The Flash Recap: The Sound and the Fury

royal flush gang meet up

A motorcycle gang should be the easiest opponent for a guy with SUPER SPEED, but then we wouldn’t have a show.
Barry – “Which way should I go?”
Should I put on pants today?  Which seat should I take? Oh I’m sorry Bare, I thought we were asking stupid questions. Heck, he could take a nap and still be able to capture these guys.
Barry maneuvers the King and Queen riders back to the middle road and, even though Barry didn’t tamper with him at all, the Ace rider arrives last. Despite what his helmet says, Ace isn’t the best driver. Looks like the Royal Flush Gang were a couple cards short of a winning hand, stylish helmets though.

Barry – “I’m pretty sure rule #1 of having a secret identity is not taking pictures in your super suit without a mask on.”
Yeah, because Barry “take my mask off for everything” really abides by this rulebook.
They take a group photo using Barry’s super speed. One could say the Flash beat the (camera) flash for the photo. Making corny jokes is why I started writing in the first place.

imma need more wine

Barry goes home and finds Iris there.
Joe – “Spaghetti alla me! Sure you don’t want to stay for dinner?”
I want to stay for dinner, pick me Joe!
“I heard some members of the Royal Flush Gang are heading to prison.”
So the whole gang wasn’t there, makes sense.
Iris got a job at Central City Picture News, but how is she going to find time between going to school and working at a coffee shop! Is she still attending school? I really have no idea.
Joe told Iris someone called and left their number, but it takes Iris half a second to walk off-screen, find the number, call, be told she got the job, hang up, and tell them the good news. Are we sure she doesn’t have super speed?

When they say people who live in glass houses shouldn’t throw stones, they’re talking about this house. Either Dr. Wells has the fanciest home in the world for an unemployed scientist or his secret future room has another huge secret compartment. If Wells can afford this house then it’s easier for me to believe how Cisco can keep making those gadgets.
As soon as he gets home, he starts walking, turns on opera music, removes his glasses, and pours himself a glass of scotch. I should have become a scientist. Reverse Flash Dr. Wells has a gun. Seeing as he has fake glasses and a fake wheelchair, maybe this is a fake gun. He runs from broken glass at super speed, maybe this guy’s Reverse Flash?

gunman cripple

Dr. Wheels tries to blame all this on a teenage prank. He’s kept a secret room and secret identity for years, but can’t come up with a believable lie, maybe Dr. Wells isn’t as quick on his feet as I thought.
Wells – “I’m fine, a little chilly, but fine.”
Does the fancy fire-place do nothing?

Dr. Wheels and Evil Harry Potter play chess in case we didn’t know they were nerds by their glasses alone.
Chess Jerk – “You’re between a rock and a hard place.”
Ah, the oft seen chess smack talk, but then he loses… He had between a rook and a hard place right there! Maybe he’s wearing fake glasses as well.
Chess Jerk – “Who comes to a billion dollar research industry wearing a t-shirt that says, keep calm and Han shot first?”
He has a point, but then again, I don’t know what proper scientist attire is. Those shirts aren’t even trying anymore, they’re just putting anything after keep calm now.

chess flashback

Eddie – “Wells said he was right there when it happened, but all that glass around him and he can’t walk…”
Looks like Eddie’s a better detective than I thought.
Barry puts together a broken window at super speed to reveal…a fixed window.
Wells – “Hartley Rathaway did this.”
Barry – “Who’s he?”
A guy who plays chess.
Wells – “He’s the prodigal son, and he has returned.”
A bit redundant there, that’s like saying the returning son has returned.

joe facial reaction to jokeSo apparently evil Harry Potter is gay, and it’s pretty subtle how they tell us here.
Comic Relief – “He was mostly a jerk, but every once in a while, he could be a dick.”
Comic relief everyone!
Lab Nerds – “He was always your favorite, the chosen one.”
Are we sure he’s not Harry Potter?

Nerd battle between Comic Relief and Chess Jerk.
Dr. Snow and Dead Fiancé were only dating 3 years before he died. I mean that’s a long time, but I would have guessed they’d been dating longer.
Cisco – “She seems nice, you don’t.”
Comic Relief everyone!

look at his face! he wants to punch her so bad

I’m just saying, Iris got a full-time job faster than Peter Parker did, and he could literally take pictures of himself. Come on Spiderman.
Nobody wants to take care of Iris on her first day and she’s paired with the Grumpy Gus she was chatting to earlier.
Chief – “I lost the ability to take a joke back in ’05.”
’05, a tough year for some people.
They just hired Iris for her in with the Flash and everyone resents her for it.

Who could this hooded man be?! Voldemort? Whoever he is I don’t think he read the secret identity rulebook either.
The cops could shoot Chess Jerk at any time, but choose not to because…
Barry pushes this nerd down instead of ending it in an instant.
Chess Jerk – “I can hear the radio waves emanating from your suit.”
He can hear radio waves? That’s possible?
“Are they going to hear you die?”
Barry – “No, they’re gonna hear you get your ass kicked.”
cops do somethingGood one Bare!
Barry throws police batons at Chess Jerk at super speed, making this one of the worst uses of super speed I’ve ever seen.
Barry – “Looks like you’re not as smart as everyone says!”
Because smartness equates to strength?
Chess – “Smart enough to figure out who Harrison Wells really is!”
So he knows Wells is Reverse Flash?!
“I know his secret!”
I half expected a dart to his neck before he’s able to tell Barry.

Chess – “Being scooped up by a guy in head to toe leather is a long time fantasy of mine, so thanks.”
A pretty blatant way to tell us he’s gay. Barry’s suit is made of leather? He’s had his ass kicked so often I thought it was made of mithril or something stronger than that.
He nicknames himself Pied Piper, I understand not wanting to get nicknamed by Cisco, but maybe choose a cooler nickname.
Pied – “Caitlyn, I never did get that wedding invite.”
Dark Comic Relief everybody!
So he somehow suffered head trauma when STAR Labs exploded and now has a ringing in his ears, even though he was fired before the blast. Maybe he damaged his hearing when Wells somehow lost the ability to walk.
Chess – “We all lost something that night.”
He lost his “hearing”, Snow lost her “husband”, Wells lost his ability to “walk”, Cisco lost his keep calm shirt, and Barry gained super speed…yup, they all “lost” something.

waiting for him to break out
“See you soon Cisco.”
I expected a sound pun, “hear back from you soon Cisco!”
Chess – “Your silence speaks volumes.”
Wells – “No man is more deaf than he who will not hear.”
What language are they speaking? Elvin?
Barry – “God I wish I’d taken a language in high school.”
Funniest line in the episode. I took a language in high school Bare, but I didn’t learn anything.
Wells – “How did you know we were working with the Flash?”
Wait that’s a secret? Really?

Chess – “Feels good to have the great Harrison Wells behind you, doesn’t it?”
Uh, phrasing.
“But this man will turn on you…in a Flash.”
I appreciate the Flash pun, but just tell him Wells is Reverse Flash already!
“If you’re lucky you’ll only be dead.”
Uh, he seems fine, albeit now he needs hearing aids, but his threat seems a little extreme.

dr wheels waves

Dr. Wells – “I haven’t been honest with you guys- ”
He could have went a couple directions with this.
1. I’m Reverse Flash.
2. I can walk.
3. I don’t need glasses.
4. I stole Cisco’s keep calm t-shirt.
5. I knew the accelerator could explode, but the reward was too tempting and I did it anyway.
He went with the lamest one.

I’m not really sure what Hartley’s motivations are, I thought he was after Wells, but now he’s after Flash because… jealousy?
Dr. Snow – “Next time you do something that endangers our lives and the people we love- ”
Yeah tell him off Caitlyn!
“I expect a heads up…”
Not what I was expecting, maybe next time let him have it.
Barry – “You owe them more than an apology.”
Are they still unpaid interns or something? Is all of his money going into the swanky house?

iris tongue slipIris – “Look I’m not stupid.”
“I know the chief hired me because he thinks I have some sort of in with the Flash, but I’m serious about being a journalist.”
Jerk Reporter – “Why because you write a blog? My mother writes a blog.”
I’d read his mother’s blog!
Iris – “I may not have a lot of experience but I do have-”
Jerk Writer – “Spunk? Grit? Gumption? What is this a chick lit novel?”
Why does he have to bring chick lit novels into this?

Iris – “We both can’t be having the worse day ever, I was really looking forward to getting some good complaining in.”
This is why she’s one of my least favorite characters, at least she has a job.
“I admired him before he told me I was a worthless, talentless millennial.”
He didn’t say that, she may have a hearing problem.
She’s been into journalism for at most a year, how disappointed could she be.
Barry – “He’s probably a lousy writer.”
Iris – “He won the Pulitzer. Twice.”
Yet he still works at Central City News.
“Having someone believe in me is a small really really big thing.”
She has such a way with words, clearly she’s a really really good writer.

Comic Relief – “He could have completely destroyed his father’s building in one blast if he wanted to…”
The entire building isn’t made of glass, he could destroy concrete and steel with one sound shot?
“Unless he wanted to be caught…”
Man am I tired of this plot line from every villain ever.
So does Dr. Wells just escape during the middle of the day to look at his suit?
Wells – “Not now…”
Yeah, he needs to keep staring at his suit. In case it moves or something.
Dr. Wells can’t control his speed and falls down…it’s the one time in the show he actually needed his wheelchair. Maybe kryptonite’s nearby, my “Dr. Wells is Superman theory” is gaining traction.
Chess rips the now turned bomb hearing aid out of his ear and backs a Barry safe distance away before blowing up the door.

cisco dead

The explosion should kill Cisco, it got a triple angle shot and everything, but he’ll be fine in a couple commercial breaks. Hopefully TSA doesn’t watch the Flash, otherwise hearing aids are another thing they’ll check for at airport security.

Haha, sound puns, but seriously, she didn’t hear that explosion?
He punches Dr. Snow in the face…calm down Ray Rice.
Barry almost doesn’t pick up his phone, but it wouldn’t have mattered because he doesn’t make it back in time. Chess leaves after taunting Dr. Wells; I’m not entirely sure why he didn’t destroy this building, I thought he wanted revenge on Wells?

do something pied pieper

When Barry woke up in the pilot, Cisco and Snow were looking over him. When Comic Relief wakes up, Barry’s looking over him, just a neat coincidence.
Dr. Wells – “Hartley doesn’t think I’ve paid for my crimes, he won’t stop until I do.”
So he goes to make this press conference because Chess forced him to or because he wanted to tell people before Chess told everyone? Why does he do this again? Fake guilt?

Dr. Wells – “Now what are you doing in my accelerator?”
Pied – “I thought it was our accelerator?”
He’s the kind of roommate that eats your food. I was that roommate…
Dr. Wells – “Your position at STAR Labs is terminated.”
Pied – “If you think this could shut me up.”
Sound pun?
Dr. Wells – “If you talk I can make sure the only job you’ll get in physics is teaching it to high school juniors.”
Badass line, but after the accelerator explosion I feel like his word would be garbage, the only excuse Chess has for not getting another physics job is on him. Also he could always teach Elvish if physics doesn’t work out for him.

iris the reporter

He holds the press conference in the police station because why not. He failed the city, more like he bombed the city. How is he not in jail?
Jerk Reporter – “Do you have any intentions of rebuilding the particle accelerator?”
Wells – “This isn’t the Death Star, so no.”
Iris gets to ask the question because she has an in with Dr. Wells, but she couldn’t come up with a new question. There are also no further questions after question one.

Wells – “Do you know why I hired you Cisco?”
Because he’s easy to manipulate?
“Your heart, warmth, and humor just add to your brilliance.”
This line is gayer than Hartley’s leather fantasy.

Hartley – “This is between you, me, and the Flash.”
Still not sure why he switched from Wells to the Flash.
Why is the toll sign facing away from the oncoming cars and seemingly one way road? That’s a useless sign.

stop sign bridge
He’s at the Cleveland Dam? Why is the dam of Central City named after Cleveland? Well their city starts with a C, so close enough?
Dr. Wells – “Don’t underestimate him, he’s brilliant.”
Uh, Barry has super speed, he should be fine.
Somehow sonic sound waves allows Chess to pick up and throw cars off the road. These sonic powers still don’t seem strong enough to wreck a building in one shot though.
Didn’t this guy want to protect the city from the particle accelerator? Why is he hurting people again? Just for a trap?
Barry disarms Chess and throws the gloves a few feet away. Somehow knowing Barry’s frequency allows Chess to vibrate Barry to death after his gloves get removed…I don’t understand it either, pied hoodiebut maybe it’s because I don’t play chess.
Chess – “Amazing, he replaced me with you. A total moron.”
He’s just peanut butter and jealous.
“I got you with the same trick twice.”
When was the first trick? Barry never vibrated like this before.
“In chess we called that a discovered attack.”
We get it, you play chess.
Somehow satellite radios save Barry and somehow picking up his own gloves defeats Hartley. Throwing the enemy’s weapon only a few feet away saved Barry this time.
So Hartley’s master plan was to break all the windows in Dr. Well’s home, get captured, break out, steal all the information in their computer to find Barry’s frequency, throw cars off bridges, and then have Barry take off his gloves in order to kill him. How didn’t his plan work?

Barry – “I’m fine, there’s a little ringing in my ears, but otherwise I’m good.”
He also probably shit himself.
Comic Relief – “I feel like I’m hungover times 10!”
He should be dead!
Dr. Wells – “You guys are my closest friends.”
He hasn’t even invited them to his house!
When did Barry get this framed photo? After carrying Chess Jerk back to the lab?
Hey I wonder if I can pick out the evil person, maybe it’s the only guy not smiling.

group photo...somebody has a case of the no smiles

Barry – “It must have been hard for you.”
Joe – “What? Being this handsome?”
Haha, classic Joe.
Yeah, having a nerd for a son is hard…said no parent ever.
In case we forgot that Joe adopted Barry, here’s another reminder out of the blue. We get it Barry, you love Joe like a father.

Eddie – “I searched Wells’ entire house like you said, apparently it’s not even handicap accessible.”
Is what he should have discovered, but instead he found nothing. Come on Eddie, no wheelchair skid marks anywhere should be suspicious!

repair blue

They put Evil Potter back in his cell.
Cisco – “Your evil hearing aids won’t help you escape this time.”
Funny, but how did they repair this prison in less than a day?
Cisco – “Why would I let you out?”
Pied – “Because I know where Ronnie Raymond is. I know what really happened to him that night and I know how to save him.”
What about the Reverse Flash thing? Did he not see Wells run at super speed when he attacked his house? Where did this Ronnie Raymond connection come from? How many secrets does this kid know?

ironman?Are we sure he’s not Iron Man?
Gideon – “Continued exposure is not recommended.”
Wells – “Increase to maximum.”
Yeah, fuck you robot voice.
Gideon – “Speed force absorption is at 35%.”
This tells me something, he’s only 35% fast?
Wells – “This was only meant to be temporary fix, the real endgame is almost here.”
The real end game being the Flash?


4 thoughts on “The Flash Recap: The Sound and the Fury

  1. Yeah…about Hartley being sent to the prison cell. They most likely just sent him to a different cell in the building. They have hundreds of those cells per floor…and they have a LOT of floors.

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