Flash Recap: Who is Harrison Wells?

pizza party

Barry – “I can’t help but feel like my past has caught up with me.”
These introduction monologues get cornier every week.
The gang, minus Iris of course, meet to discuss Harrison Wells being Reverse Flash. Using his speed Barry gets the “best” pizza on the west coast; talk to me when you can get some NYC pizza Bare. Joe and Cisco will investigate the car accident that killed Dr. Wells’ wife 15 years ago.
Caitlin – “Grief can change a man.”
A logical explanation? Maybe in real life, but in this universe I’ll have none of that, he’s clearly a time traveling vampire. They’re relying on Caitlin to lie for them…I can already see this plan failing. The meeting ends in less than 30 seconds…this could have been covered in one group message.
Eddie – “What should I do?’
Joe – “Just keep being yourself.”
If you get that assignment in a group project, you’re the weak link.

Another late night at Gold City Bank…this will be the second time it’s been robbed on the show.
Suspicious Coworker – “Just one more thing to do before I make my escape.”
Other Coworker – (They don’t pay me enough to be suspicious) “Night!”
Clearly suspicious coworker starts blatantly robbing the bank in front of video surveillance, Eddie’s already interrogating her. Sobbing she swears that’s not her on camera. The facts don’t add up and Eddie thinks there’s metahuman involvement. He’s smarter than I thought, but then he thinks the metahuman is using mind control when the ability is obviously shapeshifting. Come on Edd, he was so close to impressing me.
Joe took a couple days off but didn’t tell Iris because telling her anything could somehow put her in danger. I think Joe went a little overboard here, at least tell her he’s leaving for a couple days.
Eddie – “When are you coming home?”
Maybe at the end of the episode?

this love triangle is gonna be adding caitlin soon

Barry talks to Caitlin the next day during work…maybe talk to her earlier next time Bare, cutting it close here when the guy you’re suspicious of works here too. Dr. Wells sneaks up on them…that’s a silent wheelchair. She covers for Cisco by saying he’s helping the brother he recently hated…smooth. Cisco couldn’t call into work or something? Heck, get the brother in on the alibi, he sort of owes Cisco.

The metahuman tries to pawn the stolen goods at a legit jewellery store…this guy is a complete moron, he should have went to Jared’s, The Galleria of Jewelry. Eddie and Barry have surprisingly good chemistry together. He calls Barry about the suspected metahuman thief, but midcall he makes eye contact with the perp and we have a rundown scene. Not Mystique beats up Eddie and then demonstrates his shapeshifting ability right in front of Barry before running away, smooth.

Barry – “I literally saw a grown man morph into a teenage girl.”
I have too, I’ve seen things at Comic Con.
If he shapeshifts into Barry then he’ll figure out that Barry Allen is the man behind the mask, oh no! His secret identity could get into triple digits if that were to happen!
Barry – “Got it, hands off the metahuman!”
Good thing he fights with his bare hands.
“How do we find a guy that can transform into anyone?”
They look up old cases where people plead innocence even though they were caught on camera. I want to believe that only Not Mystique would frame people like that, but I know there are a lot of dumb people to make the same claim. It works and they find a lead on their guy, Hannibal Bates.

i'm right guys, just listen to me

Joe and Cisco arrive in Starling City. If last episode was an all star team up, is this just a regular team up?
Arrow Cop – “Pretty normal and forgettable case.”
Yet he knows everything about the case.
“What are you two hoping to find?”
More evidence on something they already know in their hearts is true. Harrison Wells = evil.
They’ll be able to go to the exact crash sight…conveniently there won’t be any cars using that road in the middle of the day.
Joe and Cisco get introduced to a very pretty girl I don’t know, but she’s probably a main character on the Arrow.
Attractive Cop – “Can I talk to you privately for a minute, Cisco?”
I’m getting bad vibes from this girl, why is she interested in Cisco?! Is she wearing a wig?
Arrow Cop – “How is Allen? Not too messed up after getting hit by lightning I hope?”
I thought he got hit by a bus?

omg girl, I am your biggest fan
Attractive Cop – “I know Barry’s the Flash and Oliver’s the Arrow.”
21 people and 2 animals now know Barry’s secret identity.
Black Canary – “I’m Black Canary.”
That makes sense.
Black Canary – “Alright calm down Cisco.”
Comic Relief – “I love you.”
Calm down Ted Mosby.
She needs help with her sister’s sonic device. Is Cisco going to arm every hero/villain with their super weapons/suits? If she has any suit troubles I’m sure Cisco can help, but she might end up having to change her name to Red Canary.

Caitlin does her own research on Dr. Wells and discoveries nothing that will change her mind. It’s not like all her friends think he’s evil or anything.
The last time we saw Dr. Wells get home he had the same routine, get up to walk, remove glasses, pour himself a glass of scotch. Caitlin rings his doorbell, but because it takes forever for him to answer the door, Barry snatches her away at super speeds before she screws everything up.
Dr. Wells – ( It must have been those damn pranksters that occasionally come by, I’ll kill them later…but for now I won’t be suspicious at all).

Barry – “What were you doing at Dr. Well’s house?!”
THE DAD CARDShe’s having a hard time accepting Dr. Wells is evil.
Caitlin – “So I’m just supposed to stand by and watch you ruin this man’s life? Ruin my life?
Barry – “What are you talking about?”
Caitlin – “Those 9 months you were in a coma were the worst of my life, I lost my reputation, my fiancé-”
But she didn’t really lose those…
“And through all of that, Harrison Wells stood by my side.”
It’s funny because she thinks he’s a cripple!
“If you’re right about him then everything I’ve been doing has been a lie!”
Barry – “If I’m right-”
Reverse Flash will kill everyone! Everything a lie < everyone dead.
“I’ll never be able to get my dad out of prison.”
Or that.
Caitlin – “I can’t believe you’re pulling the dad card. It’s a dirty pull.”
I mean she tried pulling the dead fiancé card even though he’s alive fiancé now.

Eddie and Barry go visit Not Mystique’s grandma, because grandmas alway know something.
Barry – “Why would anyone in their family think naming their kid Hannibal wouldn’t mean he’d grow up to be a criminal?”
I think a family with the last name “Bates” wouldn’t know too much about normal naming. Hannibal Buress is a pretty successful comedian, don’t let Silence of the Lambs ruin that name for everyone.
Screen shot 2015-04-23 at 4.25.02 PM
Barry – “Have you heard from your grandson Hannibal recently?”
Not Mystique is definitely disguised as his grandma…did this guy kill his grandma? That’s like instant go to hell card. Not Mystique can change into pretty much anyone in the world and chooses his own grandma…a great ability wasted. Not Mystique turns into the “bank robber” from earlier and makes a run for it. I guess he can transform into people he’s touched previously.
Barry doesn’t use his powers to chase him because…it somehow keeps his identity safe just in case Not Mystique touches him.
Chase scene 
Backup Cops – “What do you want us to do Thawne?”
Fake Thawne – “Die.”
They don’t wear bulletproof vests? It all gets caught on a camera dashboard.

Screen shot 2015-04-23 at 4.39.16 PMPolice Chief – “I know what this looks like…”
Central DA – “It looks like one of your cops shot these 2 and now they’re fighting for their lives.”
Those guys are dead, don’t even try to pretend they’re not.
Iris – “Barry! What is going on? Did Eddie kill those cops?”
This is your chance Barry! Make your move!
Barry – “I’m going to do everything I can to get him out.”
Or do the right thing…yeah that’s probably the right move.

Not sure why Arrow Cop comes with them to the 15 year old car accident scene, it must be a slow crime day in Starling City. I was under the impression there was more crime in this city.
Arrow Cop – “Is that a metal detector?”
No, that’s a plot detector. Cisco goes to search for clues.
Apparently his daughter is the DA…is his daughter Black Canary? Did that fly over my head earlier?
Joe – “I would never let my daughter near this line of work, I’m overprotective.”
Not something you should be bragging about Joe…speaking of, why do you keep wearing that hat?
Arrow Father Cop – “My daughter lied to me about something important.”
Like a secret identity?
“…it’s just hard to trust her after something like that.”
oh shit, maybe i screwed up
Joe – (His situation is oddly similar to what I could be going through with Iris soon…)
Joe – “Did she give a reason?”
Arrow Father Cop – “Not one I could accept?”
And Joe starts to panic a little, maybe he took this don’t tell Iris  anything  plan too far.
Cisco finds tachyon traces right as their conversation ends.

Eddie – “I didn’t shoot those officers.”
Barry barges in with evidence that shows Eddie didn’t fire a gun that night…and I’m guessing his actual gun wasn’t fired either unless Not Mystique stole Eddie’s gun during the chase scene.
Central DA – “Mr. Allen, no. Aren’t you supposed to be the scientist?”
He gave her scientific evidence! She leaves.
Eddie – “They’re gonna put me away…”
Barry panics and uses his super speed to transport Eddie out of there…are there no cameras in that room? He doesn’t save his dad, but he will save Eddie…
Barry – “Go to Star Labs-”
Wouldn’t it be easier to run Eddie to STAR Labs at super speed? And isn’t STAR Labs where evil Harrison Wells is? He’s helping the gang now, but for how much longer?
Barry – “I’m not going to let you go to prison for a crime you didn’t commit, I’m not going to let that happen again.”
Eddie – “When your dad was put away you were a kid, there wasn’t anything you can do, but you’re not a kid anymore, you’re a scientist…and the Flash too I guess. You are going to get me out of here the right way.”
I’m impressed with Eddie in this scene. For perhaps the first time ever.

howd you get outBarry is talking on the phone with Iris at home when, what do you know, Eddie knocks on his front door.
Barry – “Eddie, how did you get out?! It’s too good to be true!”
And Bare was literally just talking to Eddie…come on dude.
Obviously Not Eddie knocks him out…I’m not sure why he came back for Barry though. Can he copy Barry’s super powers?

Caitlin stops by, do none of these people use their cellphones?
“Barry, it’s me.”
Fake Barry – “Hello…you.”
Caitlin – “I think I’ve figured out a way to stop our shapeshifter from morphing into other people.”
Not Barry – (Well this could be a problem).
Caitlin – “Let’s go back to STAR Labs and figure out how to capture this Everyman.”
Do the writers give her all the good nicknames and Cisco the lame ones? I have no idea why he goes with her and doesn’t knock her out instead.

It looks like there are traces of tachyon particles on the real Harrison Well’s body…not sure why.
Cisco – “Please don’t tell me that’s what I think it is.”
Arrow Father Cop – “That’s a hand.”
Comic relief – “Okay, I thought it was a foot, but a hand is just as bad.”
Are you telling me Reverse Flash with his super speed only buried the body a couple feet away from the crash site and in a shallow grave to boot… Fuck you Reverse Flash, lazy jerk.
Arrow Father Cop – “Oh wow this is serious, I have to call it in.”
Joe – “I can’t let you do that, I’m asking you cop to cop.”
Joe’s pulling out the cop card, it’s not very effective.
Arrow Father Cop – “I can’t do that…”
He pulls out the daughter sympathy card, it’s super effective.

fake barry kiss

Caitlin still can’t tell Barry’s the shapeshifter…even though it’s really obvious.
Caitlin – “What are you doing?”
Not Barry – “Something I think I should have done a long time ago.”
I agree with Not Mystique, this should have happened a long time ago when she believed her fiancé was dead. She’s resistant and surprised at first, but then kisses him back.
Caitlin – “Look who’s here!”
Not Barry – “Yes…her.”
She still hasn’t figured it out yet…I thought the kiss would be a dead give away.
Iris – “I’ve been looking for you everywhere.”
Did she check his house? Where he was taking to her earlier? Because she’d find the real unconscious one there. Iris comes to the same conclusion Barry came to earlier in the episode. They’re so similar and destined to be together! She looks at the footage while Caitlin fawns over Fake Barry.
Iris – “Eddie isn’t left handed.”
If I were on a jury, that’d be all the evidence I need. He shot the cops with his non dominant hand, not guilty.
Dr. Wells takes out Fake Barry with a stun gun.
Dr. Wells – “Yes, that’s why I stunned Barry…because he was left handed. I’m not evil.”
Iris wants to take him to the police, but Dr. Snow and Dr. Wells want to keep him here. Caitlin and Iris go to drop him off. Wells holds the stun gun like he wants to use it on Iris…

i want to stun you so bad right now

Iris and Caitlin stop at a traffic light and Not Mystique wakes up and shapeshifts into a kid and gets out of his handcuffs. I don’t believe for a second that a bunch of construction workers wouldn’t believe two attractive women over an annoying little kid screaming. They open the car door and Iris and Caitlin lose Not Mystique. I’m still not sure what that knowing look between Caitlin and Dr. Wells was earlier…was there a plan here I’m missing? Caitlin finds Barry knocked out in the closet…slapping him awake somehow works.

Arrow Father Cop – “Anything else I can do for you detective?”
Joe – “Just don’t tell anyone about that dead body and we’re good.”
Black Canary – “Were you able to make that item?”
Well he made a gold gun from scratch, so this shouldn’t be a problem.
Cisco – “Now it’s a lot better.”
Black Canary – “I can’t believe you were able to make it so quickly.”
I know!
Cisco – “You should call it the canary cry.”
He just has to nickname something every episode doesn’t he?
She hands over a manila envelope and all my wildest fantasies come to life.
Black Canary – “You show this to anyone and I’ll kill you.”
It’s a picture of her in costume with Cisco, it’s not even signed. And she looks angry.

she looks so happy...like a canary in a cage

It’s officially clear now, Not Mystique can’t use Barry’s powers when he shapeshifts into him.
Caitlin gives Barry the antidote and they’re able to track Not Mystique to the airport because he has Barry’s cellphone still.
Barry – “So how am I going to find him?”
Check every person to see if they’re left handed? Not Mystique walks through a security scanner and his body glitches on the monitor…are they telling me a TSA officer saw that in the X-ray monitor and just let her through? Totally realistic.
Chase scene
Barry falls for the old shape shift into a friend trick, it’s the second oldest trick in the book!
Fake Caitlin punches him a couple times and then Barry launches her into a wall…I audibly laughed out loud. He then shapeshifts into Iris, punch her harder Bare! He then transforms into Eddie and Barry has no issue kicking Fake Eddie’s ass. He then beats up Fake Flash. Barry hits him with the antidote and Not Mystique ends up shifting into Iris and then screaming in pain on the ground…how come he didn’t turn into his original form?

They show the Central DA the footage of the Flash fighting Not Mystique, I want to say people are becoming more aware of metahumans, but isn’t the Flash an accepted hero in the city already?
Central DA – “Hopefully we can catch up fast.”
Speed puns!
Police Chief – “Luckily it’s also a world where the Flash exists.”
I think the Police Chief knows Barry is the Flash.
Central DA – “The Flash ran by me one time, it was pretty cool.”
Are we adding another potential love interest for Bare?

Eddie – “I need to tell you something.”
Iris – “It can wait until we get home.”
The reverse of Taylor Swift’s relationships, they’re getting back together.
Eddie – “You deserve to know the truth. I’ve been working with the Flash.”
It was that easy, a half truth solves all their problems.
i'd probably let them out

Fake Caitlin – “Hey cutie, want to let me out of here?”
Like that would work…it’d probably work on me.
Caitlin – “Like anyone would be dumb enough to fall for that.”
It’s funny because she did!
Dr. Wells – “I’ve seen a lot of things you can become but, who are you?”
No Harrison Wells, the title of the episode is who are you.
Not Mystique can’t remember what he originally looked like…he’s had this power for a little over a year.  Did grandma have no photos of him? He had no facebook profile pics to help him?
His actual appearance is very creepy looking…he does not look like Mystique at all.

They show Caitlin the original Dr. Wells’ body…so they brought the decayed corpse all the way back from Starling City…ewww. The decayed corpse has glasses on so we know that’s the real Harrison Wells.

symbolism shot!

Good thing they hid the body on the second floor, there’s no way Dr. Wheels will be able to find the corpse now!
Dr. Wells – “Did you enjoy you’re time in Starling City?”
He knows! Bail!
Joe – “Not much time for sight seeing, I was working on a case.”
You’re playing with fire Joe! Fire!
“You used to live there?”
Dr. Wells – “Yup.
Joe – “Did you ever go back.”
Dr. Wells – “Nope…Too many memories of Tess.”
Doe he have any memories of Tess? I’m not sure.
“Your not so different you and I. We should have another drink sometime. We can talk about our dead wives.”
That’s a touching moment, but it’s probably a trap.

Cisco – “After STAR Labs exploded I built a 3D model of the building to try and find the cause of the explosion.”
Barry – “And you never ran this test?”
Seriously man, maybe do that before heading off to Starling City. This is much better evidence.
They find the secret room…and apparently anyone’s hand on that spot on the wall opens the secret room door. Sigh, fuck you Reverse Flash. I am done with your bullshit.
They find the Reverse Flash suit on display and the newspaper from the future. Can Gideon warn Reverse Flash about someone in his secret room? Because if she can’t that’s another huge flaw.

i could stare at this stuff all day


5 thoughts on “Flash Recap: Who is Harrison Wells?

  1. I’d have to say that the palm reader on the wall would have to be the biggest flaw in this episode (and that’s saying a lot). One would think that something that secretive would’ve had a second precaution, like – I don’t know – a palm reader that actually works like a palm reader!? Doesn’t that thing scan for prints!?

    Anyways, I’d say that this the episode that least frustrated me, but I’d still think it would be less frustrating if the showrunner kept the person who wrote this script around more often, as to give these occasionally stupid characters better characteristics or at least some form of consistency or proper dynamics.

      • Pshh, hahaha! Yeah, you can clearly tell how he’s tired sitting there by how he was just groaning getting up out of the seat when he was barely through the front doors. Speed force or not, that man is getting his ulcers. Lol

  2. It amazes me every time to see that hey really can make Iris look even more stupier then in the previous episode – She offers to take Male-Mystique to the police? And even worse, did she told that she has an CCPD account? Whatever that means….
    Either the screenwriters really hate that actress or they are to generous with taking drugs.
    Cisco builds a sonic device to make the Black Canary look finally canon in the shitty Arrow show and if the words spread farther, someday Bruce Wayne stops by at STAR-Labs to ask Cisco for an Utility-Belt-Makeover.
    I started today with the Daredevil TV-Show and I’m pretty amazed how well it is made. Maybe DC should watch it to see that a superhero show can be clever and fun.

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