Better Caul Sall

beeetar caul saulu

Better Call Saul is better than expected. I assumed this show wasn’t going to be good because it felt like a desperate AMC scrapping for material with Breaking Bad finished and Mad Men on its way out. Breaking Bad’s story was complete and ended perfectly, it didn’t need a prequel. I thought focusing on Saul would be uninteresting considering we know how his story arc ends, but I was wrong. So very wrong. Bob Odenkirk reprises his role and we get a glimpse of his character as James McGill before the events of Breaking Bad take place and he develops into Saul Goodman. Odenkirk shines in the lead role and brings more humor to the show than it’s predecessor. No one can compete with Bryan Cranston’s portrayal of Walter White, a character that will deservedly go down as one of the best performances on TV, but Odenkirk’s handling of Saul is just as good as everything else on TV.

I caught up to Breaking Bad during the first part of Season 5 after literally everyone that watched TV recommended it to me. My expectations were sky high and I enjoyed the humor, superb attention to detail, and acting on the show, but it was very slow and boring at times. I would have loved the show more if it hadn’t been so hyped, but even then I wouldn’t include it among my favorite shows. I enjoyed it, but I feel like it could have cut a lot out and still got the main points across. They never developed side characters like Marie or Walter Jr. either. Maybe I enjoy Better Call Saul so much because my expectations were low going into it and although at times it feels just as slow as Breaking Bad, because of the humor I’m enjoying it so far.

If you loved Breaking Bad you’re probably watching the show already. If you haven’t watched Breaking Bad I wouldn’t recommend watching Better Call Saul. Don’t get me wrong you can watch this show without having seen Breaking Bad, but I feel like it’s more enjoyable knowing where the show is heading and being able to identify the little gems from its predecessor. Bob Odenkirk can carry a show and I’m glad he’s finally getting some attention in the spotlight. He’s Artillery Arthur  from How I Met Your Mother and the simple minded police chief in Fargo. He’s done it all and actually has more work as a writer than an actor. Some characters from the previous show are sprinkled in along with some promising new characters like Nacho, Kim, and Chuck. I find myself invested in the character despite knowing everyone can’t make it out of this.

With the experience from Breaking Bad behind them I’m excited to see the creators take the next step with this show. I feel like the restriction they have with Saul’s character arc leading into Breaking Bad won’t hinder this group and they’ll surprise us with a great ending. Yes I know I spelled the name wrong in the title, but so far the show is all good man.

it's saul time


3 thoughts on “Better Caul Sall

  1. I really like this series, especially with the first of the two episodes towards the end. (SPOILER ALERT)!!!: Seeing Tuco at the end of that episode made me jump up off the floor from where I was sitting. I was like, “OH SH**! It’s Crazy Tuco!” Admittedly, there was one episode where I thought that it REALLY slowed down the progression of the story, but after I realized that it was to tie in Mike’s story, I easily got over it. I wish this series all the best!

      • Yeah, it truly was. Before with Breaking Bad, all we had was a general feel for what Mike’s character was like, but here it really honed on his more empathetic side and the events surrounding his life that molded him into the person his was until his Breaking Bad conclusion.

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