Underrated on TV: Sunny and Nightly

always sunny in philly season 6
One’s in it’s 10th season and one just started, but both these shows are able to consistently make me laugh, but it feels like no one’s talking about them. Well I’m talking about them.

After being banished to FXX I almost forgot about this show, I even tuned into part of the Every Simpsons Ever Marathon, but for the life of me I can’t remember what channel FXX is. I recently caught up with the new season of Always Sunny in Philadelphia and I have to say the gang still got it.I held the top NY spot in Always Sunny in Philadelphia for a couple hours on Quiz Up, so you can pretty much call me an expert. Always Sunny just started its 10th Season! That’s when shows start getting bland and repetitive, all  TV shows run into this problem because running back to the well of recycled jokes runs old.

It’s rare to see a show consistently put out quality content after so many seasons. How I Met Your Mother couldn’t do it, the 9th season of Scrubs never happened, heck even the Simpsons marathon was unwatchable once it entered high school aged seasons. Off the top of my head South Park is the only show that’s continued into double digit seasons and actually improved, but Always Sunny is unique in that it was always good, it never dipped in quality. Some of those early episodes of South Park however…

The shorter seasons help the show produce quality episodes, and episode 4 of this season “Charlie Work” was particularly great, it’s probably one of my favorite episodes now. The episode focused around Charlie in a rare episode where he’s the most competent one of the gang. In a continuous shot reminiscent of Birdman the episode focuses on Charlie miraculously making Paddy’s Pub and the gang competent enough to pass a heath inspection. I loved the way the story was told and the episode was funnier rewatching. The characters are caricatures of themselves at this point, but it’s still funny. Mac and Dennis are just as crazy as ever, but somehow Charlie and Frank seem less insane. Dee’s at the same level of crazy. The dark humor remains strong even after all those years in sunny Philadelphia.

After he “took over” for Colbert I didn’t expect too much from the Nightly Show, but its been a pleasant surprise. I always enjoyed Wilmore’s cameos on the Daily Show, but I didn’t expect Larry could carry an entire show. As sad as it’s been losing Colbert it’s going to be even harder losing Jon Stewart, but I feel a lot better for late night satire news with Larry Wilmore out there, we need more Wilmore… Jon Oliver, the only man with a British accent that doesn’t get a boost in attractiveness, is killing hosting Last Week Tonight on HBO so the best option to replace Stewart won’t be available. Wilmore handles the news segment bits with the skill of a seasoned veteran, but he’ll probably stick with his new show instead of take over for Stewart.

My favorite part of the show is the ‘Keep it 100’ segment, I like this part better than the interview sections on the Daily Show and Colbert Report, their weakest part of the show. Bringing guests on the show distracts from the host, and I like the host the best. This segment allows Wilmore to keep control and maintain humor during what would have been a boring interview. In the pilot seat Wilmore controls the conversations and generates humorous responses from the guests instead of focusing on them. Promoting the guest and their works comes before keeping the scene funny, which is why I dislike the interview scenes. Having four guests helps cover for a weak guest as well.

The Always Sunny crew has some of the best promo cast photos out there and the Nightly Show makes the usual news satire seem fresh and funny.

sunny season 10 sunny season 9all new cast sunnyScreen shot 2015-03-03 at 12.29.20 AM


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