The Interview Review

kim walk

Netflix released The Interview for free this weekend, so naturally I watched. I didn’t pay 6 bucks to rent it before because I’m lazy, looks like my laziness is finally starting to pay off…in the form of $6. Its something. Snow Dogs had a direct to DVD release, but this isn’t the same thing, direct to digital release feels like the future. The Interview didn’t get great reviews, but it did get weeks of media attention. The controversy of its release generated more hype and discussion than the actual movie itself. North Korea can’t win! Terrorists are attacking our free speech! This movie never felt like a risk to me, until it was, and it’s kind of sad that some people are crazy enough to kill others over a movie. The film got over hyped, but it was only meant to be a stupid comedy.

Grantland gave it a negative review because of a poor plot and some crude jokes, but I’m not judging this movie on the plot. Why would I judge this movie on the plot?! That’s like judging a strip club on the buffet. Yeah it’s a nice perk, but that’s not what I went there for. I came into the movie expecting nothing and I came away surprisingly amused.

I think most of my laughs come from Franco’s goofy portrayal of idiot TV host Dave Skylark. The movie’s a highlight reel for Franco’s wacky facial expressions and he’s easily my favorite part of it. For him alone I think the movie’s worth it, but I think I’m his target audience, his humor isn’t for everyone.

franco faces

I don’t think the female North Korean girl was given anything funny to work with and I can’t recall her character’s name. She’s either acting like a professional body-guard or crazy person, and most of her scenes unfortunately fell flat. The good jokes and gags were given to Franco and Kim Jong-un. I only know the actor from his short cameo as Asian Jim in the Office, but he’s given more to work with and is generally great. He walks a fine line between playing Kim as a caricature and humanizing him, but for the most part he’s pretty funny, probably the second funniest character next to Franco.

Lizzy Caplan is given nothing to work with, she looks stunning in the film and her character is in the CIA. That’s about it. She’s there to progress the plot and react to Franco’s stupidity. I still have trouble believing she’s Janice Ian from Mean GirlsRogen got stuck with playing the straight man, again, and shoving things up his butt… He’s still able add his brand of humor in situations throughout the movie, but I wish he took a role like the cop from Superbad again.

Here are some things I didn’t like.
cigarThe terms honeydicking and honeypotting, are used way too much. Like every other line at one point.
The Interview itself was kind of let down.
The Siberian Tiger scene was pretty lame and was foreshadowed with the subtly of an axe to the face.
Discussing Miley Cyrus’s camel toe was painfully cringeworthy.
The movie didn’t really avoid Asian stereotypes.

There’s a ton of blatant Lord of the Rings references and I enjoyed all of them. This was one of my favorites in particular.

This whole time I thought you were Samwise to my Frodo. But you’re just… Boromir!
I don’t know who the fuck that is!
That’s such a Boromir thing to say!

Rob Lowe makes a cameo, he seems to be taking a lot more comedy roles after his stint in Parks and Rec, and while I literally loved him in that, I hate those Direct TV commercials. I don’t care how many variations of Rob Lowe’s they can make, please stop. Here’s an idea for their next commercial.
Rob Lowe – “I’m Robe Lowe and I have direct TV.”
“And I’m also Rob Lowe and I’m going to be direct here, buy this product.”
Is my commercial corny? You betchya, but it’s still better than those other commercials.

ending puppy

Here are some quotes I liked. I tried taking the ones out of context that still made sense, but most of the humor relies on Franco reacting to things. Plus the puppy at the end, loved him.

If we killed him wouldn’t a new chubby leader just spawn in his place?
This is like Spike Lee saying he’s white!
Yeah you really built up 60 Minutes, they’d be nothing without you right? It’s only been on air for 60 fucking years.
Would you like a drink? Some of Aaron’s cocaine?
I’ve lived a good life, I’ve fucked more women than Ellen DeGeneres.
You’re telling me the CIA doesn’t have some north face jackets and some pirate booty? Captain Crunch?!

My favorite quotes the last one, but it only really makes sense in the movie. I’d definitely recommend watching the movie with zero expectations and a bunch of friends, being drunk wouldn’t hurt.

Screen shot 2015-01-24 at 7.47.34 PM

I think people who didn’t enjoy the movie were expecting more. Everyone views North Korea as a big joke and maybe audiences want something a little more serious, but that shouldn’t fall on a comedy movie’s hands. Nobody wants to deal with North Korea and it’s easier to joke about it than do anything helpful or productive. It would take years and countless resources and funds to get the population of ~24 million North Koreans back on track. I view this the same way I view those sad pet commercials, I ignore them for making me feel bad, but because it doesn’t affect me directly I don’t think too much about the situation. Except unlike those sad dog commercials this is happening to millions of human beings…

Rogen’s Past Movies Ranking List

God Tier
40 Year Old Virgin

Would be God Tier if it weren’t for 40

Random Order of Middle Tier
This is the End
Pineapple Express
Knocked Up
Funny People
Zack and Miri Make a Porno

Bottom Tier
Guilt Trip
Observe and Report
Green Hornet

Of the bottom barrel, I’ve only seen Green Hornet, so that’s the only one I personally know is awful, but I’m going to assume the others 2 are just as bad. The Interview would land in the middle tier, nothing wrong with that. At one point Seth Rogen gets his fingers bitten off, but his fingers are fine when they return home! What a gaping plot hole, totally ruined the movie for me.



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