Groundhog Day

groundhog bay

Perhaps the worst holiday we “celebrate” is Groundhog Day, a large squirrel may or may not see his shadow telling us that it’s still cold outside. It’s less impressive to warn us winter is coming when it’s already winter, thanks Punxsutawney Phil Stark. But Groundhog Day gave the world the best holiday movie ever made, and perhaps my favorite movie ever, in it’s aptly named Groundhog Day. Besides some gracious full frontal nudity this movie has all I could ever ask for- humor, a great story, and Bill Murray. He’s cast perfectly as Phil Conners, an arrogant weatherman trapped in a time loop. For a movie filmed in a boring small town it’s endlessly entertaining and I personally can’t watch the film without a smile on my face. I may be indifferent to the actual holiday, but the movie lights me up like a kid on Christmas morning, it’s just so much fun to watch.
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