They should have called before arriving, but this is more fun and Felicity never called when she visited earlier in the Flash so this is fair game. Comic Relief touches everything when he’s brought to the Arrow Cave. He likes the red arrow costume better than the green arrow costume, which makes sense cause he designed Barry’s outfit.

A guy who kills people with boomerangs is the perfect antagonist for a guy who kills fights people with arrows, but who will the next villain be? A guy who kills people with frisbees? Where do we draw the line?!

boomernag poseMan with boomerangs tries to nonchalantly walk past the security guard , but is unsuccessful. I’m not sure if the security guard had a gun, but he should have at least called for backup.
Boomerang – “You should be careful how you treat people my friend *throws boomerang. What goes around comes around.”
Loving the boomerang puns. I was expecting an Australian accent from this guy, but he doesn’t have one. It’s a mix between Russian and no accent.

Important Woman – “I appreciate your help Johnny, but we have it handled.”
Hey, so Other Comic Relief’s name is Johnny. I should probably call him that.
Johnny – “Is that your we have it handled alarm?”
And he’s back to Other Comic Relief. He’s earned it.
Boomerang defeats every security guy with boomerangs…does no one have guns in this city? Even the protagonist doesn’t use guns. This is a semi-serious question. If his boomerangs always come back to him, why does he have so many? Shouldn’t he only need 2?

Arrow and other Arrow suit up, but they probably won’t make it time to stop Boomerang. If only there were someone fast enough to get to the scene on time, but who?!

The Flash runs past a girl saying, “Chase just because we kissed it doesn’t mean anything.”
Is this a jab at Barry and Felicity kissing? Poor Barry, I bet he and Chase would make great friends. I thought for sure Barry was going to get there before the Arrows, but he doesn’t, are we sure he has super speed?

flash catch

The Arrows and Boomerang decide to fight hand-to-hand combat even though they both specialize in long range weapons. Despite having a 2 on 1 advantage, the Arrows lose their fight with Boomerang and Oliver has to be saved at the last second by Barry. The Boomerang gives the best confused facial reaction and then throws a smoke bomb boomerang and escapes…from the entire building. Batman has nothing on this guy.

Everything Not Wife says explaining Boomerang’s backstory goes over my head. I heard went rogue, specialty in weapons, former Suicide Squad member, and wants to kill her. Is she trying to convince me that a weapons expert prefers to fight with boomerangs?

barry pull ups

I actually love how easily Barry is able to do pull ups, but if they’re so easy why is he still so weak? Super speed shouldn’t allow him to do pull ups any easier. The rest of the Arrow crew return to the Arrow Cave and now 9.5 people know Barry’s secret identity. He uses his super speed to get sushi, but his suit doesn’t have pockets so how did he pay for the sushi? I guess the cost of being a hero is free food for Barry.

The Arrow is still reluctant to team up with Barry even though they teamed up last episode. He blames Felicity for the Flash characters being here.  Barry reassembles the shattered boomerangs quickly, but I have no idea how 4 boomerangs were shattered into pieces. I remember one smoke bomb boomerang being thrown, where did the other 3 come from? They don’t even need to analyze all 4, using 1 boomerang Comic Relief is able to find out everything they need. Also he’s somehow able to pick up the boomerang without it falling apart. Did Barry apply super glue when he put these back together? He also knows who built these specific boomerangs because of some bologna reason.

arrow and felicity 1

Barry and Oliver meet 2 new people I don’t know to get information on Boomerang’s boomerang maker. They seem to be cops. They also seem to be in love.
Guy Cop – “Bart right? You get hit by a bus or something?”
I wonder what kind of super powers he’d have if he got hit by a bus? Probably none.
Guy Cop doesn’t remember every guy he arrests, which is realistic, but remembers exactly what he arrested the guy they’re inquiring about for. He arrested this guy over a year ago!

Barry also likes Red Arrow’s costume better than Oliver’s…this is my favorite part of the episode. Barry defeats and ties up a gang of Russian mobsters with the proficiency that he has never demonstrated in his own show.

flash is good, but never do it
Barry gets to see how the Arrow interrogates a suspect and it’s pretty intimidating. Oliver gets Boomerang’s cellphone out of the whole ordeal. After getting shot with an arrow Barry carries the perp back to Cop Guy, so overall a pretty bad day for a guy whose only crime was making boomerangs. Oliver claims that Sterling City is tougher than Central City. I don’t know about that, but it certainly feels like there are more nighttime scenes.

Not Wife – “Sometimes bravery isn’t enough, sometimes the world requires us to be bold.”
Hey that’s the name of this episode The Brave and the Bold. The title of the Flash episode featuring Arrow was titled Flash vs. Arrow, I think we can tell which series is in its third season and which series is in its first season trying to get more viewers. Dr. Smoking Hot finds Boomerang through his cellphone and every male member of the team goes after him.

Oliver has to torture this guy with arrows. Does he do everything with arrows? He starts talking to the guy instead of torturing him.
Oliver – “My Chinese sucks, but that doesn’t sound like a location.”
I feel like getting information from a guy who can’t speak your language would be pretty difficult.
After Oliver’s comment Chinese man can now speak perfect English. Well that makes things easier. Bad guy tells good guy he doesn’t have it in him cliché. The bomb blows up while Oliver is interrogating the guy, but I feel like it blew up too soon. Even if he got the location nothing would have changed.

comic reliefs and speedy

Arrow Comic Relief – “I’m the kind of guy that’s only thought of one thing, how do I keep the people I love safe.”
He also thinks about how to brighten the world with his comedic lines.
Comic Relief – “Maybe meta humans and powers were given to us to deal with the crazy.”
Or maybe they we given super powers for our entertainment.
“By God?”
Comic Relief – “No, by a dark matter wave released by a failed particle accelerator.”
Dr. Wells is God.

Barry again beats up and hand cuffs the bad guys in a much more efficient way than he’s ever done in his own show.

I feel like God is sending Oliver a not so subtle hint to upgrade his bow and arrow. Use the sign Oliver, buy a gun.
Arrow – “Where’s Boomerang?!”
Thug – “Never met him, but he gave us 10 g’s to give you this.”
That seems like a lot of money for a delivery.
It was a trap and Boomerang is able to attack Not Wife at the Arrow Cave. How he knew she would be in the group that held on to his original cellphone I’ll never know. It’s not looking good for the girls, if only someone had super speed to get back to the Arrow Cave fast enough.

Boomerang – “You know what I like most about Boomerangs Lyla?”
Is it that you can throw them?
“They’re proof that things can come back to haunt you.”
I should have seen this boomerang pun coming.
“You had a bomb placed at the back of my head, now I have something special for the back of yours.”
*Throws boomerang at her chest…what about the back of her head?! Was this line just misdirection? Felicity throws an arrow bomb and Boomerang…leaves? Maybe he just disappears in smoke out of habit. I have no idea where he goes, but they’re able to go out and tend to her wounds.
shoot through the heart and boom to pain

Barry gets back with the rest of the Arrow crew instead of running ahead and making sure she was okay…that’s twice now this episode he hasn’t used is super speed effectively. He carries her to the hospital in a city that he doesn’t know. Oliver tells him the address, but that wouldn’t help me run there, but okay. I wonder how surprised the doctor will be when he has to help a woman with a boomerang injury, that can’t happen too often.

Oliver is devastated by the results of the bomb.
Oliver – “He would have told me, I just needed more time.”
He definitely needed more time.
Sensei – “No, what you needed was more conviction.”
flashback arrow 2Or that apparently…
Harsh Sensei let all these people die to teach Oliver a lesson…maybe let the super hero interns handle tortures with smaller consequences on their first day.
“There are people in this world that only deal in extremes.”
Like Siths?
“The bomber was Chang, but make no mistake the blood is on your hands.”
Sounds like a pretty extreme conclusion.
“You need to practice.”
Malcolm Gladwell said that it takes 10,000 hours to become an expert at something…so Oliver must have practiced a long time to get where he is now.
“Torture is an art form, a skill you must cultivate.”
The Arrow writers must not look over what they write…this is ridiculous. Torture is an art form now? No. Telling someone they have a talent for torture is a pretty mean thing to say. Hey, you look like you’d be great at torturing people.

So when they’re upset the Arrow crew decides to ease their sorrows at the quietest night club in the world.

hot sister
Comic Relief – “Who was that hottie?”
He got that right.
Red Arrow – “My ex-girlfriend”
Felicity – “Oliver’s sister.”
Comic Relief – “So stay away is what you’re saying.”
He got that right. Does Oliver make his sister bar tend? Isn’t he rich?
Not Wife is in the hospital, but okay.
Comic Relief – “How do you guys live like this? Where anyone you care about can be struck down?”
By lightning? No wait that’s only on the Flash. And these guys live in the same world, they can be struck down at any moment too.
Dr. Snow – “We don’t take it seriously; we give the meta humans nicknames.”
Mostly Comic Relief does that, but this show gives its character’s nicknames as well.
“The fact that they have these powers makes what they’re doing less…real.”
Yeah, fighting people with bow and arrows is too real. Fighting people with super powers makes her line of work more dangerous though. Ask me to choose between fighting a man who uses boomerangs or a man who can turn into poison mist and I’d choose boomerang man every time.

fast growing bromance

Oliver blames himself for what happened to Not Wife because he tortured the man and fell for Boomerang’s trap. Oliver loses part of himself every time he does something as the Arrow, he’s starting to believe he’s more Arrow than Oliver now. Barry gives Oliver some words of encouragement, but Felicity interrupts the bromance. She found Boomerang; it’s time to go to work.

Boomerang is at a train station walking around with his killer boomerangs clearly on display. I think Hannibal Buress did a bit about how Amtrak doesn’t care what you bring on their trains. It’s pretty funny, but I can’t find the Youtube clip of it, sorry. Barry uses his super speed to transport all the people from the train station to a safer location, but judging from his previous episodes I expected Barry to only move these passengers a couple of feet away. Maybe just move Boomerang to a different location? I wonder how perplexed the people who were moved at super speed were.

trained train duo
Oliver – “You hurt a friend of mine; do you honestly think there’s a place you can go where I won’t find you?”
Probably anywhere outside of this city. The Arrow mainly stays in this city right?
Boomerang set up 5 bombs around the city incase these two tried to stop him.
Boomerang – “You can stop me or you can stop the bombs, but you can’t do both.”
Why can’t they do both? I bet they do both.

Barry leaves to stop the bombs while Arrow stays to fight Boomerang. Red Arrow isn’t out there fighting too because there can only be one man in red tights per city.

boomerang man lostArrow vs. Boomerang part 2, Arrow fires 2 arrows and Boomerang blocks them with boomerangs. He then throws 2 boomerangs at Arrow, but misses and they don’t come back!  After some quick hand-to-hand action, Arrow wins by shooting 2 arrows between Boomerangs neck. I’m writing the words “arrow” and “boomerang” repeatedly  to describe this fight, it doesn’t help that their name is their weapon of choice. Looks like Boomerang’s sharp banana shaped weapons couldn’t beat Arrow’s sharp pointy sticks.

Barry has to find the bombs around a city he doesn’t know with the help of the lab nerds. I have no idea how they found the bombs, but they do. Comic Relief put a camera in Barry’s lightning bolt chest…that’s actually pretty helpful, but also kind of creepy. If it were my suit, I’d wish he put in pockets before installing a camera. The 5 bombs might be linked, so Barry has to dismantle them all at exactly the same time. Good thing he has 3 lab nerds and one discount Arrow to help him out. He doesn’t tell them his plan before transporting them to the other bombs at super speeds. Nobody’s clothes burn off either…I guess it would be greedy for Felicity’s clothes to burn off again. They can all communicate with each other, they all know to cut the blue wire, and they all have wire cutters with them after being surprise transported. It seems a little too convenient and it is. Everyone cuts his or her respective blue wires on Comic Relief’s count and they save the city.
Comic Relief – “Screw you Captain Boomerang.”
Yeah, he can’t fight with boomerangs and bombs, that’s cheating.

hospital loove

Johnny – “Hey sweetie.”
Not Wife – “You only call me sweetie when you want something.”
That’s cute. It’s also a callback to what she says to him earlier in the episode, but I didn’t transcribe that part because I didn’t think it would be used like this in a future scene.
Johnny – “I do, I want you to marry me.”
I guess Not Wife becomes Wife now. I don’t know how often she appears on the show, but this seems like a pretty big step forward for both of these characters. Glad I could witness this touching moment, but I feel nothing for them.
Wife – “Can you please stop talking, so I can say yes.”
He said more before she said this, but I didn’t feel like transcribing that either.

silber man

The crew wrap things up in the Arrow Cave by exchanging gifts. Arrow and crew give Barry a creepy silver mannequin…is it to hold his costume or something? It’s weird.
Oliver – “For the next time you’re in town, but I’m calling the shots.”
Because he shoots arrows! Arrow puns! And I’m still not sure what it is. Why would Barry need something to hold onto his costume when he’d be wearing it when he visits…wait, who brought the clothes Barry is wearing right now? Barry only has 2 costumes left, he needs them!

short shirt of green
The Flash crew give Oliver a new suit that’s 25% lighter, but can carry 15% more gear. Isn’t all of his gear put in a quiver on his back? Why would a shirt be able to carry more gear, is it any stronger? Because that’s what I would care about. How heavy was his shirt before because I feel making it lighter isn’t that big of a deal. I don’t think he gets a full suit because it doesn’t look big enough for his whole body. Actually it doesn’t even look big enough for his upper body, but I guess he likes tight clothes. Cisco still hasn’t designed a new suit for Barry…

Harsh Sensei has a steady supply of evil Chinese men that need to be tortured and Oliver gets another stab at torture. Only 9,999 hours left to go.

ding ding oliver

Barry and Oliver have a Rocky III ending.
Barry – “You were wrong. You can inspire people, not as the Arrow, that guy’s a douche, but as Oliver Queen.”
Cute. I love how these 2 are friends, they sort of balance each other out.
Oliver – “And you were wrong too. You think you can beat me.”
Honestly he should be able to beat him, he has super speed!
Barry – “If you think you can kick my ass you better do it fast.”
Oliver – “I get it Barry, you’re fast.”
Maybe I’d like the Arrow more if he had more lines like this.
Ding Ding. They finish the spar offscreen. Great ending.


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  1. As a regular watcher of Arrow (and The Flash, obviously -what would I be doing here if I wasn’t?-) , I found this recap hilarious.

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