Life with a Mini Husky

My family owns an Alaskan Klee Kai breed, essentially a miniature husky. The average Alaskan Klee Kai is 15 pounds, our dog is easily over 30 pounds. He’s large for his size, but he’s not fat, he’s just a little husky…

They only shed twice a year, during the summer and all other times. There’s fur everywhere. There’s fur on the furniture, there’s fur in my food, there’s fur on the clean clothes that just came out of the dryer- everywhere. There’s so much dog fur it’s seeped into my dreams, I want to be a dog stylist now… Cruella de Vil could have stolen 3 of these Alaskan Klee Kais and spawned 101 designer coats for a lifetime. Birds flock to our backyard to get his tempurpedic fur to line their nests.

Outside the sun casts his shadow large enough that he stands as tall as a real husky, but he’s probably only 2 feet. He rarely ever barks, most of the time he howls like a wolf. Generally he only howls when we come home and when we play with him because otherwise he can be ghostly silent. He yawns almost every time he howls, I can’t tell if he’s tired or excited. He also makes a whining sound that’s unique to anything I’ve ever heard.

He’s very friendly with people that enter our home, but on walks he can be skittish when strangers come up to us. He’s a horrible guard dog; dead silence at the door. He’ll stare out the window and see someone come to the door, but won’t bark or budge, just stare. Mailman arrived? I wouldn’t know. Someone’s visiting our home? They better ring the doorbell. He’s more quiet and unflinching than a British Queen Guard, he’ll stare at me out the window when I get home like a gargoyle, as if I’m tricking him into believing I’m coming home, only to turn around and leave. As soon as I get in however, non stop howling, whining, and excitement.

I pretend to eat his toys and he gets jealous. I thought all dogs would have a similar reaction, but when I did this with my friend’s dog, the dog just looked at me like I was an idiot. “What’s this dumb human doing?”

I’m so lazy throughout the day that when I put on pants my mini husky gets excited because there’s a good chance I’m going outside and he may get to tag along. He can walk for hours. There’s no such thing as bad weather when you have a husky. Oh it’s snowing outside? Perfect. Oh it’s 10 degrees outside and windy? Doesn’t affect him. The colder the weather the better because finally his fur coat comes in handy.

When I take him to the dog park he won’t shut up. Just non stop howling. Who’s that annoying dog that won’t shut up? I certainly have never seen him before. Maybe that’s how people get the impression that this breed can get loud and annoying, but he’s only loud when he’s excited. On walks he’s well behaved, but in the dog park he goes berserk.

He gets too excited when I go to put on his harness and jumps around instead of letting me put the damn harness on. There’s a small bush not a foot from our house that he pees and sniffs every time we leave, like Lebron and his chalk toss, it’s tradition for him at this point.

He destroys squeaky toys in a matter of minutes. He snores too, but I’m convinced it’s because he’s fat and has nothing to do with the breed. He’s a good jumper, but doesn’t have great vision. I threw a tennis ball 10 feet away and he couldn’t find it one time.

I sniff the air around him loudly and he gets upset because he knows he farted. He usually gets up and moves further away when I do this. He doesn’t have that bad dog odor, but he farts all the time. He’s better in the water now, not at swimming, but he’ll go in water willingly if he can stand.

Sometimes he walks behind me when we go on walks, it’s weird because it feels like he’s the one taking me for a walk. When he was a puppy he’d pee on his leg, he didn’t know to lift his leg to pee until he saw another dog do it. Then the first couple times he’d lift his leg up super high and fall down while peeing cause I yanked his leash. I had to teach him somehow. He also kicks dirt on his pee like a cat, I’m assuming he learned this from seeing our cats because I’ve never seen a dog do this.

If you plan on adopting one in the future know that Alaskan Klee Kais don’t need a ton of space at home, but they do need to go on walks. Bringing water for them on hot days may also be necessary. This breed is smart and with proper training they could do tons of tricks. They hate when they’re alone, the only trait that I don’t like about these dogs, but our dog is fine in cars. I highly recommend this breed for a pet and remember Alaskan Klee Kais aren’t fat, they’re just a little husky…but ours is totally fat.


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