Flash Recap: Tricksters

This episode was one day away from airing on April Fools’ Day, much like it’s title character, the episode came out too fast.
This is the third consecutive episode that’s started with a flashback.
Mrs. Allen enjoying that glass of wine after dealing with her annoying son all day.
Pretty impressive super speed battle visually considering their TV budget.

Barry makes room on his mother murder board for a collage of Dr. Wells or maybe this is an updated version. He’s really good at making these collages.
big board of wells
Barry – “Even though I’ve spent so much time with him this past year, I have no idea who he is.”
Joe – “Didn’t you read a whole book about him?”
Maybe he read through it too quickly…he didn’t absorb the information.
Barry – “…”
Quickly changes subject.
“Do you think he wanted me to become the Flash?”
Joe – “Everything he’s done- bringing you to STAR Labs, giving you the suit, training you.”
Cisco gave him the suit!
“Every piece of evidence points to Wells being Reverse Flash except for the blood sample. So there’s no way it can be him.”
Come on guys.
“He’s been patient…scary patient.”
Too patient…stupidly patient.

umbrella bombs

Umbrella presents falling on a playground, what could possibly go wrong?
The first present explodes without anyone trying to grab it, which is total baloney. I knew something was off because of the creepy music, but the kids should have went for the gifts.
During the panic a guy tries to run away but trips over a baby stroller…it’s one of the funniest things I’ve seen on the show.
A father shouts at his son instead of trying to rescue him. That kid should be dead, stop saving stupid kids Bare!
Why does Barry like the name Henry? Because his dad’s name is Henry, I didn’t realize that the first time I watched.

Wait a second…that’s not the Joker Mark Hamill Trickster.
20 years ago the original Trickster got arrested, Joe and Barry go to Iron Heights to question him.
Dr. Wells – (Wait a second, Barry loves me…)
Reverse Flash is getting suspicious that Barry knows his secret.

Gideon informs Reverse Flash that his speed force is depleted and he can’t get back to his time. A Darth Vader “nooooo” follows.
Wait a second…who the fuck is this guy?
who is this zoom?

7 minutes 40 seconds into the episode and names keep coming up on screen, a new record.
The Trickster managed to convince his shrink to kill himself…If I were Barry and Joe I wouldn’t talk to the Trickster because there’s really no need to be here and I don’t want to die.
Why is every psychopath locked away in a glass cell? Just saying.
Joe – “We want to ask you a few questions.”
Trickster Hamill – “I can smell them in your pocket.”
The…the questions? The Trickster loves twizzlers. Maybe all types of candy.
Barry – “Parachute bombs, what’s up with that?”
Trickster Hamill – “Fun idea, but it’s not an effective delivery system.”
Drones on the other hand.
“A day without casualties was like, well, like the Cubs winning the pennant. It just never happened.”
The Cubs have 6:1 odds to win the World Series; things are looking up for them.
Joe – “Do you know who he is?”
Trickster Hamill – “If I did, I would tell you.”
He’s tricking you!

trickster visit
Trickster Hamill – “So you could find him, cut off his head, and throw it right in his face!”
That doesn’t sound right, but sure.
Joe – “Help us catch him, prove there’s only one Trickster.”
Hamill – “Trying to trick the Trickster, Joseph?”
That was 5 “Ts” in a row, a new record.
“He must have found my lair.”
Is it in a bat cave?
Maniacal laughter, incase we didn’t know he was crazy. 

Iris – “I think my boss is dead.”
Eddie – “My detective sense isn’t tingling, so he must be fine.”
Even if he doesn’t think this guy is dead, isn’t it his responsibility as a police officer to take this missing person report seriously? “Detective” Eddie is a worse detective than I thought, and my opinion was already low to begin with.

trickster lair

I wonder if the Trickster’s mysterious lair could be in this warehouse with a creepy clown painting on it… Seriously no one found this place in 20 years? There’s a “For Lease” sign on the door!
Do the mannequins in this warehouse scare me? Yes, yes they do.
There’s a bomb protecting the secret storage unit in the secret lair. We later find out he’s tricking them, but was he trying to kill them? Doesn’t he need them to know about the big bomb being stolen for his plan to work? His plan makes no sense.

Barry – “Dad! How did you beat the Trickster when you were the Flash?”
Mr. Allen – “Uh…”
Different show Bare!
Barry – “I promise I’ll find out who really killed mom, just hang in there a little longer.”
Did he have any other options?
Mr. Allen – “I’ll just keep waiting here in prison unless some super fast hero saves me.”
tricktser in prison close up
Joe – “That lair you sent us to was booby trapped!”
One could even say he tricked you guys.
Joe – “Your secret stash is gone!”
His secret stash of twizzlers! Toothman wouldn’t approve, candy isn’t good for his super teeth.
Apparently Trickster Hamill was keeping a big bomb in his secret stash…he used a bomb to protect a bigger bomb…that wasn’t found in 20 years… We discover later Trickster was lying about the bomb, but defending a room with a bomb, especially if that room has another bomb, may be the worst idea ever. They didn’t notice anything wrong with this?
Younger Trickster uploads an evil vlog.
“My first trick was an exploding success.”
I mean literally yeah, but not really.
Trickster Hamill – “Take off my mask!”
What a coincidence, Barry thinks this to himself all the time!
Trickster is angry about this new Trickster wearing “his mask” but as seen in the old photos he’s wearing a totally different mask. I know he was lying, but they should have realized earlier!
hamil from old episodes

Barry – “Young Trickster is a psychopath capable of destroying the city.”
He’s capable of destroying playgrounds, I’m not sure about cities.
Caitlin – “We’ll catch him, we always do.”
Thanks for your contribution Caitlin.
Dr. Wells – “I know what you’re thinking.”
Barry – (I want to super speed punch you in the nuts right now.)
Dr. Wells – “You miss your dad. “
Barry – “Yeah it’s been really tough knowing that you my mom’s killer is still out there.”

This is the most romantic scientific pow wow I’ve ever seen.
Young Dr. Wells – “Let’s build a science laboratory for the people in the heart of the city!”
This is 15 years ago? He’s aged very well.drawing napkin
Mrs. Dr. Wells – “My father would have loved you…”
Too bad Reverse Flash killed him! Probably. I have no idea.
“What would you call this laboratory?”
Dr. Wells shows his wife the best hand drawn laboratory on a napkin I’ve ever seen, I think he’s in the wrong profession, he should have been an architect.
Dr. Wells – “I want to name it TESS, after you.”
Mrs. Dr. Wells – “Let’s go with STAR Labs instead because in the vast night sky you’re the only star I see.”
Wow that was romantic, Wells just got outclassed in that romance battle.
Dr. Wells – “…that’s gonna get you kissed.”
That deserves more than a kiss.

wells crazy for wife, but better

The Flash shows up late for his meeting with Iris, I think this was more of a passive aggressive move than Barry being typically late move.
Iris is concerned about Other Reporter missing, so obviously getting the Flash was her only option. Maybe talk to your dad next time hon, a cop.
Iris – “Will you look into it, for me?”
Things only attractive people can say and get away with.
“Are you okay, it seems like you have a heavy heart.”
It’s almost like you were the one to break his heart. Who could he be?!
Barry – “Sometimes I’m not sure why I wear a mask with you.”
Sometimes Barry never wants to wear his mask.

Young Trickster threatens the city with a big bomb. There’s an old school bomb picture on the crate. Seems legit. He tells the police where to look for the bomb, what a nice guy.
After 10 seconds of super speed running outside Barry can’t find the bomb…
Barry – “Why can’t I find the bomb anywhere?”
Dr. Wells – “Because it’s a trick.”
Harrison sure seems to know a lot about tricks.
“Trust me Barry, it’s a trick.”
Barry – “Well I don’t trust you Wells. I’m looking 10 more seconds for the bomb.”

trust me it's a trick

The Young Trickster breaks the real Trickster out of jail; it was all part of his plan. Does that mean he also planned the umbrella bomb failure too?
It’s not like Barry has super speed and can run to Iron Heights, that’s like really far away! Almost 30 seconds! They took Mr. Allen as hostage because… Barry didn’t tell Trickster Hamill about his dad, so how did he know Mr. Allen was a cop’s father? Was he not in isolation all those years?
Trickster Hamill – “You have to admit, that was one hell of a trick.”
The trick worked because the police force was searching for the bomb, it also explains why every prison guard was preoccupied.

Young Trickster – “You’re my hero.”
Mr. Allen – “You need a better role model kid.”
Joe and Mr. Allen both have huge balls when they’re being held hostage.
“Can’t you see he’s just using you?”
The Trickster is totally going to kill his protégé.
Trickster Hamill – “Should we find ourselves in a jam, a cop’s dad makes an excellent bargaining chip.”that's why you choose me, ooooh
Half the time Barry’s “not really a cop” and half the time he is…
Barry’s dad is a prisoner…would the cops really care?
Trickster Hamill – “It’s going to be my masterpiece, my Mona Lisa, my Breaking Bad Season 5.”
That’s a pretty relevant pop culture reference for a guy in prison.
“They gave me cable in prison so I’d stop killing the guards.”
This somehow makes it even less believable. Funny though.
Young Tricker – “Why did you choose me?”
I don’t think he had too many options.
Darth Hamill – “I am your father.”
Wow… They did it. They actually did it. Damn you writers!

The 2 Tricksters were communicating through snail mail for over a decade…how did no one make this connection faster?
Barry – “I guess I should have listened to you Dr. Wells.
Storms out
Maybe Barry isn’t ready to trick Dr. Wells.

Mrs Dr. Wells – “I think I’m going to put on my pajamas and go straight to bed when we get home.”
mrs dr wife in car...Dr. Wells – “Really?”
After that romantic beach getaway?
Mrs. Dr. Wells – “No, definitely not wearing pajamas.”
This woman is beautiful and amazing, I’d heart punch everyone to be with her again if I were Wells too.
Popped tires somehow leads to the car flipping. Wells is a pretty terrible driver.
Dr. Wells – “Call someone! She’s dying!”
Save his wife! Why does she have to die?!
Eobard Thawne – “This woman has been dead for centuries…”
Not as cool the 2nd (first?) time around.
So Reverse Flash checks to see they’re in the car and then doesn’t do anything. He sure is lucky Wells lived, that could have screwed everything up.

Barry – “Do you think my dad is still alive?”
Joe – “Yes, of course. Trickster may be crazy but he’s not stupid…”
I’d take stupid over crazy any day.
Barry and Joe talk about the man they suspect murdered Barry’s mom in a place where he could easily overhear them.
Barry – “I trusted Wells…I feel so…tricked.”
Today’s theme of the episode is “tricked!”
Joe – “You always see the best in people, that’s your real power.”
I’ll take super speed over believing in people any day.
“I don’t know why he’s helping us…all that matters is he is.”
What are you doing Joe! That’s terrible advice!
I don’t know why the Greek’s are giving us this giant wooden horse, all that matters is they are. What big teeth you have grandma, I don’t know why you want me to close my eyes and stick my head in your wolf like mouth, all that matters is I do. I like both of my analogies and couldn’t choose just one.
Barry – “I can’t lose my dad again.”

barry crying and joe there

The whole place doesn’t recognize the most wanted man in Central City. He doesn’t even wear a mask… They send gumption girl rookie reporter to the classy event with free champagne. I guess the other reporters were all dead, that’s why she gets to go. Barry wasn’t there to stop her from drinking on the job. That’s a call back to the second episode!
Young Trickster – “We’re almost out of champagne.”
Trickster Hamill – “Then the fun’s about to begin.”
A normal thing to say after the champagne is gone.

Trickster Hamill removing his wig here is almost as bad as Gold Sister removing her blonde wig last episode. At least he also had fake glasses here.
Trickster Hamill – “Give us all your money.”
Rich Dude – “Why would we do that?”
He said to the crazy man with a gun.
Trickster Hamill -“Because we added a little something extra to the champagne you all drank.”
“Poison! “
Well that’s a lot worse.

trickster with a gun
“You’re all going to feel the effects in about 1 hour.”
Except that guy, he feels it immediately. That’s what he gets for arriving early. The moral here is Barry’s tendency to arrive late is actually saving his life.
“Call your bankers and transfer everything to my account.”
It took him 20 years to come up with this plan? This has nothing on Breaking Bad Season 5. I don’t even think they have an escape plan…

Iris calls her dad, but how could she possibly get away with that when Trickster told everyone not to call the cops! The Lab Nerds start synthesizing an antidote and track her phone to City Hall.
Harrison – “Don’t underestimate the Trickster.”
Which one?
Barry – “I still don’t trust you, I’m underestimating him!”
Iris isn’t calling her banker… I mean I wouldn’t either, but I’d at least pretend to.
Joker Trickster – “Well hello…”
Beautiful, you must be Barry’s squeeze!

iris squeeze

“I’ve been in prison for 20 years. *wink wink*
Iris – “Then you’ll know the routine when you get sent back!”
Why can’t Iris act like this more often?
Joker Trickster – “A little fight in ya, I like that.”
Batman Barry – “Then you’re gonna love me.”
I’ve seen the Dark Knight too many times.
Batman Barry – “Where’s the trigger Henry Allen?!”
Trickster – “He’s where you’ll be soon, heaven!”
He seems to have experience fighting super speed guys.
“Are you familiar with the movie Speed?”
“If you go under 600 MPH or you try to remove the bomb, it’ll explode.”
Speed was 50 MPH buddy! And he should have to stay at 600 MPH the whole time…
Maybe have a second trigger for the bomb that’s remote controlled…that would have been smart.
Trickster Hamill – “Run, run, run, run, run!”
Run Barry, run!

trickster run run run run run

Cisco – “How do we get this bomb off his arm without damaging it?”
Barry has dodged lightning and bombs at point blank range, at this point I’d just let it explode and have Barry outrun it. Worse case scenario he loses an arm, but hey, he heals fast right?
Dr. Wells – “Barry do you see any walls nearby?”
Yeah, literally everywhere. He’s in a city.
Mrs. Weasley Dr. Wells – “I need you to run through one.”
Just tell him it’s like running through moving cars, he’s so good at that already.
Barry – “I can’t.”
Dramatic glasses removal
Dr. Wells – “You can do this. I believe in you.”
Do or do not, there is no try.
“Listen to me Barry. You’re part of something greater. You’re part of a speed force…it’s yours.”
Did he just pass the speed force to Barry?
Now do it.

derp i just phased
Barry closes his eyes while running at super speed…I feel like he’d run into all the things.
Wells told you to run through a wall, not an oil tanker! Jesus want to blow us all to shit Sherlock?! Honestly I was expecting a much bigger explosion.

Barry – “It’s okay, you’ve all been given an antidote.”
That one tiny antidote gun has enough to cure everyone?
Trickster Hamill – “That wasn’t very sanitary.”
He’s right. Instead of dying in an hour they will all die of AIDS years later.

The Trickster tells Barry where his dad is being held. What’s the point of having a hostage if he’s not even going to negotiate terms with people? “Well you beat my trick and because I’m a fair villain I’ll tell you where your dad is.” Doesn’t seem like the guy we’ve seen up until this point, but that’s what happens.

Mr. Allen knew it was Barry before he took off the mask. The board still remains at 18 people and 1 animal knowing Barry’s secret identity.
Mr. Allen – “You always did look good in red.”
How awkward would it be if his dad told him he looked good in yellow…pretty awkward.

Mr. Allen – “Wow, half this stuff didn’t exist when I was practicing.”
Is he a doctor?
Cisco – “I’ll be happy to give you a crash course if you ever get out.”
Cisco always knows the right thing to say…

cisco...you dumbass
Caitlin – “I’m feeling you need a hug.”
She actually always knows what to say.
Mr. Allen – “Absolutely. I will always accept a hug.“
“What does it feel like running down the street like a bat out of hell?”
I’m getting a strong Batman vibe from this episode. Mr. Allen misses that feeling.
Barry – “There’s no feeling like it.”
But if he had to describe it, windy. Lot’s of wind.
Mr. Allen – “You’re all heroes in my book, especially you, Dr. Wells.”
Use your doctor skills to see he can walk! Come on Dr. Allen!
Dr. Allen – “It’s time Joe.” He holds out his hands to get cuffed.
Joe – “No.”
We’re keeping you out buddy! Nevermind, he’s going back to prison.
Caitlin – “Seems like you could use a hug too.”
Can I get one of those hugs? Please.
Dr. Wells – “You’re father’s an extraordinary man; you’re lucky to have him.”
For now, mwhahaha.
Barry – “I’m lucky to have you too.”
Barry – (internal screaming)

2 fathers

After Wells finally gets out of the car, Real Reverse Flash helps him get up, only to throw him on the street. Just in case we didn’t know he was evil.
Eobard Thawne – “My name is Eobard Thawne, but that doesn’t matter. What matters is our plan is who you are.”
Harrison Wells – “What…I don’t understand.”
Reverse Flash – “In the year 2020 you and your wife successfully launch a particle accelerator that changed the course of history.”
So he needed this to happen sooner…that totally explains why he crashed this car, killed Well’s wife, and took his identity. Maybe instead give this guy some tips to ensure it gets invented sooner? If you’re taking over his body then at least keep no pajamas wife alive and pretend to be Wells! Why did his wife have to die!
If they make a successful particle accelerator, then why does he want it to fail in this timeline?
That’s what they’re going with writers?! Vampire melting future face switch?! Why doesn’t he just use that to take over Barry’s body? I don’t know why I was expecting more from this show. That explains the blood though.

eddie surprisedThey can’t let Iris look into that dead reporter’s disappearance because… They tell Eddie about Barry’s secret identity, this one’s going on the board, 19 people and 1 animal know Barry’s secret identity. Maybe next time he’ll think twice before punching Barry in the face. I have no idea why they think Eddie would be of help.

Eddie – “Apparently he went to Brazil.”
Iris – “But that doesn’t make any sense.”
Eddie – “Sure it does.”
Iris – “Okay.”
Of course she bought it. Confirmed dumbest character in the show.

Joe – “Keeping her in the dark is for her safety.”
Eddie – “That is debatable at best.”
That’s the smartest thing Eddie has said in a while.
Barry – “Dr. Wells describes running like he’s done it before… he must be Reverse Flash.”

wells and barry on opposite spectrums
Maybe the police should call for an ambulance instead of backup.
Police Person – “Do you know who you are?”
Not Harrison Wells – “Harrison Wells.”
It still doesn’t explain how he acts like Harrison Wells at times. I mean he still calls it STAR Labs! Is the real Wells still in there?
So there’s a whole bunch of cool stuff coming next episode.


7 thoughts on “Flash Recap: Tricksters

  1. “Barry – “Dad! How did you beat the Trickster when you were the Flash?”
    Mr. Allen – “Uh…”
    Different show Bare!”
    Brilliant! I still don’t know why they cast the same actor to reprise the same role on the same (rebooted) show that even has the same actor from the earlier incarnation of the show. Maybe some actors accidentally signed their contracts with blood and are now bound to eternity? Oh wait! Mark Hamill starring as Luke Skywalker again – I withdraw my question.
    So, why is Barry’s dad still in prison? They have live footage recorded of the reverse flash killing five police officers. Shouldn’t Joe not trying to convince an attorney to re-roll the case and check the new evidence? It happens all the time in “Cold Case” and “CSI”. But maybe I don’t understand the “laws” in this universe. Someone send me a manual please.

      • Hehe, you know what? I think Barry’s dad is still in prison so Captain Cold and Brigadeer Blaze (what’s his name in the show?) can make a “Prison Break”! They know Barry’s true identity by now and could use his dad to blackmail him once more.

    • Hahaha, yeah you would think that he would’ve at least reopened the case by now. Can’t you do that and still spend time collecting evidence? They have proof of Reverse-Flash’s existence. They still have Barry’s eye-witness statement, right? Oh, wait a minute: Eobard took all of Joe’s evidence files the same night he threatened to kill Iris if he pursued the matter any further. I’m guessing he has to recollect the evidence, only this time, he has to do it in secret in order to protect Iris.

  2. I love to read all the hype in Reddit, then come and see you pinpoint most of the absurdities or inconsistencies. Two different worlds lol.

    I mean, the shows is really entertaining and all, but people take it a bit too seriously.

    Great recap, as usual.

    • Thanks! Glad you enjoyed it.
      Yeah my take on the show is a pretty stark contrast to most of the comments on reddit. I watch the show for the entertainment value and I think a lot of people on that subreddit have read all the Flash comics, so I’m an entirely different fan.

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