Legend of Korra: Kuvira’s Gambit

This is the last episode before the series finale… I think every soldier in Kuvira’s army has the same weird haircut and it sort of freaks me out. I’m not sure what the standard female haircut would be because Kuvira may be the only female in her army. Kuvira insists that the 2 of them will get married after the war is over, but I don’t notice an engagement ring on her finger. I think she loves Baatar Jr., but she loves winning more, and takes advantage of Baatar Jr.’s love for her. Maybe I’m just a helpless romantic, but I hope they really do get married after the war is over.
haircut men

Wu was able to evacuate 18 families…I mean its better than 0 families, but things aren’t moving too quickly. I honestly didn’t know optional evacuations were a thing. At least we learn that there are millions of people in Republic City… I never realized how big the city was. They cut the rail tracks to delay Kuvira’s army from getting to the city. This was a clever idea and it’s something Zaofu should have at least considered, but they didn’t and Kuvira’s train was able to roll right in.

Zhu Li – “You mean the world to me.”
Just say I love you!
They’ll become a couple by the series end but their relationship will never be as strong as Varrick and Bolin’s relationship.
Zhu Li’s facial reactions from bliss to disappointment is hilarious, I can feel her frustration. I’m sure a certain Barry Allen can understand her feelings.

zhu li happy sad

I like how Wu demonstrates his capabilities as a good leader by relieving Mako’s disastrous radio broadcast. His crush on Korra has made him do some pretty great things, but I’m not sure if he matured much from the person we met hitting on Asami in the first episode. I mean his goals are still pretty much the same, but at least he’s not as dumb as before.

Wu – “Believe me I know what it’s like to be afraid. I used to not be able to go to the bathroom by myself.”
I feel like he would be even more afraid of going to the bathroom after being kidnapped, but it looks like he got over that. Maybe he’s lying.

Hey it’s that guy from the competitive bending team from Season 1. The Wolfbats? Cool.
Wu could become king and his catchphrase would still be “Wu down!”

The air bender family decides to remain in Republic City, except the 4th kid, Rohan, boards the evacuation boats. I had to look up his name too and I almost forgot he existed. So the entire family stays except him…that’s pretty harsh. I understand wanting to keep him safe and he wouldn’t really be able to do anything helpful, but he’s still apart of their family and I’m sure he’d want to stay with them.

lazer under shot

Mako – “Did you know she was building that thing?”
Bolin – “Oh did I forget to mention it? Of course I didn’t know!”

I love the giant mecha suit/gundam for so many reasons. It makes not taking out the cannon during Operation Beifong trivial and it’s really cool. I mean walking in a gundam doesn’t seem like the most effective way to get from place to place and making this gundam in under a week seems a bit fast, especially considering she’s able to walk towards the city a week early…so they finished the suit and mastered using it in under a week. But I have no complaints, this thing is amazing. I guess Zhu Li not being there has done wonders for Baatar Jr.’s progress. Kuvira blows up the radio towers, but I feel like they would still know she’s coming because they wouldn’t be able to contact those radio towers.

Kuvira’s mecha tank is awesome and impresses everyone. Raiko surrenders and General Iroh looks flabbergasted.
Varrick – “I guess Baatar Jr. is a better inventor than I thought.”
I wouldn’t be too surprised if Baatar Jr. didn’t make the gundam, maybe Kuvira built it herself, I mean she’s pretty amazing.

kuvira staring down varrick

Korra decides their best course of action is to capture Baatar Jr. and make him talk…sounds like an old Korra plan, but Tenzin agrees to this surprisingly quick. Korra doesn’t take Meelo on the capture mission of Baatar Jr. because he’s a kid. In a show where people can bend elements and there are massive mecha suits, and regular mecha suits, it still manages to be realistic.

chinese codeI wonder if Korra can use one of those air suits…she uses a glider instead. The blimp takes forever to get to Air Temple Island, we all know planes are better than blimps. Whatever happened to those planes Asami’s dad invented? Why didn’t those catch on? I mean the mecha suits did, why not planes? Those are chinese characters are on the security dial pad. The Earth Empire is officially Nazi China. The code to the door is only 2 numbers…that’s not a secure code. I can see Air Temple Island when they jump out of the plane, but they still get down to the ground and are able to start interrogating Baatar Jr. before the blimp reaches the ground. When the grunts can’t find Baatar Jr., one of the grunts says “did you check the engine room?” Baatar Jr. would totally be in the engine room and I love this small comment. And there was a second female solider it seems, I guess Kuvira isn’t the only female in her army.

there's airtempl island in the bottom corner

Korra’s plan changed from learning how to stop the gundam to asking Baatar Jr. to tell Kuvira to back off. Come on guys, learn the important stuff first!
Baatar Jr. doesn’t switch back to his family’s side and remains loyal to his true love Kuvira. I’m sure that hug in the beginning of the episode was foreshadowing their everlasting love and not something tragic. Korra threatens to keep Baatar Jr. away from his love as her life mission if he doesn’t tell Kuvira to back off. Okay plan, except she’d have to spend her entire life with Baatar Jr., yuck. He caves in to this threat.
Kuvira – “Are you injured?”
Because he’s about to be. She asks this because she cares about him.
“Is the avatar with you now?”
Would she have fired on him if only the avatar was there? Maybe.
The grunts in the gundam are able to find the avatar’s radio signal really quickly. Like quicker than we can do in our world.

cannon death 3d
Kuvira fires on Baatar Jr.’s location and we’re left with a cliffhanger on everyone’s wellbeing.
The dragonfly suits get destroyed, the true loss of the episode is we’ll never see those bad boys.
Lin goes to check for survivors and jumps off Air Temple ISLAND to get to them. I actually think Lin can do this because she’s a Beifong.

If you think Baatar Jr.’s voice sounds familiar it’s probably because he’s in a ton of things. His most notable roles are Natsu Dragneel from Fairytail, Death the Kid from Soul Eater, and Firo from Baccano! I mean every soldier has the same hair cut, so if Baatar Jr. is dead, I’m sure Kuvira can replace him easily by putting glasses on any of her soldiers.

Who died? Let’s make another list!
1. No one died. It’s a “kid” show and no one really needs to die here.

3 faces of baatar jr
2. Baatar Jr. – The jerk family member never dies because the audience wouldn’t be upset. He’s already been humanized and obviously still cares about his family, he’s just been manipulated and blinded by love. Also his character still needs to redeem himself and while he could tell them how to take down the gundam with his dying breath, that’s not enough. I don’t think he’ll die because he’ll lead the campaign to undo the re-education camps after the war is over.
3. The Twins – They better not break up another pair of twins! I still can’t forgive JK for that, and I’ve already made a ton of comparisons to the Weasley family already, so this would just be cheap. I honestly thought Opal was the youngest daughter, apparently she’s the middle child.
4. Suyin – I feel like she’s the only character that could die, I mean a lot of the conflict in this season has been because of her mishandled relationship with Kuvira. She also had that guy betray her last season too. Her character arc could end after Baatar Jr. apologizes to her and promises to do everything to protect the family and stop Kuvira. I doubt she dies though, I mean she’s wearing armor and everything!
Zero percent death rate
Varrick – Maybe his near death experience will cause him to finally realize his feelings for Zhu Li?
Zhu Li – She needs to do the thing with Varrick, she won’t die.
Korra – The show’s called Legend of Korra because she dies! It’s not like we have 2 more episodes and need the main character or anything.
Bolin and Opal just got back together, but now they’re dead! They’re love is eternal.
Mako’s dying words could be “Mako down!” He wouldn’t die on the job though.
I could see Tenzin being out of commission for the finale, but if he didn’t die last season then he ain’t dying now.
Bumi – He just got air bending, he can’t die now. Who would take care of Bum-Ju?
Asami’s too smart and pretty to die, plus I didn’t notice her in a single frame during the “torture” scene. I’m honestly not sure if she’s even there.
No name characters, I don’t think so, but I also don’t really care.

tortue time

My Finale Predictions
I think the weakness Baatar Jr. tells them won’t help them take down Kuvira’s gundam and a combination of avatar state Korra, the spirits returning to the city to help her, and Varrick creating a large scale EMP will take down her gundam. After the gundam is taken down Korra and Kuvira fight 1 on 1 again, with Korra winning without the help of her avatar state. I don’t think we’ll see that giant blue spirit Korra from the end of Season 2, I think that was a one time thing. I think the creators know what they’re doing and I can’t wait for what they have in store, but I’m really sad the series will be ending. I will definitely see what their next project will be though.

Random Prediction Bingo for the Finale

Beifong family hug
Varrick and Zhu Li get married
Wu gets crowned King of the Earth Kingdom
Baatar Jr. keeps his hair messy throughout the finale
Asami’s dad makes a cameo
suyin is heartbrokenMako lightning bends again
Bolin lava bends the foot of Kuvira’s gundam suit
General Iroh fights anyone during the finale
Kuvira survives the battle
Asami beats someone without using her electric hand
Korra throws Kuvira’s gundam suit into a mountain
Meelo farts and burps at the same time
Bolin and Opal hug affectionately
Kai and Jinora hug affectionately, and Tenzin’s okay with it
Zuko returns
Kya makes an appearance
The air benders make a giant tornado
Ikki gets another speaking line
Aang talks to Korra spiritually
I cry at the end

Long Shot Predictions

Kuvira wins and everyone’s already dead for the finale
Lin reunites with her father Kanto
varrick hummingWu gets a kiss from Korra
Bolin metal bends
Mako gets back together with either Asami or Korra
The Wolfbats get back together
Rohan gets another appearance
A level 5 Kaiju starts fighting Kuvira’s Gipsy Danger
Mako gets back together with Asami and Korra
Kuvira and Baatar Jr. still get married after the war
Varrick makes an Iron Man suit and beats Kuvira single-handedly
Darth Vader shows up
Zaheer breaks out of prison and flies to the moon
Asami and Korra get together
Toph regains her vision
Wu gets crowned King of the Earth Empire and becomes a worse dictator than Kuvira
Sokka makes a cameo

that's just a really pretty town

This is some pretty good animation. Wow.


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