The Jinx: What did I just Watch?

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The Jinx is a HBO documentary examining millionaire recluse Robert Durst and a string of murders that mysteriously followed him around. Okay it’s not that mysterious, but it is creepy, disturbing, and oddly addicting.

It’s similar to the podcast Serial, probably, I’ve never actually listened to Serial, but I’m sure it’s similar. I haven’t seen too many documentaries, something I should change, but I recently saw I Know That Voice and that was really enjoyable because I watch a ton of cartoons. If you want something more lighthearted, then watch that, it’s fantastic. I don’t watch shows like CSI because murder and blood makes me uncomfortable, but much like the voice of the title character, The Jinx hypnotically keeps my attention despite the subject matter. If this documentary has taught me anything it’s that money can’t buy happiness, but it can buy freedom.

If you haven’t watched this documentary and want to watch it in the future then stop reading this review, it’s better to watch this with as little information as possible. I went into this not knowing anything and I feel like knowing the ending could spoil the ride.

It was clear from the beginning that he murdered his wife, friend, and neighbor. Despite evidence pointing to him being guilty Durst constantly blinks and twitches throughout the interview. I’m pretty sure everyone in the world, minus a couple of jurors on the infamous self defense trial, knew he killed all three of them. At one point they interview the murdered wife’s sister and she says something like, “I just want to know what happened to her.” Robert Durst killed her and used money to make her disappear. That’s what happened. I hope it’s harder to kill people and get away with it now, but oh boy did Robert Durst make it look easy. I honestly thought this story was made up because it was so unbelievable one person could get away with what he did.

All Good Things (still waiting on the anticipated sequel Come to an End) came out in 2010 and had Ryan freaking Gosling star as the main character based on Robert Durst. It’s official, Hollywood can spin any story to focus on two white people in love. Go through that IMDB page and you’ll surprisingly see a solid cast for what the trailer portrays as a terrible B movie. Rotten Tomatoes gave it a 32%, it wasn’t a good movie, although I’m sure it played a part in Durst agreeing to be interviewed by the director. I’d be flattered too if the director thought I should be played by Ryan Gosling. Flattery can get you anywhere, in this case “anywhere” should be prison.


Besides murdering his wife and one of his best friends, Durst got away with murdering his neighbor in “selfdefense”, dismembering that body, hiding the body pieces in garbage bags, throwing said garbage bags in a lake, going back to retrieve one of the garbage bags when realizing how stupid that plan was, and still got a not guilty verdict. WHAT?! With enough money anyone can get away with murder, but I would have thought Texas, famous for exercising the death penalty whenever they can, would have gone in the guilty direction. Well at least his actions during this murder clear up some questions about his other murders. I think it’s safe to say that he didn’t dispose of the other bodies via body of water if by murder #3 he didn’t realize a dead body floats.

The only people that defended this guy were people that received money from him. Even his brothers, while not saying it on camera, were like, “yeah our brother totally killed those people. We don’t talk about him now.” Somehow the jurors still defended their ruling years later, one guy said something like, “Robert is just the most unlucky man in a series of unfortunate circumstances.” There are just so many things wrong with that statement… Unlucky men don’t get accused of murder on three separate occasions, but that’s how Durst is living free right now, because he was “unlucky.”

Besides his 2nd wife the one other guy defending Durst changed his mind after game changing evidence was found. Earlier in the 6 part documentary Durst commented a letter sent after one of the previous murders must have been written by the murderer. Later on they find a similar letter with almost identical handwriting and the exact same words that the “mystery murderer” wrote that Durst admits to writing. I’m glad it worked, but I was convinced long before they brought this new evidence to the table. “Oh they found more evidence proving this guy’s guilty? Just tell me he doesn’t get away with it.”

I think Robert Durst felt like he could get away with anything, probably because he did most of his life! The Jinx dragged on a little, the last episode spent too much time focusing on getting the final interview with Durst and how Durst kept delaying their meeting, but I knew they’d get the interview, so just get on with it already! If you want a short version of The Jinx I can give it to you: rich dude that’s clearly guilty found even more guilty. By accident Durst gets caught saying “killed them all of course…that’s it, I’m caught,” something I loved because he didn’t learn from his mistakes earlier in the interview when his lawyers told him not to talk to himself out loud when mic’d.

Right now he’s arrested, but knowing his luck he’ll get off soon. Durst is definitely smarter than he looks if he got away with murder three times, but without all his money this crazy guy would be in jail. I’d like The Jinx a lot more if it helped lead to the permanent imprisonment of Durst. My recurring nightmare of a soft spoken Robert Durst standing over my bed while I sleep mumbling to himself would finally go away. That intro song is catchy, my favorite part of the whole series, but hopefully The Jinx is true to it’s name and is unlucky for him.

is that shia lebuff?


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