Parks and Recreation: A Long Ride

parks cast
A waking nightmare of happiness as Leslie Knope would put it, Parks and Rec had the energy and optimism of a kids show, but with humor and wacky characters that I ended growing deeply attached to. I’ve been with this show since day one because I was a fan of it’s sister show The Office and my brother forced me to stick with it. The show started as a knockoff Office with the lovable idiot boss played by Amy Poehler, instead of Steve Carell, but morphed into to something else entirely. It was wonderfully different than everything else on television and while it’s sad to see the show end I’m thankful it got leave leave on its own terms. It’s amazing how humanized and relatable the characters were even though none of them could possible be real. I’d recommend new watchers start at Season 2 because the first 6 episodes don’t reflect where the show ended and can be tough to get through.
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