Legend of Korra: Operation Beifong

weapon go booom

My procrastination has gotten so bad that the next Legend of Korra episode has already come out before I posted this review. My writing process is me watching the episode and writing down my thoughts, then going back and editing it later. I handle this show differently than Game of Thrones and Flash by trying to review the episode more than recaping it. I wrote and edited things before I saw the new episode and now things are a little redundant. I’ll use parentheses when interjecting with my future voice and I’ll leave everything else untouched. Hopefully this won’t be too confusing and I’ll get back to schedule before the finale.

Toph being here explains why she didn’t stomp Kuvira’s army in the swamp. I really hope the giant Banyan-grove tree wasn’t chopped down off-screen, that tree is practically her family! Toph’s spent more time with that tree than her grandkids.
toph and opal intro
Bolin sees Toph as his hero, which is ironic because Toph can’t see him at all.
Toph – “What’s wrong with him?”
Lin – “He’s an actor.”
Hehehe, I love the Beifong family. I’m not sure if Bolin has a last name, so I recommend him taking Opal’s. Bolin Beifong just has a certain ring to it.
Toph has been keeping an eye, foot?, on Zaofu through the vines. I think we know who her favorite child is, sorry Lin. She hasn’t seen Lin in 20 years…or anyone ever. Alright, done with the blind puns.
Bolin – “Please tell me this attitude isn’t hereditary.”
They’re destined to have a stubborn daughter now, I mean all the living Beifong females are pretty badass so at least they have that going for them. I just realized that Opal is the Ginny Weasley of her family, Suyin had all sons.

Opal named her perpetually sick sky bison, Juicy. I think we had a flashback of Aang first meeting Appa as a child where he held out an apple to a group of baby sky bison and Appa ate it. It’s cool that we get a little more information from Opal about the process though. Once a sky bison chooses someone, there’s no switching. I’m not sure if she did the apple thing like Aang, but I thought an apple a day was supposed to keep the doctor away. I think she should ignore that and bring Juicy to a doctor, he needs help.
varrick and asami dragon fly

The Varrick and Asami team up resulted in dragonfly suits…well I didn’t see this coming. It feels very underwhelming, I’m not sure how effective these suits will be when Kuvira attacks, but they should be cool to see animated. Maybe Asami leads a dragonfly platoon against Kuvira’s army? (And they’re all destroyed by Kuvira’s giant gundam, so these probably won’t come into play in the finale. It’s actually kind of sad that Baatar Jr. out invented these two.)

wu for helenWu wants to evacuate the city incase Kuvira attacks. (She does! A week early!)
Wu – “Why do you think guys do anything great? To pick up girls.”
Well he’s not wrong, Helen of Troy anyone?
(This makes Kuvira tossing Baatar Jr.’s wellbeing aside to attack the leaders an ironic contrast with what Wu says. What’s Kuvira’s motivation to do something great?)

Zhu Li has been sabotaging the super weapon, which didn’t surprise me and I doubt it surprised anyone, but it still brings a smile to my face. Kuvira immediately suspects her; Zhu Li’s great at a lot of things, but lying isn’t one of them.

Kuvira dismantling of the Zaofu domes can only mean she plans on using the extra metal to make a super weapon. The super tank we see now is definitely comprised of Zaofu dome metal, but there could be a lot more metal unaccounted for. Let’s make a list on what she could be using that metal for!

super weapon 1
1. There’s no more metal and I’m wrong! I thought I should start with the most likely scenario, me being wrong. Maybe this super tank used up all the metal, I mean it’s pretty big.
2. There’s more metal and she makes more super tanks. I feel like this is the most likely. (Well I was wrong!) This is what Baatar Jr. has been spending all of his time perfecting and the demonstration proved how strong it was. They make about half dozen more of these bad boys and attacking Republic City should be over pretty quickly.
3. She makes a gundam/ giant mecha suit. Screw the super tank, this would be a lot cooler. As much as I want this to happen I feel like it won’t. (I’m so happy I’m wrong! I have no idea how they built this giant mecha suit so quickly without Zhu Li noticing it, but I don’t care. This is amazing.)
4. Dragonfly suits! I’m kidding, but how funny would it be if they had the same idea as Varrick and Asami? If I couldn’t think of dragonfly suits then I’m sure that whatever the creators decide to go with will be something else I can’t think of either. (They went with choice 3 and it’s better than I could ever imagine.)

super weapon 2

Using a sonar foot stomp, Toph and Lin discover their family being held in an underground prison…an elite earth bending family is being held in an underground prison. I feel like something’s wrong here.

They should either take out Kuvira or take out the cannon while they have a chance, some simple lava bending under the cannon would do wonders Bolin! Use your brain! I guess he could only use it once this episode.
Toph – “I came here to save my family and it will take everything we have to get out of here alive.”
Younger Toph would have done all 3, she’s a disgrace to her past self. (It’s ironic because my past self is a disgrace to my current self!)

ramen noodles

So they have cup noodles now, this show is becoming more and more like an anime. Toph commends Bolin for being able to lava bend, but doesn’t tell us if she can lava bend herself. Just when we get an answers about Lin’s dad, we get more questions! Lin’s dad is a man named Kanto, which tells us that Sokka must have changed his name after falling love with Pokemon. I feel like this was the writers saying that Lin’s dad didn’t matter.

Honestly Toph doesn’t play that large of a role in rescue, Bolin and Lin probably could have done this alone. The family is in a wooden cage suspended in the middle of a large cavern. I would totally major in prison design in this world. Seems like it’d have the most job security. Guard on duty sees the cage moving, but just walks away like nothing suspicious happened. What! He has one job, why even close the door?! I feel some improvisation from the captured Beifong members could have been a creative and funny way for the writers to get the guard to leave instead of the guard just being an idiot. (Yeah, that’s a good point past me.)

bolin dad catch

The husband screams when he’s rescued, alerting the guard of their escape, maybe put a gag in him next time. Lin cuts the ropes holding the cage in the air and swings to safety, arguably this should have been Plan A. Also radios seem to work underground…radios are better in this world than ours.

kuvira dsicovers zhu lis loveZhu Li gets caught red-handed sabotaging the super weapon.
Zhu Li – “You’re a monster. I regret nothing.”
Maybe she should regret failing.
Kuvira – “I didn’t come all this way to not see a town explode.”
I didn’t turn on my computer Friday morning to not see Kuvira explode something.

Korra tries to recruit the spirits of Republic City to help her against Kuvira, but most of the spirits just decide to leave the city. I would think Kuvira attacking the Banyan-grove tree would mean that the spirits would already want to help Korra attack her, but I guess I was wrong. (Again.) Or they’ll help her defend the city at the last-minute. The spirits, well one spirit, tell Korra she’s no different from Unalaq, that she’s trying to use the spirits as weapons. Well I like Korra a lot better than Unalaq, that’s one difference right there. Also she’s asking the spirits to help her, not forcing them like Unalaq did. I would think the Avatar would have more sway with the spirits, I was wrong. (You’re usually wrong Past Me.)

spirit bird dragon thingy

Sick Appa doesn’t screw up the escape plan, I wrongly predicted this would happen in my last review. (Hey I think this was the first time I was wrong! Sarcasm.) Bolin refuses to leave Zhi Li behind even though everyone else wants to get out of there. That’s pretty selfish for a bunch of people who just had to be rescued…Is that enough rescuing for the day? What’s their excuse? Bolin believing in Zhu Li and going to rescue her just makes me like him more. Opal deciding to help Bolin inadvertently takes away their get away car.

One of the twins – “We can’t let Opal be the coolest.”
She’s already the coolest! Without a means to escape, they have no choice but to attack Kuvira.
Baatar Jr. spots Opal and Bolin in the small town they’re firing on and tries to call off the attack, well at least he isn’t rotten to the core, he still loves Opal. I’m not sure if he loves Bolin. We don’t get Kuvira’s answer but I doubt she’d fire a super cannon on her future sister-in-law just for a demonstration. (Actually I think she would now.) Lin or Suyin avert the cannon with earth bending.

beifong sisters

We get some beautiful earth bending from everyone. I particularly liked Suyin creatively bending make shift armor from spare parts. The twins had amazing teamwork with their earth bending and Lin was a badass per usual.  I wish we got more fights like this. During Suyin’s failed sneak attack a few episodes ago, Kuvira said Suyin feared fighting her 1 on 1 in a fair fight. I’m glad we got a glimpse of what it would have looked like, but it was too short! I wonder if Baatar Jr. would still love Kuvira if she killed his mother. (Now that Kuvira attacked him, he’ll probably switch sides. Probably…he really loves Kuvira.)

you give meta benders a bad name

(When Toph said this line all I could think of was this Bon Jovi song, and Kuvira proves me right next episode! She does give love a bad name…)

It’d be funny if Toph was pointing at the wrong person when she says this.
Kuvira doesn’t chase after them.

Toph’s fighting days are behind her so it looks like we won’t be getting a White Lotus 2.0 with her, Zuko, and Katara just wrecking everyone.
I thought it was endearing that Toph cracked her hard shell to save her family and rekindle her relationship with her daughters.
Bolin is out of the polar bear dog house, good for him.
Kuvira is going to attack in 2 weeks. (Make that 1 week.)
end boilfong happy family


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