Flash Recap: Revenge of the Rogues

bad boys coming to town

The weather looks worse now than it did on Christmas. This episode starts off highlighting how terrifying drone strikes can be. How have we not wiped terrorists off the face of the planet with these things? Also this drone is able to keep up with the 2nd fastest man alive no problem.

Barry runs into some trouble with the drone because Barry has trouble with everything he fights despite his super speed. Dr. Wheels readies himself to save Barry, which would reveal he’s not handicapped, incase Comic Relief accidentally kills Barry during a training session…it’s nice to know he cares, but come on, his life isn’t in danger. Barry grabs the missile in mid air and throws it back at the drone. For a bankrupt company it’s impressive how Comic Relief can churn out all these gadgets. Comic Relief “names” Reverse Flash and Reverse Flash Dr. Wheels likes the nickname.

Captain Cold and Lieutenant Hot break into a fancy car dealership, but don’t steal anything because it’s not part of the plan. I would have improvised and stole some, free cars! Cold wants to take out Barry instead of steal cars because, well, he’s a villain. Cold tells Hot that his fire gun isn’t for the cops, but uses his ice gun on cops later in the episode…they leave without stealing anything.
Hot – “You promised me I’d get to do my thing.”
Hot agreed to work with Cold because he wanted to burn things, he seems like a sensible person.
Cold makes Hot put on his seatbelt, but doesn’t put on his because he’s kind of a dick.

ice glass crome scene

Barry – “The steel shattered like some sort of cold glass-like substance.”
It took Barry longer to come to that conclusion than it should have.
“Snart set a trap for me, and by me I mean…”
Joe – “I know who you mean.”
We all know who he means.

Hot – “How do you know this Flash didn’t skip town? Maybe that’s why he didn’t show up. Maybe he’s dead or maybe someone smarter than you iced him.”
Hot’s smarter than he looks, these are all reasonable conclusions. I like how he snuck in that cold pun too.
Cold dismisses these possibilities because he caught up with the TV show during the break. They plan on stealing the Fire & Ice painting, but if they were smart they’d steal the 6th book of George R.R. Martin’s A Song of Fire & Ice. That’d probably be worth more than 25 million dollars and it fits in with their theme of hot and cold.

fire and ice
Hot – “That’s worth money.”
Maybe he’s not as smart as I thought.
If Snart was smart he’d try robbing Starling City, I heard that place only has a vigilante with a bow and arrow. Freeze ray >>>> bow and arrow.

Barry tells the lab nerds that Captain Cold is here for him. Somehow Dr. Wheels convinces Barry that not fighting Cold will help people, and he needs to focus on getting faster to defeat Reverse Flash. I didn’t understand it either, but okay, useless drama until they fight at the end of the episode.

iris blue fdressWe cut to the police station; I haven’t seen Asian lady in a tan jacket talk on her cellphone in weeks!
Iris – “You know I never had a roommate.”
What was Barry when he lived with her then?! A next-door neighbor? Oh he’s just that kid across the hall, housemates don’t count as roommates I guess.
They talk some more about moving in, and then thankfully we cut to a Barry and Joe scene.

Barry – “As CSI my work on this case is done.”
CSI is singular here.
Barry tells Joe he doesn’t want to fight Cold.
“This man in yellow is still out there and I need to be ready for him.”
By not helping people…that must mean I’m super ready for the man in yellow too.
Joe – “Your mom’s killer isn’t the only reason you’re still doing this, you told me that you wanted to use your powers for good.”
It’s not like fighting Captain Cold could make him stronger or more experienced to fight guys like Reverse Flash, but Barry still doesn’t want to fight Cold or help people anymore despite Joe being right here. You could say Barry has…cold feet.

Iris packs her things to move. Joe finds her favorite turtle plushy while helping her pack up. Apparently Joe confiscated it when she broke his Duke Ellington Live at the Blue Note record. Here’s a song from the record Iris broke, I mean it’s a decent song, but he took away her favorite doll for years! Pretty harsh.

goodbye hug
Iris tells Barry to stop by because she found his old backpack; meeting Iris is important enough to take time off training, stopping Cold isn’t. She leaves.
Joe – “What’s going on between you and Iris?”
Barry – “Nothing…”
Joe – “That’s funny because I have these 2 things called eyes.”
I missed you Father Cop.
Barry – “I told Iris.”
Joe – “You told her you were the Flash?!”
Yeah Bare, maybe be more specific with your responses.
Barry – “No sorry.”
Yeah he should be sorry.
“I told her how I felt about her.”
And they’re pretending like it never happened because…drama.
Joe – “We both know she’s not cleaning up this mess anytime soon.”
We both know Joe’s not cleaning up this mess anytime soon either. Barry cleans it up with super speed, he’s training Karate Kid style.

demonstrate icegun

Comic Relief designs another freeze ray, but it pales in comparison to the one he made previously because… He can make 3 high functioning missile drones in his spare time but he can’t make a cold handgun again? Comic Relief and Dr. Wheels designed cold resistant shields, but what about heat guns! Did Cisco forget he made a heat gun that went missing as well or did someone else invent it?
Some Cop – “Why should we trust you guys when you nuked the city?”
Why aren’t the people in STAR Labs in prison?
Comic Relief – “You’re right, you shouldn’t trust us.”
I wouldn’t trust Cisco, but maybe that’s because I want to live.
“And we can’t change the past, no matter how much we want to.”
I feel like this line was used because Dr. Wheels wants to change the past somehow, but I’m just guessing here.
joe hat 2Cisco fires the cold gun at the dummy and the shield works, but if he aimed for the legs that dummy wouldn’t have stood a chance! Comic Relief wears goggles during the presentation incase we forgot he’s a nerd. They don’t give these shields to Barry because then he’d be stepping on Captain America’s territory, and we can’t have 2 captains in this episode.

The 2 father figures in Barry’s life not in prison fight over Barry’s moral compass. Is it ironic that Reverse Flash doesn’t want to put Barry in danger while Father Cop is encouraging it? Joe seems to be wearing a black winter hat throughout the episode, I think he looked better in the fedora…I never thought I’d encourage someone to wear a fedora in my life.

Dr. Snow searches for Firestorm and there are some great gag results. Thank you person in charge of the small details in this show, I appreciate it.

1. Firestorm – California Wildfires Displace 1000s
The scariest part is it happened 2 days ago! This is a real problem and comes up when you search firestorm in real life.
2. Firestorm Movie (2011) Direct–to-DVD Release
And here’s where the fun starts. The movie tagline was Stop Drop and Die; how wasn’t this a successful movie, especially with protagonist Jack Jackson? I looked it up and there are actually 2 real life Firestorm movies, one that came out in 1998 that looks just as bad as this fake one and a 2013 Asian film that looks better.
3. Firestorm – Spicy Norwegian Cuisine
I’d love to eat this on a cold day, it got 5 stars so you know it’s good. I’d eat this while watching Firestorm so I could get double the storm.
4. Firestorm – Adventure Daycare
It’s exactly what it sounds like, a daycare where they incorporate fun fire activities with toddlers. You can sign up today and receive a free Molotov cocktail, it says so right there on the screen.
5. Firestorm – Flamethrower Repair
Because it’d be a waste of money to buy a brand new flamethrower, just get it fixed. This place also got 5 stars, I’d suspect they don’t have much competition in flamethrower repair.

firestorm result

Dr. Snow – “My alive fiancé can fly.”
What’s the bad news again?
“Before I met Ronnie my life was predictable. I like predictable.”
She seems fun.
“But when I dated Ronnie he made me try Indian food and scuba diving.”
Pretty crazy stuff.
“At first it was scary and then it was better.”
I have a dirty mind…
“Whatever happens next Barry, it will be better.”
Yeah cause it really worked out for her! Watch Iris die and becomes a meta human!
Scuba makes them think Firestorm is an acronym, sure. She searches for f.i.r.e.s.t.o.r.m. and it asks if she meant to search “forest room.” That’s probably my favorite small detail in the episode. Weird when I search “forest room” on Google it asks me if I meant firestorm. And if you look up gullible in the dictionary you’ll see a picture of you.
The first result is an 800-page research paper. 800 pages! That’s too much research. Barry reads it at super speed.
Barry – “There’s a lot of stuff in there.”
Thank you captain obvious. Maybe we can have 2 captains this episode.
“It mainly focuses on transmutation. Which means…”
Yeah I know what that means Barry, McGonagall is a great transfiguration teacher and it’s pretty much the same thing.

ice and fire painting

The rich people that bought the 25 million dollar painting don’t have it in casing or anything. Heck even I get a plastic bag when I buy eggs at the grocery, they got nothing after shelling out 25 million.
Rich Guy – “Careful, it’s worth a fortune.”
Then put it in a frame or something!
Butler – “Your son called again.”
Rich Guy – “We don’t have a son anymore.”
Their son must have broken their Duke Ellington Live at the Free Bird record too, and I thought Joe was tough on Iris. Or Bruce Wayne’s parents faked their death so they could go around the world and buy shitty pieces of art.
ice time comethCold – “Someone better call 911!”
Because there’s fire ice burning on the dance floor?

The police arrive on the scene after a commercial break.
Joe – “Snart, freeze!”
It’s like Joe was asking to be shot at.
The shields make Cold’s freeze ray useless, but he could have frozen their footing or made an ice wall or something more inventive with his freeze ray. Good thing his pal has a handheld flamethrower.
Hot – “Why do they call you people the heat, I’m the heat.”
Should I start calling him The Heat now? It’s a good line, but Hot’s shorter.
Joe shoots the flamethrower gun because he’s the only cop to realize they have guns and these guys are standing in front of them unprotected. The duo somehow escape with the painting despite a legion of cops at the scene.

Cold waits for Hot to fix his gun before threatening to kill him.
Hot – “You got the whole plan figured out, dotting T’s and crossing I’s, but now all you care about is the Flash.”
He may be my new favorite villain. He’s insane.
Cold – “We have to take him down.”
Hot – “We have the finger painting worth millions. It’s ours, job done.”
He makes 3 valid points.
Cold – “With weapons like these no one can stand against us, no one but the Flash.”
Well those cops literally stood against them in the last scene, but apparently Cold’s plan is to eliminate Barry so they can steal to their hearts’ content without Barry stopping them, even though Barry hasn’t done anything to stop them the entire episode…
Hot burns the 25 million dollar painting because it’s not about the money, it’s about sending a message; the message being that these guys are idiots.

burn painting

Dr. Girl meets a guy who wrote the 800-page research paper at the Central Park coffee house.
Guy – “I never got paranoid until they started plotting against me.”
Said the crazy man.
Apparently Martin Stein was the co-author of this 800-page paper and the team leader, but he won’t appear until a later episode I’m guessing.
Paranoid guy – “He didn’t believe in baby steps so we skipped to stage 3.”
Wow, one whole step! They went from testing sand grains to melting concrete walls, what the hell was step 2?! The army confiscated all their research, but the 800 page research paper is the top result on Google. I guess the government isn’t censoring that because they knew no one would read 800 pages.
Dr. Snow gets captured leaving the coffee place because she tried opening her frozen car door instead of running away…are we sure she’s smart?

ice car

Dr. Wheels – “I hope we’re not enemies.”
He’s practically begging Barry to figure out he’s evil.
Barry – “In the past I would have paid money for your autograph. I can’t believe we’re…
Dr. Wheels – “Partners now?”
Ouch. Barry can’t seem to take any relationships to the next level, see his relationship with Iris.

I feel like absolute hot should be more powerful than absolute cold, but what do I know. The 2 guns can cancel each other out by crossing streams and they go ahead and make the Ghostbusters reference for me.

Barry and Joe discover that Dr. Girl’s been taken.
Captain Cold threatens Flash to come out and fight him on TV. If Barry doesn’t they’ll kill Dr. Snow. He doesn’t hide his identity on TV, but still wears his glasses because they make him look cool. Captain Cold seems a lot stupider this time around and he’s not as cool as before.

chill grill

I wonder which side is Hot’s and which side is Cold’s…
Hot – “He’s fast, like fire.”
He hasn’t met Barry yet…I think he just wanted to show off his cool lighter.
Dr. Snow – “You have 3rd degree burns, why didn’t you get skin grafts?”
Maybe he didn’t have medical insurance? Maybe he couldn’t handle the heat…
They tie her to a chair, gag her, and put a bomb under her. I half expected her to be talking to a captured Harvey Dent on the other line.

Everyone gathers for the big showdown. Barry, of course, arrives last.
Police Chief – “I don’t believe it.”
He says this after the Flash runs by everyone. This is the same guy that approved a task force to capture the Flash right? Okay, moving on.

cop buddies 2

The police don’t shoot at the villains casually walking down the street with deadly weapons because, well, this is Flash’s battle.

Cold – “The Scarlet Speedster!”
He’s the first person to call him that. I mean Central City could only come up with red blur, but I blame Iris on that one.
“Any preference on how you’d like to die?”
Barry – “At the age of 80 with a belly full of wine and a girl’s mouth wrapped around my cock.”
Tyrion Lannister would have answered the question correctly.
Cold – “By the flame or the frost?”
Why not both?
“Not in the mood for chitchat, gotchya.”
I think Cold just wants to be friends with Barry, poor guy gets stuck with friends like Hot instead.
Hot and Cold fire at Barry, but he has super speed and dodges them. A few moments later Barry runs into a wall of ice, all that training resulted in nothing.

large ass umbrella

Iris has a massive umbrella. It seemed wet when she walked by everyone, but it’s clearly not raining. Person in charge of small details, why would you do this?!

Comic Relief and Father Cop go to rescue Caitlin, but Comic Relief almost kills her by accidentally tripping over a tripwire.
Somehow the tripwire is delayed long enough for Joe to tackle the chair and push her far enough from the explosion…this bomb wasn’t attached to the chair?
Dr. Snow – “I thought I was gonna die.”
Comic Relief – “Not when I’m around.”
Yeah, he only kills male fiancés.

Barry gets hit with a cold gun but it’s okay in this episode because…he’s been training. They don’t shoot him a couple more times to ensure he’s out and instead slowly walk up to him.
Eddie saves Barry with a shield that now works against both guns. Does Eddie like the Flash now? Eddie went a full 180 on his opinion of the Flash. I guess he realized yellow Flash was bad and not scarlet Flash, but it seems like a quick turnaround for someone that has normal speed. It’s not like the Flash threw him out of a car or anything… I’m just saying this plotline was solved really fast.

Barry doesn’t use the shield Eddie dropped to defend himself.
Barry’s idea is to get hit by both beams and then force the beams to cross. Barry’s always talking about how he’s never fast enough, this plan is perfect! Actually, this plan should kill him. I mean he could have used his super speed to beat these normal humans with fancy guns, but whatever.

burnt flash extra crispy
I feel like Cold could have just held both guns, these are hand guns… Barry has no burn or ice scars on the one exposed section in his suit. Just saying that suit looks extra crispy, but his face is fine.
Cold – “You won this time.”
You could have stolen a painting and a bunch of cars no problem! He could have won.
Barry – “There won’t be a next time.”
Come on Barry, you should know better than that.

Hot is insane.
hot guy 2Joe – “You’re partner’s a real hothead.”
Cold – “That’s funny…”
I thought it was funny Joe, but please take off that hat.
They don’t need the guns for the trial because…they know these 2 will escape at the end? So Comic Relief just gets these guns back? “Here are these dangerous weapons back, now don’t let it happen again.” Wait so Comic Relief invented the heat gun too? He made the cold gun to stop Barry, why the fuck did he invent a heat gun? And if he didn’t invent the heat gun, why would the police give him this powerful gun? “We really wanted to keep the pair together.”

Iris moves out.
Eddie – “You can come over anytime Joe, just give us a heads up.”
Joe – (Do you know who I am son?)
Eddie – “Or not. Come around whenever, do you want a key…”
Detective Awkward leaves the house at near super speeds.

Barry – “Do you know I can see into the future?”
I think you meant to say “can run at super speeds,” Bare.
This is one of the most awkward conversations I’ve ever witnessed…it’s painful. Also Barry doesn’t have any notable injuries from his fight.
“And we’re still best friends…and it’ll be here faster than you think.”
At least he got that speed pun in there.
Iris takes a photo of the 2 of them that doesn’t include her dad…real nice Iris.
She gives him a pound goodbye, I honestly don’t think I’ve ever said goodbye to a girl with a pound.
Iris doesn’t shut the door when she leaves because she’s a jerk.

father son bonding

Joe – “Want to order some pizza and watch the ballgame?”
I love Joe.
Wait Barry doesn’t live here? Does he live in his lab?
Barry – “I thought you were going to turn my room into a gym?”
Joe – “We both know I’m not turning it into a gym.”
He didn’t even help Barry packing up the boxes earlier!
Barry moves back in with Joe after bringing 2 bags from his apartment. What are you doing Joe?! You were free! For one glorious minute you had the house to yourself, but you threw it away! They open a couple of beers and toast Barry’s move in.
Barry – “You know this does nothing to me.”
My one friend says this all the time when he drinks, 10 beers later however…
Joe – “Just drink it.”
I love Joe.

Hot Head – “I should have burnt the entire city block down, but instead I listened to you.”
It really didn’t seem like he was restricting himself during that fight, but I blame Cold too.
Hot Head – “We had the painting, we had the guns, and we could have had everything.”
I mean he burned the painting…
Cold – “Everyone’s seen the Flash now, this changes things…again.”
“It’s all part of the plan.”
Stop trying to be the Joker!
His sister breaks the 2 of them out with another super gun? Ironically, I bet Cold’s sister’s really hot.

they escape


8 thoughts on “Flash Recap: Revenge of the Rogues

  1. You always make my day with your recaps of Flash. This one was one of the more hilarious ones, maybe because this episode is pretty ridiculous. Both guns are from S.T.A.R.-Labs obviously but Cisco only missed one…duh. Both guns can cancel each other out but Cisco told in the earlier episode with Cpt. Cold that “cold is the opposite of speed” – so, actually Barry and the freeze gun can cancel each other out? And I love how Dr. Snow tries to enter her car, after it got frozen by a gun that creates ZERO Kelvin! Her hand would get stuck as soon as she touches the car (bye-bye, well-manicured hand…we will miss you).
    How it should have ended:
    Flash runs around the two temperature-fanboys, disarm them, bondage them in steel rope, paint them orange and write “dork” all over them in two seconds. Then take a picture for his future “Flash Museum”. But we learned that Barry isn’t the fastest man alive anymore, so…

    • Thanks! I think it’s because this was one of the most ridiculous episodes they’ve done.
      Absolute hot and cold, they just really wanted to cross the streams.
      Dr. Snow isn’t the smartest person, even though she’s a doctor of something.
      Flash should be able to beat every villain in a…flash, but then I guess we wouldn’t have a show. The way they tiptoe around his super powers is entertaining though, he almost lost to 2 normal humans with fancy guns.
      I loved the guy who played Hot, apparently the 2 villains worked together on prison break, I thought they had great chemistry.

      • Yeah, you’re right. I haven’t watched Prison Break close enough since the idea to make a, what?…5 seasons TV show about guys breaking out of prison isn’t very compelling to me.
        Nonetheless a nice touch.
        I’m not really nitpicking on this show cause I really enjoy it for its involuntary comedy factor but to see Barry singing perfectly at karaoke night creeped me out. When did he learn that? Between his mourning about his dead mother, grieving about his father innocent in jail, studying hard to become a nerdy-nerd at CC-CSI? I know the actor once played in the infamous Glee TV show, but this was highly unbelievable.
        We should make bets on wich recognizable Marvel character gets recycled next for the show. I bet it is Cyclops – a slightly insane scientist is working on cybernetic eye implants for the army when the particle reactor blew up his work 😉 Lazoar!

      • Barry obviously mourns his mother through song, he sings so beautifully even angels can hear him…
        Haha nice, but Cyclops is too obvious. I’d bet on a Kitty Pryde meta human, even though Barry’s fast enough how will he catch his mark?!

  2. Hm, a Kitty-Pride-Wannabe would work here. Cheap effects and Barry would have to learn to vibrate through walls (even if he already can enter moving cars without using the door). I’m not so familar with the Flash’s general arch-villains except for the obvious Reverse Flash and Prof. Zoom. But since he can be beaten by almost everyone so far, I doubt that we will see some others aside from the already established.
    BTW- Detective D-Bag (Eddie) is an ancestor of the Reverse Flash, reason why he didn’t killed him…it doesn’t explain his 180-degree turn on the Flash but it gives an arc to what is about to come soon.

    • I actually don’t know too much about the Flash’s general villains either, I know Eddie’s name could be a connection with Reverse Flash, but I don’t really want to research and spoil myself.

      • Maybe just list the main villains of the show instead:
        – Harrison Wells (H.G. Wells ?) = Fake glasses, fake wheelchair; don’t get into jail after comitting his failure (crime?) at the local police station, wich led to the particle accelerator explosion and countless instant death’s and many death’s later as an aftershock due to metahumans arised from that incident.
        – Cisco = can survive an explosion (worth ca. 20-30 lbs. of C4) from a reinforced security door only two yards away without a single scratch; can built a freeze/fire gun for no reason (seriously, whoever builds such weapons in the first place is pure evil)
        – Dr. Snow = is obviously not so smart considering her actions, so she is the secret love interest of this Luthor-substitute-team of villainy (I think she is ordered to lull Barry and challenge him emotionally later).

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