Flash Recap: The Nuclear Man

thumbs up to vests...no

Bare – “How does this superhero get ready for a date?”
Quickly? At super speed?
Joe – “You change one more time I’m gonna shoot you.”
Classic Joe. I’m no fashion expert, but giving a thumbs up to a vest isn’t good advice.
Barry tips the flower lady $5 for one flower. He must be making bank as CSI.
Linda – “Punctual.”
Bare – “Yeah that’s what my friends call me…”
I guess she’s worth being on time for.
Linda – “Is that lonely looking flower for me?”
Barry – “Is this dumb? I thought about getting a bouquet, but then I thought that was weird.”
That is weird, but one flower is weird too.
Linda – “No, it’s awesome.”
Barry only gets away with this awkward gesture because lightning gave him abs! This wouldn’t work for average looking people.

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