Flash Recap: Rogue Time

birthday cisco

They inserted last week’s ending into this week’s opening…
Barry relives the day and still comes to the killed by hail conclusion…he blew both of his opportunities.
At least the Chief’s coat isn’t ruined, that was always more important than being able to walk.

Caitlin – “He’s your brother.”
Cisco – “Yeah, not by choice.”
Like most brothers then.
Caitlin will go with Cisco to his brother’s birthday party and Barry experiences more time travel shenanigans and clichés.

Wells sure seems like an expert on time travel after not being able to help them a couple episodes ago and Stein having to explain everything.
Doc Wells – “I don’t want to know anything about the future you experienced!”
Spoilers Bare! Isn’t this what Wells was waiting for?
Doc Wells – “You must do the same things again as to not alter this timeline.”
Barry – (Yeah, not listening to you on this one.)


Gideon – “Good day Dr. Wells.”
Dr. Wells – “Time will tell Gideon.”
I’m about 93% sure every other line he says is a time travel pun.
“If anything changes, alert me immediately.”
Was this not the standard before?

Barry goes to the apartment complex Joe never mentioned to Barry last episode and finds Weather Brother.
See how easy that shit was? Do this with all of them Bare. I’m surprised he was just chilling in his room and not stalking Joe…how did he find Joe last time? Just lucky circumstances?
Weather Brother – “I’m going to break out of here and create a tidal wave that destroys your entire city!”
He’s dead set on this tidal wave plan.
Dr. Wells – “Do you have any idea what you’ve just done?”
Made Cisco go to his brother’s birthday?
“Whatever tragedy you think you’ve just averted time will find a way to replace it.”
This suspiciously sounds like the plot to Final Destination.

Cold and Hot are captured by mobsters.
Hot – “So glad your house is made of wood, it’s going to be a pleasure watching it burn.”
Something tells me he would burn down the house no matter what it’s made of.
Cold – “This is my city.”
Hot – “Our city.”
Looks like Cold’s giving Hot the cold shoulder.

ice and fire...or hot mob
Santini Mob Boss – “I told you if I ever saw you again I’d put the hurt on you.”
Yeah see, this is my city, see. (use your 80’s gangster voice)
Cold – “It’s time for you and your family to pack up, leave town, retire, finito.”
What exactly are you trying to say here?
Santini Mob Boss – “And if we don’t?”
Cold – “You will all freeze.”
Hot – “or burn.”
Burn freeze?
Santini Mob Boss – “What are you going to do without your fancy weapons?”
Hot (has removed his hand restraints somehow) and Cold (still in his restraints) beat these goons up…not a single shot was fired.
Hot – “Now that was fun. Fun, fun, fun.”
What exactly are you trying to say here? Is everybody looking forward to the weekend?
Cold – “Now tell the rest of the Santini Family there’s a new Godfather and his name is Cold.”
Or Hot?
Hot knocks the goon out…so I guess no one is telling anyone anything.
This timeline doesn’t make any sense, Weather Brother getting caught somehow leads to Cold and Hot returning to the city? Are they dead in that timeline and get shot here like normal people?

birthday cake cisco

I don’t think they cast Cisco’s dad…only his mom is at the party.
Piano > Engineer apparently…
That birthday cake wouldn’t look out of place at a wedding.
Cisco’s Brother – “For you I’d practice morning, noon, and night.”
His brother is hitting on Caitlyn, not that I’d blame him, but maybe he shouldn’t insult Star Labs when she works there too.
Cisco was being just as mean as his brother, but he’s the one to storm off.

Barry keeps trying to tell Wells about time travel…
Joe – “So when were you planning on telling me you took down Martin?”
Does this mean the wizard’s wand was never invented?
“You were acting so weird at the crime scene.”
Barry – “I always act weird.”
Barry leaves to get lunch with Linda.
Joe – “And I suppose you aren’t going to fill me in either?”
Awkward times with Father Cop and Dr. Wheels.

linda barry break up

Linda isn’t worth showing up on time for anymore.
Linda – “Your heart should ache for me.”
Barry’s heart heals too fast for it to ache for her.
Linda and Barry break up because she’s not Iris. I mean so far Linda’s been a lot better to him than Iris, but okay.
Because Other Reporter doesn’t get Iris suspicious about Wells, Barry doesn’t mention it to the nerds, and Cisco doesn’t investigate.

Iris doesn’t like Barry now because he’s available again!
I’m sure confessing to Iris and breaking up with Linda won’t end in disaster like the Chief’s jacket.
Barry – “I know you think Harrison Wells is a murderer, but you’re wrong.”
He says to the guy who gets murdered by Harrison Wells.

Cisco – “Thanks for meeting me here even though you can’t get drunk.”
Caitlin didn’t want to catch a drink with him? What is she still hungover?
Barry – “I have a feeling that I’m going to move forward with someone very special.”
Comic Relief – “Okay, go ahead Barry.”
Barry and Cisco would actually make a pretty decent couple.

blonde trap gold
Hot Blonde – “Can I buy you a drink?”
She never buys Cisco that drink…
Cisco – “Yeah, I suppose I could talk to you a little bit.”
His heart aches for her.
Barry whispers – “Make me proud.”
True friend.
Hot Blonde – “I’m Lisa. I’m just in town for the symposium at Mercury Labs.”
We all know it’s a trap, but I’m impressed with how into character she went.
“I’m a structural engineer.”
Make her answer one engineering question! Just one!
Cisco – “Am I being pranked right now?”
Ashton Kutcher runs out. 
She takes him back to “her place” and it’s revealed she’s Cold’s sister. Was the wig really necessary? No one knew who she was. She removes her wig, “OMG it’s you!”
Cisco – “I should have known better, I’m not that lucky.”
Cisco thought she was a blonde and she’s actually a brunette, so unlucky.
“Please don’t kill me for kissing your sister.”
Cold’s jealous of Cisco kissing his sister…wait, wrong show.
Not sure how they stole the birthday boy from his party.
Cold – “I know I would do anything to protect my family, the question is, will you?”
But Cisco hates his brother! So Cold has captured Caitlin and Cisco. Hopefully he captures Dr. Wells next. They’d be in for a rude awakening. “Wait a second, you don’t need glasses!!!”

wig reveal....who could she be

Cisco’s Brother – “What, you’re going to save us with your “mechanical engineering” skills?”
Why was mechanical engineering in quotes? Does it not exist?
Alright, there are a bunch of things wrong with this scene.
Wouldn’t it have been easier to just steal the guns back?
They had all the supplies ready for Cisco to make the guns?!
Cisco makes these weapons from scratch in less than a day.
He doesn’t use the guns to shoot the bad guys? WHAT WAS HE THINKING?! Ironman out of there with your brother, they left you alone for crying out loud!
If Snart memorized every inch of his gun and had all the materials, why couldn’t he build the gun himself?! Mechanical engineering only exists for Cisco, that’s why it was in quotes!
They demand Cisco to make Cold’s Sister a gun too, but it’s not like Cisco could just make a super weapon out of thin air. I mean I know cold and gold rhyme, but you can’t just make a gold gun by changing the color of the gun…

hopeful barry

He looks so hopeful it’s kind of heartbreaking. I mean he’s a dumbass, but still.
Barry – “Let’s just stop thinking and start doing.”
What a coincidence, Cisco tried this line last night too!
I understand if she really loved Eddie or didn’t like Barry, but that’s not the case here. It feels like Iris only liked Barry because she couldn’t have him.
Iris – “It’s not fair you keep making me the bad guy that keeps telling you no.”
She’s talking directly to the writers here.

Barry and his girl problems > a giant tidal wave.
The lab nerds wonder where Cisco is when Joe calls Barry telling him Cold is back.
Dr. Wells – “Well this day keeps getting better doesn’t it?”
Well, Wells keeps getting more smug doesn’t he?

Cold and Gold attempt to rob a mob casino.
Gold Sister turns a guy into gold with her gun…is he gold forever now? Is that the most expensive dead guy in the world now? Can I make a gun request too? Cisco can make a gold gun in less than a day and it still wouldn’t impress his family.

gold member forever
Barry, uh, saves the mobsters shooting at these two, but leaves the civilians in the casino.
Barry – “How many times are we going to keep doing this Snart?”
My count’s at 3 episodes already.
Barry captures Gold Sister.
Cold – “We both know you aren’t going to do anything to her.”
What a coincidence, Cold said this to Cisco last night!
Make her put the wig back on, that’ll show her!
“Lisa Flash, Flash Lisa.”
Really liked the way he said this.
So instead of capturing these guys and putting them in prison Bare lets them escape because Cold has Cisco.

Eddie punches Barry in the face. This timeline is so much worse than a tidal wave and the police chief’s jacket being ruined. Iris told Eddie about Barry’s confession because…I want to like Iris, but I find myself disliking her more and more with each episode.
Eddie – “You know what the worst part is Barry? I thought you and I were friends.”
They did box together that one time.

They can’t track Gold Sister’s car because the license plate was iced over, but it looks legible from the picture…
Barry – “Please Dr. Wells, I have to talk to someone.”
Talk to Joe! Caitlin! Anyone else!
Dr. Wells – “Maybe it took this apparent disaster to jar those feelings.”
I mean she liked him at the bowling alley, before the time travel…
Barry – “I thought I was helping people by stopping Martin.”
I mean you’re the only one hurt here really.
“How many more people will die…if your mother lives?”
But Barry’s heart aches for his mom!

fire shots

“Most people think the hottest part of the flame is the white part. They’re wrong.”
He blows out the flame before doing the shot, what a pussy.
I had to look up the hottest part of the flame because Hot never explains himself.
Cisco and his brother talk in Spanish, but they probably could have talked about anything and Hot wouldn’t have cared.
The brothers bond during their bondage. Cisco’s Brother’s old high school girlfriend said she had a crush on Cisco before going out with him…no offense to this guy, but he looks many years older than Cisco, meaning that high school girl had a crush on a little kid… They stop talking in Spanish mid-way through the conversation because…
Cisco clearly got all the brains in the family; that was debatably the worst escape plan I’ve ever seen. Hot punches Cisco in the face 4 times, but it was Cisco’s Brother that hit him with the chair leg… Yeah I’d never attack Hot, a psycho who wants to burn everything he sees, Cisco got off lucky.
Cold – “I like you kid, you seem like a good brother.”
He wasn’t before his brother got captured.
“Answer one question for me and I let you and your brother walk. Who is the Flash?”
Cisco – “I don’t know, he always wears a mask.”
Come on Cisco, everyone knows the Flash takes off his mask more often than he runs at super speed. Can none of the lab nerds tell a lie?
*shoots Cisco’s Brother

freeze his hands off
Playing the piano well again would be the last thing I’d worry about if they had to amputate all of my fingers.
Tell Cold that the Flash is Harrison Wells! Dead Cisco from the other timeline fist bumps this Cisco, revenge! Cisco could say any name and Cold wouldn’t know.
15 people and 1 animal now know Barry’s secret identity? I’m not sure if Cisco’s Brother heard or if Cold tells Hot and Gold so 18 people could potentially know.

Dr. Wells – “Don’t worry, we’ll get Cisco back.”
Cisco – “I’m back.”
bruised eye kind ofHe was back a while ago, but was waiting for the perfect opportunity to say something.
“I put you in that position, I’m the one who’s sorry.”
Barry changed Cisco’s future from death to a bruised eye and some guilt, but this timeline is totally worse.
Cisco – “I don’t deserve to be here, I won’t be the one to put you in jeopardy, not again.”
At least build these guys some custom guns if you really care about their safety. It should take you 5 minutes now.

Joe comes to talk to his daughter because even though Barry never asked for Joe’s help like he did in the other timeline, Joe wants to help Barry and his partner.
Father Cop – “So Eddie punched Barry in the face today.”
Iris – “Oh my God, is Barry okay?”
Stop pretending to care!
Joe – “Yeah he, uh, heals fast.”
Never change Joe.
“Who do you love?”
Iris – “I’m in love with Eddie, Barry was too late.”
Still loving the ironic fastest man alive is always late jokes.

joe talking to his daughter
Joe – “Okay well you need to make them believe that because right now I’m not sure either one of them does.”
Iris – “Did I ever tell you how wise and amazing you are.”
Took the words right out of my mouth.
Joe – “Not enough.”
Other Reporter doesn’t talk to Iris the entire day about his suspicions with Dr. Wells, until right now.
“Bad time?”
Iris – “Yes actually.”
Because she has to look at her evil yellow suit needs to brood and not work…

Cisco – “Don’t worry I’ll be out of here soon.”
Watch Wells kill him again…
Dr. Wells – “Why would I bring you down here?”
For that sweet sweet irony speech.
“You’re a very clever guy Cisco.”
But not smart enough and that’s why I have to kill you! Mwhahaha!
“You have shown me what it’s like to have a son.”
But to me you’ve been dead for centuries!
Wells wants Cisco to stay at STAR Labs because…only he can kill him?

irony meeting cisco don't die

Wait the Rogues are still stealing money?! They have a gold gun! Even King Midas wasn’t this greedy.
Good thing they all wore helmets otherwise those bullets totally would have killed them.
Gold shoots a guy in the hand, but he’s thankful for it because now now has a gold hand. It’ll be tough for him to remain in the Kingsguard with a golden hand…wait, wrong show.
Barry super speeds Captain Cold off the motorcycle and Gold Sister tries to drive it, but crashes immediately. I’ll take the realism where I can get it. It also explains why she was in the side cart.
Cold – “Good to see you, Barry.”
Barry removes his blonde wig mask. There were 8 other Barry Allen’s in the city! He still didn’t know what you looked like! Chances are Cold was going to find out who Barry was sooner or later seeing as Barry takes off his mask all the time.
Barry – “We have to talk.”
Barry’s going to break up with Cold!

Cold – “Can’t stop me now that I know who you are.”
It’s not like he was stopping you before!
Barry – “I could speed you to my own private prison where you’ll never see the light of day.”
I’m sure Cold could manage to Pipeline Break out of there if he wanted to.
Cold – “But then my private uplink casts your identity to the world.”
Barry – “I won’t let you keep stealing whatever you want whenever you feel like it. It needs to end.”
Yeah, he’s making Bare look bad.
Cold – “Can’t do that.”
He makes a valid point
Two stubborn men in costumes argue in front of the walloping willow at midnight. Do you know how tough it was to get a good picture of this scene?
wallopping willow at midnight
Cold – “The adrenaline, the thrill of the chase, I love this game. And I’m very good at it.”
Captain Cold would be pretty good in the Game of Thrones universe.
Barry – “Leave Central City.”
Cold – “Can’t do that either. I love it here, this city is my home.”
He steals from his home because he loves it so much.
Barry – “You know that I can stop you. You want to keep pushing your luck, go for it. But from here on out, no one else dies.”
That’s like the only upper hand Cold has though. He didn’t really like killing before either.
“If you’re as good as you say you are you don’t have to kill anyone to get what you want.”
Do you see who he’s working with?! People will die, with fire and gold.
Cold – “That’s true.”
Flattery will get you far, in this case it’ll get the villain to play by the rules.
“But if you or anyone in your rogues gallery goes near any of my friends or family again. I don’t care who you tell my identity to, I’m putting you away.”
Barry is better at nicknaming people than Cisco…
Cold – “I guess your secret’s safe, Flash… For now.”
Wait that worked?! What.
“I don’t suppose you’d give me a ride back to town?”
I honestly thought goody two shoes Barry would have given him a ride back to town.
Cold – “The Rogues…cute.”
Love how this actor pronounces things.

eddie lightning psychosis

There’ve been a lot of hugs this episode.
Eddie – “I am so sorry pal, I never hit anyone.”
Except when he was on the boxing team. I still remember that one episode!
Lightning psychosis. Of course the two dumbest characters buy this nonsense.

Barry didn’t mention this Reporter to Wells at all, but it looks like he’s going to die. That’ll teach to him to work late into the night!
The power goes out, but his computer stays on…
Harrison Wells – “What do you know about me Harrison Wells?!”
At least give the poor guy some satisfaction by revealing yourself!
“Everything I know is on that Flash drive.”
Do you want to die?! Because this is how you die.
Reverse Flash Falcon Punches this guy through a wall, directly hitting his heart…I’m pretty impressed.
“You really were onto the story of the century. Well, this century anyway.”
We get it, you’re from the future!

wells newspaper century of the year
He cleans up the place before leaving, what a nice guy! I mean there should still be that dent in the ceiling, but we all know how good Wells is at destroying evidence.
Are we sure this speed blur is Harrison Wells? Could be anyone, I wouldn’t know because he kept his mask on! Try learning from this guy Bare.

Dr. Wells – “Let’s be thankful the timeline remains intact.”
Still as smug as ever.
The most convenient news report in the world comes up and stops Barry from telling Wells about the reporter. This also proves that Barry never told Wells about the reporter earlier, so I have no idea how Wells found out about this guy.
Instead of Cisco being suspicious, Barry becomes suspicious in this timeline.
Barry – “You were right Joe.”
Who would have thought trusting your adoptive father over some guy you’ve kind of known for a year would be the right way to go.
Joe – “Which part?”
Never change Joe.
“All of it.”

Mark Hamill looks amazing as the Trickster, so excited for next week’s episode.

i'm totally suspicious now


12 thoughts on “Flash Recap: Rogue Time

  1. “Mechanical Engineering” was put into quotes cause it is science-fiction in this universe! What they use in general is called “Weird Science”, approved by Cisco building McGuffins in less than a day, sometimes even less.
    I think the writers were trying to go with the (in)famous “JLA: Flashpoint Paradox” here, where Barry travels back in time, saves his Mom from being stabbed and therefor changes the whole timeline to the point that even events not even remotely connected with his Mom’s death are being affected/negated.
    For some reason, this show becomes more and more inconsistent and convulated…like, hmm…yes, like Arrow and Smallville. This happens when you hire the same writer.

    • Jeez, if you think that’s a plot hole, then listen to this: You know that last episode Harrison revealed that he was Eobard Thawne and that he somehow unintentionally killed Barry’s mother about 13-14 years ago, right? Then how is it that when Cisco analyzed the two blood samples of both speedsters at the crime scene, the Reverse Flash’s blood didn’t match the blood of “Harrison Wells”, who is the Reverse Flash!? “Harrison” did mention that he was there that night of Nora Allen’s murder and that he did kill her, so how isn’t his blood there at all!? Keep in mind that THIS IS THE SAME TIMELINE, so the writers really backed themselves into a corner with a plot-hole more paradoxical than the temporal Flashpoint paradox itself.

      • There kinda is. Sure, as we’ve seen in the episode “Tricksters”, Eobard uses some future tech to either essentially steal the real Harrison’s face or body. Playing the Devil’s Advocate, let’s say for instance the device was able to technically steal Harrison’s body, replicating his biology to the point he was able to copy the blood type of Harrison’s RBCs and even his bone marrow (as that’s what produces RBCs) and was able to continue producing said blood type for 15 years. That would make sense as to why the blood samples don’t match. That being said, how is it that he can completely change his entire genetic makeup and still be able to use the Speed Force despite not having the biology of a speedster anymore? A speedster’s genetic makeup is specifically designed to allow them to use it, but he’s able to use said Speed Force not problem…and he was using the Speed Force to run twice without being the Reverse-Flash persona when he and his crew were trying to stop Hartley, so you can’t tell me that “he was only able to do it because of the Reverse-Flash suit being charged on Speed Force energy”. Hell, he used the Tachyon generator to charge himself (granted, it didn’t work out so well, sort of like how he ran out of juice shortly after he time traveled and killed Nora Allen, trapping him in our time….which was before he stole Harrison’s body! So you can’t even say that affected how he could’ve used the Speed Force, even though it really should’ve have!)

  2. Ugh, yeah..I forgot – Mark Hamill as the Trickster. I know, with Star Wars Episode VII, Mark Hamill becomes a thing again but this is ridiculous. Mark Hamill played the Trickster in the old Flash TV show (where Barry’s dad was the Flash). So putting the same actor in the same role from an earlier show with the same title opening a can of worms that can never be closed again.
    If the existence of Mark “Trickster” Hamill in this show not triggers the effect that Barry’s dad suddenly gets super-speed and breaks out of prison (it’s a nice touch they forgot about him for the last episodes – Barry is such a caring good son isn’t he?), then I will definately quit watching this shenanigans.

    • Another strange thing about Mark Hamill portraying The Trickster is how it seems all to similar with a Joker performance…which is highly ironic, considering he was the voice of The Joker in “Batman: The Animated Series”.

      • I do love his voice as The Joker in “Batman: The Animated Series.” Hamill does a ton of voice acting and he’s pretty good at it, I’m not sure when the last time he was in front of a camera in person though.

  3. I fully expect Barry’s Dad to get super speed now or at least get some screen time next episode. I didn’t realize Hamill played Trickster from the old TV show, but it would be kind of cool to see these 2 characters interact.

    • Barry isn’t better. Because he has a crush on his sister by adoption since he was able to spell “condom”, he didn’t even try to hit on Felicia – just a single kiss on a train. But then this generic girl appears and he goes down on her because she has a crush on him. Then she drops her like a mic and walks away because Iris told him – at the most inconvenient time while a tsunami is going to destroy Central City – that she has an itch in her crotch too.
      Why does Barry still claims to be a nice guy again?

      • Guys that say they’re nice guys aren’t nice guys. Barry and Iris would make the worst couple on TV, at least Iris and Eddie are funny to watch in that they’re both idiots.

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