The Flash Recap: The Sound and the Fury

royal flush gang meet up

A motorcycle gang should be the easiest opponent for a guy with SUPER SPEED, but then we wouldn’t have a show.
Barry – “Which way should I go?”
Should I put on pants today?  Which seat should I take? Oh I’m sorry Bare, I thought we were asking stupid questions. Heck, he could take a nap and still be able to capture these guys.
Barry maneuvers the King and Queen riders back to the middle road and, even though Barry didn’t tamper with him at all, the Ace rider arrives last. Despite what his helmet says, Ace isn’t the best driver. Looks like the Royal Flush Gang were a couple cards short of a winning hand, stylish helmets though.
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The Interview Review

kim walk

Netflix released The Interview for free this weekend, so naturally I watched. I didn’t pay 6 bucks to rent it before because I’m lazy, looks like my laziness is finally starting to pay off…in the form of $6. Its something. Snow Dogs had a direct to DVD release, but this isn’t the same thing, direct to digital release feels like the future. The Interview didn’t get great reviews, but it did get weeks of media attention. The controversy of its release generated more hype and discussion than the actual movie itself. North Korea can’t win! Terrorists are attacking our free speech! This movie never felt like a risk to me, until it was, and it’s kind of sad that some people are crazy enough to kill others over a movie. The film got over hyped, but it was only meant to be a stupid comedy.

Grantland gave it a negative review because of a poor plot and some crude jokes, but I’m not judging this movie on the plot. Why would I judge this movie on the plot?! That’s like judging a strip club on the buffet. Yeah it’s a nice perk, but that’s not what I went there for. I came into the movie expecting nothing and I came away surprisingly amused.
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Book vs Movie: The Maze Runner

Usually for me the books are better than the movies, they just take longer to get through. The movie can’t include all the little details that make the book shine, it’s also tough to accurately portray character motivations onscreen without inner monologues, making it tougher to relate to characters. Sometimes there can be problems with casting and the actor doesn’t stay true with the character in the books. Movie soundtracks can really improve the story telling and it’s something that the books will never have. Surprisingly The Maze Runner movie adaption is a decent film, especially considering I was let down by the book.

The Maze Runner, well, it’s a teen dystopian story and the first of a trilogy, sound familiar? Hunger Games may have been the most successful of the genre, but it’s spawned countless other movie adaptions. If reading the book has taught me anything it’s that anyone can write a teen novel, they just have to sludge through their own garbage writing. Throw in a fantasy setting and some romance, boom, a best selling teen fiction novel. Also I swear every teen fiction protagonist believes they aren’t special but they totally are.
Teen fiction writers – “I can connect with teens, the world doesn’t understand me either!”
Maybe I should just stop reading teen fiction books, but then they should stop making movie adaptions of them.

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Flash Recap: Revenge of the Rogues

bad boys coming to town

The weather looks worse now than it did on Christmas. This episode starts off highlighting how terrifying drone strikes can be. How have we not wiped terrorists off the face of the planet with these things? Also this drone is able to keep up with the 2nd fastest man alive no problem.

Barry runs into some trouble with the drone because Barry has trouble with everything he fights despite his super speed. Dr. Wheels readies himself to save Barry, which would reveal he’s not handicapped, incase Comic Relief accidentally kills Barry during a training session…it’s nice to know he cares, but come on, his life isn’t in danger. Barry grabs the missile in mid air and throws it back at the drone. For a bankrupt company it’s impressive how Comic Relief can churn out all these gadgets. Comic Relief “names” Reverse Flash and Reverse Flash Dr. Wheels likes the nickname.

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Mulan: A Classic

mulan 4

I remember when I first saw Mulan in theaters, it was a pretty big deal for a 7 year old. I went with my entire family and I distinctly remember my aunt telling me “this movie is very important for China and all Chinese people.” She may have been exaggerating a bit, but it sure was exciting to see the movie. I enjoyed the movie immensely as a kid and still enjoy viewing it as an adult.
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The Gym

gym phoyo

January 1st, a time when people are making half hearted resolutions to better themselves…again.  Gym memberships are often the virtue of choice. A word of advice, don’t sign up for a year membership.
Everyone – “If I sign up for a year then that’ll force myself to go.”
No, it doesn’t work that way, laziness wins every time.
I pay the gym money for a service I don’t like to get results I don’t see and it’s physically exhausting. Also I’m hungry and tired all the time, I feel like that’s related. Do people actually enjoy this? Or is this just a means to an end?
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