Flash Recap: Fallout

ripped shirt ron
They continue from last week’s episode. Barry trips and falls while running from a nuclear explosion, so of course his mask fell off.
Dr. Snow – “There’s no telling how much radiation we were exposed to.”
Dr. Wells – “There’s no radiation.”
They cleared that up so fast I couldn’t make fun of it.
I guess the two separated, but still exploded.
They find both of their bodies, and besides having a few rips on Ronnie’s shirt, both of them are fine. Stein is fully clothed and has his glasses intact after the demerging.

Either Barry carried all three of them at the same time or he carried them one at a time, but they all walk in together.
Cisco – “Ronnie Raymond! I shouldn’t have locked you in there.”
Ronnie – “Hey, don’t…”
(ever do that to me again.) Don’t worry I finished it for you Ronnie!
“Caitlyn told me what happened to you, I’m so sorry.”
When did she have the time to tell Ronnie this? When Barry carried them over one at a time?
Ronnie looks fine, but Stein looks like crap. I guess their mind was a dirty place.

stein looks like crap

General Krabs – “There are two imprints…two different people. It’s Firestorm, he’s separated.”
He again demonstrates his talent for CSI, him and Barry would make a great team. It’s not like those footprints could have been Caitlyn and Barry’s footprints.

STAR Labs seems to have a never ending supply of these STAR Lab t-shirts, maybe that’s how they’re making all their money.
The two argue about their former body sharing experience.
Stein – “It’s thanks to me that we’re alive.”
Ronnie – “Alive? We were living under a bridge eating garbage.”
Valid point, why were they doing that again? I thought Stein was smart?

Barry runs Stein home.
“What do I say?”
This man survived a year merged with a random person and his body exploding, but he’s still afraid to talk to his wife. Marriage is scary.

he didn't take off his shoes!
So many light switches at the door entrance! The “thank you for removing your shoes” sign looks like it was made by a toddler, but they don’t have any kids. Also he didn’t take off his shoes! A year away from home is no excuse for an unkept home!

Joe brings Barry to where his mom was murdered, but more importantly, Joe has a key to Cougar’s house, I think someone had fun last night. Cougar doesn’t make a second appearance this episode, maybe she’s in a pleasure coma from that good Father Cop loving last night.
Barry – “It’s smaller than I remember.”
Joe – “Yeah, it’s because you’re bigger.”
That’s what Couges said.
“I don’t fully know how Cisco did it but…”
No one does, just get on with it. Father Cop shows Barry the 3D light show allowing him to relive the worst moment of his life.

yep, my mother is about to die here
“We tested the blood splatter, it’s yours.”
And someone else’s.
Barry – “Impossible, I wasn’t even downstairs yet.”
The hologram literally shows Young Barry standing right there…
Joe – “But like from the future.”
Barry – “…That’s the Flash.”
Barry talks about himself in 3rd person.
“That’s me.”
A Mario!

Why did they tell Wells?! Isn’t he #1 on the suspected murderer list?! Come on Joe!
Clever Guy – “I may be a clever guy Joe, but even I can’t give you a working theory on time travel.” #humblebrag #notdocbrown

Iris – “You understand physics?”
Jerk Reporter – “It might as well be in Dothraki.”
A Game of Thrones reference! Yay!
Iris – “He admitted to being warned of a potential disaster.”
Jerk Reporter – “Yeah, why would he do that?”
I’m not sure myself buddy.
Iris – “He kept my friend struck by lightning alive.”
Jerk Reporter – “Your friend wouldn’t need saving if Wells hadn’t zapped him in the first place.”
Because zapped by lightning = evil man did this. I mean that’s exactly what happened, but I wouldn’t have assumed that.

dainish, you know i like donuts
The same guy that managed to get the blueprints for STAR Labs needs Iris to get into the building, use the blueprints buddy! There are four people at that place and one’s in a wheelchair, just sneak in!
Iris – “You think I would investigate my friends because you got me a Danish?”
I’d do a lot of things for food. She will too apparently.

Barry – “Mrs. Stein I’m sorry to bother you, but is Professor Stein here?”
She told you to call her Clarissa!
Clarissa – “After a year apart I’m not letting him out of my sight.”
She does though.
“He’s been asking for pizza, but he never liked pizza before.”
Whoa there buddy, fuck you. Who doesn’t like pizza?
Barry could make a killing as a pizza deliveryman. I didn’t realize Clarissa knew he was the Flash. 14 people now know Barry’s secret identity.
Barry – “Time travel, let’s talk about it.”


Stein has a chalkboard full of potential theories for time travel; seeing as Wells couldn’t even provide one theory, Stein clearly deserved those awards more than Wells.
Doc Stein – “Space time is a free flowing highway that intersects with the physical world. To travel through time one merely needs to find a way onto the highway.”
This guy’s a few screws loose away from being Doc Brown.
“In some future date you actually move so fast that the resulting kinetic energy buildup smashes a hole in the space-time continuum.”
Spoilers man!

i don't think there;s a dart in his neckRonnie – “I was thinking we could leave town, start fresh somewhere.”
Dr. Fiancée – “My job is here…I’m making a difference helping people.”
Their chance of a happy ending just went down…
Ronnie – “That building took a year of our lives.”
It should have taken his entire life, be grateful it was only a year!
The army shoots the waiter that replaced Iris because fuck that guy. I don’t think there’s a dart in that waiter’s neck…acting!

Ronnie somehow gets caught leaving, but Caitlin doesn’t… Is there a reason the army couldn’t track him down when he was a homeless man? Stein is still connected to Ronnie and warns Barry to go to the coffee shop. Barry saves Ronnie by knocking out all the armed trained soldiers with punches, but doesn’t take out the one named antagonist because he might have something to say… Barry gets hit by a porcupine grenade that was gently tossed in the air.
General Lex Luthor’s Voice – “Firestorm was the army’s main objective, but getting you, that’s just gravy.”
Why aren’t they trying to get Barry again?
Snow saves them in a van, and they floor it 88 MPH out of there.

porcupine death

Cisco – “It’s just like that time I stepped on a sea urchin… only much worse.”
Barry – “Just please don’t pee on me.”
Cisco – “You know that’s a myth right?”
I learned something watching the Flash!

Stein – “I’m still inside Ronald.”
Comic Relief – “There has to be a better way to phrase that.”
They’re doing phrasing!
Barry – “Impossible is just another Tuesday for us.”
Then maybe pee can heal jellyfish stings! Anything is possible!
Cisco – “We have a guy locked in our basement that can turn into poison gas.”
Ronnie – “Really?”
Comic Relief – “Dude that was like week 3.”
What a coincidence, this show’s going on a 3 week break…

group lie, caitlin can't, barry is guilty, joe is like come on daighter you so dumb, ronnie is like im hungry

So Fire and Snow go live with Barry, who lives at home, instead of in Dr. Wells’ giant mansion.
Joe – “Ronnie? The-”
Dead Fiancé – “Dead Fiancé.”
He introduces himself as Dead Fiancé in the show! I swear someone down at CW is reading my blog.
Joe – “…Alright…beer?”
His response to most scenarios.
Iris comes home and ruins the group bonding.
Gumption Girl – “It’s Tuesday, I was going to make dinner for everyone.”
It’s still sunny outside, why aren’t these two at work?
The group comes up with a lie explaining who Ronnie is.
Ronnie – “So what’s for dinner?”
Using up all the hospitality real quick.

General Krabs – “I had a feeling you’d be wheeling by.”
Lt. Dan would love working with this guy.

wheeled on by...never heard that one before
He knows Barry Allen’s secret identity! Glad that Barry’s “take off my mask for everything” syndrome is finally biting him in the butt. 15 people now know Barry’s secret identity.
You know where to find me when you make the right decision; after all, you’re the smartest guy I know.
I don’t know why Wells betrays everyone later. Was he threatened? All I heard was a compliment.

Joe – “Should I not have shown you?”
Barry – “No I had to know.”
Sorry for doubting you Father Cop.
Joe – “I can’t help but feel like I handed you a brand new burden.”
I mean it’s sort of an old burden…Barry’s only burden really.
Barry – “How’d you know the blood was mine?”
Joe – “Cisco tested it against everyone that worked at STAR Labs.”
So four people? Is Barry officially working for STAR Labs now?
Barry – “Dr. Wells had nothing to do with my mom’s murder. Do you believe that now?”
Joe – “Yeah…”
Don’t believe him, trust your instincts!

auchebach whiskyDr. Wells pours Stein and himself a glass of whisky, but doesn’t drink any for himself. Not suspicious at all.
Stein – “My life’s work should have been being the best husband I could to my wife.”
That’s why he visits Dr. Wheels alone for drinks…and leaves his wife later.
Was it really necessary to knock him out?

Jerk Reporter – “Witnesses said they saw soldiers shooting the place up.”
Wait, why isn’t he writing a story about that? That’s a pretty big deal! He called the army to ask if they’re allowed to open fire on a coffee house, doesn’t he just know that’s wrong?
She looks at the blurriest black and white image of Ronstein and somehow makes the connection…

iris knows that blurry face anywhere

Dr. Wells tells the gang the army took away Stein. He can’t keep getting away with these lies! Did Stein not tell his wife where he was going? There has to be a paper trail here!
Ronnie – “How do we find him?“
Are we sure this guy was an engineer? He doesn’t even have fake glasses, how smart can he be?
Everyone – (Uh, you.)
I loved the individual shots they do of the gang staring at him.
Ronnie – “What…”
Stein was able to feel Ronnie being attacked at the coffee shop earlier in the episode, but Ronnie can’t find Stein now… Stein’s mind is clearly better than Ronnie’s.

ronnie come on

Stein – “It’s freezing in here.”
I’m not really sure why it needs to be cold in this room… General Krabs is just being a jerk.
General Krabs – “My father had me convinced our greatest threat was the Soviets, nuclear war. But then came terrorism, then Ebola-”
Ebola and terrorism, basically the same thing.
“And now it’s the age of Firestorm. Soldiers that generate energy blasts with their bare hands, soldiers that can fly.”
I know I would want to live in a world where Dragon Ball Z is real.
Stein – “I’d rather die than see my life’s work perverted in this way.”
General Krabs – “Good because you will die professor.”
He would make a great Bond villain.
Woman with cattle prod and guy with notepad enter.
“Last time I did this was to a Gorilla.”
So he’s totally going to be killed by that Gorilla. (I wrote this down during the episode, didn’t think he’d get his comeuppance so quickly.)
Army scientist – “Yes, the electricity does seem to hurt him.”
Are they testing him or torturing him?

cold chair

Ronnie and Stein are still linked and he writhes in pain.
Cisco gives him water and Ronnie pours it out and breaks the glass… Why ask for water when it was literally right next to him? This is the funniest part of the episode.

After shocking Stein once, the army gang leaves… I mean the room is pretty cold so maybe they want to warm up. The show writers pull my least favorite detail from the movie Looper by having Ronnie cut himself to communicate with Stein. He writes WHERE in gigantic capital letters because he’s an idiot. A “?” would probably work here. Conveniently, they had a sign with the name of the base in the torture room.

Stein responds in Morse Code, proving again that he’s smarter than Ronnie, but has either of them simply tried talking out loud?
Cisco – “Military base 27 is about 300 miles away…”
That’s pretty far away, even for Barry.
Barry – “That’s where they’re keeping him.”
Comic Relief – “Pretty sure that’s where they’re keeping the Aliens too.”
That’s area 51!
Ronnie wants to go with Barry.
“No, if you come you might merge back into one.”
They just spent all of last episode separating them!
Ronnie – “But if he dies…I die.”
Valid point.
Snow gives Ronnie a very passionate goodbye kiss. They give Ronnie the quantum splicer that survived a massive explosion from point blank range so he can use it for the opposite of what they built it for.

They arrive at the military base after a commercial break.
Random Scientist – “We’ve been able to isolate the Firestorm matrix inside the subject’s cellular structure.”
That was this actor’s only line, one more than Eddie had this episode. I imagine anyone who could say this line with a straight face got the part.

long trigger
General Luthor holds the gun to Stein’s head, but takes years to pull the trigger. Ronnie is able to tell Barry he feels a gun to Stein’s head, Barry is able to run into a military base he’s never been inside, find Stein, free him, and escape before the General pulls the trigger.

Barry tries catching a missile instead of dodging… it explodes in his hands. That should have at least blown off his hands.
Barry tells these two to run, ironic since it’s usually Barry being told to run.
Barry – “They hit me with some kind of chemical, how do I get rid of it?!”
Is it by running? All his problems can be solved by running.
Dr. Wells – “Run Barry, run!”
A callback to the pilot.

Ronnie – “We have to merge.”
Dr. Wells – “Accept the change, accept the balance, and accept each other.”
What are things said during wedding vows?
Ronnie and Stein – “Fu-sion-ha!
They merge and because they accept each other this time Ronnie is able to control his body and mind with Stein acting as Cortana to his Master Chief. They were stuck together over a year and couldn’t figure this out? Acceptance?!
Somehow Stein has a radar like system while in Ronnie’s body now.
Where does General Krabs keep getting these fancy grenades? He monologues and takes forever to shoot Steinnie, AGAIN! Barry knocks him out. Somehow his mask didn’t fall off this time.

well at least my mask didn't fall off
Ronstein gets his powers back pretty quickly, so if General Lex Luthor’s Voice kept monologuing earlier then Ronstein probably could have taken him out on his own. They fly and run home. I know flying is cool and all, but shouldn’t Barry be much faster than him? 300 miles of fire flying?! Just carry him Bare!

Ronstein – “It’s both of us somehow.”
This isn’t new information.
Stein – (She’s quite lovely.)
I knew he was a pervert! Steinnie totally kissed her last episode.
The last time they tried separating they blew a crater in the badlands, but I guess a Barry safe distance away is fine this time.

separate in another place

They separate fine.
Snow – “You have to go.”
Wait, why? This guy isn’t replacing Eddie as a main character on the show?

They need to stay one step ahead of General Krabs… but he’s dead at the end of the episode right? Problem solved.
Ronnie – “We might go to Pittsburgh, Stein has a friend there.”
Stein burned his last friend to a crisp! Does Stein not remember Wells drugging him earlier? Is Stein’s wife not coming with him? What happened to never letting him out of your sight and Stein realizing he should be the best husband he could be? This married couple is BS… Are the lovers left behind because fire flying is a much cooler way to travel?
They go in for a bro hug to merge.
Ronstein – “We love you.”
Stein may love Snow too.
He flies off into the sunset during the middle of the day in the suburbs…

bye wives

Dr. Snow – “I had him, but just for a day!”
Remember that game you played where you’d give up stuff in your life for just 1 minute with him again? Remember when you were crushing on Barry last episode? Yeah, stop complaining.
“I have a life, and it’s a good one.”
I thought we established that she doesn’t have a life in the last episode? The only thing that has changed is Ronnie isn’t dead.
It looks like Iris will research STAR Labs and betray her friends because they lied to her about Ronnie that one time. So they’re just making her the most unlikable character and want the audience to root for her and Barry to get together?

So they can just come to Cougar’s house whenever they want…Joe is either dating Cougar and she’s sleeping after passionate lovemaking again or we have another homicide case on our hands.
Barry – “I’m going to fail unless this time I don’t.”
Joe – “What are you saying?”
I’m with you Joe; the kid has lost his marbles.

losing gives me the advatnage somehow
Barry – “Knowing that I’m supposed to lose gives me the advantage.”
Sure buddy.
“These images are a lesson on what not to do.”
There are like 6 blurry images here!
Joe – “You’re going to change the past?”
Why don’t I believe changing the past will work? Future me told me it won’t happen, I couldn’t tell myself anything useful? Thanks future me!

Reverse Flash brings General Krabs to Grodd’s sewer lair. Wells loves this monkey, but even he can’t live in the man in the yellow suit’s giant mansion.
For a second I thought they weren’t going to reveal Reverse Flash’s identity and have General Krabs simply say, “it’s you!”
General Krabs – “Dear God.”
Grodd – “Not God, Grodd.”
Maybe he named himself Grodd just to make this joke?
This was the 3rd time a man had been attacked by a gorilla in this sewer base this week. 14 people and 1 animal probably know Barry’s secret identity.
reverse flash is gorrila


8 thoughts on “Flash Recap: Fallout

  1. “This guy’s a few screws loose away from being Doc Brown.” Haha, that was awesomely hilarious!
    I laughed so hard at what General Kurgan said to I-Don’t-Know-How-To-Dodge-Barry after he gifted him the “spiked” grenade he literally pulled out from his arse – “Developed to detect kinetic energy!” So, it happens that I have a master in theoretical physics and a master in thermodynamics (that says nothing about me cause my son is smarter than me), and every moving object (i.e. Matter) has kinetic energy, like a beating heart , a meteor, our planet or a moving van for example, but maybe it is only attracted to very fast moving objects – we won’t find out since this weapon will no longer be used again later.

  2. I wonder what happens when Prof. Stein (distant relative to Ein-Stein?) remembers that Prof. Zoom spiked his drink earlier and therefor was responsible for his capture, torturing and almost certain death? Will RonStein return like Ghost Rider seeking vengeance?
    Speaking of – how was it possible to transfer the flesh carving of Ronnie to Stein? I mean they tortured Stein with a cattle prod wich definately would have left some burn marks on his skin but Ronnie had none – only the pain. So this stunt was not only pretty stupid, it wouldn’t have worked in the first place.
    But what to except from a screenwriter that established earlier that kryptonite is Clark Kent’s weakness but also gives earth’s humans superpowers – except for Lana Lang who wears a necklace made out of that radioactive material for years. She doesn’t even get cancer duh.

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