Frugal Fantasy Baseball: OF

Part III of frugal fantasy baseball 2015 goes over some underpriced OFs. I’ll still be using the Fantasy Pros average rankings, with Yahoo! and ESPN rankings given precedence over the others, but since most of drafts will be over by now I’ll only recommend guys that should be on the waivers, obviously depending on how competitive and deep the league is many of these recommendations will be owned already.
Part I
Part II

It’s the strongest and most diverse group of fantasy players in the game. If you need power, check the OF. If you need speed, check the OF. If you need a UTL player, check the OF…or 1B. You could draft 3 OFs with your first picks and no one would bat an eye, but do that with any other position and you might be crazy. It’s also one of the deepest positions and every year undrafted guys like Corey Dickerson and JD Martinez break out and finish among the top of their position. My goal here is to try and find some players that could break out, but more realistically I’ll help identify some underrated hitters.
adam eating

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Dunk and Egg: A Must Read

dunk and egg and an actual egg...there were not many good pictures out there

Waiting for Winds of Winter to come out sometime before I die of old age, I started craving for more A Song of Ice and Fire material so I finally got around to reading all three Tales of Dunk and Egg novellas. They were amazing. It only took 2 days, the Hedge Knight was the longest at ~90 pages, but that’s nothing considering how much George RR usually writes. I haven’t reread the books in a while, but I’ve read numerous fan theories and as much of the wiki page as I could, it’s not the same!, but reading these novellas felt like a new book coming out early. I didn’t read them until now because…well I didn’t think I’d care about the events that happened in the past considering how I know how every turns out and they’re kind of hard to obtain, but I was wrong on both accounts.

The events in the Tales of Dunk and Egg occur roughly a hundred years before the Mad King and the downfall of the Targaryen dynasty. These two live in an entirely different Westeros than the one we’ve grown accustomed too. Martin released these novellas attached to other short story collection books, but I think it’s possible to purchase them individually on kindle or find PDF versions online. It’s still possible to understand and enjoy these novellas if one hasn’t read the books. Spoiler ahead, but I won’t ruin the plot to any of the novellas.
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Flash Recap: Rogue Time

birthday cisco

They inserted last week’s ending into this week’s opening…
Barry relives the day and still comes to the killed by hail conclusion…he blew both of his opportunities.
At least the Chief’s coat isn’t ruined, that was always more important than being able to walk.

Caitlin – “He’s your brother.”
Cisco – “Yeah, not by choice.”
Like most brothers then.
Caitlin will go with Cisco to his brother’s birthday party and Barry experiences more time travel shenanigans and clichés.
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Life with a Mini Husky

My family owns an Alaskan Klee Kai breed, essentially a miniature husky. The average Alaskan Klee Kai is 15 pounds, our dog is easily over 30 pounds. He’s large for his size, but he’s not fat, he’s just a little husky…

They only shed twice a year, during the summer and all other times. There’s fur everywhere. There’s fur on the furniture, there’s fur in my food, there’s fur on the clean clothes that just came out of the dryer- everywhere. There’s so much dog fur it’s seeped into my dreams, I want to be a dog stylist now… Cruella de Vil could have stolen 3 of these Alaskan Klee Kais and spawned 101 designer coats for a lifetime. Birds flock to our backyard to get his tempurpedic fur to line their nests.
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Frugal Fantasy Baseball: 2B, SS, 3B

Part II of my frugal 2015 options will go over the rest of the infield. I’ll still be using the Fantasy Pros average rankings, but Yahoo! and ESPN updated their rankings over the weekend and Fantasy Pros hasn’t updated there ADP accordingly, making it harder for me to recommend some undervalued players through their rankings. Yahoo! and ESPN rankings will be given precedence over the others.

Second Base
A relatively weak position outside of some early selections, 2B gets dicey really quickly. I like Brian Dozier a lot more in OBP leagues, while Dee Gordon drops down a little in OBP leagues. We still have the annual tradition between most boring 2B in Howie Kendrick and Martin Prado. Kendrick was in one of the best offenses last year and he still ended up with forgetful stats and Martin Prado is just as bad.
walker and harry
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The Jinx: What did I just Watch?

jinx skinny

The Jinx is a HBO documentary examining millionaire recluse Robert Durst and a string of murders that mysteriously followed him around. Okay it’s not that mysterious, but it is creepy, disturbing, and oddly addicting.

It’s similar to the podcast Serial, probably, I’ve never actually listened to Serial, but I’m sure it’s similar. I haven’t seen too many documentaries, something I should change, but I recently saw I Know That Voice and that was really enjoyable because I watch a ton of cartoons. If you want something more lighthearted, then watch that, it’s fantastic. I don’t watch shows like CSI because murder and blood makes me uncomfortable, but much like the voice of the title character, The Jinx hypnotically keeps my attention despite the subject matter. If this documentary has taught me anything it’s that money can’t buy happiness, but it can buy freedom.

If you haven’t watched this documentary and want to watch it in the future then stop reading this review, it’s better to watch this with as little information as possible. I went into this not knowing anything and I feel like knowing the ending could spoil the ride.

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Flash Recap: Out of Time

bowling...every bowling alley

They flashback to the pilot episode…this is still Season 1 guys, we know what happened.
So it looks like they finally cast the other brother, if a life of crime doesn’t work out for these two I’m sure modeling is always an option.
Thank God they had their seat belts on, that’s how they survived the plane crash.

Honestly I think all bowling alleys have the same art design.
Barry – “This is one of my favorite places in the world.”
That’s kind of depressing.
“I’m guessing bowling is one of the only sports where I can destroy you at.”
Shouldn’t this be the one sport she has a chance in?
I wonder how fast Barry can run with those goofy bowling shoes on. Besides ice, arriving on time, and Iris, I bet running in a bowling alley would be one of his many weaknesses.
A bowling date is like first week dating 101 and Iris loves bowling as much as Barry, but this is the first time she and Eddie have been bowling.
Iris is encroaching on Barry right in front of her boyfriend and Barry’s girlfriend, everyone knows you don’t wipe stuff off people’s faces unless you’re their mother/grandmother/girlfriend.
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Villanova Basketball 2015

St John's v Villanova

Since 2009 Villanova has gone 2-4 in the playoffs. I’ve been a Villanova fan since 2009…an unfortunate coincidence. The Villanova Wildcats just finished the season with a 32-2 record, won the Big East tournament for the first time in 20 years, and earned a #1 seed in the 2015 NCAA tournament, but it still feels like no one believes in us. 

Coach Jay Wright is great at recruiting, looking mighty fine in a suit, and getting the Wildcats to play better in the 2nd half. He’s a good looking dude for sure, but his post season record is… lacking, but that’s only looking at 2009 and onward. In 2008 he brought the Wildcats to the Final Four. Just check out his wikipedia pageat the end of every NCAA tournament paragraph there’s “Wright’s Wildcats were eliminated by the eventual national champion.” So maybe Villanova is just getting unlucky drawings, I think 5 out of 7 times Jay Wright has lost to the eventual national champions. He’s earned the reputation as only a good regular season coach, but maybe that’s a disservice to him. If we don’t make it far in this tournament that reputation may start to get a little more steam though, but if we lose to the eventual national champions again we may have a conspiracy on our hands.

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2015 Mock Draft Recap

I had the 12th pick in a snake draft with standard scoring in an ESPN roto league. I think my team turned out meh.

Team Strengths: I think I have a good mix of power hitters and a strong pitching staff.
Team Weaknesses: I’m weak on SBs, I drafted closers terribly, and I’m relying heavily on a bunch of bounce back players to carry my team, specifically Cargo/Fielder/Zimmerman. Wow my MI is weak and I waited way too long on a 5th OF. I usually love cycling my 5th OF or UTL player with whoever’s hot throughout the year, but I waited way too long on both.

It’s pretty easy to explain my picks cause they’re all back to back, here are some screenshots of the full draft. If I learned anything it’s that I shouldn’t have waited on players I really wanted, especially late in the draft. I wish I reached on deGrom/McHugh/Segura/Hunter.

team and draft
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Frugal Fantasy 2015: C and 1B

Today I’m going over frugal options for the catcher and first base positions, this isn’t exactly a sleepers article, just guys I’d target at those positions later in the draft. Fantasy Pros average the rankings from 6 other sites and it’s what I’ll use for player ADP (average draft position) here.  I feel like most people draft on Yahoo! and ESPN so I’ll be giving those rankings precedence over the others.

I usually target catchers late, I know, this isn’t exactly ground breaking advice. Buster Posey finished in the top 50 twice during the Giant’s even year dynasty, but it’s 2015 now. Even if the year was 2222 and Posey was 22 years old I wouldn’t draft the guy at his current 2nd round price tag. Players like Devin Mesoraco and Yan Gomes weren’t drafted in most leagues last year but still finished in the top 5 at their position. Catcher is one of the weakest positions, you can’t screw up your draft by selecting a catcher too late.
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