Flash Recap: The Man in the Yellow Suit

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There’s no monologue voiceover in the beginning and instead we see a ton of Christmas lights, so many lights it almost feels like the writers were forced to shove this Christmas aspect into the finale. Flash and Reverse Flash run by some Christmas lights at super speed and they turn off. Okay. Santa is on Barry’s side, not because he’s been a good boy all 3 months of the year he’s been awake, but because he likes Barry’s costume better.

1-Day Flashback
joe eggnogFather Cop and Barry are putting up Christmas decorations at home. Barry didn’t use his super speed to put up decorations because he likes the quality time with Joe and doesn’t want to ruin it. I mean I would use super speed to put up decorations, but then again I probably wouldn’t put up decorations in the first place. Barry puts up and then repacks the Christmas ornaments at super speeds with Iris in the other room. She still has no idea he’s the Flash. I’d bet good money that the Flash isn’t the only guy in a red suit that she still believes in either. Grandma Ester’s famous eggnog has bourbon in it. I want some of that eggnog.

Iris and Barry decide to open their Christmas presents early and Barry blows her gift out of the water. Barry bought Iris a replica of her mother’s wedding band she lost on a 5th grade field trip to the zoo. I’m not sure why a 5th grader would bring her mother’s wedding band to the zoo, but that’s a pretty thoughtful gift from Barry. Iris buys him a microscope because he’s a nerd. Most of the microscopes on Amazon cost over 200 dollars so it’s not a cheap gift, but doesn’t he have a microscope at his personal lab? He couldn’t get a microscope funded through work? It’s not like they’re paying anyone else at CSI. As much of a nerd Barry is I don’t think he needs a personal microscope in addition to his work microscope. Why does Barry love this girl again?

Central city wintar time

Central City is not in the north east if it has weather like this on Christmas. No wonder there are so many farms around the city.

Barry gets everyone at STAR Labs a present.
Dr. Wheels – “I think I speak for my colleagues when I say you’ve been a gift for us.”
He just says that because he doesn’t have a gift for Barry.
The car accident that killed Dr. Wheel’s wife was right before Christmas…maybe he shouldn’t have consumed so much of Grandma Ester’s eggnog before driving. So Dr. Wheels survives a car accident no problem, but after literally nothing happening to him during the particle accelerator explosion he needs a wheelchair. Maybe after the car accident he started to wear fake glasses? They don’t open Barry’s presents, but I actually really wanted to know what he got them.

friendzone hug 9 1

Eddie – “Do you think Barry might like you?”
Are we sure this guy’s a detective?
Iris – “What?! No.
Has no one asked Iris this question before?
Eddie – “Friends don’t give friends wedding bands.”
This is the smartest thing Eddie has said all season.
Iris – “He wasn’t proposing to me! He and I are just best friends.“
Barry is deeper in the friendzone than Aquaman is in the ocean.
Eddie gets her a key to his place, but he put it in a ring box and for a split second I thought he was going to propose to her. It’s no wedding band replica, but I guess it’s an okay gift.

dr. snow see her hot husandDr. Snow went to buy Dr. Wheels a gift and parked her car in probably the worst parking spot in the mall. It practically had a label over it saying, “mug and assault me.” There are literally dozens of other parking spots available not located in the creepy corner where the lights don’t work. She decides to follow her stalker because, well, he just gives off a warm familiar feeling. Dr. Snow either doesn’t recognize her flaming dead husband or is too scared to talk to him. I didn’t even realize it was him last episode until after I posted my recap. Startled by her dead husband bursting into flames she hides a couple feet away; I see she’s acing the Barry Allen “this is a safe distance” class.

We’re taken to some random lab with characters we don’t know; they’re probably going to die.
Security Harbinger – “What are you making in there doc?”
Why does this guy care?
Doc – “The future.”
Yeah, but can he go back to it?
Reverse Flash stops by and kills the security guards, took him long enough! He doesn’t kill doc because…he then leaves.

mecurt laubs

Barry is able to deduce, using his CSI super powers, that these security guards were killed at super speeds. Sure. The witness tells Eddie that all he saw was a blur, but maybe he should get better glasses because Reverse Flash stood a foot away from him. Did he put on Dr. Wheel’s glasses by mistake? Doc tells Barry he saw a man in a yellow suit, so I guess he straight up lied to Barry earlier? Joe tells Barry about how Reverse Flash threatened to kill Iris if they continued to investigate Mrs. Allen’s murder.

Mercury Labs is the 3rd large sciency building in this city, remember STAGG Industries from the clone man episode? This company has spent half a billion dollars on prototypes for future technology. Well that’s a lot of money. These prototypes better work. Tachyons, I have no idea if this is real, are some sort of particle that can travel faster than the speed of light and it was what Reverse Flash wanted to steal. They decide that their best course of action is to set a trap for a man that can run at super speeds…a cold gun would really come in handy right now.

merry christmas to meDr. Snow visits Iris in the coffee shop for what I believe is the first time.
Dr. Girl – “I didn’t sleep much last night.”
She was thinking about her dead husband.
“Me neither.”
Looks like her move in with Eddie is going well…Poor Barry.
Dr. Snow wanted to know more about the burning man that she mentioned a couple episodes ago. She tried searching burning man on Google, but that didn’t really help her.

The head of Mercury Labs comes to the police station. The fact that she’s foreign makes her character more believable as a smart person. I think she was also in the original Flash TV series with Barry’s dad.
Barry – “We think the yellow man broke in to steal one of your prototypes.”
Maybe he just wanted to kill security guards.
Head Woman – “There are literally hundreds of prototypes.”
How about the one in the room he broke into? That one.
Barry – “We think he wanted the one with tachyon particles.”
They want to borrow the prototype to lure Reverse Flash out. Dr. Wheels suggested this plan and it seems like he’s using this as an excuse to take the prototype, but then again are they trying to tell me Reverse Flash couldn’t steal this from Mercury Labs? That guy has super speed right? She says no because she’s smart. Seriously who in their right mind would agree to this idiotic plan? Everyone else apparently.

Comic Relief thinks a force field would be the ideal way to capture Opposite Flash.
Comic Relief – “I’m sorry, that was me testing out a name.”
Hey, wasn’t much lamer than Reverse Flash.
She tells Cisco that her dead husband isn’t dead, but Comic Relief doesn’t believe dead husband can be alive, even though there are super powers in this world. He eventually believes her.

barry and his board

Flashback syncs up with the sound of lightning.
Young Barry has a bruised eye, the under appreciated heroes are the bullies that did this to him. I forgot Barry was afraid of the dark, it’s like he wants me to hate him. Nice mom is nice, hopefully she’s still okay in a couple of hours.
Nice Mom – “You’re not afraid of the dark Barry, you’re afraid of being alone in the dark. That goes away when you realize you’re never really alone.”
Her kind words helped me get over my fear of the dark, no more running up the basement stairs when I turn off the lights!
Young Barry – “I’m thirsty.”
I just hate this kid so much. The dad actually had a glass of water ready for him too, but Young Barry doesn’t even drink from it. He was lying about being thirsty! Maybe people would have believed his story about his mom being killed by balls of lightning if he wasn’t such a liar.

Iris interrupts the Flashback.
Barry – “I used to look at this board every day.”
So he brought this board with him when he got this job?
Iris – “I didn’t know you did that.”
2 people now know about Barry’s board.
Barry – “I guess there are still some stuff about me that you don’t know.”
He’s the Flash and he’s in love with her. I’m betting she discovers one of these by the end of the episode. (She does!)
Iris – “I’m moving in with Eddie.”
Barry – “Wow you guys are moving pretty fast.”
Sad speed pun.
Iris – “He thinks you like me romantically, honestly it sounds silly even suggesting it.”
I also don’t see the microscope on his desk. I don’t think we’ll ever see that microscope again.
Barry – “This year has gone by really fast.”
We get it Barry, you have super speed! He did also spend 9 months of the year in a coma, so it makes sense it went by fast. Barry cries when she leaves and I cried a little bit too.

triple sadness

Barry spots Reverse Flash staring at him on the rooftop across from his lab and Barry runs after him.
Barry – “You were the one that killed my mother…Why?!”
Por que?!
Reverse Flash – “If you want to know that then you’re going to have to catch me.”
His vibrating voice is better than Barry’s. Let’s see who the fastest man alive truly is, the loser can kill themselves to become the fastest man not alive.
This is where they brought us in at the beginning of the episode, so we’ve come full circle.

football stadium

They run around the city and eventually end up in a professional football stadium. I wonder what the team’s called. The Central City Bolts? The lights in the stadium flicker on because…
They line up on opposite ends of the football field and collide in the middle at super speeds. Barry loses.
Reverse Flash – “Not fast enough Flash.”
I feel like being “not fast enough” didn’t really play a role in this collision. I can believe he’s stronger than Barry, but they seem to be the same speed. Reverse Flash tells Barry that he’s known him for a long time.
Reverse Flash – “It is your destiny to lose to me, just like it was your mom’s destiny to die that night.”
That shouldn’t count as an explanation for killing Barry’s mom.
After kicking his ass, Reverse Flash leaves. I guess it was his destiny to leave.

Barry – “He acted like he knew me, like we’d done this before.”
Who could Reverse Flash possibly be?
Joe – “He was just antagonizing you Bare.”
First off, love his nickname. Second off, has he used this more often and I’ve just missed it? Third off, I’m not sure how to spell it, but I think this looks good.
Barry – “I’m not the fastest man alive, he is.”
Well if Barry’s not the fastest man alive then I don’t know why I should ever believe his monologues, Barry is still a liar after all these years.
They’re going to get the force field set up and Dr. Wheels wants Joe to get the bait, I’d bet all the gold in Gold City this doesn’t work out well.

mercury lady headJoe and Barry try to convince Mercury head lady to give them a prototype worth millions of dollars. Apparently they were doing shady sciency stuff to make the tachyon device and Barry is able to be cool for once by blackmailing her about it. She says they’ll have the tachyon device within the hour. She caved pretty easily on Barry’s threat to spread a rumor. She’s not as smart as I thought.
Mercury Head – “I see why Harrison holds you in such high esteem Mr. Allen, you’re very much alike.”
Really? Cause I heard Harrison’s favorite color is yellow, not red.

Eddie – “ Joe do you have a minute?”
Joe – “No.”
Eddie – “I know the Flash was at the crime scene and I know you have something in the works.”
Well it was actually Reverse Flash at the crime scene, so he’s wrong already.
Joe – “Trust me, you don’t want any part of this.”
Father Cop says this in a funny way, but I can’t describe it.
Eddie – “I have a taskforce…I’m not asking for permission here.”
Joe – “Excuse me?”
Eddie – “I’ll tattle on you if you don’t help me.”
That’s pretty much what he says too, maybe I redacted Eddie’s nickname too soon?

kings speech

The lab nerds go on a side adventure to find her literally hot figuratively dead husband. Comic Relief has some sort of old fashioned microphone that Colin Firth used in the King’s Speech that can somehow find Hot Dead Husband.
Dr. Snow – “He isn’t exactly as you remember him.”
Wait she didn’t tell him about his fire body? How are they tracking him then?
They find Hot Dead Husband, but maybe she shouldn’t have brought Cisco “I’m going to close the doors and kill him” with her. I wouldn’t have been surprised if he attacked Cisco here.
Ronnie – “I’m not Ronnie.”
It’s the same actor, but with longer hair. This isn’t even a flashback in the Arrow.
Dr. Snow – “Yes you are.”
Yes he is.
Ronnie – “I’m not Ronnie, I told you that.”
Does he refer to something he says 2 seconds ago or did they talk before this? He either has amnesia or he’s about as honest as a younger Barry.
She grabs the hand of a man who can burst into flames…
Fire Storm – “Fire…Storm.”
He gives himself his own nickname to prevent Cisco from fucking him over again and walks out of the building on fire.

worst trap ever, i dont care if he got caught fake

They place the tachyon device right in front of this big force field generator to create the most obvious trap in the world.
Father Cop and Dr. Wheels don’t want Barry to be here for when they trap Reverse Flash.
Barry – “I have to be here, I’m the best chance to catch this guy.”
Yeah but Reverse Flash Dr. Wheels has a really good feeling about this force field working.
Joe – “Not right now, not in this state.”
Yeah, maybe in Montana but not here in wherever they are…geography jokes doing it for anyone?
Barry angrily walks out of the room.

cry on my shoulder

Dr. Snow is crying over her dead husband becoming a meta human psycho, but I mean, at least he’s alive. That’s an upgrade from dead.
Her – “I used to play a game in my head, what would I give up for just one more minute with him.”
She’s only at the bargaining stage of grief? She still has 2 more stages to go!
“I’d give up my house, my career, the rest of my life.”
So what’s the next step for this unemployed homeless ghost now?
“Seeing what he’s become, I wish he just died that day.”
Maybe she shouldn’t jump to such drastic conclusions after talking to her husband for a minute.

Barry visits his dad during the middle of the night because the prison allows visiting hours at all times.
Dad – “Merry Christmas Slugger.”
In case we forgot it was Christmas in this episode.
Not one happy Hanukkah?
Barry – “After years of searching I finally found the man that killed mom.”

phon call prison
His dad thinks he’s crazy. Maybe if Barry ran around at super speed his dad would be more inclined to believe him. Barry blames himself for his dad being in prison and hates himself for being too weak to capture Reverse Flash.
Dad – “This is not your fault. Every decision in your life has been because of me and mom.”
I mean at least he didn’t dress up as a bat and go crazy.
“You doing CSI and with Iris.”
Barry – “Iris?”
That’s what I said!
Even in prison Barry’s Dad knows that Barry loves Iris, meaning Iris and Eddie are still the only people in the world that don’t realize Barry loves Iris. Mr. Allen encourages his son to go after the girl he loves. Where was this advice 14 years ago pop? Has anyone told Mr Allen how she’s been dating Eddie for a year? I wonder if his advice would be the same.
Dad – “The man in the yellow suit…he’s taken enough from us already.”
It’s like he’s the reverse Santa.

Barry visits Iris.
Iris – “Are there awards for tree trimming because this is award worthy.”
Well it’s certainly TV worthy.
“Are you okay Bare?”
Seriously how have I never noticed this cute nickname the West family gave him. I was as blind as Iris on this nickname.
For a second there I thought he was just going to hug Iris instead of confess to her.
Barry – “…I love you Iris.”
Yay! Now Iris please don’t interpret this wrong.
Iris – “Aw I love you too.”
Damn it, stay strong Bare!
Bare – “Since we were kids I’ve loved you before I even knew what the word love meant.”
Hey this is what Joe told him a couple of episodes ago.
“And then my mom died and I had to go live with the girl I had a crush on.”
Wow, that’s really inconsiderate of his mom to do that.
They move to the couch because this is sit down news.

the confession cliche
“There were so many times I wanted to tell you – junior prom, going to college, getting back from college…”
What about normal prom?
“Nights that we stayed up talking, all the birthdays, all the Christmases…”
During the pilot, visiting her at the coffee house, during second breakfast…That’s a lot of times Bare.
“I felt that after losing my mom and dad that if you didn’t feel the same way…I would lose you too.”
Wow, I feel bad for making fun of him earlier, this is adorably sad and it makes sense.
“That’s the irony of it, I was so scared of losing you…that I did.”
If only he were faster. This is a serious moment, why can’t I be serious as well?!
“I know my timing couldn’t be any worse.”
Well I guess his lateness doesn’t just apply to meetings and work.
She doesn’t tell him how she feels and he just leaves…what a cliffhanger.

They’re at STAR Labs with the trap ready. Eddie is there with his 3 members of his task force. The trap “works,” but because this is on TV monitors and not happening in front of them I’m skeptical. It was the worst trap set up ever…

force failed

They walk into the force field room and the trap seems to have worked. Dr. Wheels is with everyone so he obviously can’t be Reverse Flash, but that’s just what he wants us to think! I notice Barry is nowhere to be seen though; I knew Barry was Reverse Flash all along!
Joe – “I need to get some answers. 14 years ago you killed Nora Allen, why?!”
Por que?!
Reverse Flash ignores him.
Reverse Flash – “Dr. Wells, we meet at last.”
It’s because he can’t meet himself…I’m not falling for this charade!
Dr. Wheels – “What do you want with the tachyonic particles?”
Don’t you mean what do I want with the tachyonic particles?
Reverse Flash – “My goals are beyond your understanding.”
They’re certainly beyond my understanding. Seems pretty ironic a guy caught in a trap is bragging about how intelligent he is, I don’t care if he got caught on purpose, it’s still pathetic. Eddie and his task force don’t do anything; I’m surprised Eddie hasn’t noticed this Flash is wearing a yellow suit. Dr. Wheels understands Reverse Flash’s powers because they’re almost exactly like the Flash’s powers except that his vibrating voice is much tougher to understand.

dr wheels looking in a mirror
Reverse Flash – “I’m not like the Flash at all, some might say I’m the reverse.”
What’s with people nicknaming themselves this episode? Cisco is basically useless now. Reverse Flash sucks Dr. Wheels in the force field and beats the shit out of him. The perfect way to throw us off his scent is to beat himself up. Joe yells at Cisco to turn off the force field, but he refuses. Seriously Cisco has to be evil.
Comic Relief – “If I turn off that barrier he’ll get out.”
He can get out anyway!
cisco why didnt i hink of thatJoe beats down the force field generator to save Dr. Wheels, but Reverse Flash is then able to escape and steal the prototype. He doesn’t immediately leave the room and now Eddie and his task force have him cornered. I feel like this would be a shoot first and ask questions later scenario, I mean Eddie did unload his gun on a car thief a couple of episodes ago. Dr. Snow texts Barry to come help. This is also the smartest thing she’s done all season. I think this is the first text message on the show.

Reverse Flash takes down Eddie’s task force in a flash and then chokes Father Cop before leaving.
Barry starts fighting with him outside, but he puts on his suit before fighting him. How would we know which blur is who if he didn’t put his suit on? Thanks Bare. They fight and Barry gets his ass kicked again, but Hot Dead Husband comes in and saves him. Maybe he was at STAR Labs looking for Alive Wife, but I don’t know how he knew which Flash to attack. Maybe Reverse Flash’s costume was also designed for a fireman because the fire doesn’t do anything. It totally should have though, look at that fire attack.
Reverse Flash – “Our race is not yet done. See you soon Flash.”
I think this is what he says, but he’s harder to understand than Bane.

fire cannot hurt the drag i mean flash

Dead Husband saved Barry, but tells his wife he doesn’t want to be looked for again and flies away. So amnesia is looking less likely because he knew who she was and where she worked. So he either wants to distance himself to keep her safe from his fire powers or some other reason. I mean if he can control his powers well enough to fly, then I think he’s not really a danger.

Eddie – “Why did it not kill me?”
I mean if I knew someone as incompetent as Eddie was head of the task force in charge of taking me down I think I’d keep him alive too. Wouldn’t want someone good at their job taking over for him.
Joe tells Eddie about Meta humans.
You and me are the only guys on the force that know what’s really going on. His task force doesn’t count I guess. They need to keep it that way so nobody else gets hurt, but usually knowing is half the battle. Whatever.
Eddie – “The Flash, do you know who he is?”
Joe – “Yeah I do…He’s the guy that saved both of our lives tonight.”

Comic Relief – “I don’t know why the force field didn’t work.”
Because either Dr. Wheels sabotaged it or Cisco did because he’s evil.
Dr. Wheels – “It’s okay everything went according to plan. Let’s talk about Ronnie being alive because he totally burned me, I mean Reverse Flash.”
They bond over hot dead husband not being dead.
“I know I made you a lot of promises, and I haven’t been able to keep them all.”
So this promise means nothing then.
“But on my life, I promise you we will bring Ronnie home.”
He’s half dead when he makes this promise as well…I don’t buy it.

Barry looks at a snow globe of London sentimentally, but I have no idea why.
snow globeJoe – “Hey Bare.”
Okay they’re just rubbing it in now.
Barry – “You know my mom traveled around the world, twice.”
And all she got was that shitty snow globe? Barry’s mom sounds really interesting.
“She always wanted to go back, but she never got a chance.”
Because she died? Maybe it was because she had Barry, kids ruin parents’ dreams.
Joe – “I offered to send you abroad in college.”
If you’re in college and reading this, go abroad. It’s awesome. Don’t be like Barry.
Barry – “The truth is, I’m stuck here in Central City.”
Did he go to college here? CCC is a great school, but maybe he went to CCCC, the community college isn’t as good.
“I’ve been afraid of the man in yellow suit my whole life…that’s why I lost.”
And because he wasn’t fast enough. It’s better than his fear of the dark.
Joe – “You’ve seen more darkness than any man will see in a lifetime and you never let it dim your soul.”
So corny, but delivered by Father Cop makes it acceptable.
Joe – “I thought I was changing your life taking you in, but truth is, you changed mine.”
“The world may need the Flash but I need my Barry Allen.”
The world? More like just Central City and Starling City every now and then. This is a cute moment.

merry christmas

Dr. Wells doesn’t come to the social gathering so he can be alone and have 1 last evil scene at the end of the fall finale. Even though Barry told Iris he loves her, she still hasn’t responded to him yet…
Comic Relief is the first person to put together that there were 2 people running at super speeds the night Mrs. Allen died…it took 9 episodes, but the characters finally made the connection show watchers have known all along. They put up decorations and everyone is happy.

Dr. Wells has a lightning bolt ring to open the secret compartment in his secret room because a hidden door behind a bookshelf would have been too obvious. So he’s probably Reverse Flash and that device he stole was to make his suit more yellow. His plan all makes sense now. The real gift Barry got Dr. Wheels was the tachyon prototype. This couldn’t have been the easiest route to get it, actually it was probably the most convoluted but it worked. Do they owe Mercury Labs money for losing the million dollar prototype? Maybe Dr. Wheels uses a wheel chair to rest his legs after all that running at super speed.
Reverse Flash – “Merry Christmas.”
In case we forgot it was Christmas in this episode.

reverse flash


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