Daredevil: Id Have to be Blind to Like it

I’ve watched a ton of superhero screen adaptations and I just can’t do it anymore; Daredevil broke me, I’m tired of the genre. Daredevil’s character is basically Marvel’s take on Batman, swap out money with blindness and you get Daredevil, but with none of the coolness and with lamer villains. Daredevil takes itself too seriously and tries too hard to be a Batman knockoff, and even then it falls short. There’s a reason the Ben Affleck Daredevil movie bombed, and it wasn’t all Ben’s fault surprisingly, the source material just isn’t that good. I couldn’t sit through one episode of Gotham, so this show’s not the worst superhero adaption out there. Jada Pinkett Smith is horrible on that show, no wonder her son Jaden Smith is so bad at acting, mom’s teaching him.

Is it unfair to only judge a show on the pilot? Yes, but here’s my edited instant reaction and thought process during the Daredevil pilot, hopefully it makes sense.

The show starts off with Daredevil’s tragic backstory about how he loses his sight… it’s the lamest and most unnecessary backstory I’ve ever seen. He loses his vision saving a blind man from a truck where chemical waste accidently falls on his eyes… that’s sticking true to the comic books too. The author didn’t try at all with that origin.

Confession scene
Daredevil – “I came here to get forgiveness for what I’m about to do.”
Save prostitutes from being sold into human trafficking and beating up bad guys with your bare hands? Do you really need forgiveness for that? If I were the priest, “Uh yeah, that’s okay, keep doing that.”

The audio transfers from loud scene in the flashback, to a quite confession scene, to loud human trafficking scene. Don’t wear headphones when watching this unless you want to become as deaf as Matt Murdock during the day blind.

Human Trafficking scene
They cast 3 different girls and all they did was scream… I can just imagine the actresses telling people about their big break on Daredevil and when their friends see it it’s actually pretty bad.

There’s a guy eating popcorn while this entire scene goes down… I thought he was breaking the 4th wall, like we were the guy eating popcorn, but then Daredevil roundhouse kicks him in the chest.

Did the bad guy have to make a sound before firing every bullet? Every time?! What would Daredevil do against knives? Hear the blade?

this place sounds great...

Apartment Searching Scene
Hey it’s the kid who played the bagpipes from Crocodile Tears all grown up! Or the friend in Butterfly Effect. I didn’t know he was still acting.

Daredevil can’t see someone holding out their hand for a handshake, but he can dodge bullets. He can’t walk around this apartment building without help, but he can dodge bullets. He pees on the toilet seat every time he uses it, but he can dodge freaking bullets.

Meeting Karen Page Scene
The NYPD gives shirts to people in prison? Will they do her laundry as well?
He can hear her innocence…she’s too pretty to be guilty.
Daredevil – “How would I even know she’s beautiful?”
He can hear her beauty.
They’ve been lawyers for 7 hours… did he start his vigilante and lawyer career the same day? What was he worried if he got caught he’d now have someone to defend himself.

Blackmail Scene
Smug Lawyer – “What is it with college girls and Monet t-shirts?”
I went to college and never saw one girl wearing a Monet t-shirt, and I’m not blind. This line isn’t relatable at all and was pulled so deep out the writer’s ass that it doesn’t even stink…it’s kind of funny and it’s supposed to make the character saying it seem observant and obnoxious when in reality I can’t take him seriously at all.

Girl being threatened picks up her phone when her dad calls and wants to watch a movie with her dad…very unrealistic. The first thing out of her mouth should have been asking for money from her dad.

Smug lawyer threatens to have his hired goon nearby torture her…just saying that’s the best looking torturer I’ve ever seen. The worse he’d have done to that guy’s daughter was break her heart.

Back to the police station scene
Assassin sent to kill 100lb girl while she’s sleeping fails… She blinds the guy in the struggle, this guy’s blindness has a more interesting origin story than Daredevil.

NYPD – “I don’t care if you’re blind, I’ll kick the shit out of you.”
He said to a lawyer…not smart.

Karen falls into Daredevil’s partner’s arms. I still have no idea what his name is.
Daredevil – “She can spend the night with me.”
I’m not sure if he’s being the worst wingman or he just couldn’t read the situation because he’s blind. Kind of a dick move either way.

dare and kare

Daredevil’s Apartment Scene
She’s been targeted this whole time because she opened a wrong email and instead of getting a virus, she saw all of her accounting company’s illegal business transactions.

The lights in his apartment didn’t really turn on or do anything…I know he’s blind, but does he never have guests?
It is very hard to see anyone in this show. Just one well lit room is all I’m asking for.
The acting may be worse than seen on The Flash. For those of you that don’t watch The Flash, the bar is set pretty low.

She’s pretty comfortable changing in front of a blind dude she’s known for a couple hours. Maybe he’s lying?

Karen – “Do you just comb your hair and hope for the best?”
This is a frequently asked question for him?! I don’t look at myself in the mirror when I comb my hair, am I doing this wrong?

Karen – “Do you remember what it was like to see? I can’t imagine what that’ll  be like.”
Close your eyes. Like that.

Daredevil – “I’d give anything to see the sky one more time.”
It’s so corny. Sky during a clear day? How about the sunset? The stars?

Daredevil – “Why didn’t they kill you?”
Seriously, thank you. You have something that they want. Her boobs? She has the file…okay. Whatever.

Meeting of the Mob Bosses Scene
Russian Mob Guy – “Ve do nut deal vith lapdawgs.”
Their Russian accent is worse than Teddy KGB’s. Rounders is a great movie though.
Shawshank Redemption warden is that you? Russian Jojen Reed is that you? Grandma from Mulan is that you? I don’t think the Japanese guy says anything the whole time, he looks confused.
russian reeds
Smug Lawyer – “Don’t say his name!”
Is Voldemort going to make a cameo appearance?!

Karen Going Back to the Scene of the Crime
Karen sneaks out of Daredevil’s place, she stole his shirt! Second shirt she’s stolen this episode.

Seriously, very tough to see what’s happening most of the time. I can’t tell what she’s doing in this dark apartment, but I think she’s getting the file.

Daredevil kicks down the apartment door and fights off the assassin. So apparently he can hear knives. He can hear knives quick enough to dodge them…this could be worse than dodging the bullets earlier.

Flashback Scene
Daredevil’s Dad – “Look where not studying got me.”
Haha, cause he’s blind! Thank for giving us another useless flashback. Stay in school kids!

Aftermath of the Fight Scene
After beating the trained assassin he finds the flash drive pretty fast… he can hear items in people’s pockets.

They just leave the guy at the front of the police station…good thing the cops weren’t corrupt. The same cops that threatened to beat the shit out of a blind lawyer earlier…just saying, the cops in this city seem corrupt. I can’t say this enough, least blind actor ever.

ben affleck can't tell the difference

Smug Lawyer and Kingpin phone scene
Kingpin – “Everything she knows is in the papers…killing her would be meaningless now.”
…but kill her anyway! Or just leave her alone. Sure.
It doesn’t even feel like the file she stole was worth all this effort, Kingpin I mean he who must not be named just brushes it off as no big deal at the end of the episode.

The Gang Makes a Law Firm Scene
She makes her grandma’s recipe meant for her future husband for these two lawyers…cute I guess. Where did she sleep that night after the failed assassin’s attempt? Because she would have realized that Murdock was the Daredevil if she went back to his place after…

Lawyer Friend – “You should really be thanking the nut in the mask.”
Yeah, that guy sure was daring to save her like that.

Ending Montage
Daredevil doesn’t even use the walking stick most of the time… I’m very aware that this guy isn’t blind most of the time on screen. His super power is seeing as a blind man.

I feel like Daredevil comes to this gym all the time, but he still has to tell the janitor to leave the lights off. Being able to box also gives him ninja skills?

So the dad that was blackmailed earlier is found dead, I’m not rewatching the episode to figure out what he did to repay Kingpin, but I could have sworn Smug Lawyer said he didn’t owe them that much and they just needed one small favor…I’m probably over thinking it.

daredevilAnd the assassin who lost to a blind guy killed himself too, I know it’s hinted that Kingpin killed him, but I’m assuming he killed himself out of shame for losing to a blind guy.

Blind chinese laborers? I’m surprised they aren’t children too. It just seems like a ton of hassle to make all these workers blind.
Japanese mob boss still hasn’t said anything.
The Russian mobsters are abducting a kid. They just rip the guy out of the car and beat him up… why not take the father too? Why kids only? Why weren’t the doors to the car locked?

Daredevil looks over his city and hears the kid getting kidnapped. Kids scream all the time, some scream when they don’t get candy, how does he know it’s a serious scream?!

For some reason Christopher Nolan is the only director to ever come up with a compelling gritty superhero original story adaption. I thought the corniest man parading around in a red jumpsuit was Barry Allen on CW’s The Flash, but after viewing Netflix’s Daredevil…well, now I’m not so sure. I’d have to be blind to manage watching the rest or have nothing better to do.


4 thoughts on “Daredevil: Id Have to be Blind to Like it

  1. I usually agree with you, but I think you’ve been way too unfair with this show from the getgo, specially given that most of your complaints (Daredevil’s powers, the way he moves around, his reason for being at church) are explained later and that it puts Nolan’s trilogy to shame in some aspects (decent fight scenes and internal consistency, for example).

    Not that it’s a masterpiece or anything like that, but I don’t think it’s bad at all either.

    • Yeah you’re right. It’s definitely unfair to judge a show only on it’s pilot and many of my complaints were nitpicky, especially the plot points. Everyone I’ve talked to has only said positive things.
      But it was definitely tough to see right?! A lot of the scenes were really dark…

  2. Yeah, it was prettt dark. I had to turn up the brightness on max. But overall, it was a very minor thing in the show easily overlooked by the great acting, storyline, and cinematography, especially on the fight scenes. Watch the last few minutes of the 2nd episode.

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