Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt

iron lion and kimmy in times square

The Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt is not unwatchable; it’s actually odd, weird, corny, and incredibly funny. It’s a unique and strange comedy, but feels familiar. I never watched 30 Rock, but it feels similar to 30 Rock, probably because Tina Fey was part of both projects. Like most things on Netflix, I binged-watched the entire first season…and then rewatched it immediately after because I’m terrible at managing my time. I missed handfuls of jokes on the initial viewing because every second of the show is trying to make you laugh, it’s impossible to absorb it all. While the jokes feel totally different than Parks and Recreation the two shows feel similar because the main character is from Indiana and is overly cheerful, there are a myriad of weird side characters, and Amy Poehler is basically a blonde Tina Fey. The show has everything I could want, heck, there’s even a Game of Thrones reference.

The actress that plays title character Kimmy Schmidt is the best part of the show. Actress Ellie Kemper plays a variation of her roles on The Office and Bridesmaids -naive, adorable, optimistic, silly, nice- I’m not sure why it took so long for her to get a leading role. The premise of the show puts a spin on the classic small town girl moves to the big city, but in this case the small town was an underground bunker she lived in for 15 years with three other victims. Think Blast from the Past starring Brendan Fraiser, but with less baseball cards and actually being funny. She only has a 8th grade education and everything is new and wonderful to her, but she punches a bouncer in the face after her backpack gets stolen at a nightclub, she’s no pushover. Her naive and optimistic responses to absurd situations is what drives the show and she’s endlessly entertaining.

The main difference between Ellie Kemper’s usual character and what makes Kimmy Schmidt her most interesting portrayal is that compared to the characters around her she’s pretty competent. They’re just as ridiculous as she is. If Tina Fey wasn’t part of this  project I could see these characters being annoying, but none of them are. Most of Kimmy’s friends in New York are exaggerations of classic New Yorkers- gay aspiring actor, trophy stepmom, crazy old new yorker.

dat cgi fake rain

Quick Reaction to Some of the Characters
Titus Andromedon -he’s every gay stereotype and a great singer. I’ll never look at Pinot Noir againhe has great chemistry with Kimmy. 
Jacqueline – Jane Krokowski plays a similar character to the one she played on 30 Rock. Probably, I never saw the show. I feel like the characters were written with the actors who play them in mind and the writing is one of the strongest parts of the show.
Carol – Somehow she’s the weirdest character of the bunch and she embodies the true New Yorker so effectively. The non sequitur jokes are amazing in this show and Carol gets a ton of them.
Xan – The spoiled rich white kid with a weird name. Her resting bitching face is spot on, I have no idea if that’s acting or that’s her natural face, but I’m impressed. Love her middle name.
Gretchen – she’s always doing these weird smiles in the background. Love her wardrobe, it’s so diverse. Here’s the actresses AMA on reddit. 
Cyndee – I never thought braces could look so cute on an adult. Her Hulkamania disease is one of the most random things I’ve ever seen in a comedy show.
Dong – If Sofía Vergara can get nominated for dozens of awards for her performance on Modern Family then this actor is one pair of glorious boobs away from getting those same nominations. Her accent on that show hurts my ears and Ki Hong Lee’s asian american accent is just as annoying.
Donna Maria – Her dialogue embodies what people speaking other languages say about me when I can’t understand them. Probably, I have no idea.

Kimmy – “I haven’t had a watch since my tomagachi died.”
These old school references are great and I’m sure I missed dozens more.
The spring dance theme being “gymnasium” is my favorite joke of the year in any show. I still laugh thinking about it. I love when shows have flashbacks where the actors play their younger selves and look exactly the same, this show does it all the time. I thought for sure Kimmy’s mother, who’s mentioned offhand throughout the season along with Titus’s wife, would be played by Tina Fey. The character’s actions sounded ridiculous and I thought for sure Fey would play her, but that probably won’t happen.


The theme song grew on me, it was annoying at first, but now it’s one of my favorite parts of the show. Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt is dominated by female characters, something I didn’t even notice until after I finished watching it. I’m not the most observant person, true, but some male viewers may not want to watch the show because they may think it’s too girly, which is stupid. It’s on Netflix and this show gets my approval to watch if you want something lighthearted, well written, cute, and funny. It got renewed for Season 2, so there’s more coming.

Mini Rant
I’ve seen some reviews that say the show is racist, which is ridiculous, everything is being called racist now days. The AV Club wrote a review scrutinizing how Jane Krowski’s character being “Native American” is racist and should not have been in the show…it annoys me how people get offended during jokes. The entire show is satire. The 47 year old Jane Krokowski playing a teenage “Native American” is absurd to begin with, and it’s not like they were going to hire a Native American for her role. The joke even gave roles to real Native American actors to play her parents! This probably helped Native Americans in real life.
Her Dad – “We came to NYC on the great iron eagle to visit you. I’m kidding, I was in the Airforce.”
Great stuff.

XXX KIMMY SCHMIDT TV A ENT I mean the whole show is ridiculous, a guy brings a dolphin to the NYC sidewalk because it’s a mammal and it’s okay because they breath air. The name “Kimmy” apparently means penis in Vietnamese, it doesn’t, and Titus takes straight classes to get a role in Entourage 2. The cast is basically all female and there’s even an Asian love interest with the lead character, if anything this show is breaking ground on the discrimination front, there’s almost no white men in the show. The famous plastic surgeon that Martin Short’s character is based on hanged himself shortly after this show debuted. Uh, yeah, that guy clearly had some issues and the portrayal wasn’t even that mean. Anyone that blames a comedy TV show for someone’s death is an idiot.


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