Flash Recap: Out of Time

bowling...every bowling alley

They flashback to the pilot episode…this is still Season 1 guys, we know what happened.
So it looks like they finally cast the other brother, if a life of crime doesn’t work out for these two I’m sure modeling is always an option.
Thank God they had their seat belts on, that’s how they survived the plane crash.

Honestly I think all bowling alleys have the same art design.
Barry – “This is one of my favorite places in the world.”
That’s kind of depressing.
“I’m guessing bowling is one of the only sports where I can destroy you at.”
Shouldn’t this be the one sport she has a chance in?
I wonder how fast Barry can run with those goofy bowling shoes on. Besides ice, arriving on time, and Iris, I bet running in a bowling alley would be one of his many weaknesses.
A bowling date is like first week dating 101 and Iris loves bowling as much as Barry, but this is the first time she and Eddie have been bowling.
Iris is encroaching on Barry right in front of her boyfriend and Barry’s girlfriend, everyone knows you don’t wipe stuff off people’s faces unless you’re their mother/grandmother/girlfriend.
morgue entrance and ice balls

Central City Morgue has one of the nicest entrances ever. I always assumed morgues were stored away in police station basements. Judging from Central City’s CSI unit, I wouldn’t be too surprised if this was the only coroner in the city.
Weather Brother enters through the exit door, I’m 93% sure that’s the main entrance if not the only entrance to this place. He’ll do anything to avenge his brother…6 months after he died. He seems to have better control of his powers than Storm from X-Men, but then again, I don’t think she did anything impressive in those movies.

Cisco – “Can’t believe you’ve never seen this movie.”
What is Cisco like 25? Can’t believe he’s seen this movie.
Dr. Wells – “Must have been before my time.”
But this is a classic!
5:29 minutes into the show and there’s still names coming up on screen. How many people work on this show anyway?
Cisco has family problems because who wouldn’t be disappointed in their genius son? Maybe they don’t think he’s funny enough.
Cisco – “Why would anyone want to rob a morgue?”
They have silent alarms at morgues? Is that coroner the only living guy in there most days?

movie time time for movie

So who won in bowling?! I must know!
Barry overhears Eddie getting a call to the morgue instead of Cisco telling him. The two boyfriends leave their girlfriends in an awkward situation.
Barry sees someone else in a scarlet suit running at super speed and can’t figure out who or what it was…
Attractive woman – “Taxi, Taxi!”
Because no group of people have a tougher time getting a taxi than attractive women.
“Come on I’m gonna be late!”
Barry knows that feeling too.
For a second I thought he was going to help her instead of going to the morgue.

Cisco -“What do you see?”
When did Cisco link up with Barry?
Barry – “A dead body.”
Comic Relief – “You’re in a morgue, you’re going to have to be a little more specific than that.”
Barry – “The coroner’s dead…”
He can tell he’s dead by just looking at him. No wonder he’s in CSI, he has a gift. So who does this guy’s autopsy?

Barry and the police chief collide spilling vanilla milkshake all over each other…just thought he’d be drinking coffee.csi guy!
THEY FINALLY DID IT! Someone else with a CSI jacket! I can finally retire Barry being the only guy in CSI joke.
Barry – “The coroner has multiple impact bruises on his torso, all the size of a tennis ball.”
Weather Brother was throwing ice much larger than tennis balls, those things were bowling ball sized. Come on Bare you just came from the bowling alley too!
“I’m guessing he was killed by hail.”
A vicious snow ball fight gone wrong would have been my guess. Perhaps with former Cy Young winner Randy Johnson.
Joe – “Could this have been Snart?”
Captain Cold doesn’t have his cold gun anymore so it shouldn’t be.
Somehow there’s an audio recording of the murder and Joe’s able to recognize the voice in 3 seconds. If the person’s name didn’t appear when I picked up my phone I wouldn’t know who I was talking to, just saying, Joe has really good ears.The recording has the coroner screaming in agony until they cut to commercial break…was Weather Brother just pelting this guy with ice balls until he died? Ouch.

Dr. Wells – “The two brothers have the same powers, but the older brother has better control.”
It’s because he’s the older brother…
Comic Relief – “He’d have to be a…Weather Wizard, ooh, been waiting since week 1 to use that one.”
Good thing someone with the exact same power came along then.
Barry tells Dr. Wells about the double Barry he saw earlier…maybe he should stop telling the villain all this information.
Dr. Wells – “Could be a speed mirage.”
This is the best excuse he has? A mirage?! Is this even a real thing?

Police Chief – “Do we have any leads?”
Eddie – “No one at the morgue saw or heard anything.”
Because they’re all dead! Haha.
Joe’s tracked these two brothers for years…maybe he’s not as good a detective as I thought.
Eddie is upset over how Iris acted in front of Barry the previous night during bowling and I don’t blame him.

you haven't been...thunderstruck! yeah yeah yeah yeah

Joe and Barry go out for lunch, I wonder if they’re going to be attacked.
Joe – “Hehehe, you’re asking your adopted father for advice about being in love with his daughter who just so happens to be dating his partner.”
Thanks for acknowledging how ridiculous this is Joe.
Detective being targeted by a weather controlling meta human doesn’t grow suspicious when it suddenly starts pouring on his car.
Good thing Weather Brother had his seatbelt on when he attacked them with lightning.
Barry is faster than lightning and saves Joe.

Joe is confined to the precinct for his safety.
Father Cop – “How are any of these guys going to protect me?”
Good point.

Iris is writing Flash articles, I thought she wanted to be more than that?
I’m glad that someone is finally investigating into episode 2 guy’s murder.

evil wheelcahir man

That’s like the most incriminating photo of a man in a wheelchair, ever.
Maybe Wells should have worn a mask… Who could this masked wheelchair man be!
Did Wells kill this guy, super speed the body out of there, come back, and then wheelchair out through the front door?…
Iris – “Just because Wells was the last person to see this man after his disappearance doesn’t mean anything.”
Is she saying people in wheelchairs can’t kill people? Because this photo seems like some pretty good evidence to me.
Iris and Linda fight over Barry.
Linda – “It’s usually what isn’t said, that’s the real story.”
She gets some cool lines and I’m still not rooting for Iris and Barry to get together.

cat fight!

Iris was told by Eddie and Linda that she’s acting too affectionate with Barry and it’s kind of uncool, so Iris invites Barry for coffee, just the two of them.
Iris – “Hey so Dr. Wells is totally evil.”
Barry – “Why do my closest family members keep telling me this? They must be wrong, I’m just going to continue putting all my blind trust in him.”
One of the few moments Iris is the smartest person in a scene.

Cisco – “I call it the wizard’s wand.”
Why not just “wand?” Are we going to confuse it with some other wand type of wand?
Dr. Wells – “Excuse me I’m going to go stretch my legs.”
Okay, now he’s just begging them to realize he’s evil. He could have said, “Excuse me I’m going to stare at my Reverse Flash suit,” and they would have just laughed him off. Come on Lab Nerds!

Man does this director love using 360 shots.
best looking wizard since albus dumbledoreCisco – “Don’t let this wand leave your side because it can save your life.”
Joe – “Thanks, let me just leave the wand on this table, that’s close enough.”
That table wasn’t there in the earlier scene either!
Oh no the villain’s here! If only he had some sort of wand on his person to protect him!
So can random people just walk into the precinct no problem?
This “wizard” is the best looking wizard I’ve seen since Ron Weasley. What a handsome dude.

No one notices this guy…does no one know about this guy targeting Joe? That guy at the desk looked up last scene and saw the guy, but now he’s on his phone!

desk guy looking desk guy on the phone now

Is he calling for back up?! What the fuck is that guy doing?!
Weather Brother – “If you can’t protect your family, the least you can do is avenge them.”
Fun fact, he’s confirmed joining the cast of the Avengers fourth movie.
Weather Brother – “I’m not gonna be so easy to take down.”
Eddie – “Take him down!”
I don’t know why, but I thought this exchange was hilarious.
Wind > guns apparently.
The Police Chief jumps in front of Joe to save him from a lightning blast. That’s 2 times Joe’s been saved from lightning this episode. Joe hasn’t been thunderstruck. 
Barry uses the wand to stop Weather Brother, but no one arrests this guy in a room full of police officers. He just walks away! Damn it Barry use your super speed to do two tasks at once. There are literally dozens of handcuffs in there, use them to capture him and then save Police Chief.

Caitlin – “Alright I’ll watch every episode of the Walking Dead with you.”
That’s not even on the CW, why are they promoting that show? Caitlin with another out of nowhere pop culture reference.
Cisco – “I’m starting to think Dr. Wells is evil.”
Are these guys finally starting to become suspicious? No way…
“The containment system shouldn’t have failed, Wells did something to sabotage the trap.”
Caitlin – “He was nearly killed that night though.”
Cisco – “Yeah, nearly.
“Can you keep Wells out of Star Labs tomorrow morning?”
How is she going to do that? She just puts some stairs at the front entrance…
Maybe research this shit now Cisco? Why wait till the morning?!

becky robertsPolice Chief Fiancé – “He speaks very highly of you”
Barry – “Really?”
I’m just as surprised.
If the chief becomes paralyzed I’m sure Dr. Wells can hook him up with a great wheelchair.
Nurse – “I’m sorry, only family can see him.”
PC Fiancé – “Okay, damn. Really wanted to make sure my future husband was okay, but rules are rules.”
Thankfully Joe talks to the nurse to get him in.

Joe tells Barry to keep Iris safe. Barry goes to find her at work where he runs into that reporter with a name.
Reporter Guy – “Dr. Wells is a sociopath and a liar…sometimes when I’m bored I follow him around.”
Who’s calling who a sociopath now?
“I’m saying he killed Simon Stagg”
Barry – “He’s in a wheelchair, how could he possibly have done that?”
Wheelchair people can still kill people Barry. I thought you were smart?

Joe goes to search for Weather Brother, hopefully he at least brought the wand. For some reason Eddie is there before him. Did he follow Joe and then get into the building before him somehow? Or does Eddie somehow know more about this guy than Joe and came here first? They find an empty room and Joe gets sucked out the window because this was where Weather Brother was hiding. Does Joe just refuse to carry that wand with him? Seriously, the guy is almost a non threat if you had the damn wand. He wears that hat everywhere, but can’t carry a wand?!

Iris – “How are things going with Linda?”
Barry – “Why do you say it like that?”
Because she jelly.
We learn Barry had a girlfriend in high school, Becky Cooper. I loved the way Barry said that too. So is Iris going to confess to Barry this episode?

wait a sec...there are 2 of you

Pushing one button on the force field barrier allows Cisco to discover a Reverse Flash hologram. Wells had MONTHS to get rid of this evidence and didn’t do it because… maybe he should spend less time looking at his suit and more time getting rid of incriminating evidence. You deserve to get caught Wells.

An airplane, a car, and now a boat. Weather Brother drives all the vehicles!
Weather Brother – “When I got sucked out of that plane I broke nearly every bone in my body.”
The seat belt did nothing!
“You’ll never know what it feels like to be God.”
Joe – “That’s what your brother said to me right before I killed him.”
Jesus Joe, there’s a time and place for witty quips…seriously, Joe has some huge balls though.
“That’s what you came here for right? An eye for an eye?”
Weather Brother – “Oh Joe, I want so much more than an eye *pulls Duck tape*”
For a second I thought we were going to see some kinky stuff go down.

i want to play a game

Caitlin is the worst liar on the show and she’s the one in charge with stalling Dr. Wells. Why does she even glance at her watch? Could she be any more obvious? Dr. Wells takes off his glasses, which causes Caitlin to panic, but he surprisingly doesn’t do anything evil. He usually does something evil when he takes off his glasses.
When she goes to get the coffee to go he leaves his wheelchair and glasses behind on a hunch Cisco could be doing something at STAR Labs. That’s a pretty big risk to reveal to Caitlin on a hunch.

Is Eddie the #1 cop with Police Chief and Joe out of commission? Wasn’t he a rookie in the pilot episode?
Weather Brother calls Iris.
Iris – “He has my dad.”
We knew that already. Come on honey.
Weather Brother – “If you tell the police, your father’s dead.”
She tells someone immediately. Is Barry not technically police?
He throws the phone into the bay because there’s no way she could have any questions or anything.
Barry blows off Linda without explaining anything. He could have said my Dad’s been kidnapped or just any explanation at all and she would have totally understood.

cisco gonna die

Dr. Wells arrives as Cisco realizes this is a Reverse Flash hologram.
Quick Cisco, jump into the barrier to protect yourself!
Dr. Wells – “My real name is Eobard Thawne.”
That’s a weird first name. Maybe it’s as common as John in the future though.
Cisco – “Thawne, like Eddie.”
Eobard Thawne – “Let’s call him a distant relative.”
They do kind of look the same…maybe if Eddie wore glasses more often.
Cisco – “But there were 2 of you that night.”
Yeah, that Reverse Flash is a hologram, I thought we went over that?
Eobard Thawne – “It’s an after image, a speed mirage if you will.”
I still refuse to acknowledge speed mirages as real things.
Didn’t he get brought into the barrier and get beaten up by the Reverse Flash hologram as well? Didn’t he fight Barry while his body remained inside being cared to? Did he speed mirage that too? I really should rewatch that episode before making these accusations.

Cisco – “Joe was right…”
Don’t bring Joe down with you! Damn you Cisco!
cisco dead face“You killed Nora Allen.”
Cisco’s face is one that knows he’s about to die.
Eobard Thawne – “It was never my intention to kill Nora, I was there to kill Barry.”
Wow, this is crazy! Things are moving so fast this episode.
Cisco – “Why? You’ve been teaching him how to go-”
Reverse Flash – “Go faster? I know. A means to an end.”
Seriously, this 360 angle shot has been going so long its becoming a 720 shot.
“And I’ll tell you why.”
He will?! Wow, thank you. This shit usually never happens in TV shows, best monologue ever.
“Because I’ve been stuck here, marooned here in this place for 15 long years. And the Flash’s speed is the key, to my returning to my world. To my time. And no one is going to prevent that from happening.”
That explains things…he needs Barry’s super speed to time travel because he isn’t fast enough.
Cisco – “I can help you…”
Traitor! I knew Cisco was evil.
Reverse Flash – “You’re smart Cisco, but you’re not that smart.”
Backhanded compliments before killing Cisco, knocking him down a few pegs.
“Do you know how hard it has been to keep all of this from you? Especially from you.”
It’s actually been pretty easy, stop lying “Wells.”
“Because the truth is I’ve grown quite fond of you.”
Remember the good times! Remember the old movies you two watched together!
“And in many ways you have shown me what it’s like to have a son.”
For a second, Cisco has some hope that Dr. Wells won’t kill him here.
*Falcon Punch to the heart.*

Screen shot 2015-03-18 at 6.32.36 PM
Shot through the heart and you’re too blame, Cisco you gave most villains…lame names.
“Forgive me, but to me you’ve been dead for centuries.”
Loved this scene, so happy Cisco died. This means Thawne has to kill Caitlin too right? Kill them all Reverse Flash! Except Joe.

Iris confesses her love for Barry at pretty much the worst possible time.
Iris – “I realized that the reason I never stopped thinking about you was…because I didn’t want to.”
Barry – “I’ve never stopped thinking about you.”
They kiss.
Cue 360 camera shot. I’ve noticed the director likes throwing these kind of shots in once per episode, but he’s been using this shot every other scene in this episode. After rewatching the episode I have to say actor Grant Gustin is putting in all the effort with this kiss and Candice Patton doesn’t even move her lips. Yeah it was uncomfortable examining their lips kiss, but Candice needs to pull her weight and start acting!

Screen shot 2015-03-18 at 6.40.19 PM
Weather Brother can somehow control the water in the bay with his weather powers…I mean yeah I know it’s possible, but it just seems like he’s creating a tsunami, which I believe are caused by earthquakes, and his powers should be weather based. Just saying they had a ton of options here and they go with the least believable one.

Cisco’s phone battery must be dead, so Barry calls Caitlin for help.
Barry – “What should I do?”
Run a super speeds is literally the answer every time. Come on Bare!
Caitlin – “Uh, run really fast and make a wall of wind.”
Barry – “How fast?”
Just run really fast already!
Caitlin – “I don’t know if you can run that fast.”
Never tell Barry Allen he can’t run fast enough, he’ll tell us that on his own.
Barry runs around in a circle at super speed and he’s changed into his costume.
Barry reveals he’s the Flash to Iris! A lot of crazy events happened in this episode and it’s not even the season finale!
Seriously where’s that wand. Could that have stopped all this?
So Barry runs so fast back and forth that he goes back in time, or he runs on the time highway Stein told him about a couple episodes ago. And he went back in time to earlier that day too, that’s what he saw earlier, even though he isn’t by the beach at all… cool time travel!

combine tonight and pizza pie
Combines TONIGHT, that’s what the spinning sign says… I don’t think that guy is doing a very good job because it took me forever to figure out what he was advertising.
That “one way” sign on the right doesn’t have any writing on it! If I were color blind how would I understand what that sign is supposed to mean? I stand by that comment, it 100% makes sense.
And that store on the left just says Pizza Pie… “hey what’s the name of this place? Pizza Pie? Do you guys sell pizza?” Just not a creative store name…
Damn it Barry’s going to change the past and Cisco totally isn’t dead. At least leave us in suspense for one episode!


10 thoughts on “Flash Recap: Out of Time

  1. I wonder why Cisco didn’t survived the “Falcon Punch”. He survived a lethal explosion at point blank with shrapnels the size of toasters earlier this season. And the complex scientific equation behind those “how fast do I have to run to do this and that” always amazed me (Nobel Prize worthy). But one thing is for sure – every character on this show has teleportation powers – except for Barry, he has to run…always (poor guy).
    If “H.G. Wells” has a pet that happens to be a psionic gorilla, why not use to his advantage to cover his tracks? Yeah, you can feed your enemies to him but a mindwhipe with those telepathic powers sounds more subtle than creating a giant pile of apeshit.

    • Maybe Cisco was still alive? Barry never checked the body with his super CSI skills.
      The villains in the show seem to be able to run away faster than Barry can catch them…
      Maybe Well’s gorilla was busy doing something else, like writing his name over and over again.
      Sidenote, I’m really surprised I never picked up on “H.G Wells” being the Time Machine author. They were telling us he came from the future more overtly than I picked up on.

      • Considering how broadly read Joe is, as shown in the episode “Power Outage”, I wonder why he never came to that conclusion either. But I’m currently very concerned what happens to this show soon. If you happen the old Flash show from…uhm last millenium(?) like I did when I was a toddler then you propably remember seeing Mark Hamill playing a villain called the “Trickster” in that show (where Barry’s dad played the Flash). Punchline is that CW decided it would be funny to bring back Mark Hamill to revive his old role – this will open a can of worms, where the can is as big as Mexico and with worms the size of donkeys.

    • I’m not sure that -Wells- Eobard was feeding people to an telepathic ape, but more likely adding them to Grodd’s collection of mind slaves to do his bidding. One could say his newfound telepathy is still developing, as he last was barely probing General Wade Eiling’s mind (when the full-fledged Grodd would/could control him instantly).

      • Maybe, but I haven’t seen any banana peels laying around the sewer anyway. Well, we never saw them feeding their prisoners too…hmm. Maybe General Krabs returns later as Gorilla-Puppet since he has super-powers as well – he can pull velocity-seeking-shrapnel-o-nades from his arse. This has to be useful somehow later aye?

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