Flash Recap: Crazy for You

this is gonna end well

It took maybe the worst possible circumstances for this car to explode. Barry can get into cars tumbling off a dam in the blink of an eye, but a stationary flipped car is kind of tough…

Dr. Snow – “Tonight was the fastest you’ve ever run.”
I don’t know if I should be impressed or disappointed.
Barry – “I can still get faster, I know I can.”
He always says this, we know he does.
Barry has movie night with Joe and it takes precedent over everything, like it should. Cisco and Snow talk about Ronnie.
Cisco – “I know you said to stop looking for Ronnie so…I didn’t stop looking for Ronnie.”
He doesn’t know how to follow directions, unless it involves locking certain doors in exactly 2 minutes.
Snow – “Ronnie’s gone and I’ve moved on with my life.”
Neither of those things are true.

big pone 1

At first I thought this girl was a Peeping Tom, but of course she’s a metahuman. Telescope Teleport Girl plays a cassette tape for no one’s amusement but the audience’s. I enjoyed the song, but she could only listen to it for about 2 seconds. She uses the largest phone I’ve ever seen to find her boyfriend’s holding cell. I just realized I have the same type of phone, never realized how gigantic it was. Maybe just teleport directly into his cell next time? I mean she’s able to teleport directly back into her car so…

Barry’s able to find her metahuman traces the next day, good thing he found that otherwise they’d have to do something lame like review the security tapes, she didn’t wear a mask! Barry’s dad just happens to walk by and the 2 hold hands instead of hug.
Barry – “So my dad just happened to come by?”
Joe – “The guard owed me a favor.”
Aww. What a sweet moment between both of Barry’s fathers.

Bad Boyfriend – “Thanks for getting me out of that hellhole.”
Now if only Barry would save his dad from that hellhole.
bad boyfriend faceTeleport Telescope – “You would have done the same for me right?”
I mean his name is Bad Boyfriend and just look at that face. He wouldn’t.
Bad Boyfriend – “How did this happen to you?”
Rhymes with marticle accelerator explosion.
Not Nightcrawler – “We can leave Central City and do all the things we talked about.”
Bad Boyfriend – “I can’t leave just yet baby.”
Their chances of a happy ending just fell to zero.
“I owe Marcus a lot of money.”
This thug doesn’t even have a last name, he must be pretty tough.
“With your power we can pay off that debt and then be free together forever.”
Their chances of a happy ending somehow falls lower than 0.

Joe – “So the guy who escaped prison is a metahuman?”
Joe is a worse detective than I thought. Yeah the guy in prison was just biding his time before escaping yesterday, come on Joe.
I understand the inmates not telling the cops anything, but the guards couldn’t tell the cops about teleport girl teleporting? You can tell the gender of someone by looking at their metahuman smoke…science? .

cisco gonna let him out

Chess Jerk – “I’ve had the biggest craving for Tai food.”
Do they feed this guy? Maybe he has a craving for all foods and he’s just being a ironic douche about starving.
Professor Stein was the guy who co-wrote the FIRESTORM paper and was apparently at STAR Labs the night of the explosion. It’s not explained why Chess Jerk knows this.
“The mystery isn’t why he went to STAR Labs, it’s why he didn’t leave.”
Both are mysteries, one mystery is just more important.
Cisco – “You’re not getting out of this cell.”
He’s totally getting out of this cell.

Barry and Iris talk at the coffee shop about how Barry loves his dad.
Iris – “That’s amazing Bare, good for you.”
Does she still work here? Does she still get that employee discount at least? It would explain why they’re always here.
Bare – “Yeah I really needed it.”
Iris – “I’m sure he needed it too.”
Seriously guys, phrasing.
Iris – “My editor only wants me to write about the Flash.”
My editor only wants me to write about the Flash too, but I’m my own editor.

meeting dad 2

So apparently Marcus is only a mid level gangster, those are the kind of gangsters you can run away from when you have TELEPORT powers.
Barry’s dad is asking around the prison for information on Marcus, this can’t end well.
Barry – “No more playing cop, promise me.”
Yeah tell him Bare.
Barry’s Dad – “I hear you.”
He never promised anything, a loophole!

Guy taking chances – “If I’m gonna let you out I’m not taking any chances.”
Put the handcuffs behind his back then! Maybe bring that ice gun?
Cisco – “What are we doing outside?”
Chess Jerk – “Just look that way for a second…”
The camera focuses on Cisco for like 5 seconds, I thought for sure Chess Jerk made a run for it.
Comic Relief – “How can you speak 6 languages and be a dick in everyone of them?”
omg he's behind me again

Chess Jerk – “You really don’t see it do you?”
How can Cisco not see the shadow imprint on the wall? Cisco must have been thinking, “wait a second, this isn’t my shadow…”
“You’re gonna kick yourself when you figure it out.”
Even if he doesn’t, Chess Jerk will do it for him.
Nerd fight.
This is why you put the handcuffs behind his back! Maybe Cisco should have started off with that vibrating sound remote; the fight would have been over in a flash.
Chess Jerk – “I have more clues, but you have to take these handcuffs off.”
This guy literally just tried to escape. Even Cisco wouldn’t be that stupid right? Right?!

Dr. Snow – “Cisco says I don’t have a life.”
Well he’s not wrong, but outside of making gadgets he doesn’t have a life either.
“I cook and I eat- “
Yes, cooking and eating usually go hand and hand.

cisco said i have no life
“and I read and I help you…”
She reads, in case we didn’t know she’s a nerd.
Barry – “I’m not doing any better than you. My social life consists of running at super human speed and Netflix.”
He would binge watch shows, that’s the fastest way to watch them.
Dr. Snow – “We are quite the pair Mr. Allen.”
Apparently not though! These 2 would make a pretty good couple, better than him and Iris.
“Looks like our meta human Bonnie and Clyde are at it again.”
Does every evil couple have to be compared to those two?

They don’t wear masks, again, while they rob the security truck.
She then teleports to a car that wasn’t in her line of sight and the Flash finds her.
Teleport Gal – “Oh I’ve read about you.”
Was it on Iris’s blog?
“I heard you run fast. Catch me if you can.”
Barry – “I can.”
I actually laughed out loud at this. Somehow he loses her though.

catch and seek
“Not too many men can keep up with me.”
She’s surprised a few seconds later when Barry can keep up with her.
Barry hears the sound of the gun before he feels it… Add a normal guy with a gun to the list of things that can beat the 2nd fastest man alive.

Snow – “This is a bullet wound, you’re lucky it just broke the skin.”
And here I thought the suit was indestructible.
Barry – “I guess I’m a lot faster than a speeding bullet.”
I mean you still got shot, so not really.
“She can teleport.”
It’s kind of sad how long it took them to figure out her powers.
Snow – “As in beam me up Shawna?”
That nerd reference was just shoehorned into the dialogue. Boo.
Dr. Wells – “Long winded nerd explanation or as Einstein put it, spooky action.“
Einstein said this, but it sounds made up…
Snow – “Peek-a-boo, come on, can’t I name one?”
Didn’t she name one already?

Iris has a date with Eddie and is too busy for Barry to write her article for her.
Eddie – “And we’re late.”
That’s his only line of dialogue the entire episode. Maybe Iris has a thing for dude’s that are late.
After getting spurned by Iris Barry decides to check out a couple one dive bar and Snow invites herself instead of Barry asking her out.

2 nerds out on the town

This dive bar is a lot fancier than the bars I go to. I wonder what that says about me.
Dr. Snow dresses up and looks great, who would have thought this nerd would be pretty if she removed her glasses and ponytail…wait a sec, she was always pretty.
Snow – “I don’t always dress like a high school principal.”
And now I have a high school principle fetish.
Barry – “What is wrong with us? We’re in our 20s, we should meet people and go on lots of dates.”
I’m sure everyone can relate to the plight of 2 attractive single people, they have it so tough.
She downs Barry’s drink and opens a tab.

Cisco took off Chess Jerk’s handcuffs because “It’d be a little conspicuous where we’re going next with these on.” But they’re at a police CSI lab! I’m calling shenanigans! They’d fit in easily.
Cisco is too dumb to understand Chess Jerk’s explanation on transmutation even though he’s supposed to be a smart character. Then again he took off his handcuff so I’m not too sure. So Chess Jerk was at STAR Labs during the explosion, the mystery here is why was he there?
“Stop, zoom in a little bit. Now advance it frame by frame.“
I think this is the first time TV CSI stuff is done in Barry’s CSI lab.

fire guys
So the fire soul of Ronnie goes into the body of Martin Stein and the end result is Ronnie’s body with Martin Stein’s soul…okay.
Chess Jerk conspicuously removes his one hearing aid, which is now a sound weapon, and uses it to hurt Cisco. Why does he still have them, I thought he removed his super hearing aids last time? So his hearing aid doubles as a bomb and a sound weapon? What can’t this magical hearing aid do?
“Can’t say I didn’t keep up my end of the bargain.”
True, but can he still hear himself talk with half a hearing aid? Can Cisco even hear what he’s saying right now when he’s writhing on the floor in pain?
In case we forgot he spoke multiple languages.

Dr.(unk) Snow chants Barry’s name to come on stage and sing karaoke with her.
Snow – “Look at Barry he’s so fast! Whoops!”
Everyone in the bar now knows his secret identity.
They sing one of the most popular duet songs and Barry nails it out of the park.
cute newgurlDr.(unk) Snow – “You’re fast and you can sing!”
Don’t forget all that Netflix he watches, his best aspect.
A cute girl hits on Barry, the promo highlighted this encounter and it’s barely a footnote in the episode, I feel robbed!
Barry – “How do you know my name?!”
Cute girl – “(repeats the chant Snow did) Barry, Barry, Barry.”
Cause she’ll be chanting that again later tonight, right Bare? Don’t blow this buddy!
“You definitely made my ears happy.”
That’s not the only body part of yours he can make happy! Right Bare? I’m a great wingman.
Barry – (This cute girl is acting so weird, I’ll just do nothing and smile awkwardly.)
Stop acting like me Bare!
She gives him her number by tapping his phone, but that’s not the only thing she wants to tap! Right Bare? Okay I’ll stop now.
He takes Snow home, I’m sure running at super speeds didn’t help her nausea.

Bad Boyfriend – “80 grand, we square now?”
Gee wiz that’s a lot of money.
Mid tier knock off of Maroni from the Dark Knight, I mean even the name Marcus is a mid level downgrade from Maroni.

marcus and this other dude

He wants to use Teleport Telescope’s powers to his advantage, but they’re interrupted by the least stealthy police raid ever.
Teleport Telescope unsurprisingly teleports out, even though she probably couldn’t see outside.

Their clothes don’t burn up from running at super speeds, but we still get to see “plot” anyway.
Dr.(unk) Snow – “Vodka and super speed don’t mix.”
I’ve yet to meet a girl at a bar that didn’t like vodka tonics.
“Are you going to call the girl that gave you her number?”
barry spogoliHopefully he’ll ask her out, but I’ve yet to see a childhood friend the main character has a crush on not end up with the main character. I like new girl better than Iris already though.
Barry changes her at super speeds, his specialty.
“It’s okay if you peeked a little, you deserve a peek for all the good stuff you do.”
Fun fact, Einstein said this too.

It still amazes me STAR Labs has a level 600, they have three and a half employees! Cisco tells the rest of the gang how he let Chess Jerk escape. Quick check the nearest Tai restaurant and recapture him!
Comic Relief – “Are you mad, I can’t tell with those glasses on.“
judgementsOf course she’s mad.
Dr. Snow – “I told you to let it go.”
The cold never bothered her anyway.
“I wasn’t doing it for you…”
He feels guilty for what he did to Ronnie.
Snow – “Do you know what Ronnie would say if he was here?”
Help me I’m on fire! Hopefully I can transmute my soul into something to ease the pain! Something like that.
“It wasn’t your fault, it wasn’t anybody’s fault.”
Uh, it was sort of Dr. Well’s fault; I thought we established that last episode?
Wells discovers Teleport Telescope’s weakness. They just need to get her into a dark space, or you know, cover her eyes! Her nickname is peek-a-boo, the answer’s right in front of them!

Barry’s dad got shanked for tattling to the police, but on the bright side Barry gets to see his dad in person again. Barry’s 2 dads were able to stop Marcus, so he should be in jail now right? Barry’s Dad had good intentions, he just wanted to help his son and he rarely gets the opportunity. He tells Barry who shanked him, that guy is going to get his ass kicked.

barry meet dad 3

Instead of kicking that guy’s ass he helps him escape…uh that’s not your dad Barry, what are you doing? Guy in prison has intimate information of Marcus’s next big heist even though Marcus got captured and this guy’s in prison and wouldn’t need to know this information.

So I’m not entirely sure why Bonnie and Clyde are still stealing stuff and not running away. What I’m even more confused about is why they’re still going along with Marcus’s plan when he’s in prison.
It’s 8PM in Central City and the roads are deserted besides their car and the bank truck.
Teleport Telescope – “Why do you care what we do? Are you a cop or something?”
Barry is surprisingly quick on his feet this episode.

Cover her eyes, game over! This girl beats Barry with a baton…if I were her I’d try to break his leg or teleport him high up and drop him, but baton would be my next choice…if I were a complete moron. A baton! Really? They try to escape in the tunnel, but Barry breaks all the lights so she can’t teleport. I mean giant wrenches would be the last thing I would expect on a road construction site, but I’ve also never seen just one guy on a construction site either. Bad Boyfriend leaves her and Barry somehow lets him escape…I mean how far could he get on foot from the Flash?

Did he bring her back in a blindfold or something?
Cisco – “It’s one way glass and mirrored on the inside so she can’t escape.”
A mirror, one of her many weaknesses.
“No one dangerous is ever going to get out of this again.”
I’d bet all my money he’s wrong.
Cold escaped twice, Reverse Flash once, Colossus Bully got let out, Chess Jerk escaped twice, I think they have Poison Mist, Red Eyes, and a dead body in there. I don’t think they feed anyone either, they’re probably all dead bodies.

cupid eyes piercing

Dr. Girl – “Both of us have been hung up on people for way too long.”
Snow keeps saying it’s time for her to move on, but maybe this time she means it.
Barry – (This cute girl is acting so weird, I’ll just do nothing and smile awkwardly.)
There’s like 10 seconds of blushing and awkward laughter after Snow says she needs to find a new lover. Her eyes are shooting Cupid’s arrows so fiercely at Barry that I could feel the residual effects pierce my soul through the TV.

Barry writes Iris’ news report for her before leaving at super speed. She takes a picture of him, but there’s no way her camera phone could capture a quality photo of the Flash running at super speeds when I still can’t take one good picture of my dog without it coming out blurry. Shenanigans again!

So the girl Barry asks out works at the same place as Iris except she’s in sports. He’s totally using her to make Iris jealous and it’s totally working. The girl wants what she can’t have.

iris jeally

Barry gets to meet his dad again. Somehow getting caught trying to escape prison means the guy that stabbed Barry’s Dad won’t be bothering them anymore. Wouldn’t he just get more time in prison?
Barry – “If I were the Flash don’t you think you’d be the first to know about it…”
He didn’t deny it, a loophole!

he knows...i know
Barry’s Dad – “If the Flash were my son I’d tell him a few things. First off I’d tell him it’s a dangerous world so be careful, then I’d tell him he’s a hero and he’s saving a lot of lives, but the most important thing for him to know is his father’s proud of him.”
He’s a better detective than I thought, and I’m surprised he’s not asking his son to get him out of this hellhole. 10.5 people now know Barry’s secret identity.

Judging by the ominous music, I’m guessing this isn’t where the teenage ninja mutant turtles hang out. I’m guessing Grodd lives here seeing as he took the time to write his name everywhere he took a piss. These guys should have ran when they saw the place and they should have ran faster when they heard the growl.

grodd coming for u


12 thoughts on “Flash Recap: Crazy for You

  1. One thing that stuck out to me in this episode is when Cisco and Hartley went to the CCPD to view the footage at STAR Labs. Why did they need to go there to get the footage? Why would the CCPD even have that footage? Should STAR LAbs have it? And how did Hartley know where the footage was in the first place? ARGGHHH! The plot-holes are strong with this one!

    • I feel like that entire scene in CCPD was done so Hartley could escape. I can’t believe I didn’t comment on how weird Ronnie’s fire face was during that scene. I swear I thought that was Will Ferrel when I watched it on TV.

      • I haven’t watched walking dead since season 2, and that was physically painful to get through. I actually like the Flash episodes, I don’t know if I could sit through walking dead, although I would have plenty to point out and ridicule I’m sure.

  2. Sometimes I think this is a Marvel TV Show with all those villaineous X-Man rip-offs. Well done though pointing that out everytime.
    One think in particular bothered me pretty much – Bare run to the Police Station to catch up with Iris because he promised to help her? Where they supposed to meet there? How did he know she would be there? It’s confusing. Maybe not as much as the fact that gay nerd and comic relief could waltz into the police station, go into the CSI lab unsupervised and log into Bare’s computer … to look at security footage he couldn’t possible have – the particle accelerator destroyed/EMP-ewed the whole town!
    But I’m glad Bare’s real dad is still in jail despite the fact that they have hard evidence now about that man-in-the-yellow-suit exists and even killed a few cops while smiling for the S.T.A.R.-Labs cameras. Central City – Only the good guys stay in jail.

    • Holy Crap, you right! Jeez, the fact that we can point out so much of this stuff is proof enough that the writers have no regard for their own work. We need a new show-runner—fast (no pun intended)!

      • Hehe, well I use my 12-year old son as entertainment compass and watched/re-watched every episode of this show so far. We watched the TMNT reboot last year and even my son is the target group, he nonetheless almost vomited about the shenanigans going on in the latest Michael Bay abomination.
        So, it was pretty funny to watch him point out holes in the plot of the Flash show even I didn’t noticed at first (propably because IQ tends to skip a generation). But I bursted out in laugh when the female Nightcrawler’s boyfriend manages to escape on foot – in a long, dark tunnel without a trace!
        I made my peace with this show (unlike Arrow) since it is entertaining BECAUSE of the gaping plot holes and weird human behavior.

      • Your son should proofread the scripts!, I mean if a kid can see all these plotholes, come on.
        The boyfriend getting away was one of the most ridiculous things the show has done so far.

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